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The Obama Morning News || September 9, 2013

Assad threatens reprisals against U.S. . . . CBS News
Obama begins uphill Syria campaign
. . . Washington Post
Loss in Congress could be debilitating . . . The Hill
Low expectations for prime time address . . . Politico
Will visit Capitol Hill Tuesday . . . Politico
Latest poll: 60 percent oppose bombing . . . CNN
Kerry: Hand over those chemical weapons! . . . Reuters
Hillary to start helping Obama . . . Washington Post
GOP lawmaker: WH ignored offer to help . . . Examiner
The president thinks you’re stupid . . . Joe Curl
Labor wants its Obamacare fix too . . . The Hill
DHS aides probed in prostitution scandal . . . Washington Times

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  1. “The president thinks you’re stupid . . . Joe Curl”

    In fairness to the President, in terms of the the general population being the “you” in question, he DOES have some empirical evidence to buttress that belief.

    After all, he DID get a majority of Americans to vote for him – twice.

    This would seem to be indicative of a certain national stupidity indeed …

  2. After Kerrys speech in the Senate about the Saudis on board, Pat Buchanan wrote this : ( apologize if someone here already posted it ) “Has it come to this, US Soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen as the mercenaries of sheiks, sultans, emirs, Hessians of the New World Order, hired out to do the big time killing for Saudi and Sunni Royals ? ”
    He says it so well.

    • If the Saudis dont like whats going on in Syria, why dont the Saudis use their Billion$ military (top-of-the-line US military gear; F-16s, M-1 tanks, etc.) to go after Syria…?

      • Ever heard a Saudi marching song? Since the Gulf war, they go like this;

        “Onward Christian Sooold-iers!
        Marching to our war!”

        (apologies to the Gospel Classic)

        Our “allies”, bless their hearts, aren’t especially courageous with enemies that actually shoot back. The preferred Muslim “battleground” one where they can kill defenseless civilians who have nothing to do with anything without warning. And, if they can get US to take all the physical risk and vast expense of solving their differences with their Shia opponents, so much the better, from their point of view…

        • The Muslims are marching through the recaptured Christian city of Maaloula chanting Allahu Akbar, and they don’t mean just ‘thank God’.

        • Spot on cincycino, the Saudis and Arab Gulf States buy Billions$ of military gear from the USA, but they have NO NERVE or COURAGE to use any of it…?
          (unless its to ‘supress’ citizens who try to stage protests)

      • He is also promising an ‘unbelievably small’ attack. Please just let our President make one teensy, weensy strike so he doesn’t lose face.

  3. “Loss in Congress could be debilitating . . . The Hill”

    If you could “debilitate” a bear before it ate another one of your children, would you do it?

    This guy’s been a loose cannon long enough. Our military is NOT to be used as an insturment for Obama to advance his Sunni Caliphate. It would be a blessing of G_d if SOMETHING stops this man, even if it takes the irony of his base actually taking a moral stand on something to do it. And don’t worry about us losing any interational prestige, we pretty much lost that when Obama came out of the box with his international apology tour, followed by surrendering in Iraq, notifying the Taliban when we intended to hand Afganstan back over to them, and letting the representative of our nation in Libya be raped and slaughtered while our President rested up for a fundraiser as his staff busily figured out how to blame the whole thing on Republicans while ordering our military to “Stand Down”. That, and sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea, pretty much put “paid” to whatever “international standing” we ever had. Everone KNOWS he’s got no belly for war, no ability to build a coalition even in his own party, and not even our allies can trust him for anything but a lecture.

    This guy SHOULD have been “debilitated” in 2008. We’d be MUCH better off now, both domestially and internationally. Can’t tell that to the “free cell phone” crowd, though…

    Tell you what, Obama. You can’t use the military, but feel free to send all the Homeland Security types you like. I’m sure the Syrians will cower before the might of their hollow-point bullets and data gathering efficiencies…

    • Obama;

      “Can’t we have the EPA regulate chemical weapons because they’re bad for the enviroment? And maybe Assad would fear an IRS audit?

      No? D_mn it, that stuff that works with those stupid-acting U.S. Persons. Well, blame some Republicans! Now, someone get me a tee time so I can cool off! And have Reggie “meat” me in the locker room…”

      Note; NOT a REAL quote. But wouldn’t seem out of place…

  4. Slightly – but not really – OT, it’s September 9th. Any word on what happened in Benghazi from the White House almost a year ago yet? I was kinda hoping they’d have something for us before the NEXT time the “religion of peace” throws a “man caused disaster” party that forces yet another blaming of Bush, such as;

    “Now, it’s not all a question of money. I am the first to say that. You know, you have to have the right people and the right job, making the right decisions. But money is a factor. And ever since the Bush administration, our requests for security monies from Congress have not been met. So you’ve had to make priority decisions. And it’s been difficult.” – Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

    Of course, they’re already lining up to blame Bush and the Tea Pary for our lack of international support. It’s all because they hate the Black President, you see; just ask Ed Schultz…

    “The MSNBC host then told his dwindling audience that the reason Obama can’t build a coalition of allies is because the Bush administration “lied to the world about the war in Iraq.”

    “We now have a credibility issue because of this crowd,” Schultz claimed, ignoring Obama’s own “red line” statement and his subsequent claim that the “world” set the so-called red line instead of him.

    Schultz then cherry-picked clips of former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum from the 2012 primary and blamed him for Obama’s inability to build an international coalition.

    Of the 199 members of Congress opposing action in Syria, 145 are Republicans and Tea Partiers, Schultz said.

    He went on to excoriate conservatives, who he claimed never turned from war, and played clips of prominent Republicans calling for support of war in Iraq.

    Ironically, Schultz reiterated his opposition to war, saying he doesn’t believe in international intervention, and echoed the concerns of many — including conservatives — who say the outcome is uncertain.

    But Schultz maintained the only reason conservatives don’t support action in Syria is their alleged hatred for a black president, all the while failing to address the nature of those Obama and others are asking America to support.”

    That Bush! Someone should REALLY remove him from the Presidency for how badly he’s handling it today! Oh, wait, he’s WHAT? For HOW long?!? Well… RACISM! WAR ON WOMEN! HATE GAYS! SQUIRREL!!!

    • Blaming Bush is such a copout when you can’t defend Dear Leader. He’s been out of office for over 4 years while the Obama administration spends money on everything but our national security.

      Oh yeah, it definitely became Obama’s war when he approved the surge.

  5. Obama Begins Uphill Syria Campaign

    The last two weeks remind me of a scene from the Caine Mutiny where a group of ship’s officers are relaxing on the beach to escape the growing eccentricities of their Captain. . Suddenly the malcontent Lt. Keefer asks the others “Does it occur to you that Captain Queeg may be insane?”

    Obama Begins Uphill Syria Campaign

    The last two weeks remind me of a scene from the Caine Mutiny where a group of ship’s officers are relaxing on the beach to escape the growing eccentricities of their Captain. . Suddenly the malcontent Lt. Keefer asks the others “Does it occur to you that Captain Queeg may be insane?”

    The country is in a full-blown crisis, imo, and it’s not about chemical weapons in Syria. It’s about the advisability of allowing Barack Hussein Obama to continue in office. IMO, this crisis is a manifestation of his mental illness – malignant narcissism. He is putting the country in grave danger for one reason – to save face.

    What will it take for the People to mutiny???

    The country is in a full-blown crisis, imo, and it’s not about chemical weapons in Syria. It’s about the ability of Barack Hussein Obama to continue in office.

  6. Not to worry, the media is right on top of the latest squirrel news bite: Dennis Rodman and his best buddy, Kim Jong Un, who is no doubt responsible for continuing the policies of his father that lead to starvation and death of millions. A political press conference by a washed up basketball player? The world has gone crazy.

  7. The CNN poll is a lie. The true polling can be ascertained by the calls and e-mails Congressmen and Senators have been receiving. They are going to listen to that, not CNN, NBC, etc.

  8. The Bitch–sorry, Star, it’s how I feel–will be giving a statement on Syria AT THE WHITE HOUSE according to the Washington Post. This is supposed to help Obama get Congressional approval, and doesn’t this just make her look presidential?

  9. “Hillary to start helping Obama . . . Washington Post”

    Is she going to tell him what an “Alawite” is? I don’t think Kerry knows, since it isn’t a hair gel ingredient, and they didn’t have them in Indonesia when Obama was attending madrassa…