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Michelle’s Healthy Eating Inquisition

Wednesday evening was meet-the-teachers night. The teachers affirmed that they are in charge of my children’s education. And, I found out, they now also think they are in charge of what I feed them.

Since one of my kids is scheduled for lunch early at 11 am and the other quite late after 1 pm, they are permitted to bring a snack to school. But it must be a Politburo-approved snack.

No candy. No cookies. Not even potato chips. Those will be confiscated, we were told.

Granola bars are okay, even though granola bars are the biggest fraud perpetrated upon man since the Munich agreement. They’re filled with sugar. I’d much rather my kids eat potato chips. But those are not Politburo-approved.

My son won’t eat healthy food. He just won’t. I know I’m a bad parent. We offer it too him constantly. He refuses, and unlike our president, he is an extremely decisive character. So we’ll do our best, but he may go hungry.

Wait a second, I don't think I've approved that dish.
Wait a second, I don't think I've approved that dish.

You may have guessed where I’m going with this. My school feels free to intervene in my private choices about what I feed my kids because our first lady is leading the way.

I have previously supported Mrs. Obama’s campaign to make our kids healthier. While I opposed efforts within her campaign that resulted in legislation with federal mandates for local schools, I felt her overall idea fulfilled the traditional role of a first lady – to take on a pet issue and promote it.

I compared her to Nancy Reagan, whose “Just Say No” campaign had a real effect, helping change the culture and make drug use less appealing. But there was one big difference I ignored. Nancy was campaigning against use of an illegal substance. Michelle’s campaign against junk food opposes a perfectly legal product that parents have every right to give their children.

Many of you commented that Michelle shouldn’t be telling us what to eat. Michelle is the government. The government should stay out of our kitchens. You were right, and I was wrong.

Liberals laugh when conservatives complain that ceding small amounts of our freedom to the government leads the government to grasp for more, and eventually imperils freedom. I missed how Michelle’s Let’s Move campaign does exactly this. I learned otherwise last night.

I think I’ve mentioned before that years ago, when the government was trying to regulate tobacco, a senior business lobbyist in Washington told me one reason they were fighting so hard against the regulations was that the government would be after Twinkies next. I laughed. I thought he was being dramatic. I’m not laughing anymore.

The government’s appetite for power over our lives is an inexorably increasing desire that grows with every lump of freedom it is fed. That’s why Obamacare is such a disaster. With its sprawling web of new strictures on our health care, it vastly expands the assumption on the part of bureaucrats that they have the right to extend their puny, stubby hands into our business.

My school now thinks it is in charge of what I give my children to eat. That’s Michelle Obama’s work.

And I’m marching right into the school office this afternoon. Because you see, I want to know what time I should put my kids to sleep.

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  1. Maybe you should say put your kids to bed, not to sleep…LOL. I agree on every count. The other day, my sister, who is north of 65, said, “You know, I just don’t like vegetables.” As we have talked about here, some school districts inspect “bring” lunches and rule on their “correctness.” Leave us alone. A sandwich, a sloppy joe, some chips or fries will not kill these kids–and they may not care for balsamic dressed arugula. Veggies are often bitter or weird-tasting to ward off insects. Oh, don’t get me started…

    • I am north of 75 and I, like George Bush, the elder, do not like broccoli or cooked spinach.
      My sons, now in their forties, would never have made it without Spaghettios, Boxed macaroni and cheese, and individual frozen pizzas.
      Michelle needs to look into her own backside.

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      • I had a kid who would have starved to death if not for butter and peanut butter on Ritz crackers. Made them for his school lunch daily. He’s a man now and his eating habits are his wifes problem. I always figured feed them and keep them alive till they grow into eating other stuff.
        He also loved my homemade chocolate, chip, walnut cookies. I made thousands of them over the years. But I knew they were all good ingredients from scratch. Michelle has no right to butt in to what responsible mothers are doing. She should go feed the kids who don’t have food.

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  2. It takes a strong man to admit he was wrong. Kudos to you on that. I am so glad my kids are out of elementary school. There is no rights or freedoms left at the schools. Between the fear of allergies and the fear of sugars and fats, there is no fun anymore. Grapes and jello seem to be the class party staples now. I once argued with the school nurse (who was against me bringing in homemade shortbread cookies rather than store bought and labeled cookies) that they preferred the additives and preservatives instead. High school is better, although they are locked in all day like prisoners. It’s all for safety, you know.

      • OT, sort of–but this thread reminded me of parent nite at the parochial school–Kids were not allowed to report on any book that had been made into a movie because (they wildly assumed) they would watch the movie instead. Pretty much eliminated all the classics…so weak it made me almost cry.

        • Star: Good News/Bad News – kids can now report on a book that will be made into a movie. Unfortunately, the movie is Fifty Shades of Grey.

          “Felicia learned what pleased him. She tied his arms above his head with their underclothing and slapped him sharply when he asked. “‘You’re my bitch,’” Hugo said, groaning.

          Full story at the Daily Caller from link below.


          • Hey, I was at a Board of Education meeting when a parent got up and proceeded to read almost a page and a half from a Young Adult novel. After the first three sentences I started praying that the floor would open up and drop me down to the next level because I was sitting between the Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools. I know my face must have been bright red and the members of the audience were squirming! It was awful, but this book was available to the kids in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

      • Our high school has a McDonald’s across the street (franchise owner a school board member) as well as several other places (pizza joint, Mexican restaurant, Starbucks, grocery store, and frozen yogurt shop).

      • But on nice days they are not even allowed to sit out in the courtyard. I can understand not wanting them to take cars and have to rush back, but they are literally not allowed outside. All of the door lock behind them and they have to come in through the main door where the security guard is.

  3. Keith, since the teacher’s are in charge, rather than ask them what time your kids should go to bed, ask them what time they are coming to your house to put the children to bed.

  4. The Obamas exploit children for political purposes. They know what’s best for them and us. I usually don’t like to watch the Luntz focus groups, but I did last night on a Fox show. It was about Obama’s speech Tuesday night, and what really surprised me was how many people were turned off by Obama’s repeated mentioning of ‘the children’. It was almost unanimous and crossed racial and party lines. They complained about his cherry picking countries to voice concern about ‘the children’ (Syria but not the Sudan), and several cited the fact that Tomahawks and drones kill people indiscriminately. Samuel Johnson famously said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. I think it is the willingness to exploit ‘the children’. Don’t mean to go political on you, Keith, but it is part of the whole Obama parcel and includes food fiats as well.

  5. They, the government is everywhere now. I have just come from my hairdresser. We live in the Ozark Mountains (she is in Missouri and Ii am in Arkansas) where many things are named for old families, such as “ridges.” Specifically we were discussing cemeteries such as Smithridge Cemetery or Brownsridge Cemetery (made up names). She is on the Board for one such small rural cemetery in MO. She told me they now have to file tax returns, under penalty of law, each year even if they have only a small account in the bank as most do. File anyway!!!
    Obama wants to control everything!

  6. The Obama girls can have chips. From today’s Sidwell Friends lunch menu:

    September 12, 2013


    Mango, Ginger & Curry Soup
    Mediterranean Pasta Salad
    South Beach Chopped Salad
    All Natural Turkey BLT’s with Basil Mayo
    Grilled Portobello Ciabatta with Roasted Red Pepper Spread
    Ginger Glazed Parsnips, Carrots and Turnips
    Red,White & Blue Chips <===========!!!
    Farmer's Market Melon

  7. IF the government really cared about America getting fat, and sitting on it’s collective arses watching football, basketball (which I personally can’t stand) or some other game for spoiled rich brats, or playing some video game where you gain points for beating “ho’s” and crashing cars while fleeing the police it would take the following steps.

    First it would ban the broadcast of all team sports above the college level. These sports only allow the viewer to participate vicariously in exercise, and do not encourage real activity, other than going to the fridge for another beer. Plus, the owners and players of these games have made enough money, and need to have more skin in the game of providing dollars to the coffers of the IRS.

    Second, it would ban all video games that encourage anti-social behavior, games that encourage violence, defiance to authority, etc.

    Third, the government should ban the purchase of any non-healthy foods by those people on food stamps. Chips, soda, fatty meats, etc., should be prohibited. Food stamps should only be used to buy healthy things like veggies, lean meats and cheeses, healthy dairy products (no ice cream), juices, and such.

    Of course the first two examples are extremes, but I do think the last idea is something that should be instituted. I get frustrated watching someone buy all kinds of junk, and then throw up on the conveyor belt T-bone steaks, and prime ribs for their meat selections. If the government wants to eliminate waste and fraud in the SNAP program, begin to force people to use food stamps for the purpose they were designed, providing healthy foods to the poor.

    • Because I am older than dirt:
      The forerunner to food stamps was the “surplus food” box that contained preserved food products from WWII; huge blocks of mystery cheese, dehydrated eggs and milk, squares of generic butter, and cans of mystery meat. All meant to keep the poor from starving if they could figure out how to cook the stuff to make it palatable. Mostly the poor sold the cheese and butter for beer money and threw away the rest.
      Good old days. Good times.

      • Either give people the money and bag it or don’t give it. Just bec you don’t have money does not mean you need to be bossed and controlled. Yes, I know–poor people should suffer more.

        • I am not for people trading the card for cash…but getting something good to eat–they can’t get toilet paper with it, pet food paper towels, detergent, etc–so I am not going to judge that…

    • the problem to this is SNAP cards now allow you to go EBT. Their reasoning was – “so as not to embarrass the person on the program by drawing attention to them”. Sorry, that does not wash with me.

      I agree with you that the program is abused, and that abuse is well documented. Take away EBT, and all card usage data (W,W,W,W,H) plus the items bought would be transmitted to a state run database (created by the USDA/HHS so it is the same no matter what state uses the program, and is also a job creater). The data dump would be screened and if found excessively used for high end foods (Steak / lobster / soda / etc), the user is flagged and notified (via their Obamaphone).

      In this day and age of data collection, the information of what people buy is out there, unless they pay cash (but if they use a rewards card with cash it’s captured). The data is sent to the corp office, and then sent to the state. Yes I know the mom and pop stores do not have access to this system, but then they probably do not have the high end foods in the first place.

      So there is allot of give and take in SNAP program, but it’s time for it to be brought under control.

  8. Something that gets no coverage anywhere is that the average IQ is 100 and that s not very bright. So half the peeps are below that. And there is the real problem. The less than average come up with unworkable plans like these and do not even realize how dumb that makes them look. Stupid is as stupid does!

  9. “No candy. No cookies. Not even potato chips. Those will be confiscated, we were told.”

    No chips for the peasants, excluding ‘cow chips’. Of course, there’s plenty of patriotic chips for the upper crust.

    Today’s menu Sidwell:

    Mango, Ginger & Curry Soup
    Mediterranean Pasta Salad
    South Beach Chopped Salad
    All Natural Turkey BLT’s with Basil Mayo
    Grilled Portobello Ciabatta with Roasted Red Pepper Spread
    Ginger Glazed Parsnips, Carrots and Turnips
    Red,White & Blue Chips
    Farmer’s Market Melon

  10. Top 10 foods allowed to be brought into Public Schools according to Michelle Obama
    1. Ice Cubes…Crushed only. Never Cubed.
    2. Broccoli. Steamed or boiled. Not Raw.
    3. Foie Gras. Any variety, as long it was made in Paris or Aspen.
    4. Kale
    5. #2 Pencil Shavings.
    6. Gluten-free White Bread
    7. 16 oz Pepsi, because Beyonce says its yummy
    8. Nicorette gum, cinammon flavor
    9. Dried Pineapples
    10.Your own Tongue, because you better bite it and stay silent.

    • Good list–and you will never let Kraft Dinner touch you sainted lips, or ramen the only affordable lunch now that we are not in the middle class anymore (not even lower middle, as I used to describe myself), or heaven forfend, a burger. And you will do without the lobster feeds to cleanse your palate…See…now I am started.

  11. The day the last of my responsiblities ended their public school attendance, was one of the happiest days of my life.
    No more pompous adminstrators, no more stupid rules or regulations, no more pleas to buy this or that for this team or that group, and best of all, no more arranging my own life around the whims of some school drone who decided when the school day ended on this day or that day.

    My sympathies to young parents who still have years to go until they, too, know the joy of the very, absolute, definite last day of school.

    • One of your best posts EVAH! Amen amen. And I never once missed the stupid phone calls…Ring. Pause…then, “Your student…insert name in diff voice…was absent fourth hour.”

      • When my daughter was in HS she had cheer leading first hour (blocks 85 minutes long). After the seasons were all finished she would sleep in, but her attendance secretary was a stickler. The guidance counselor was worse and referred her to juvi as a truancy problem. When the girls did go they would report and then leave to go get doughnuts or sit around braiding each other’s hair. It was a joke.
        Eventually the counselor was promoted to principal. After several years she went quietly into that good night when she was caught shoplifting at a local grocery. I have to admit smiling when I learned that. Not that I delight in others misfortune, but she delighted in her authority. You know what they say about Karma.

      • The kid should not have hooked the after lunch hour–but those calls were so annoying….I guess someone was doing their job. My kid has so much on her permanent record (you do have one) it’s not funny.

    • I so agree, srdem65. Every time I hear or read about some idiotic school rule, I say the same to my husband.

      I retired from education two years ago and have never been so happy. My sister has four more years and doesn’t know if she can make it. I have another friend who retired early because it was getting so bad.

      I told both of my girls years ago (before NCLB and more) DO NOT go into teaching. Thankfully, they did not.

      I pity the students and their parents of today.

  12. Just a thought about how much personalities matter. Just imagine Sarah Palin handling Putin. I am almost certain that he would adore her in his way. I am sure Putin would much prefer dealing with her than with Barry “gay agenda” Obama. They just cannot connect of many reasons.

    • Sarah would take Putin down because of his record.
      Obama is an easy target for Putin, because he’s a puss, and his administration is full of communists and liberals.
      Palin is not a communist, she is a conservative Patriot that loves this Country.
      Sarah Palin would tell Putin to go pound sand.

  13. Mooshell needs to keep her big, fat butt out of our food supply. We have seen how she eats, and what she eats. We are not impressed. Even if I thought she practiced what she preached, she has NO right to dictate to me what I choose, or what I choose for my family.

    The very worst of this is that there’s been NO legislation in this direction. It’s simply command by fiat, and the school districts falling in line like sheep. It’s Animal Farm right down the line, with the biggest pigs running the show.

  14. This is getting ridiculous. What right do your kids’ teachers have to confiscate their food. Some schools are refusing federal grants, but I wish someone would take the food police to court. Children have a right to abortion but not a right to eat what they want.

    It doesn’t work anyway. My father would never let us have hot dogs in the house because he saw them being made once. As a consequence I have had a life long love of hot dogs up to my 70th year even know I know that they are not the best of foods. I can see all these kids rushing for the potato chips and cookies after school. If you crave something, it’s better to allow yourself a little bit at the beginning rather than build up a huge craving.

  15. She’s not elected she has no right like Hillary to take on governmental
    decisions. It would be a cold day before that expletive woman who either
    ignores or over indulges her children told me what my kid could eat.
    They’ve proven the kids won’t eat it wasted thrown away and I’m sure there are homeless and poor kids and adults and elderly who would love
    to have a meal as some eat out of the trash. She’s a hypocrite who eats
    only the most expensive and costly food and booze a real role model.
    Let the Obama girls school Sidwell start the program see how long the
    posh kids go for Michelle’s best!

  16. what I find humorous is that mooshell is speaking about Drink More Water today at Watertown Wisconsin and the lager employer there is WISPAK a distributor and bottler of Pepsi which is a large employer there as well. as surrounding states.

  17. It all goes to the Boiling Frog Theory, they do it so subtley we don’t even notice. And those who do and say something about it, are anarchists. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I do have to say, I have been somewhat suprised by recent late night lampooning and even some comments by the MSM. I think the shiny is wearing off! Finally. But the sheeple will not learn, they will try to follow Hillary next. God help us.

  18. Every time I get snarled up in traffic driving my son to and from school, every time I refill my car, every time I drag his protesting butt out of bed early in the morning, every time I write a check for tuition and every time I write a check for his meal plan, I remind myself that it is to keep him from the grasping, conniving and do-gooding socialist pukes in public schools.

  19. The kids are being set up to fail. If they hardly eat anything during the day, they’ll go home and pig out and be obese anyway. It isn’t right. This isn’t going to work.

  20. “Back in the day” when our children were very young, they spent the night with Grandma. The next morning, when we arrived to pick them up, they were sitting at her kitchen table eating CAKE for breakfast!
    I said, “Mother!!!! Cake?!?!?!” She said, “What? It has egg in it!”
    Yes, Michelle – my MOTHER gave my children CAKE for BREAKFAST! And THEY LOVED IT!!!!!!

    • AND….my mother taught in a one room school house WAY back in the day. She said the students would each bring a soup ingredient (if there was something they could bring)’that she would combine in a cast iron pot over the wood burning stove. They each ate lunch from that pot of soup – and for some, it was the only hot meal of the day. Most of that generation were skinny because they WORKED HARD…not because they ate “properly.” Fos gosh sakes, Michelle – please educate yourself about the issue you are addressing. You do not know it all. Most white people were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    • Years ago, when I went to my night class, my husband would fix frozen fish sticks and popcorn for my daughter’s dinner. My daughter still fondly remembers those meals. And she is NOT fat.

      Riding on a school bus for 30-45 minutes each way, rather than walking, and no organized PE classes in my state help to make our kids fat. Not that walking to school is an option, either.

    • Back in the day my grandma owned a pastry shop. It just happened to be on the route my sister and I walked to and from school. Every day we would stop by grandma’s shop on our way home for one of her fabulous cream puffs or chocolate eclairs. Wonderful memories! Also remember the Helm’s Bakery truck that used to have the greatest jelly donuts! And we didn’t need permission from Mamie Eisenhower!

  21. Liberals are totalitarians at heart, Keith. They – the collective – believe they know best how to raise your children, and you are too stupid to raise them on your own. If left to your own devices, you may even raise them to be conservatives! Can’t have that. Too bad you’re not a member of the ruling class elite. They are never effected by the rules and regulations they force US peons to live by. The single mother Mooch and her children are perfect examples of this phenomenon.

  22. Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.

    Our freedoms are many and easily lost. Good luck Keith. Parents will have to fight hard for their families.

  23. Since when did our kids become the property of Michelle Lavaughn Obama? She of the elbows on the table, mouth stuffed with Lobstah, barbequed ribs, burgers, fries, pecan pie! Parents need to set ‘red lines’ for this self-appointed school lunch warden. Mind your own (bleeping) business and stay the heck away from our children! You can ban them from the People’s House, but you will not step foot in our homes/kitchens.
    She doesn’t even have a license to practice law, much less a degree in health/nutrition. Her latest Water-World gig is tantamount to practicing medicine without a license – a felony! Not only that, she teamed up with Eva Longoria who is a spokesperson for Lay’s potato chips – a subsidiary of WISPAK, bottlers for Pepsi and other soft drinks. More $$$ for OFA from Pepsi? This warrants an investigation. It’s not about ‘the children – it’s about donors.

  24. First they tell us what to feed our kids and how much to exercise. Then they tell us to drink water (bottled water, brands MO has endorsed (for money?) and before you know it, we’ll have the food cops at our doors at night, demanding to see what we’ve placed on the dinner table.

    Schools are already sending out fat letters, when they determine a child is obese. Then it will be the adults being monitored. Right now, smokers are going to be penalized with surcharges under Obamacare. Just wait, it won’t be long before all the clown cars start rolling down your street. Be prepared.

    • Speaking of smoking, I never have, but yesterday I succumbed to a once-a-decade trip to the cardiologist (they have almost killed me in the past) and when I said I was sometime short of breath, she did not say it’s from the medication you got (which it was) but asked was I ever around second-hand smoke. I said 25 yrs ago–I lived with a smoker for 9 yrs. She said, “That’s why–25 yrs does not make a difference.” They will just say anything…honestly..if they can get smoking or obesity into it. I decided against the nuclear test–give someone with a weird heartbeat radioactive chemicals to see if you can duplicate a heart attack but just for a few minutes–then a “trained” technician will administer an antidote. I don’t THINK so.

    • “before you know it, we’ll have the food cops at our doors at night, demanding to see what we’ve placed on the dinner table.”

      Government agents will try to enter some Americans’ homes under the auspices of the HHS.

      They will also authorize state agencies throughout the nation to send government inspectors to your house if a “home visit” is deemed appropriate pursuant to HHS guidelines ostensibly meant to “create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.”

      According to the title page of the document announcing this program, HHS has the authority to fund such visits by virtue of the Social Security Act “as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].” It describes this metastasis of HHS power as “an unprecedented opportunity … to improve health and development outcomes for at-risk children.” But the program also provides unprecedented opportunities for violations of your privacy, your right to educate your kids as you see fit as well as your Constitutional rights under the Second and Fourth Amendments.

      The HHS defines an “at risk” child as one who resides in a family that includes people who have served in the Armed Forces, pregnant women under the age of 21 (regardless of marital status), users of tobacco products, children with low student achievement, and a long list of other such miscreants.


      “Home visiting programs play a critical role in the nation’s efforts to help children get off to a strong start. Parenting is a tough job, and helping parents succeed pays big dividends in a child’s well-being and healthy development.”


  25. only our beloved govt can make correct choices of what we are allowed to eat, because we are too ignorent to make these choices ourself. drinking good, injesting dried plants bad. supporting al quada good , supporting dictators bad. bugging the world good to keep us safe. what is a police state??

  26. It’s gone way beyond that in some places. Some public schools in Chicago have banned home packed lunches:

    I think it’s mostly about maintaining union jobs in the cafeteria. New York at one point banned home made baked goods in fundraisers. So can’t make a pan of brownies and donate them, but you can bring in a box of Oreos. I have no idea what the rocket scientists in Albany were thinking when they passed that law.

  27. 1st just who elected this person to rule or even hold a government office. I know that I did not. So, she needs to be ignored or shown the door. First, how about taking the thousands of poison toxins (approved by the Corrupt Bureacrat of the FDA for profits) like AZODICARBONAMIDE(poison foam chemical),TARTRAZINE(coal tar waste linked to behavior disorders & Allergies in children),HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP(causes Diabetics) and the list is never ending. Have any of you read the Ingredients label on the processed foods that are fed to these Children? No, I think not. Who should be responsible for feeding the Children? The Parents and only the Parents. The Petty Bureaucrats do not. Just why do the Petty Corrupt Bureacrats want this? Two reasons, One dictatorial controls and two they get their palms greased from the profits made. As a retired Chef, I teach free cooking classes, “How to cook healthy outside the Government poison box”. So, remove these corrupt Petty Bureacrats out of the High profits for Corporations & the poisons laced not real food lunch program, toxic waste which make the child sick in mind and body. Chef Robert

    • I don’t get the criticism. She was at the Grand Canyon on vacation. What should she be wearing? Those aren’t short shorts in my mind. They’re just shorts. Only svelte women should show their legs? Bigger women should wear what? Burkhas?

      • We just have differing opinions on how the FLOTUS should present herself. She is deplaning from AF1 – not a Greyhound bus. How about stylish Bermuda shorts sans the sloppy tank top with her folds of fat hanging out? Maybe a pair of cute sandals. Anything but the get-up she is wearing. I wouldn’t walk out the front door looking like that – and it has nothing to do with size, shape, age or other vital statistics. Just my $0.02.

  28. If you’ll notice,
    MOOch tells our kids what to eat (and schools fall in line because they might lose their ADA $$) WHILE SHE EATS WHAT SHE LIKES (and evidently does not mind being photographed often with her mouth full – even Grade B movie stars know better).
    In exactly the same way, the o’s have closed the White House to ordinary people and schoolkids, WHILE THEY CELEBRATE one $$$ party after another, on our dime.
    They have no limits.
    And BTW, Keith, wait’ll you run into the Core Curriculum.

  29. “I felt her overall idea fulfilled the traditional role of a first lady – to take on a pet issue and promote it.”

    And now your surprised that people actually then follow up and implement the ideas? Elections (and ideas) have real world consequences. You don’t tell us whether this is a public or private school but regardless you may want to change schools. You see, you have only a very short time to get your child’s education correct. Screw up a couple of the crucial grades (pre-school, 3rd, 6th and 9th) and making up the loss of time becomes really difficult. You do not have enough time fix the schools problems while your child is there. If the mastering of critical concepts is not learned early, the affect snowballs through the later school years.

    Don’t think by seeing the administration your going to change the school either. They will listen politely and sympatically and as soon as you are gone, go ahead and do what they darn well please.

    The only fix is to run. Run away from them as fast as you can.

  30. Oh children are losing weight. In fact, half are starving while the other half are profiteering. Children should eat enough to stay alive long enough to allow them to make the right food choices, which most do. I raised 7 and no two were alike in their eating habits. Today, they are all healthy eaters.

  31. So sorry to hear this, Keith. It’s big of you to rock it back. I feed children at a music camp, I know what kids eat. They like to eat foods that provide fast energy, and they are always hungry for more energy. Potato chips are a very fast energy food, for instance. Their bodies burn through carbs and fats like machines. MOOch has food issues, and I believe her biggest is gluttony. But a child’s body and an adult’s body are not alike. Michelle Obama has not nor has ever been deeply involved in anything real; she is the Queen of Superficial-ville. And nutritionist, even the simplest lunch lady, realizes that our FLOTUS is an a$$hat.

  32. Years ago, when I was niave and young and the government was trying to regulate tobacco, my daddy said essentially the same thing. I thought that it was a good thing and I asked him why he was against it, since we all hated smoking with a passion. He said if they can take one freedom from some of the people, then yours will be next and just because you don’t smoke, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the freedom to. The government should not tell us what to do, whether healthy or unhealthy. And he was right and I was wrong too.

  33. First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not Jewish. Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out because I was not Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for my vanilla pudding. And that’s where I draw the line.

  34. Keith — those little, incremental snippets of government restrictions on personal freedom built, inevitably, to the conclusion upheld in Obamacare that Americans can be forced to buy something they do not want and never asked for. When SCOTUS ruled that to be the case, the last ‘red line’ was crossed. From here on, we have nothing we can call our own without a knock-down, drag-em-out fight on some level at some point. Considering what you posted above, perhaps you understand now why the NRA and its five million members, and millions of other Americans, fight so hard to keep government’s hands off the Second Amendment.

  35. Michelle and her plan to “revolutionize” the kids’ eating habits is backfiring badly. The kids hate the food and won’t eat it. She wanted to go in and change things to HER tastes, that doesn’t work. You have to change things slowly and get kids used to new things. Take the old basics and see what can be done to make them healthier without hugely changing them. For many kids, this is probably their main meal for the day, give them something to carry them through the day. I heard that one of the veggies she added was kale. How many adults like kale? It doesn’t do well on steam tables, I don’t blame them for turning up their noses at it…Michelle, go find something else to terrorize and leave the kids alone!

  36. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this administration is so inept that they only feel comfortable dictating trivial regs to us. Of course, this has led to an inundation of regs and a slowdown in growth. Obama is worse than Carter and that’s saying an illegal mouthful.

    • I cannot stand the woman, but she is not fat by any measure. But I agree, she does not eat healthily from what we can see. Her taste in clothes, tho, is far worse than her taste in food.

  37. I learned in the last few years that my family does indeed seem to have a genetic predisposition to obesity, heart disease and both types of diabetes, I and II. Had I known that when my kids were young I could have saved them much grief later.

    Some suggestions: nuts, fruit, cheeses. Kids like finger food: beef jerky. They also like skewers of fruits and chese: a cube of cheese, a grape, another or cheese, a piece of pineapple.

    Chunk up half an apple into bite size pieces. Sprinkle w/ powdered Vitamin C mixed w/ a little crystallized xylitol sugar. Put in a small tub w/ a few toothpicks for the fruit. Or are toothpicks considered a weapon now?

    A cheesy spread with thin spears of celery to scoop it out.

    Why not a small serving of chicken salad – fixed in a way your child will eat it – and marked SNACK if it goes in his lunch bag? Kids generally like chicken salad made with sliced grapes and slivered roasted nuts.

    Stay away from most grains, especially our modern hybridized wheat. They raise kids’ sugar levels more than fruit does. In later life, they can interfere w/ digestion leading to gluten intolerance & other food issues.

    Spread thin slices of meat with whatever flavor of cream cheese they like. roll and tuck the ends of the meat as you go. Three of those w/ a few grapes or some seedless orange sections is filling but won’t make kids hyper or sleepy or both, in sequence.