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Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 12, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Holds a Cabinet meeting
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

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    1. And remember to drink plenty of water. Blacks are killing each other in record numbers, the world is on the brink of war because of chemical weapon use and Michele is warning us to drink water.

    1. Odds there will be golf Friday?… when no one is looking (of course the ‘media’/”WH press corps” will not mention or report it… kinda just gloss over it…)

  1. Perhaps an afternoon round of GOLF with a FEW SHRINKS MAY ease a TROUBLED MIND !!!

    It is OK OBOZO your popularity is SINKING FAST , BUT there are still a few LOW INFO COMRADES that still LIKE you !!!

  2. The briefing is at 10:15? This fool will have to set his alarm clock to wake up that early. Name one CEO of ANY company that starts his or her day @ 10:15.

  3. Tomorrow’s briefing should be most interesting.
    The NYT just let Putin in the front door. WTH were they thinking?
    The WhiteHouse must be in a panic mode by now.

    1. It’s baffling because up until a day or so ago the NYT was in the top tier of supporters of a strike against Syria. On the other hand, I just read Putin’s post, and I didn’t find it a red flag to the bull or a poke in the eye to Obama as Greta Van S. did. People will react strongly to his remark about American exceptionalism which means different things to different people. To Rush Limbaugh it means that every American is gung-ho to beat the granola out of every competitor and to come out on top by every hook and crook. To me it means the form of government our founders left us and the opportunity our citizens have had to achieve their full potential, sadly both things missing right now but I hope not permanently.

      I found it to be conciliatory. Sure, he is a former head of the KGB, but he has repackaged himself into a statesman in much of the world’s sight whether we like it or not. We have too many problems domestically to get all consumed in another cold war. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be fighting a war by proxy with Putin because he is arming Assad and the CIA is already sending arms to the rebels in Syria. Maybe the NYT wants to stir up a pot of you-know-what.

      1. I really don’t care what NYT prints. I don’t/won’t read it, unless someone here or Keith leaves a worthwhile snip. GHWB was head of the CIA before he entered the WH and both countries have armed their proxies for decades. It’s not so much a cold war as a lukewarm one post WWII.

      2. I was outraged by Putin’s letter for many reasons. But I will limit my comments. Exceptionalism — I believe America, as we were founded, is an exceptional country and I say this as a child of immigrants, life as an American overseas growing up, and a long career working in countries like Russia, throughout Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia.

        Putin has put Obama in a box with exceptionalism. Obama said it yesterday because he was making a political speech but earlier he denied America’s exceptionalism in an international speech. I have no hope that Obama will stand up for America in his reply.

        KGB,former are not, excel in repackaging themselves. As the situation warrants. Their career exposure outside the country has made them some of the most educated, well spoken and seemingly reasonable people. I knew a few and employed some.

        If they were both selling snake oil Putin would outsell Obama easily . And you would like him better for it.

        And if anyone believes Putin’s comment below, and many people will, then I will make a lot of money selling bridges.

        ‘ We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal. ‘

        The Admiral Kuznetsov will cruise on over to Tartus later this year.

        When Obama plays golf this weekend, he will play poorly.

        This is just a general rant, directed to no one comment.

        1. Charles C. W. Cooke ✔ @charlescwcooke

          The Russian president just trolled an embarrassed United States in its paper of record on September 11th.( Everything I love is dead.)

          Pretty much this. except for the part in ()s — that I disagree with.

          1. Well, Girly1 talks about Putin’s ulterior motive. Perhaps I didn’t convey that the NYT might have had an ulterior motive in publishing Putin: stirring up people’s emotions and hoping they will come to Obama’s defense.

          2. Good point – which I missed in my rush to rant. :)

            I hadn’t really thought it through but later commented elsewhere that I thought if unlikely that the NYT had not given the WH a heads up. There could have some assent to go ahead.

      3. Putin has ulterior motives. Iran. He is scheduled to enter into discussions with the new Iranian president, Rowhani, on Friday to discuss a second nuclear reactor in Iran…and a renewed offer to send Iran S-300’s. Medvedev backed off on the S-300’s and nuclear reactor when pressured by the US and Israel.

        He is also urging the West to soften sanctions against Iran’s new president, a centrist cleric.
        The last thing he needs is a wacko American president gumming up the works by starting WWIII.

      4. I just read Putins post too and I like your take on it, Julie.
        I guess his comment on American exceptionalism will be food for endless debate but I found it overall conciliatory. Putin has really identified our enemy, various militant Islamist groups, and I hope he can convince the US people and its government on this issue. Us Europeans, and Russia, have these groups among us and in our backyard. They got into the US too that fatal day, September 11, twelwe years ago. These are the groups the naive Obama have been flirting with during his Presidency. It´s a dangerous foreign policy. Putin is the realist here.

        1. You are our representative of how Europe views Putin. As you say, you are being infiltrated and inundated by Muslims as we are from illegals from south of the border. I’ll bet Russia is not letting them in anymore, but they’re there already and they’re on his doorstep in Chechnya.

          I read that while Obama was in Sweden, the government offered all Syrians refugees asylum. How will that work? How did the Swedish people react to that announcement?

          1. Oh gosh, Julie, European representative, that´s a heavy responsibility.
            True, our government offered the Syrian refugees here permanent residence. Many, many here think that our immigration is far too costly and bring a lot of cultural problems. . We carry a heavy load of the asylum seekers of the world , our politicians want to be such shining knights, such do gooders. Well, we want to do good too but we don´t want the costs to interfere too much with our welfare system. Concerning the Syrian group, it´s not appropriate to voice any negative thoughts on them as the Syrian situation is really bad. I guess most people think it´s OK to offer them a temporary stay. Personally I welcome those persecuted Christians.

          2. Ah, so they were offering Syrians already in Sweden permanent asylum. It sounded as if Sweden was opening its borders to all the Syrian refugees of which there are millions.

  4. If I were king of the forrreesssstttt! Hope Dororthy doesn’t appear. Lion wanted courage. Can fake that. Can handle Tin Man(he only wanted a heart), but Scarecrow wants a brain. That will be tough! Bury those academic, achievement records. Thank allah for those one size fits all programs.

    1. Australia turned right last week (not the first time) and this week, the ultimate nanny state, Norway, elected a (((gulp))) conservative.
      “Norway’s centre-right leader Erna Solberg ends years of Labour rule and is set to form a government with the anti-immigration Progress Party.”

      1. Sadie, I commented here earlier I think about the Australia election. What made it even sweeter for me was that the Australian Left (I don’t know the name of the party) had employed ex Obama staffer as consultants including Joe Trippi. When Mr. Trippi inquired about how his team was doing the reply was that they were “absolutely hopeless”. :)

        1. grace, I certainly do recall your comments. I was amused. The Left is call the Coalition, I think. Australia has had several outspoken conservative PM’s. I believe it’s a first for Norway post WWII. I hope it portends for our mid-term elections. Certainly the successful Colorado recall is a signal.

          1. Let’s take the good news and small victories where we find.

            Kudos to the Colorado grass roots. They did this without any appreciable party help.

    2. The amazing thing about the Colorado recall is that it was entirely a grass roots effort. The GOP wasn’t interested in participating, so the citizens of Colorado organized a petition drive and did it on their own. They had some financial support from the NRA, but were vastly outspent by Nanny Bloomberg, the DNC, and other leftist groups. That the citizens of a blue state were successful in recalling two senators on their own must send chills down the flaccid spine of every establishment politician.

      1. Nanny Bloomberg lost $350,000, a pittance for him, but I read that he is approaching Terry McAuliffe in VA. I wish McAuliffe would accept because he is ahead in the polls and his acceptance might hurt him.

  5. The Cabinet meeting should be a treat, as McDonough will probably open with a congratulatory round of applause for Obama’s masterful handling of Syria.

    So far, I’m not sure that all of Obama’s subjects are buying the spin.

  6. Thanks for the pointers on the Putin letter. Just read it and still don’t trust Putin. He is not our friend and there are no free elections in Russia only political accidents. His comments about trusting to God is downright scary. A person who trusts God does not lock up elections and well..anyone with a dissenting viewpoint.
    However, he is the leader of Russia and has applied himself accordingly. About Obama’s speech, “I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. ” I bet he did and that his day doesn’t start at 10:00. If only Obama had studied…well anything.

  7. His schedule is a set up for plausible deniability. Do you think he should be meeting with Defense and National Security advisers. Fit that in this busy schedule. This is how you lead from behind.

    1. The problem now is the visitor logs are now sealed, so there is no way the public can look into the coming and going of those persons not on the direct access listing (security cleared WH access w/o escort). I sometimes think the WH tours were closed off because visitors sometimes got to see some of the above people passing through the doors or halls during the tours.

      As for the rest, BO can hop down to the Situation Room or another briefing room and hold secure video conferences. Sometimes face to face mtgs are great but the rest can be done remotely.

      Having to run back and forth to the WH to brief the boss M-F would be a wasted morning or afternoon. Especially when it does no good.

      1. I think the visitor logs are sealed because of all the meetings he’s had with the IRS. Just my opinion. It looks like the IRS story is about to explode again: they have e-mails from Lois Lerner indicating that some cases were too important to be handled by the two Cincinnati rogues.

  8. Having a rough day at work myself, so this is just venting…
    But does this man have any concept of what it is like to work from 8 – 5pm? I mean…we MUST be paying him to do more than hold two one hour meetings and then go to a scheduled lunch.

    I am so tired of working full time for beans when the executive of the country can’t seem to take his job seriously enough to get there before 10am.

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