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Live Stream || Obama Syria Speech – September 10, 2013

The speech has concluded. Here’s a tape.

78 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Syria Speech – September 10, 2013

  1. ‘Let me be clear’………!

    Liar! Liar !
    Bengazi on Fire……..

    Personally! I would rather watch two guys ice fish, than listen to quacking coming from a ‘Lame Duck’.

  2. Would like to watch our prized community organizer”s speech about himself & his army but something important came up… I must sit out in the yard with an iced tea & watch the grass grow. Even though the bugs will bite, they never annoy me as much as odumbo does.

    A nice evening to all ! Im sure we’ll hear all about it tomorrow.

  3. The results of the NYC primaries should be coming in now. I think I’ll watch them. For Weiner the long primary has petered to its end.

  4. This man will be like a willow in the wind ~ he moves which ever way the winds of political survival blows…..
    Bad as it can get?? It will only make us weaker just as he said he wanted to do over 5 years ago :-((

  5. Word count follows:

    Excluding “my fellow Americans” which was said twice,
    I me or my was used 34 times.
    My military was not used.
    Our, including our military, was used 15 times.
    We was used 22 times.

    He actually said the US was exceptional.

      • “exceptional” caught my attention, too. I guess we’re only exceptional if we agree with anything he says or does.

        Calling for the blessings of God didn’t sound credible from a man with his particular progressive ideas of morality.

        • Ain’t that the truth, srdem. I chickened out and watched a Gunsmoke episode instead of the preening potentate. He doesn’t really believe what he’s reading off his trusty TOTUS anyway. He called for God’s blessings on Planned Parenthood too.

        • Julie and srdem65 — Precisely because exceptional in reference to our country and calling on God are foreign to him, my little ears picked up.

          This was my first Obama speech and it was painful. I was jumping out of my seat when he inferred that this chemical weapons attack was first in the history of the ME. He didn’t say that exactly. What is first is the magical fluid redline that came from his mouth and ended up on the shoulders of humanity.

    • How many times did he say “let me be clear” and ‘ make no mistake” ?

      I wonder how many drinking games with those two phrases? The President says them more than “Hi Bob” in the Bob Newhart show!

  6. I heard that Putin was holding que cards for Obama.
    Really folks. Obama and his administration have told the American people nothing but lies, distortions and inaccurate statements.
    F&F, Benghazi, IRS, you know the rest of them.
    Now I expect a politician to occasionally now and then to tell some whoppers, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be politicians.
    But to consistently lie is unforgivable.
    True LEADERS tell the truth and take the hits if they got them coming.
    Will someone in Washington please stand up and LEAD?

  7. First takeaways:
    MrO spends a lot of time reading letters from the public.
    He claims the threat of military might caused Assad to agree to give up his stash of gas, because Syria doesn’t have the capability to strike back at us.
    He claims he wants the approval of Congress, but doesn’t want it now without giving any explanation for the delay.
    He’s taking credit for the offer made by Putin as if he instigated the idea.
    All in all, a big nothing with a lot of midleading, evasive statements that won’t change anyone’s mind on the folly of lobbing missiles into Syria.

    • Well, I have to thank you SD for the hazardous duty performed by listening to BO’s speech.

      So I pop over to my FB page and saw one of my classmates post this – “We are so fortunate to have such a compassionate, intelligent, and articulate president!” . The one thing I learned yrs ago was not to discuss politics on FB and ignore the comments. But, I came very close in letting it all go aside a few minutes ago and delivering a broadside.

      Also, that classmate lives in MD, metro DC. uggggg

  8. Keith, “you cadazy man” as Bruce Jay Friedman used to say. Giving us a forum to vent.

    My opinion—even thiugh I could not listen to much of it was “Blah,Blah and Blah,Blah blah”

    where was Kerry? On his boat or windsurfing?

    • Imagine Obama is saying, “Phew, that’s over. After that I deserve to go golfing tomorrow.”

      BTW, does anyone know if he will be honoring the memory of the two 9/11s tomorrow? Oh well, I’ll just wait for Keith to post his schedule.

        • Was amazed to see obambo on the WH lawn this AM for the 9/11 ceremony. Especially after a late nite of spades &
          beers with Reggie…. probably went back to bed and sleeping hard as I write this…

  9. Anyone catch a reference to the report from a Syrian nun about the little girl dismembered alive by some of BHO’s rebel “allies” in one of many attacks on Christian villages? The other children killed? Must have slipped his mind? I’m sure his strike will get ’em.

  10. All of you in the comments are attacking the man, rather than commenting on what he was actually saying. You shouldn’t focus so much on your prejudices and should instead pay attention to the issue at hand. Every comment I’ve read so far is totally irrelevant to Syria. If you really hate Obama so much, talk about why his STAND is wrong; not about how his speech is poorly written.

    • HM798 – I would recommend you go back into some of the articles posted here by Keith and then the comments made by most of the regular posters. You will see we have looked at the Syria situation from allot of different angles, and feel his stand has no base, and he did not have a plan. He was winging it, finger on the button. No solid intel to back his statements up. Should some form of action be taken?? Maybe so, but how this administration went about building this up to almost another war is inexcusable. That’s my two cents. As a retired veteran.

    • He took a stand tonight? That’s gotta be a first. Usually he’s on every side of an issue until it has been thoroughly focus-tested by his team of political hacks. By the way, most of us don’t hate Obama personally. We just hate what he’s doing to our country.

    • ” You shouldn’t focus so much on your prejudices….”

      Are we back to the nonsense that people who think he’s a bad president do so because they’re racists? Really?

  11. Obama attributed this attack to Assad. This is the WH position. But it hasn’t been proven and it is a matter of some debate. Anybody know differently? It’s not that big a deal because I never expect the truth from Obama but , not to put to fine a point, Assad may not respond to that well. And with dictators any little rain drop can cause a hurricane response. Or maybe Putin will just wake up cranky tomorrow and have a whole new sets of “wants” — at the moment that’s the tune we are dancing to.

    • I saw a piece in which the Germans claim Assad did not use poison gas but it wasn’t spelled out in detail. The UN hasn’t spoken yet, have they? I know you think it would be difficult to point the finger at anyone, but I am reading that the rebels have used ‘kitchen sarin’ and Assad is supplied with a more factory made gas. Perhaps the UN can tell which kind of sarin was used.

        • Re. being able to id. I was repeating something I had heard or read. It was not so much that the UN couldn’t id. the user (the technology is there to do that) but that they most likely would not. The point being that UN inspectors were there to certify the use nor necessarily the user. I don’t have too much interest in the UN overall so I don’t pay too much attention to them.

          Interesting to know the German source was questioning it as well.

          I am no more clear than I was earlier about what our strategy , objective, game plan whatever is after hearing Obama than I was before. Looks like Putin’s calling the shots and that will last until the next p*ssing contest between the two. IMO. But Putin should be pretty pleased with himself right now. Unfortunately for the US and all the Presidents after this one.

      • According to Sen. John Barrasso, Assad has 1000 tons of chemical weapons. Looks like the UN weapons inspectors are going to be there for 100 years!

        Evidently there are different grades of sarin. Iraq sarin was very inferior – Syria has the best grade.

    • BO and his administration also attributed Benghazi to a YouTube video. And to this day still offhandedly does. Every time he shoots from the hip and later is shown he was wrong in judgement (there is still so much to learn about Benghazi, no matter what Hillary says).

      Chemical analysis can show home cooked vs refined high grade Sarin. However allot of people think it takes 30 min in a lab to be proof positive. This is not CSI or NCIS as shown on TV.

  12. I listened to his Most Arrogance courtesy of radio KTRH AM 740 Houston. My conclusion from just the audio was of an incompetent leader pretending to be in charge. He reminds me of the honorable General George Custer. We all know what happened there. Our President is no longer believable and has lost all creditability.

  13. Unfortunately, I only see Obama through the glass darkly. There is nothing he can say or do to ameliorate the damage he has done to our standing in the world. I refuse to watch him, but did listen to some of the commentary afterwards on CNN. The tide seems to be turning from unanimous condemnation to a sense of relief that we have been spared another war. What appears to be dissipating is the condemnation of Obama’s utter incompetence and face-saving measures that resulted in calls for impeachment.

    Sadly, it looks like we will return to business as usual by the end of the week. Syria will be swept under the carpet like everything else. He will avoid the world stage and stay out of geo-politics – concentrating, instead, on continuing his strikes against America. We are much easier targets for him – the power of the executive-order pen is mightier than the sword.

    • Indeed… Dear Leader Obama is done with Syria.
      Obama the coward got his way out. Now he and his sycophants in the ‘media’ and Congress have to start spinning Syria to make Dear Leader Obama look like he deserves another “Noble Peace Prize” (-I threw up abit in my mouth as I typed that :-(

      • Has anyone figured out why he deserved the Peace Prize in the first place? It’s ironic that he seems to have evolved into a war mongering hawk (no offence to hawks).

    • Some historians write that that (sticking it to America) is exactly what the Vietnam-era protesters did: rather than go fight in the Military against a real enemy, they chose to fight against the police. Again, that war was unpopular, to say the very least, but what the wave of draft-age protesters did was not exactly laudable, even though beautifully rationalized. And God knows, it was a win-win for the media.

    • I think that this is yet another diversion to keep Benghazi off the table.
      This is the 1 year anniversary of the attack, and yet no one has been prosecuted for their involvement.
      Several people have been moved around, and Hillary has stepped down from her position.
      It appears that they think a game of ‘musical chairs’ is enough to dissuade any serious investigation.

  14. Now that Dictator Obama has Syria out of the way he now can resume his cherished bombing campaign against this Country and the American people. Never mind Syria, by the time he gets done with our country it will be a smoking rubble and make Syria look like a Club Med resort in comparison.

  15. Weak speech. Is he in favor of a strike or not? He’s going to “delay” a military strike for the present. If this diplomatic response does not work, does his whole idea about, “America is stronger when it stands together etc…” go out the window? Will he attack Syria even if he does not have the country’s, or congress’s approval?

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  18. We need to let our enemies know to not poke the sleeping bear of the west, even if they choose to learn this the hard way. No one will ever be able to match the strength of the United States, especially no band of armed thugs and murderers like ISIS. The Taliban should have served an example. America doesn’t get scared. America gets angry.