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The Obama Morning News || September 10, 2013

France seeks new UN Syria Resolution . . . Washington Post
Obama push to hit Syria takes detour . . . Wall Street Journal
Obama, lawmakers seize new offer . . . The Hill
Desperate Obama tries Syria reset . . . Politico
The United States of Weakness . . . Politico
Obama’s muddled Syria message . . . Washington Post
Obama 2012 al Qaeda claims questioned . . . Washington Times
Consumer agency collecting private data . . . Examiner
AFL-CIO nears Obamacare criticism . . . The Hill

24 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 10, 2013

  1. May I just sneak in one more from Drudge this morning? Jeb Bush to Award Hillary ‘Liberty Medal’ on Eve of Benghazi. I won’t go into a spiel. You only need the headline. Less is truly more in this case.

  2. Is anyone paying attention!?!

    Reminder: August 23, 2013
    A State Department official declined to comment on the inspection but confirmed it was related to New START. “Implementation activities under New START are confidential,” the official said.

    Russian officials carried out a secret inspection of the U.S. strategic missile defense base in California as part of the New START arms treaty.

    “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

          • Well Sadie will have to fill it out. My understanding of her comment was that the US has already allowed Russia to inspect but Russia has not returned the favor. If everything is so secret, how are we to know? I don’t think Obama is in league with the Russians but he is on record that he believes the US has screwed the global pooch in the past and is about rectifying that even if it means denigrating and destroying America.

          • I can’t fill in more details. To throw out a quote from Rumsfeld, “There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.”

            Translation: They’re not telling us diddly squat. All the huffing and puffing surrounding the G20/Obama/Putin/Syria and the Russians still showed up in California for the inspection. More huffing more puffing and more smoke and mirrors. Several days ago Reid is calling for a vote, 24 hours later, no vote and more smoke.
            Bottom line for me: They are having a party [read that as: their party and their government] and we’re not invited.

    • Sadie, last May there was Congressional testimony from the director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency that the Obama administration was actively seeking to declassify missile defense technology to share with Russia. Legislation was then drafted to prohibit the Pentagon from releasing classified MDA info to Russia.

      If you ask me, he is so eager to be accepted by the top adversaries of the USA – he will do anything to curry favor.
      It was amusing to watch him treat Putin’s lapdog, Medvednev, as his new BFF – going to Five Guys for hamburgers, calling him ‘Dimitri’, etc. How many times did he visit him in Russia? And vice-versa? (Sorta reminds me of Michelle Lauvaughn calling Carla Bruni one of her ‘best friends’ soon after they met in Paris in 2009.)

      These Obamas are delusional enough to believe that all of the celebs and world leaders they are consorting with will be at their beck and call after 2016. .

  3. One other news item that may be a bellwether for things to come. Norway just tossed out the Labour party by electing a Conservative yesterday. This within days of Australia doing the same thing. Is the world turning more conservative while America, once known as the beacon of liberty, slides into totalitarianism? Time will tell.

    • Swedishlady has written about how many years it has taken her country to come back from imploding under the welfare state. I take it as a good sign that Norway and Australia are turning more conservative. We are resisting here, and I look to the 2014 elections as a bellwether of how much we are succeeding.

    • Didn’t Obama send his ‘campaign team’ to assist the Labour party candidate in Australia? Hope the bloke got his money back.
      I remember how chummy he was with Gillard when she visited the WH. Even invited himself to come visit her.

  4. “Desperate Obama tries Syria reset . . . Politico”

    My son has a game called Animal Crossing, where if you try to “reset” to clear out a mistake, a character named “Mr. Resetti” comes out and reads you a VERY LONG riot act about how stupid your attempt to not pay for your boneheadedness by pretending like it never happened was, and you accomplish nothing.

    Is it a little jarring that a child’s Nintendo game seems so similar to America’s foreign interactions of late?

    • My sister’s grandson had a “talking” game that asked the child to pick a number for some reason–press a key–but if he walked away or something, the voice got more and more irritated–“Pick a number now…PICK a number…PICK A NUMBER”… This sort of reminds me of human mothers or even politicians.

        • I have a GPS like that. It gets progressively more scolding if you don’t take a turn it recommends (even if that turn is old information and would lead to a firey plunge into a new highway cutting), and will eventually give you a reroute in a voice not unlike an Obama lecture. It almost seems like it sighs before giving the reroute, though.

          I can turn THAT feature off, though. Where’s the “MUTE” for Obama?

  5. “France seeks new UN Syria Resolution . . . Washington Post”

    What might that be? Maybe France wants to surrender to Syria?

    Feh, no fun mocking the French anymore, when Obama’s surrendered to all OUR enemies. Guess now, we get to add Putin and Assad to the list…

    Thanks, Hopey. Mission Accomplished.

    Now, back to the ORIGNIAL subject that you’re probably trying to wag the dog OUT of. How about telling us how you single-handedly led YOUR military in a triumphant defeat of the forces of evil and Al-Qaida in Libya, and saved our Ambassador in Benghazi? C’mon, it’s been almost a year, and your base has some pretty short memories. Tell them, they’ll believe you, especially if you kick in with a new, taxpayer funded, I-Phone…

    After all, what difference does it make now? Unless there’s a way to blame it on Bush…

  6. “Obama’s muddled Syria message . . . Washington Post”

    I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s muddled 9/11 message. Something about how Bush caused America to “act stupidly”, and slamming stolen passenger jets into towers occupied by noncombatant office workers was just a “justifiable Muslim rage” reaction to it. Perhaps you could throw something in THIS year about how Benghazi would have been different if heartless Republicans hadn’t denied the State Department funds for adequate security, and finish up on how masterfully YOU handled the Syrian crisis while nobly letting that Putin guy take the credit for YOUR idea, potentially avoiding ANOTHER terrorist attack by YOUR grace and wisdom, while all the while Republicans waited to disrespect you in the use of force vote because you’re Black. There, I think I hit most of your usual talking points…

    Better get with your brethren over there in A!!ahworld to make sure there ISN’T another embarassing attack, BTW, although you may have some trouble getting the Iranians on board with it, Mr. Sunni…somehow, I don’t think they LIKE you. Or us. Or pretty much anything…

    Big day tomorrow. 9/11. Got a fundraiser lined up yet? Maybe some golf…

  7. Putin ties chemical weapons agreement to US rejecting use of force. Text of Putin’s comment at weaselzippers and I presume elsewhere.

    Interestingly it is noted that at the recent G20 Obama and Putin agreed to have Kerry and Lavrov (who has been at this forever) work on Syrian solution which begs the question – how much of Kerry’s comment was spontaneous?
    Russia most likely will continue to up the ante while having secured further a warm water port and “legitimate ” in country role.