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The Obama Morning News || September 11, 2013

5 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || September 11, 2013”

  1. Bikers Denied No-Stop Permit For 9/11 Rally Through D.C.

    Muslim marchers do have a permit, but the park service rejected the biker’s “no-stop” permit that would have allowed them to glide through the capital with intersections blocked and red lights ignored, like the annual “Rolling Thunder” weekend ride to keep POW and MIA soldiers in the nation’s consciousness.

  2. Yes, if the Syrians cough up weapons and someone ships disposal equipment and this stuff is burned, it may not be all of act, the other sides–plural–may have some…it will take years. But the unbelievable pinprick thing would also not take out the weapons–only the planes or whatever, which Russia would replace. Our plan would have left Assad in power, too. Sooo…where are we. Obviously Keith is for the “strike.” I was not. A vast sea of unknowns–and our “captain” is shaky.

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