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The Slow Burn Lie

How long, I wonder, are we going to pretend that we’re working to solve the Syrian chemical weapons problem?

Usually, when a White House says something that’s absurd – and they all do it – it’s at least over and done with. But President Obama, in order to avoid having to lose a vote in Congress in Syria, will be pretending for months now that we, the Russians, and Bashar Assad all have are sleeves rolled up and are working to round up Syria’s chemical weapons.

The White House of course has already indicated that this is impossible:

“It’s also important to note that Syria has one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world; it’s spread across the country.  It would certainly take time, resources, and probably a peaceful environment to deal with this,” said Deputy National Security Advisor Anthony Blinken, before the White House legislative affairs office got to him and told him this is exactly what we’d be doing to get the president out of the Syria vote.

Assad has no intention of giving up his weapons. I mean, he’ll turn over some, but there’s never going to be any way to verify that he doesn’t have others under the sink in his bathroom. But we’ll continue to pretend we’re serious about solving the problem, and that Nobody Messes with the USA.

Well, they messed with us, and they won. The White House spin is that Our Supreme and Superb Leader’s military threat caused this “diplomatic breakthrough.” But there is no breakthrough. Just a whimpering former super power – that’s us – backing down while tripping over the tail between its legs.

But now we’ll play pretend, put this on a low boil, and Obama can get back to trying to provide universal child care. Adding bits of Socialism to our economy is what he really enjoys, not this foreign policy stuff. He’ll let Kerry pretend to work with the Russians in Geneva so he can resume enlarging the government, and extending his drive off the tee.

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  1. Last night, I found myself at CNN and discovered the once famous JakeTapper leading a round table of stunned Obama supporters as they tried to spin Putin’s most awesome letter to Americans as a good thing, and MrObama’s brilliance in allowing the Russians to lead.

    An “expert” on chemical agents who claimed to have expertise in the securing of these dangerous things was brought in to explain how the UN might proceed. He blew MrObama’s hope to find and destroy Assad’s chemical stash as naive wishful thinking and stunned the round-table pundits. .
    The “expert” told the panel that most of the qualified people “in the world” to find and destroy chemical agents were in our military, and the odds of Assad allowing our military anywhere near his country was nil.
    I almost felt sorry for the Obots listening to this bad news. Almost.

    Political pundits and opinionators keep pointing out that we have three more years of Obama at the helm. They suggest (hope) that the public should support the POTUS to keep America foremost in the world.
    Time will tell if MrO can reverse the public’s perception of an incompent leader who turned over our best interests to Russia.

    It won’t help MrObama appear to be serious and worthy of respect now that his wife is promoting a national drink-more-water campaign.
    Drink more water, sigh. Either she is the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history or her advisors are clandestine tea party supporters who enjoy making her appear ridiculous.

    • You don’t keep American foremost in the world by supporting Obama in everything he does willy-nilly. The odds are we go further down by doing that. That is the RINO-DINO view of things, and the NYT is part of that. I tried to say that to you last night and maybe didn’t succeed, but if Putin is a devious man, the NYT was being devious in publishing his op-ed. They knew it would aggravate most Americans to strike back at Putin and, at least inadvertently, defend Obama. The NYT has supported the foolhardy Obama from day one on Syria. But maybe my mind is becoming as convoluted and devious as theirs.

      Some good news: I read that the AZ GOP or at least a branch of the GOP in AZ has censured McCain for going along too much with Obama.

      • My thinking “evolves” almost like MrObama’s thought processes.

        Putin’s letter to America was a brilliant piece of propaganda that should be studied by the writers that give MrObama his words to speak. Putin softly touched every button that makes most Americans happy; peace, diplomacy, and a belief in God. \
        He read the public’s disapproval of Obama’s plan to hurl bombs into another country better than any of the WhiteHouse spin-doctors ever could and made himself sound heroic.

        The general public will not strike back at Putin, they will admire his maturity, his calm assessment of the world’s problems and will compare this to MrObama’s strident, confusing and insulting speeches.
        IMO, anyway.

        • Well, the right, from what I’ve seen here and on other sites are up in flames over that one comment that Americans shouldn’t consider themselves exceptional, that it was dangerous, in fact, to do so. That’s the pinprick time bomb in his post. You are probably right about the left, though. There was plenty of schmooze for Obama in his post.

          • Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the US that believe we are not exceptional and will like what Putin said. These were the same ones that voted for Obama the first time when he said we can’t be the worlds super power anymore.

          • @Robin H
            Exactly. If you can power down half of your brain until you think (or not) as the voters who get their news from cable comedy shows or who don’t care to even get the national news, then what Putin said will appeal to them. They don’t even know what “exceptional” means in this context; maybe it means we think we’re special or better than other people in some way and that’s not PC.

            They won’t read the whole letter; if they hear about it at all, they’ll say yeah, we don’t want to go to war again. Those who blindly support MrO will want to support his crazy warmongering to prove they ‘have his back’.
            This letter published in the NYT is, could be compared to a Russian grenade tossed into our tent and what happens next depends on whether anyone has the courage to pick it up and throw it back.

        • I don’t think Americans care that much what Putin thinks–I don’t for sure. But this thread seems to be saying again we should have started heaving bombs in there–I still think no. Sue me.

          • I agree with you Star,…no bombs.
            Wrong to get the troops into yet another conflict that cannot be resolved by force.
            They haven’t attacked US.
            I get tired of Obama ‘weeping’ for the children when he condones abortion.
            He is a two faced bastard of the highest order.

          • In fact, Putin is becoming a tiresome gnat–back off and get your hideous client state to quit slaughtering people. Yeah, yeah, maybe you played the president–whatever…We are sick of you and you are not in charge of our country–White House Dossier is.

      • The NYT is notorious for their hero worship of the world’s most infamous tyrants, dictators, and demagogues, so wasn’t surprised that they published Putin’s well-crafted piece of propaganda.

        His bit on American exceptionalism was a real slap to our face. Of course, Putin doesn’t understand the concept any better than Obama does. American exceptionalism has nothing to do with a particular president’s policy, or even that we think we are better than other people. American exceptionalism is based on traditional characteristics as described by de Tocqueville – liberty, equality of opportunity, individualism, and free enterprise. It is totally counter to the ideology of totalitarians like Putin and Obama who believe in collectivism, top-down government control, and massive bureaucracies.

        • Nice. I agree with you completely, especially that you see both Obama and Putin as collectivist totalitarians. Most Americans would not see Obama that way. They’re subject to either/or kind of thinking. And I like your definition of exceptionalism: it doesn’t mean that we are a socially Darwinian superior race.

  2. The most troubling aspect of this whole scenario is that Obama’s own self-interest far outweighs what is in the best interests of the US.

    Putin is smart (and devious) enough to take full advantage of this and clearly is delighted to be dealing with the incompetent Team Obama.

    While this will be entertaining to watch, it also presents a very dangerous situation for our country. Unfortunately, folks like Reid and Pelosi, as well as the compliant main-stream media will be happy to play along as the US sinks deeper and deeper.

    Three more years is way to long to entrust our country to this administration.

    • I agree that this presents a very dangerous situation – we are on a dangerous path. Putin is in a position to outplay Obama who having ceded ground will pivot to domestic issues as cover. Lavrov is an old hat at this and he will be seated across from a man whose dream it was to be SOS – along the lines of aristocrat Francophile diplomats of old. And you could scour the entire Obama administration and not even collect a dustball of foreign policy experience. And you would have to penetrate a heavy film of political operatives to get to that dustball.

  3. I mean, he’ll turn over some, but there’s never going to be any way to verify that he doesn’t have others under the sink in his bathroom.At least with Saddam Hussein, we had a list. But with Assad, we have nothing. We have not yet begun to understand the magnitude of how badly we have been played by Putin and Assad. I see Obama and Kerry as King Arthur and Sir Galahad standing outside the French castle asking to see their Holy Grail as Putin and Assad taunt them from atop the wall.

    • I think the Israelis have always had a good idea about the locations of Syria’s chemical weapons (Israel needed to know where to drop some of their nuclear weapons to fry the chemical weapons)
      If Obama wasnt such a (_list of curse-words_) towards Israel, maybe Israel IDF/Mossad would have no problem sharing its Syrian target folders with our “leaders” & planners telling us where the chemical weapons are.

  4. If I were Putin and Assad, I’d pretend to go along, destroy a few chemical weapons for the world, watch Obama flaunt his “win” and then use them in a very open and dramatic way. This is England’s treaty with Hitler just before WW2 all over again.

  5. Well, Obama could always challenge the Russian Bear to a game of Spades!

    I still have questions about the sequence of events last Tuesday. Is it possible that Putin was just laying in wait for Mssr. Kerry to fumble the ball? Or were there desperate behind the scenes negotiations by Team Obama to make a deal with the Russians. Kerry sort of gave it away when he said Assad could turn over his chemical weapons…BUT HE WON’T. HE CAN’T. Sounds like there was a lot of arm twisting going on and the Russians were holding out for everything they could get. Did Putin take Obama to the brink? Did Obama cry ‘Uncle’? You betcha!

    The only question remaining is what did Obama promise Putin in exchange for saving his political life? Reduced sanctions on Iran? One thing we know for sure – there will be no removal of chemical weapons in Syria! Assad will remain in power and the unholy alliance of Russian/Iran/China will grow stronger.

    Meanwhile, Obama will accelerate his ‘strikes’ against America. Hell hath no fury like a megalomaniac who has been outsmarted by the Russian Bear!

  6. My Midwest local news is reporting that Syria’s Assad will only turn over chemical weapons if the U.S. removes it threat of military action.
    As my favorite N.Y. catcher Yogi would say ” it ain’t over till it’s over “.

  7. A couple of snips and a very good article with additional links regarding Syria, Iran and N. Korea. Why were we waiting for a UN report last week when they had already released the information in 2012?

    Syria-DPRK links revisited
    North Korea has designed and built at least two chemical weapons facilities in Syria. Indeed, despite the lack of statements coming from Washington ― either from the White House or the Pentagon ― regarding North Korea’s role, Pyongyang appears to be Syria’s main provider of chemical weapons. This is a role that is not new. North Korea has been proliferating chemical weapons and Scud missiles that can be used as platforms to launch them since the 1990s.
    The United Nations Security Council, in a document released in 2012, definitively stated that the North Koreans have ― including during 2012 ― been actively engaged in proliferating chemical weapons technology, ballistic missile components, and expertise to maintain these weapons. This has enabled the Syrians to effectively use these weapons against its own people.

    • Dennis Rodman has a political future! Who would have think ir?

      Seriously thanks for this. It is important to know and not forget. Especially when you factor in China.

      • I am WONDERING at this point IF OBOZO will make an EXECUTIVE DECISION to GRANT SYRIA an EPA Storage permit for the Chemical Weapons Till this can be RESOLVED

  8. I wonder if Boehner and Cantor will be the earliest casualties of the Syria fall-out. They both foolishly threw their support to O without any due-diligence, with any apparent consultation with their “troops,” and most of all, got NOTHING for it. If I were a member of their caucus, this would be a catastrophic loss of confidence in their leadership, which was already shaky.