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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 10, 2013

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Meets with Senate Democratic Caucus; U.S. Capitol
1:45 pm || Meets with Senate Republican Conference; U.S. Capitol
9:01:30 pm || Delivers statement to the nation on Syria; The East Room

All times U.S. Eastern

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 10, 2013

  1. It will be interesting to hear how Obama will spin this disaster in his speech.
    According to Mic Wright in Daily Telegraph a serious looking Assad said the following to CBS Charlie Rose: ” How can you tell what happened íf you don´t have evidence ? We´re not like the American administration, we are not a social media administration. We are a government that deals with reality ”
    And Wright writes: Assad dismisses the US administration as a Twitter and FaceBook obsessed group of posers. Image is triumphing over substance. Most of the conversation is not about the lives of men, women and children but about how the narrative is playing out.

    That is very well said. Putin and Assad now appear to be the grown ups here. Their initiative might be the solution of this Sarajevo 1914 like situation. But I do hope that Obama will be politically mortally wounded by the affair.

    • Obama is truly a pathetic “leader/president”… but the ‘media’ will once again cover & apologize for him, the Congress will dare not call out Obama’s clueless and shameful “leadership”.

  2. “11am PDB”…? The working day is half-way done and Obama is just starting his? WTF!

    The “WH Press Corps” MUST KNOW Obama’s “real schedule”… but will not report it because it would make Obama look truly pathetic.

    • Perhaps the President is using the morning to re-write and practice his speech tonight. If I were him, I would be working that teleprompter all morning long.

  3. The new narrative this morning was that there was potential for a “diplomatic solution”. Obama said he was going to “have Kerry and his security team speak with Russia” (paraphrasing). Wait, wasn’t OBAMA just in Russia not even one week ago – face to face with the leader of Russia?? And what is going to be the diplomatic solution? Syrians will go on killing each other and we’ll look the other way? Wow, Obama, what a victory!

    • Yes, actually, Obama hatched the idea of the weapons transfer and broached it to Putin when they were together last week. Putin asked to think about the great idea. And yesterday, Kerry went public with it for the first time.

      Putin, publicity hound that he is, made it sound like it was his idea all along, even though it was Obama who came up with it.

      Who would have known? How about a groundswell of support for Obama’s second Nobel Prize.

  4. Any word on when WE get the breifing on what he did, where he was, and who ordered the military stand-down that resulted in the death of America’s representative to Libya yet? I mean, tomorrow it will have been a year. SURELY he has some answers for us by now…

  5. The spin has begun. Joe Manchin is on Morning Joe talking about how ‘we have to applaud the President for coming to Congress”. Does Mr. Manchin not realize the coward-in-chief was using Congress as human shields in a desperate attempt to save himself from the political firing squad?

    Never before has a President come under such heavy condemnation from the publlc, the media, and members of his own Party for actions that were not only inexplicable – but deranged. Impeachment was becoming an option. Obama was a pariah on the world stage.

    The miraculous turn-around yesterday, just hours before he was to be confronted head-on by his disgruntled media lapdogs, isn’t passing the smell test, imo. Everyone is shaking their heads this morning – still talking about Obama’s utter incompetence over the last 2 weeks – still speculating about his overall credibility and his ability to survive this monumental lapse of judgment.

    Tonight’s ‘speech’ is going to be stomach-churning. Another ‘drive-by’ on America!

    • ‘we have to applaud the President for coming to Congress”.

      Really? We have to applaud the President for actually doing something REQUIRED in our founding document, for actually OBEYING the rule of law – FOR ONCE?

      I don’t expect MY boss to applaud ME for simply doing my JOB. Why should Obama?

      Girly1 is right that he wouldn’t even be bothering if the public – and especially his base – weren’t so heavily against it. He just wants someone to blame, and maybe an election issue so he can get the rubber-stamp Congress he wants in ’14. As with everything, including his much-ballyhooed “getting” of Osama, he’s also trying to set someone ELSE up to take the fall if it all goes South. His handmaidens Boehner and McCain will do nicely, at least for a start…

  6. “9:01:30 pm || Delivers statement to the nation on Syria; The East Room”

    This wording may not be his, but the sentiment is. Obama doesn’t take questions. Obama doesn’t take advice. Obama doesn’t believe he has to actually interact with his subjects or his representatives. Obama simply “Delivers statement” like we should believe everything he says as fact, and then states his will like we U.S. Persons are goverened under the Führerprinzip and not the Constitution.

    “Delivers Statement”.

    Well, time to deliver a statement back to him. A simple one.


    He’s not heard this during his “Presidency”. Adolecent that he is, he tests boundaries until someone tells it to him.

    It’s time we did.

    Mr. President? A word from your citizens;


    Time and past. Repeat until the Obama Presidency is over, and the adults can rebuild the country he wrecked with his tantrums.