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The Obama Morning News || September 12, 2013

U.S. begins arming Syrian rebels . . . Washington Post
Israel wary of Obama’s new approach . . . New York Times
Kerry begins talks in Geneva . . . Wall Street Journal
Delay hurts U.S.-backed Syria rebels . . . Wall Street Journal
Lawmakers: WH briefings a flop . . . Politico
U.S. can’t prove Assad ordered attack . . . Washington Times
Unions in revolt over Obamacare . . . Fox News
Companies move to cut workers’ hours . . . Fox News
Obama to pivot to the economy – again . . . The Hill
DC executive secretly aided Hillary
. . . Washington Post
GOP leaders fail to move budget bill . . . Washington Post
Expert: Michelle water campaign “bizarre” . . . Politico

11 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 12, 2013

  1. “unions in revolt over obamacare”. Congress should exempt everyone except the SEIU and AFL-CIO and shove it down their throats! (or at least the union leaders).

  2. MOTUS and her “Project Mo Water”. I guess she was bored with nothing else to do and needed a trip away from WH and family. Why should BO have all the fun?

    But WHY Wisconsin?? Watertown? was it because of the name?. And of course she had to bring a BFF. Who paid for all this. This is a program that is easily a stay at home project.

    • I think MO’s sending a dangerous message linking water to weight loss. Her low info fans may take that to heart and create more problems. Too much water can be dangerous in excess, as with anything else moderation is the key. The Politico article pointed that out.

      I just read Obama played the sequester card to cancel the annual Congressional WH barbeque. MO’s needless trip to Wisconsin would have easily paid for it.

    • Watertown is a small city – population approx. 23, 0000 located halfway between Milwaukee and Madison. Wonder how many students will be forced to attend her highness’s speech as it starts at 2:30PM when school usually ends.

  3. The arming of the Syrian “rebels” — insufficiently vetted — continues. What’s the point?

    With civil war continuing, both sides ramping up with outside assistance, most likely it will be quite difficult to remove the chemical weapons any time soon….shocked I am.

    • Good observation. Maybe he wants to make it difficult or impossible to get at the chemicals. Now we are in a proxy war with the Russians, Putin supplying Assad, Obama supplying Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. So, how much H2O is FLINO mixing with her Jack Daniels? Someone ought to inform her that practicing medicine without a license is a felony.

    Watertown (how clever by half) is also headquarters for the 7-Up bottling co. and home of WisPak which bottles Pepsi and other soft drinks. Longoria is a spokesperson for Lay’s potato chips which is owned by PepsiCo. What’s going on here??? There’s more to this than meets the eye. What’s in it for the MOOCH? A corporate donation….a Director’s seat on the Board after she leaves the WH?

    Worse yet, she is using ‘the children’ for her hedonistic lifestyle – cavorting with celebs! We are paying for her to have fun and games with her new BFF’s. She is a ‘single mom – gone wild’. Her worthless husband obviously can’t control her anymore than he can lead this country. This is uncharted territory!

    • Chelsea Handler said she counts the water in her melting ice cubes…Then one of her comedians said water tastes terrible–have you noticed nothing is water-flavored? We have cherry-flavored, strawberry–but never water-flavored. I have no idea what that means but it made me laff.