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AP: Syria Agrees to Plan to Give up Chemical Weapons

Syria has accepted Russia’s offer to cede control over its chemical weapons in order to avoid an attack by the United States, according to the Associated Press.

From the piece:

Syria said Tuesday it has accepted Russia’s proposal to place its chemical weapons under international control for subsequent dismantling.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said Tuesday after meeting with Russian parliament speaker that his government quickly “agreed to the Russian initiative.”

Al-Moallem added that Syria did so to “uproot U.S. aggression.”

The decision, along with a move by France to bring the matter to the United Nations, presents huge new complications for President Obama’s push to bomb Syria, possibly as early as next week.

Suddenly, with a single unplanned statement by Secretary of State Kerry, the whole Syria strategy has been removed from control by the United States and placed in the hands of the Russians and the Syrians.

Now we’ll get started on weeks or months or procedures to remove the weapons – the ones that aren’t hidden in some 13th-century mosque in Aleppo, at least.

Nice work boys and girls!

75 Responses to AP: Syria Agrees to Plan to Give up Chemical Weapons

  1. Oh, my…doesn’t THIS complicate the picture.

    This is what we get for giving the corner office in Foggy Bottom to a loose cannon like John Kerry.

    So, hypothetically speaking, if Obama bombed Syria against the UN’s wishes, would he be so eager to answer to “world opinion” if it wanted him in The Hague to stand trial for war crimes? I’m just asking…

  2. Oh, the soaring rhetoric of Obama’s speech tonight. “I am encouraged by Syria’s decision to abide by the international community’s call for the destruction of its chemical weapons”. “Peace cannot be fulfilled until all countries agree that the use of these weapons are abhorrent” “I, I, I,..” And then his oh so deft maneuver to talk about the future and the children of the world. Hold hands everybody!

  3. I’m embarrassed for my country thanks to John Kerry. Why wasn’t he pursing this same diplomatic approach with Russia and Syria ? Why beating the war drums so early …. without solid proof ? No wonder the world didn’t get behind Obama, he was just to eager to bomb Syria not knowing who he was actually helping (Al Qaeda?).

    • Frankly, I’m in the camp this is a deflect and redirect away from Obamacare implementation. Just saturate the opposition and keep on rolling. What was not calculated was the former presidential nominee thinking out loud. Hanoi John does not consider himself subordinate to anyone and might not last long in this assignment.
      Would love to be a fly on the wall in the speechwriter room today.

      • “Hanoi John does not consider himself subordinate to anyone…” – Guillermo Grande

        Well, Mr. Heinz probably DOES realize he’s subordinate to Teresa, seeing as SHE’S got the moolah…but to Obama? You’re right, not so much…

    • Even that McDonough character Sunday said there was not slam dunk proof it was Assad–and apparently calls were made by the Assad people to the people in charge of the weapons saying what the heck are you doing?

    • Denise, I thought when Clinton was SoS, and I think it now of Kerry, that we don’t have a Department of State and a diplomatic path but two Departments of Defense.

  4. barry will never see this situation in it’s entirety or in truth. He will choose to view it favorably for him as yet another boost to his already huge ego. Lord help us. Pride goes before a fall and this buffoon is going to take us with him.

  5. The psychopath Obama and his henchmen are desperately trying to figure out how to take credit for this before the much awaited speech by his teleprompter tonight.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the narrative change today. The talking points and pundits will hits the streets describing this a masterpiece of foreign policy. Obama’s formulated threats of unilateral action combined with closed door (so we can’t verify) diplomacy convinced the Russians and Syrians to back down. It was all under control the whole time. Just a few minor mistakes with regards to Lurch’s rhetoric. It’s a big government and Obama can’t be expected to be on top of everything.

    The other outcome would be even funnier. Thinking it’s a trick to delay (which it could be), Obama goes all in with a new red line… disarm by Friday noon or we’re bombing… and throw in those ballistic missiles too.

    • What kind of effen buffoons do we have running the country? Obama brings us to the brink of war over a stupid statement he made, and then some offhand comment changes the entire “calculus.”

      Remember how Obama won that shiny medal for his smart diplomacy, where the world could work through the UN and the international community to find smart solutions. Idiots.

    • I am not convinced Kerry’s remarks were “off the cuff” – gave Obama a rhetorical way out of the corner he painted himself (and the US) into…a soaring rhetorical way out as noted previous on this thread by Kimbly.

    • Exactly – Syria is shaking in their boots donchaknow. “Please take ALL of our chemical weapons and hurry up. That’s right, the ones we’ve just used, we’ve changed our minds and don’t want or need them anymore. Promise!” I will not watch this idiot tonight. No way can I stomach even looking at him any longer, let alone listening to him lie and congratulate himself.

  6. Once again, Hollywood could never have come up with a script like this in a million years!

    There was never a question as to what the outcome would be – but I have plenty of questions about how this came to be. It doesn’t pass the ‘smell test – something is rotten in Denmark! Either that, or Obama is the luckiest guy on the planet.

    Obama cares nothing about the ramifications of a stronger Iran, Russia, China and Syria – only his own rear end. He will walk away unscathed – free to continue his strikes against America.

  7. Quote of the Day:

    Syria: Barack Obama hands
    the world to Vladimir Putin
    ….now he can run it out of the corner
    of John Kerry’s mouth.

    H/T Lucianne

  8. The only difference between this and Iraq 1991-2003 is that with Iraq, Saddam Hussein actually gave us a list of what he had. With Syria, we’ve got nothing.

    And do you really expect UN inspectors to have full access in a nation that is in the midst of a civil war? Apparently, the US Secretary of State didn’t think things through when he opened his big mouth. But it’s clear that Putin did.

  9. Well, you called it like it is: accepting Russia’s plan for a weapons turnover. By the end of today the MSM will be calling it Obama’s plan, or Kerry’s plan, or even Hillary’s plan.

  10. Who knows what is real and what is manufactured in this regime? The only thing we know for sure is that a whole lot of the ruling class elitists have egg on their face for beating the war drums. Harry Reid calling us Nazis for not going along with an unprovoked war on Syria. The petulant Preezy embarrassing himself by claiming he never set a red line, it was the world; no it was the Republicans, no it was America who set the red line. Senator McCain ranting that Islamists shouting allah akbar as they kill people is no different than Christians saying thank God. Boehner and Cantor eagerly jumping on the warmongering bandwagon with absolutely no evidence except the word of this corrupt and evil regime. Our so-called Senate leader, McConnell, who was conspicuously MIA. The list goes on… We must never forget those who showed their true colors during this fiasco. The line between the ruling class and the country class has been well defined for us.

    • I agree with you and said yesterday that even though the situation has been defused, we should remember in 2014 who was for, who was against, and who took the convenient ‘undecided’ position. Let’s keep the record alive.

  11. So, as the world sits on it’s hands and awaits the outcome of turning over the chemical weapons, or BO’s itchy trigger finger, Syria already has a head start of making some of them disappear. Now who borders Syria and would hide them?… Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq all border Syria, but with the U.S. pretty much out of Iraq, maybe a run over to Iran?? Another game of musical chairs.

  12. And Vladimir Putin comes out looking like the most reasonable statesman in the world, while Obama is sputtering in the corner, pouting “But I want to bomb them!”

  13. Maybe yuou will pounce on me–and maybe this dipomacy gambit won’t work in the end–but it might have the result of keeping more toddlers from being gassed, which I thought was the idea. Reagan said it’s amazing what you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit. Yes, His Nibs was roundly finessed–but this is lives, not an “equipment” measuring contest. What I don’t see is the end game of this phase–the speech tonite–yes vote, no you don’t have to, yes this was my idea all along, what?

    • Never fear, Friend @Star, this might be the only place where our opinions are unassailable.
      You point is well taken. If putting an end to the violent deaths of anyone is the end result of a twisted journey, then it’s all good.

      • Maybe I am taking this too far–but Assad may be just as glad to have these off his inventory if some of his commanders are using or testing them.

        The teeny attack Obama planned was a facesaver–and this may be the facesaver for the facesaver.

        Maybe I am naive.

  14. Tin foil hat time:
    Russia has a complete dossier on BarackObama/Soreto that includes his shoe size, all the way to what sparks the neurons in his head. With this knowlege, they set the trap and he walked right into it.
    Assad gassed some of his people, nothing happened. He did it again, butt with the video of innocent children. MrObama bit, Assad and Putin played him for a while, then reeled him in.
    So, here is the POTUS flopping on the floor of Putin’s boat, Assad is assured that his reign will continue, and MrKerry, et al, are relieved.

    IMO, this whole event was planned, plotted, and executed by real diplomatic and political professionals who are not our friends in any sense. There will be a price to pay, an invoice tendered at some point.

  15. Don’t get TOO joyful, folks. Remember, Obama’s like the man who gets abused at work and doesn’t dare fight back, then comes home and beats his wife and kicks his dog to take out his agressions.

    The wife and dog? Congress is the wife; WE be the dog.

    Look for him to come down on we “US Persons” over something – anything – just so he can feel powerful again…you know, taxes, IRS audits, using Obamacare to take our guns and gold – SOMETHING. He’ll find a way…

    He always does.