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Obama: We Dont Have . . . Bank Tellers?

In a sign he possibly needs to get out more, President Obama asserted in an interview broadcast Sunday that bank tellers had vanished from the face of the earth, saying their absence is an example of how the new economy has eliminated low-end jobs and heightened inequality.

These people do not exist.
These people do not exist

Obama made the odd remark during an interview with ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos.

“If you look at the data, a couple of things are creating these trends,” Obama said of the growing gap between the rich and the poor. “Technology: if you go to a lot of companies now, they’ve eliminated entire occupations because they’re now robotized,” he said. “We don’t have travel agents. We don’t have bank tellers.”

But as anyone who has been to a bank recently has surely noticed, we do in fact have bank tellers. Plenty of them. But it’s probably a safe bet that in at least the four and a half years since he’s been president, Obama hasn’t been to a bank.

It’s not the first time the the self-proclaimed “warrior for the middle class” has revealed he might be out of touch with the daily lives people he purports to empathize with so closely. During a September 2010 stop in Philadelphia, the president tried to pay for four apples with a dollar.

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142 thoughts on “Obama: We Dont Have . . . Bank Tellers?”

    1. Obama hasn’t had to carry cash in 20 years. He’s a kept man… first by the liberal handlers who created and groomed him and now by us. How would he be expected to know what a bank looks like these days?

      1. I’m not so sure about the 20
        yrs., Harry. From everything I have gleaned since 2007, Barry was dead broke in the early years. He and MO lived with her mother for several years after they were married in the upstairs apt. that Mrs. Robinson rented from the Auntie who owns the bungalow.
        His credit cards were maxed when he tried to purchase a plane ticket to fly to wherever it was for the Keynote speech in 2004.

        No, he was dead broke until he started working for the govt. and raised MO’s salary to $317/yr.
        He remembers well those days of schtruggling.
        He won’t admit, even to himself, that he was a complete failure until he hit the mega-million lottery.
        Now, he never misses an opportunity to include himself amongst the elite one percent. Typical nouveau riche!
        But don’t be fooled – he will never forget the first 40 years of his life as a failure. He will always be looking over his shoulder.

    2. Notice he didn’t say “there are no golf caddies anymore”.. as opposed to knowing nothing about the real world where the rest of us live and pay taxes to fund his ludicrous incompetence, golf courses are something he knows about.

  1. As you wonder this afternoon why Obama is late for his teleprompter reading to mark five years of recession/recovery, keep in mind that there are 1 million less people working today than their were five years ago. And our population has increased by 12 million over that span.

    Re: Apples
    Five years ago, apples cost 99¢ / lb. Today, they’re almost double that. How do you like ‘dem apples?

  2. Actually the reason why he assumes there are no bank tellers is because he assumes his economy has sucked out all of our money.

    In a way he’s right.

  3. Way “back in the day,” I was a teller. Started in banking when there were no personalized checks – and the paid checks were perforated with the word “paid” and the date of processing/payment/cancellation….(.sorry had a short walk down memory lane)….in later years, remember being told that ATM machines would one day replace tellers…and internet banking would do away with brick and morter buildings. I argued against those theories and although now I know I was right – as usual, O says I am wrong.

  4. I knew this man was out of touch with the “Everyman” during the 2008 election. It was during his famed visit to Iowa, when he asked a group of farmers if they had been to a Whole Foods and seen the price of arugula.

    I still don’t know what the hell arugula is, and I still haven’t visited a Whole Foods. It’s no wonder that now, four-and-a-half years later, he thinks that bank tellers have gone the way of the dodo. Now if we can get him to go the way of the dodo. Unfortunately, we are still just stuck with a blue-footed booby.

    1. I think Peter Doocy on Fox is about to pee his pants!

      MSNBC had former LAPD chief Bratton on, and he said there was an African-American man dressed in black and carrying an assault weapon.

      Gonna’ check CNN.

    2. Presser with the police chief said that one African-American shooter is dead and that they’re looking for two others, both African-American males.

  5. It’s not that he doesn’t get out much, he doesn’t understand how the economy works. He probably didn’t consider where the ATM came from, who designed it, who placed it on site, who puts the money in the machine, who monitors the transactions, and who repairs the ATM if it malfunctions.

    1. Mandy beat me to this reference. What we have to remember is that a dimocrat can say any ridiculous thing and it’s as if the naked emperor is walking through town, but nobody will say he’s naked.

  6. Give the guy a break, Keith. There aren’t any tellers at the Federal Reserve.

    He’s obviously not playing with a full deck. A couple of years ago he blamed high unemployment on the internet and ATM machines. He has no clue as to how the free market economy works: machines do not cause unemployment. They just move employment elsewhere – from the bank teller line to the IT line to the manufacturing line, etc.

    He is either woefully ignorant, or he is looking for an excuse to blame his epic failures on (drum roll, please) technology. Wait til the 29 hour work week becomes a reality.

    1. True, except for one thing (probably not applicable to bank tellers). There are fewer unskilled worker jobs due to technological improvements. Remember elevator operators?

      Also, manufacturing has moved offshore. But no one will discuss the impact of excessive environmental regulation and unions on where manufacturing jobs are located.

  7. The tellers at Chase are quite cute, well dressed and sassy–not that I have checks to depo anymore. I blogged the other day about a financial analyst who because a farrier–not only do we still have horse shoers, but there is a school to train them. And those Amish get their whips from someplace when they are not on reality TV.

  8. Wait – didn’t BHO blame ATMs for high unemployment back in 2011? What has he done about the ATM situation since then? Right, nothing!

    But for a more lucid conversation about ATMs (and technology) & their impact on jobs, I give you Walter Williams, economist extraordinaire:

  9. And Sir Golfsalot proves once again beyond all doubt what a true moron he is. Thanks a lot, Obama voters, for putting this clown back in office for four more years. Just think of the damage this level of ignorance and incompetence can cause by January 2017…

  10. The shooting at the Navy Yard:
    Isn’t it time we started holding the CinC responsible for these murders on bases? The administration seems to know everything about spying on us, and !@#$%^ about keeping the country secure.

  11. Slow news day if this story is what you call news… I think any intelligent person would recognize that the President is saying that most jobs are being pushed away due to technology. Teller’s with Online Banking, Grocery Clerks, with self-checkout. Maybe the author of this article is just not smart enough to understand that?

  12. Although we don’t have need for as many tellers (we’ve close a few branches because of bank environment) as we did just a couple years ago. We still have opening for 27 tellers. The problem is finding good reliable people to fill these entry level positions.

    1. A slightly bigger problem these days is Dodd-Frank. I read a story a while back about a guy who used a “slug” in a laundromat back in the 60’s, and lost his job in 2012 because of Dodd-Frank.

      So, the problem isn’t finding young people to work the jobs: It’s finding young people WHO ARE SAINTLY ENOUGH TO SURVIVE DODD-FRANK, to work the jobs.

  13. Obama is so out of touch. I don’t know of any bank that doesn’t have tellers and I still have a travel agent (at AAA) who finds me great deals.
    He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his horrible, country wrecking agenda.

  14. Yeah well, Barack is a big supporter of STEM education and all the STEM people in the good high schools in this country are doing — guess what? Preparing their upper-middle class students to design and run the robots of the future.

    Obama isn’t going to be around to hear the real sucking sound that’s coming in 2020-2030 when cars drive themselves, warehouse machines completely replace human operators, and even entry level service jobs like McDonalds become completely roboticized. We’re going to have another 20-30 million people thrown out of work and permanently on the government dole, though. That’s why America’s future is resolutely Socialist and he’s laying the groundwork for that right now.

    Obama knows what the predictions are, he talks to the smartest people in the world. The stuff he says to George Stephanopoulos is pure garbage, he doesn’t make plans based on that, he makes plans based on what is going to happen ten to twenty years from now.

    And believe me the next Republican President is going to have to make some really nasty choices when it comes to legislation to stop the automated jobs from replacing human beings. This time the machines really *are* going to be that good. There are 5.7 million truck drivers in this country, most of them independent owner-operators which means they’re capitalists who run their own businesses. When the computers replace them, they’re all going to be Socialists overnight, and Barack knows that very well.

  15. And just to add something else: even the “College Educated Skilled Mindworker” jobs are not going to be safe. Right now India has 11% of its population connected to the Internet. When it has 70% of its population wired up, educated almost for free by American higher education giving their courses away fo’ free on line, believe me the people who do advanced things like accounting and lots of other Associate Degree and Full Degree skillsets are going to be subject to massive competition from another 100 million people with IQs higher than the ones we have in the US. And all those people are going to want to work hard.

    Nobody has figured out how to deal with the fundamental problem that even in its heyday, IBM in Armonk really only needed 500-1000 engineers to run the whole company. The high tech firms are NOT high employment firms – they pick people at the tapered-off end of the bellcurve. The rest of people are going to be sitting around on the government dole, smoking dope and watching porn.

    1. I often write about this–good comments…. When some Indians use MIT as their “safety school” and Asians are the vast majority of the top scholars at the Ivies–well, this does not bode well for our Millennials with their hovering parents and insistence on texting during business hours.

      1. I’m being a little hyperbolic but only a little. I look at the jobs that are going to be ripe for replacement by quasi-intelligent robots and those that are going to be newly “offshorable” in the next 20-30 years and I frankly wonder where the employment growth is going to come from? Everyone hates the US Postal Service for example but consider what would happen if all the people who work for it right now were just replaced by a self-driving robot car that knows enough to put letters in the right boxes well enough to replace a letter carrier. You could have 1 person supervising 10 or 20 delivery trucks with the technology that’s going to be available (and in many cases already is).

        And really – do you need your accountant to be in the United States? Are you telling me that some guy in India operating in a completely paperless office with a high speed internet connection and an almost free degree in Accounting won’t be able to figure out your tax returns for 1/4th of what accountants charge now – and be just as good or better?

        People are not looking at what is really coming. They don’t even understand the computing power they HAVE in their smartphones, the equivalent of many millions of dollars worth of mainframe computing back in the 1970s, and that’s just going to continue to grow, and grow, and grow.

        The fact is that we have only *begun* to wrestle with the “what are people going to do?” problem and it’s going to become more acute from here on out, not the other way around.

  16. Just shows how absolutely stupid he is. Not a clue what is going on and seeling out our country to any and all. Poorest excuse for a President in the history of our country. Makes Jimmy Carter look like Washington or Lncoln or Reagen. God Help Us!!

  17. Re: Obama: We Dont Have . . . Bank Tellers?
    by Keith Koffler on September 16, 2013, 8:38 am

    I seem to recall a major brouhaha from the left about George Bush 41 being so out of touch because he didn’t know about supermarket scanners.

    Equal time, anybody?

    1. Except, as NOT widely reported, Bush was getting an inside look at new technology in scanners. Almost nobody else (including the media echo chamber) had seen them either.

      Here the media will also ignore the facts before them, in order to protect their guy in the White House. Kinda like Time magazine and their censored covers for Americans.

  18. “New economy has heightened inequality and eliminated lower paying jobs.” Who in the heck does he think created this “new economy”? He’s not just a bystander; what a moron! Some of these “lower paying jobs” such as bank tellers came with nice benefits including affordable healthcare. With Obamacare that too is becoming a thing of the past.

  19. well, tellers are being replaced by ATMs. agents in airports are replaced by kiosks. toll booths have electric baskets or fast passes. robots are building cars. and what was the problem with what he said you racist morons?

    1. Well, we don’t need to do the name calling but it sure is true that just about everybody is missing the point. Yeah, we have Bank tellers. Maybe 1 for every 5 we had 20 years ago. We also have grocery store cashiers. Maybe 2 for every 5 that we had 6 years ago. Automation costs jobs. That is why we automate. So we don’t have to pay people to do the jobs. Yes, people have to install and maintain the machine but it costs less labor than it used to.

      How could any sensible person argue against this point?

      1. We are not saying this isn’t true…we are saying Obama is wrapped in bubblewrap and has no practical knowledge of it. The person he talked to last says some airy-fairy thing and he repeats it.

  20. From the man who created – and destroyed in under 2 years “Green Jobs”….

    Now Spain beat him to this folly however “Progressive-COMMIE-LIBS” do not learn from failures.

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  22. It is now obvious to me that Obama and I live in different countries. I live in the United States, but I am not sure which country it is that he lives in. Just this weekend I went into my bank and there were five tellers working the windows. I saw numerous other bank employees walking about as well. Today in my email I received an e-mail from my travel agent telling me of package deals they have going on at the moment. So it is obvious that Obama is living in another country, or perhaps a parallel universe (which now that I think about it might explain a lot)

  23. The president is really out of touch with the everyday, common sense, American citizen. He doesn’t get it because he doesn’t want to get it. He and his administration including some republicans have lost all credibility.

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