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Really? We Don’t Do Pinpricks?

It always amazes me how people in Washington just throw words out and expect reality to somehow wrap itself around them and make it true.

President Obama declared with bravado last night: “Let me make something clear:  The United States military doesn’t do pinpricks.”

What? Are you kidding me? Obama’s central military doctrine is pinpricks. He’s the Prince of Pinpricks.

What, exactly, are all these drone strikes we’ve been heaving at individual bad guys? Those drones even look like pins. And of course the targets are pricks.


And what about special forces operations? The president has removed us entirely from Iraq and is getting our troops out of Afghanistan as fast as possible. Once they’ve been drawn down, our strategy for combatting terrorism in the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater will be a combination of keeping our fingers crossed and special forces operations.

So yeah, okay? We’re big into the pinprick business.

Look, I don’t mind of the president throws around a little juvenile machismo. Just lets be accurate about it.

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  1. Is a pinprick something you get when you deal with a pinhead? In a related issue:

    If The Sun Doesn’t Blast It, Comet ISON Will Soon Light Up The Sky

    Comet ISON has been renamed COBAMAT because of its similarity to Pres. Obama. The latter was preceded by reports of great light, but now is described as having the luminesce of a depleted AAA battery. The former, a ball of gas(another similarity), may suffer like fate if it approaches a real light source too closely.

  2. Juvenile machismo? This whole thing has been one big “pull out the ruler and see who’s bigger” thing! Men! (I include Hillary–what the heck was she doing speaking on it?)

      • I was referring to the “passle of pricks”. Let’s see, geese are in a gaggle, whales are in a gam, crows are in a murder. Now at least I know what to call a gathering of pricks. No, not a passle! Just “liberals”.

          • Hey, I resent that. I LIKE to go to a gathering at the local bar!!! That being said, have you heard the old saying, “In a town with one lawyer, the lawyer starves but in a town with TWO lawyers, they BOTH thrive. Trite, I know, but I believe this has a lot to do with where our country finds itself today!!! Oh, and if anyone wonders what this has to do with pricks and pinheads, I DID use the word LAWYER twice!!!!!

          • “That being said, have you heard the old saying, “In a town with one lawyer, the lawyer starves but in a town with TWO lawyers, they BOTH thrive.”


            I’m fine with attorneys and litigation. It’s better to fight injustice in an arena with rules and regulations than to resort to brute force. Or, to have no arena at all.

            And, it’s better to have a litigious system in which multitudes of rights are vying against each other than a system in which there are few rights.

            From Shakespeare’s “Henry VI”:

            “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

            In such a system, we’d all fare poorly.

          • You’re right of course. I’d just like to think our system would serve us all better if “Obfuscation” was not considered an art form. I will freely admit if I ever need a lawyer I will go directly to the gates of Hell and engage the services of the Prince Of Darkness himself.

  3. America “doesn’t do pinpricks.”

    He can’t speak in standard English when talking about people dying from military action.

    He sounds like Beyonce announcing that she “doesn’t do carbs,” or some other stupid unimportant assertion by the barely literate.

    • I despise “doing” anything…most especially “Let’s do lunch.”
      We have sunk to the depths of …Practically everything, including language usage, literacy, morals, etc., etc., etc. But we all know without a doubt that our eating habits are poor.
      Sorry – I feel the overwhelming need to be sarcastic much more frquently.

  4. We can laugh, or poke fun at MrObama’s juvenile machismo, but he is the most dangerous of effeminate or childish men. He let the whole world see how thin-skinned and dangerously childish he is when challenged or denied. Pushed and questioned by outside forces to back up his implied threat to do something if his red-line was crossed, he did what immature people do; he did the worst possible thing.

    As he set our military out to prepare to bombard a sovereign country because he believed it’s leader did something that offended him, he was only brought back to sanity by his inner staff’s desperate appeal to his vanity or self-interest to not go it alone. His image or self-importance that he values so highly, almost brought us to the brink of WW3 as he abused his position of CiC.

    Political pundits, supporters and opponents are still stunned at his seemingly amateurish geo-politics, but deeper thinkers in our government hallways should be wondering if he’s the man to have the power to push that red-button that starts the end of it all.

  5. Re Special Forces:
    There are two things you can be sure of:
    1. the o will take all credit
    2. the names and whereabouts of Special Forces will be leaked by the WH or some other entity, and within a short time, they will be dead.

  6. Oh no he ‘dinn’t’ say that just after Kerry promised the strike on Syria would be ‘unbelievably small’, did he? Can these two get their stories straight?

  7. “Look, I don’t mind of the president throws around a little juvenile machismo. Just lets be accurate about it.”

    Ha Ha….Keith, you know better. When the president is speaking you can’t expect accuracy to be part of the equation.