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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 11, 2013

8:45 am || Observes a moment of Silence to mark the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks; South Lawn
9:30 am || Attends 9/11 observance ceremony; The Pentagon
2:00 pm || Participates in a service project; Washington

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

28 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    • They don’t want to attend the New York Ceremony. They don’t have the respect for the tragedy. They are not a religous family. The last time they attended church was Easter.

      After Michelle’s horrible comment about the flag folding ceremony in 2011. I would imagine the NY’ers probably would be happy if they stay in DC.

      Their body language at last years ceremony at the WH is telling. Michelle’s is practically sprinting to get back into the WH.

        • I just believe that they will take the easiest path from now on. The DC ceremony is the easiest path for the Obama’s. I believe they will not attend the NY observance for the remainder of his presidency because he is not facing an election.

        • For one thing, once, just ONCE they could go out of their way to do the honorable thing. Sure, it’s not necessary, and/but more to the point, Jay-Z and Beyonce won’t be there. And there’s no fund-raiser scheduled.
          I suppose a case could be made for their not wanting to waste taxpayers’ money?

  1. The anniversary of 9/11 will never be transformed into a day of service for this American. It is a day of remembrance for the 3,000 people who lost their lives at the hands of radical Islam on 9/11/01. It is also the first anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack that took the lives of four brave Americans. Maybe while he’s observing a moment of silence he can also remember the four men – Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty – who died as a result of his dithering ineptitude and poor choice in State Department secretaries.

  2. Nobody at my work observes or talks about this day. I pause at 8:45 and all I hear is keyboards and people talking on the phone. No companywide recognition. It’s very odd.

  3. Oh if only there were a way to extend that moment of silence to November 8, 2016 when he finally speaks to congratulate the newly elected President.

    Ok, now that I’m awake…….back to reality.

  4. Is this schedule right? Barry agreed to be somewhere at 8:45 AM? Without looking, I’d give you ten to one he was at least fifteen minutes late.

    • Yes! That was two months before the ’08 election. He was with John and Cindy McCain. McCan bent down and placed his rose very reverentially; Obama stood straight and just threw his rose down on the plaque.

      BTW, that was the day Michelle Lavaughn stayed home in Chicago claiming she had no one to take care of the kids!!!
      She had already been taken off the campaign trail for fear that she would lose the election for BHO.

      Just noticed she is not at the Pentagon ceremony this morning. They ought to send her back to Chicago! She’s worthless.

      • Yes she’s not doing the First Lady things unless its a trip a party or free stuff. Tomorrow a lecture on drinking water. Much more important than 9-11 Rememberance Day.

  5. I’m sorry to bring up Michelle but even the Brits are commenting on her
    choice of purple for a memorial event like 9-11 Jill Biden was in black.
    She does it to be the center of attention and her total lack of class it
    just makes me sick.