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Senate Working on New Resolution

Top senators are working on a brand new resolution delaying military operations against Syria, according to Politico. From the piece:

The broad outlines of the plan would call for the United Nations to pass a resolution asserting that Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria used chemical weapons in the country’s ongoing civil war. A UN team would be required to remove the chemical weapons within a specified timeframe. If the weapons were unable to be removed within that timetable, then the United States would be authorized to use military force against the country, the source said Tuesday. The timeline is still being hammered out by the group.

The GOP senators in the group include John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. The Democratic senators include Chuck Schumer of New York, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Chris Coons of Delaware and Carl Levin of Michigan. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the Foreign Relations Committee chairman who authored the use-of-force resolution, is involved in the talks as well.

I hope that our sailors aren’t getting sunburned sitting around in the Mediterranean over the next six months while Syria ducks, weaves, and delays.

I’m pretty sure we’ll look like even bigger idiots than we already look like at the end of this.

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  1. I remember the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.
    Indiana Jones asked them where the Ark was, and who was in charge of it.
    The response from the bureaucrat was,…’top men’.
    Jones asked him who ?
    Answer, ‘top men’.

    We are not idiots.
    We are the ones fighting against them.

  2. A week ago, I thought that it was highly unlikely that we could look like bigger idiots. Two days ago, I thought that it would be impossible to look like bigger idiots.

    I was wrong both times.

  3. Senate Resolution 9/11 –

    Resolved; our President is an @ss.

    Be it further resolved that we can have no interactions with the family of nations until we have a replacement. Please refer all calls for service to Great Britain and Russia until we have made the necessary personnel changes. We apologize for him, even as he apologized for us.

    The U.S.Senate

  4. Looking like an idiot–more people’s brains spread around, chemicals remain there……hmmmm…I take a chance on idiot. But don’t worry–the admin will find some way to screw this up and get to play bomb.

  5. “…our sailors arent getting sunburned sitting around the Med…” -LOL, that gave me flashbacks sitting off Bosnia (but that was winter of 1994-95 on my first cruise, and my second cruise in 1996.)

  6. Not acceptable in my eyes. It was never proven that it was Assad who used chemical weapons. German sources said no, he didn’t. I’m all for the resolution for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons, but this is asking Assad to admit that he used them. It’s throwing an unnecessary roadblock in the way.

    And it’s always that same sickening group of Senators. They haven’t a clue how despised they are. Well, Graham will be out next year. Ayotte and McCain in 2016.

    • Ditto !
      And dittos on the senators.
      Time to tell them who is boss.
      It never hurts to poke the tiger, (senators), and we should let them know how we feel prior to their dismissal from the congress.
      And it should be done on a consistent basis.

    • The good people of Arizona need to shut down their fool of a Senator and apologize to us by launching a recall of McCain campaign. I apologize for voting for him in 2008. Actually, I hoped that Mrs. Palin could bring in some common sense if he happened to win. I was right about ABO though. Johnny boy would have been a toss up compared with the ruling junta though. Just get him out of office.

  7. Well guess who’s going to plead Obama’s case tomorrow you got it that
    paragon of truth justice and the American way Susan Rice! Yes on 9-11
    she’s going to assure America with her calming truthful words. You really can’t make this stuff up God willing there will be a question period
    and I’d just repeat Benghazi over and over again till she ran screaming
    from the room.

  8. Give it up bozos. Your warmonger in chief just surrendered whatever influence America had in the Middle East to Vlad. Putin played the egomaniac like a fiddle, and now he’s calling the shots in Syria.

    • My sincerest apologies to everyone — This particular group of senators led by Reid and obama have pushed me to ill manners.. No longer do they make logical sense. The sound of their own voice and the trilling from their own press relations have deafened them.

  9. John Kerry has refused the request for Benghazi survivors to testify before Congress. Whatever the Obama admin is trying to hide must be quite damning.

    • There are so many things about Benghazi that stink. The SS
      know where he was I’m sure. We must never let them all forget
      the 4 American’s left begging for help and dying alone never!

  10. Many comment posted point a finger at US senators. What the people of the US still don’t understand is they were elected to their position and can be UNELECTED by getting off their butts and vote them out.