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Video || Koffler on Syria and Kerry

This is an appearance I did Monday on One America News with host Rick Amato.

One America is a fledgling national news network that started up early this summer. It’s available in a some markets and getting set to expand. Seems like they’re seeking to be an alternative to Fox. Anyway, they’re already getting some good guests – I was on right after Frank Gaffney.

Sorry, I know it’s not a great recording – it’s not on their website so I had to record it off their live stream myself. But I think it should at least be comprehensible.

14 Responses to Video || Koffler on Syria and Kerry

  1. Nice to see and hear you ‘almost live’. I hope you have many more opportunities.

    Obama may go ahead with a strike, but he will not be able to turn public opinion around and will end up sinking even further. And it is laughable that he thinks he is striking fear into the heart of Iran. BTW I don’t see Iran as our immediate and long term enemy. For what it’s worth, Karl Rove, whom I do take with a grain of salt, says that Iran’s nuclear components are scattered all across the country and that they’re buried so deep that our current bunker buster technology cannot touch them. He thinks the time to go after them is when they have been brought together to assemble and when our technology has been updated. Surely, Obama’s spying efforts should be able to pick up on that.

    Let’s face it: none of them is our friend, not Iran, not Syria and not Russia. But the most serious enemy we have is Saudi Arabia and the world wide terror organization it sponsors. Yet, it is viewed as a specially favored nation. My husband just finished reading a book about Truman and the founding of Israel in which the Saudis were the most virulent of opposition. Yet, Obama favors the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda in spite of what he says. Putin is at least right in that the US and Russia have a common enemy in the Islamic terrorists. They are more on his doorstep than they are on ours.

    Fiinally, can’t resist this: Pat Buchanan says that Kerry fumbled forward for Obama.

  2. Great interview, Keith. You are so right about the Russkies and their “Machiavellian maneuvers”. Putin punked our petulant potentate big time. One good thing is that Preezy’s war for the Muslim Brotherhood is off the table for a while.

  3. I enjoyed that very much ! Good luck to the new network, I gave them a FB like and a Twitter follow!

    And YES, whenever Kerry speaks (or Obama) the World does think that represents the American people’s thoughts. Great point ! Thanks for sharing the video.

  4. Let me get this straight. The folks who wanted nothing to do with Syria are now blaming Obama for solving the problem. When Iraq used chem weapons on Iran in 1980’s not a peep from St. Reagan.

  5. Great to see you Keith. And a fine job as always. Maybe someday when this is over… we can all sit down and have a WHD Beer Summit…or something.

  6. So interesting, thanks for the link.
    If we had any influence, we’d put you on one of the powerhouse cable news as a regular contributor. Your views and analyis of political goings-on would be most appreciated by a lot of people.

    (Sometimes, you can be wickedly funny,too.)

  7. I just got to this today (W) – Holy Moley, Keith, you – and the hard-hitting interviewer knocked my socks off!
    To add one more group to those the o has disrespected, maligned, ignored, and in this particular case, defunded and drastically cut back: the American Military. They will probably do as ordered by the quisling CinC (no, wait, valjar is the CinC), ultimately because in spite of it all, they took an oath and will honor it, unlike the community organizer pretending to be POTUS.
    It was a terrific piece of reporting and analysis. Thank you.