As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, September 16, 2013

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with senior advisors
11:40 am || Delivers remarks to mark the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis
7:25 pm || Delivers remarks at Música Latina: In Performance at the White House

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. What can I blame on Bush? If I try to blame anything on Vlad, he’ll kick my skinny a** and make it look like I kicked myself and everyone will believe him. I wonder what I would have to do to replace him. I have heard of Black Russians! Is that only Kahlua and vodka or could I work the guilt vote there? I know there are White Russians. Maybe I should try Ireland. I know there are black Irish. So many options, but only one of me!

  2. “11:40 am || Delivers remarks to mark the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis”


    I doubt he’ll acknowledge the demands from the civil rights groups that ensured the banks were forced to lend to people with no assets.

    Biggest score for Cloward-Piven yet.

    • 11:40 am || Delivers remarks to mark the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis

      Unable to blame Bush, still silent marking the anniversary of September 11, 2012.

      • He will never recognize that date as it was a phony scandal. Takes a really I can’t find the words to ignore 4 Americans begging for help as they die.

        • “Takes a really I can’t find the words to ignore 4 Americans begging for help as they die.” – Lizzy

          Let me supply some possible words;

          “A really big Democrat”
          “A really determined Jihadist”
          “A really arrogant narcissist”
          “A really ignorant amateur”
          “A really and truly traitor to his country”

          Hm, when I spell it out like this, these and MORE would seem true and applicable to our Prezzy. Perhaps you’re right, there is no ONE word to cover ALL his mal- and mis- feasant behavior…

  3. After celebrating his Syria victory with 27 holes of golf on
    Saturday, he begins the week with an Obamacare-style dog and pony show!
    According to the WH, he will appear in the Rose Garden surrounded by people who say they have benefited from his economic agenda, including small business owners, homeowners and consumers.

    The recession ended 4 years ago. This is the weakest, slowest, worst recovery since WWII, and this guy is going to tell us how great he is?
    Puleeze! Maybe he can start with the 29 hour work week he has created!
    It’s only fitting that he ends the day with a Musica Latina celebration to welcome the millions of illegals who are taking jobs away from Americans after his illegal back-door amnesty.

    • This recession has not ended. I don’t know why the MSM continues to say it ended in 2009. I live in a tourist destination (Santa Fe, NM). When I go out and listen, I don’t hear the sound of laughter and lightness. It still feels and sounds very gloomy. Any recovery that some folks have felt will be destroyed by Obamacare. Some of the King’s plans for tonight may be inconvenienced due to the shooting at the Naval yard this morning.

    • I didn’t know we had a President’s “style book” — do you get points for style, demerits? Is that why Desiree Rogers got fired early on? Is that why Anna Wintour was up for Ambassador? Is dithering stylish or not?

      When we are talking about a military commitment, arming AQ, chemical weapons, consulting Congress, there’s a “style” to how this is done?

      Do this man even have a clue — a clue — that what he does reflects on the country?

    • .

      Syria is far from settled.

      Turkey [NATO] shot down a Syrian helicopter today.

      Also interesting… Vladimir Putin is on the cover of the
      international versions of Time magazine [Sept 16, 2013.]


  4. 10 am putz around on mini golf course under Resolute Desk
    10:45 chats with Larry, Moe and Joe (aka Biden no Curly)
    11:40 Blame Bush
    7:25 Party Time also vote for me again

  5. There are 19,000 homes damaged and according to some news accounts around 1,000 people are missing in the floods in Colorado and there is more rains on the way.

    So far, the WH has declared it a disaster area making the area eligible for Money and low interest lending. FEMA’s website states that rescue efforts are State and Local Gov’s responsibility.

    Did President Obama play golf this weekend? I know he was on Stephanoupolous’s show taking credit for his complex negotiating skills in Syria. Biden was in Iowa putting out seeds. The WH continues to prove they are only capable of handling one thing at a time. Could you imagine the comments on MSM if Bush was golfing while 1,000 people were missing during the first days of Katrina??

    • I’ve been thinking of Colorado too and not just because my son and his family just moved to the Denver area last month (so far, so good for them).

      I believe Obama thinks he’s done his job, declaring an emergency and sending FEMA guy out there. I guess that’s all he can do at this point, it’s just that he shows no personal compassion or concern or something that’s seriously missing in his demeanor, while Americans suffer and die.

      He’ll probably make a visit later this week because it’s on the way to a fundraiser on the West Coast ? Just a feeling I have, he’s so predictable.

      • You’re both right. He has no empathy and it’s really pathetic when he pretends to care.

        I don’t like Christie anymore, but when he spoke about the fire at Seaside a few days ago, you can tell that he does at least care about the people and the businesses that were damaged.

      • Yeah, the elections are right around the corner so he has to send out the talking points to all the minions, I mean media.

        As far as I’m concerned, there has been no recovery at all. The only reason the stock market is growing is because of the feds and the companies that have nothing else to do with their money. They are not reinvesting in their businesses. There’s no where else to put the money that gets any return. We are in the middle of a huge bubble that if it bursts will cause a tremendous amount of damage.

  6. By all means, lets’ chew on a speech written by some 30-something kid who had a job throughout and lives in DC, which I recently heard described as The New Dubai. Ooo–ooo–we save the auto industry, the worldwide economy…don’t even ask about the dollar.

  7. .

    Per CNN, Obama’s speech moved from the rose garden
    into the White House because of the ongoing tense situation
    around the DC Naval Yard shootings.

    Any word on a new time for the speech ?