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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – September 11, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Until the comments on Carney come in, let me post that Elizabeth O’Bagy who started the story of Assad using poison gas was fired by the WSJ today for lying on her resume. She falsely claimed to have a Ph.d from Georgetown University. Both McCain and Kerry have cited her very recently, Kerry calling her Dr. O’Bagy.

  2. From day one I was surprised everyone bought into this. If I knew this was weak seasoned people should have know. She popped up on Fox early and they failed to vet her properly as well. I think it was Chris Wallace who first called her on it– her financial connections to the non profit group.

    Rather than fault her, which I do, it just exposes what passes for “experts” and who gets credibility. O’Bagy did her research in the field with the rebels and the media and those who wanted to believe there were moderates made it into a “thing”. But she is still young, and ju nior, and should never have been out front. Gen. Keane also from the Inst. of the Study of War also backed her. And said the same. I respect the General but — come on.

    About the Phd thing — I suspect she either quit at the ABD level or is at the ABD level with her research being used as part of her thesis. I could be totally wrong.

    The two young “thangs” that annoy me more than O’Bagy are the two Obama operative and campaign refugees acting as State Dept. spokespeople.

    O’Bagy wasn’t ready for prime time. They used her for political purposes and she allowed herself to be used for personal and political purposes.

  3. Did I just hear Keith laughing openly at that last response? Does Carney really expect us to believe that this abysmal failure in US foreign policy is actually some sort of coup that came about only because of the threat of force that Obama brought to the table? Really?

    • I didn’t hear the pc but that is the Adminstration’s line on this I think. Whether we believe it or not is irrelevant. They have the LIVs and soon every liberal loon will be towing the party line.

      Truth was sacrificed at the Obama ceremony with the Greek columns. And what you and I think doesn’t matter.

      Carney is not a Press Secretary. He is a liar — that is his job.

      • I heard they had to remove the “who to blame” dart board from Blarney’s office, because after removing all the sections of Bush, Congress, Secret Service, all that was left was select the third person who walked into the WH that morning.. blame them.

    • Owen,
      Rule 1 at this White House:
      Anything good that comes about was planned and scheduled, and the right thing to do.

      Anything bad is obviously the Republicans’/Tea-Party’s/Bush’s/the Climate’s/the World’s/FoxNews’/etc’s fault.

      Rule 1 abbreviated…
      Good thing…that was us, baby!
      Bad thing…blame them!

  4. Several newspapers are reporting that Rev Jeremiah Wright’s daughter along with 12 other democrats are being charged with embezzelment over 16 million dollars of federal monies that was supposed to go to charities etc. A few of them have already pleaded guilty.