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Photo of the Day || September 12, 2013

An actual corn maze – maize maze? – located in Exeter, Missouri.

crop circle

Through the kindness of Chuck Nickle, whose other excellent work can be found here.

17 Responses to Photo of the Day || September 12, 2013

  1. Somewhere…inside of that maze is the President’s Foreign Policy.


    • Just photo ops at the WH moment of silence, Pentagon where he talked through the moment of silence, then packed some food at a shelter (?) for community service day or something. Michelle went to Ft.Belvoir and visited wounded warriors and their families.

        • It makes me barf because it’s such a shallow, transparent nod. You should help people all the time, whenever you can. Friends, family, and strangers. You should help them by being kind, and honest, and respectful. This two live in the most hypocritical manner ever, and probably pat themselves on the back each night over what wonderful people they are.

          ga. I’ve had enough. and the purple dress was too much.

          • In Victorian times there were colors for the various degrees of mourning for royalty. Black was worn in the first days of mourning, then a year later, gray and various shades of purple. Perhaps it is the inherent (and self imagined) royalty in Michelle coming out.