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Administration Makes Syria Policy Off the Cuff – Again!

OMG these people really are bad. I mean, what a three-ring circus. Are they just so full of themselves that they think they can say whatever they want and don’t have to discipline their speech to hew to an actual policy?

Obama, you remember, drew a red line off the top of his head committing us to military action against Syria. And now Secretary of State John Kerry has offered Syria a splendid opportunity to delay, confuse the issue, and confound the United States.

I think it's clear I need to change the sleep number on my mattress.
I think it's clear I need to change the sleep number on my mattress.

Asked at a news conference today in Britain if there was anything Syrian President Assad could do to avoid an attack, Kerry mused, “Sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week — turn it over, all of it, without delay and allow the full and total accounting.”

Kerry’s own spokeswoman described this as a rhetorical exercise rather than a proposal, according to the New York Times.

But the Russians, who practice diplomacy like an art form and love to confuse issues, could barely contain their delight. They decided, with rational thought that somehow eludes U.S. leaders, that what the Secretary of State says is in fact U.S. policy. And so Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who was meeting in Moscow with Syria’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, offered Russia’s kind assistance in corralling Syria’s chemical weapons. Moallem said Syria “welcomes” Russia’s proposal.

So now, completely by accident, a very serious alternative to bombing Syria has emerged. The opportunity here for mischief and delay is unlimited – Oh, we’re rounding up the weapons, but this takes time, and of course UN inspectors must confirm, and – wait – aren’t there a few more?

Meanwhile, Obama must continue to press Congress to approve a strike even while Syria tries to seem reasonable. And if we go ahead with this, what will Obama do in a month when Syria suddenly alleges that the UN inspectors are spies and throws them all out? Start the march to war again?

White House Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken, presented during an appearance at the White House this afternoon with the new reality, insisted this is a Russian proposal, and that the U.S. would “take a hard look” at it.

Asked by a persistent reporter whether it wasn’t indeed Kerry that launched this, Blinken said, “I believe he was answering a question and speaking hypothetically.”

Uhhh boy.

Meanwhile, Blinken tried to undermine the idea, saying the chemical weapons were “spread across the country” and “it would certainly take time, resources, and a peaceful environment to deal with this.”

Yeah, well, didn’t Kerry suggest doing it “in the next week”?

Clearly anticipating the trouble this will cause on Capitol Hill, Blinken added that Syria’s apparent interest in giving up its chemical weapons is happening “in the context of U.S. pressure” and therefore it’s “even more important that we don’t take the pressure off” and that Congress vote to approve an attack.


Who knows, maybe this is even workable. Maybe we can get those weapons out. That would be great. I haven’t really thought it through. The problem is, neither have Obama or Kerry.

113 Responses to Administration Makes Syria Policy Off the Cuff – Again!

  1. Quick note. My rep. Tom Rooney (FL) held a phone townhall abd he made the point that it is important that the House vote , not just the Senate. To him it is important for this President, future presidents and the world community to know that the legislature matters and that the peoples’ voice be heard. He is a good Representative and I know how fortunate we are to have him. He is opposed to Syria, he is a Vet, he is always in front (but not in the news) when it comes to supporting our military and fiscal responsibility.

    That said, Rubio is my Senator.

    About the above, VDH was absolutely correct when he said Obama does not attract good competent people.

    • Agree with your last sentence. He attracts true believers who share his vision of fundamentally transforming America.

      Why have Americans taken so long to figure that out?

    • Rubio may benefit from all of this if people have short memories. The Syria adventure has pushed immigration reform (sic) to the end of the line and Congress will have no time for it this year. Politico said the next chance may not be until 2017.

  2. If the professionals at the State Dept were pounding their heads on desks and doorjambs over MrO’s bungles, MrKerry must have them contemplating a circular firing squad. Whispers and mutterings of “kill me now” can probably be heard throughout the building.

    Wow. just wow. Putin now has the spotlight as the new World Leader.
    He sounds so thoughtful, so rational, unlike that hysterical Obama who wants to bomb everyone in the ME.
    Just imagine how many scared Americans are grateful to Russia’s Putin for slowing down and probably defusing the start of WW3.
    Well played, Putin.

  3. Obama and Kerry take the cake for the most loony national leaders since North Korea. Not a serious, cogent thought between them. Putin and the Russians absolutely look like the only grown-ups in the room. What a stinking disgrace to this country!

    • It’s worth noting that with every single person who chooses to exit this Administration, they find someone even less competent to replace them.

      Hillary Clinton replaced with John Kerry
      Leon Panetta replaced with Chuck Hagel
      Susan Rice replaced with Samantha Power
      Tom Donilon replaced with Susan Rice
      TurboTax Geitner replaced with Jacob Lew
      and so on

  4. Each day brings a new calamity delivered by this WH.. proving the utter immature, unprepared, dirty bone head people they are…
    they are better equipped to work in the burger industry..
    And the world laughs at works of our prized community organizer!!!

  5. I’m reminded of the old commercial that tried to dissuade drug use, ‘…this is your brain, this your brain on drugs…’

    ‘…this is your national government (cue to Reagan at the Berlin Wall), this is your national government on stupid…(cue to Barry Obama and his red line speech)’

  6. Please excuse my repetitive comment, but Krauthammer still said it best: Amateur Hour.

    Unfortunately, it’s not a game show, it’s our country. Perhaps Obama and his team of minor leaguers will figure that out sooner rather than later.

  7. Kerry has been a buffoon his entire public life. I had to put up with his antics the years I lived in Boston. What do you except from a state(MA) that just elected Markey to Kerry’s old seat.

    As for Obama, I can rest at night knowing I didn’t ever consider voting for such an unqualified person to be president. Maybe we can convice him to live in the Maldives as he called the Falklands—that if he can find them. And they made fun of Sarah Palin. Personal insults they are very good at.

    This is just another hair-brained idea they hatched.Boo! Dangerous stuff.

  8. OMG! Hollywood couldn’t write a script like this in a million years!

    Keith, Kerry concluded his unauthorized remarks with this little bit of intrique: “But he isn’t about to do it and it can’t be done.”

    When the news broke, Wolf Blitzer reported that the WH was furious with Kerry”s unauthorized remarks. Within an hour, it is being reported that they are seriously considering Putin and Assad’s generous offer. Obama should get down on his knees and thank the Russian leader for saving his royal posterior.

    Once again, Obama has been ‘Putinized’. How sweet it is! I must admit, however, that I was looking forward to watching the spectacle of Obama twisting in the wind for the next few weeks. Who could have ever predicted this outcome?

  9. War, simplified, in the words of the Obama admin:

    A second senior official, who has seen the most recent planning, offered this metaphor to describe such a strike: If Assad is eating Cheerios, we’re going to take away his spoon and give him a fork. Will that degrade his ability to eat Cheerios? Yes. Will it deter him? Maybe. But he’ll still be able to eat Cheerios”.

    I saw we just send him a disposable spork for his Cheerios instead of spending millions on missles and supplies.

    • Naaaa.. instead of a fork BO & Company would supply a Spork, because a fork would be inhumane.

      Meanwhile, Vlad P just schooled BO in world leadership 101.

      • Obama said today in an interview (with Diane Sawyer?) that this is the very same thing he proposed a year ago. I think he better tread carefully or Putin will school him again. LOL

        • BO is going to pull out every spin stop now to try and make it “I I I ” again. I suggested it.. proposed it, jumped up and down and screamed until I was blue in the face it.

          Then why not say that 3 weeks ago.. or when he drew the red line of something.

          Ol’ Vlad is going to have fun with this one.

  10. Well, Preezy and his claque wanted to take this country they hate so much down a notch or two. So far, they have been very successful. These clowns have made US the laughingstock of the world.

    • And the WH was not happy until the light bulb went off and little Tony Blinkey convinced Obama that Kerry’s blunder was his salvation. Blinkey, btw, is the Dep Security Advisor who contradicted Obama while he was in Russia by stating emphatically that Obama had no intention of going it alone if Congress voted ‘no’. Obama tried to worm his way out of it by saying “I’m not sure that is what he (Blinkey) said”.

      The bigger question is why didn’t the Nobel Laureate try to negotiate something like this before declaring an all-out war? Assuming Assad takes the deal, Obama just won another lottery prize. .

    • Oh geesh, have been following the story since Kerry took to the airwaves over a week ago. No where, no time did he sound diplomatic. Just, we have proof, must bomb. I give no one credit for anything in this administration.

      If their goal is to weaken America, then they’re succeeding :(

  11. Of Kerry’s “unbelievably small attack” Charles CW Cooke from NRO said, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields, and it will be unbelievably small.”

    • “Of Kerry’s “unbelievably small attack” Charles CW Cooke from NRO said, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields, and it will be unbelievably small” –
      Julie Brueckheimer

      How about adding THIS line?

      “…We shall strike them in the sand castle…”

      With a mega-million dollar Tomahawk, no less…

  12. Sigh. There is nothing surprising about Kerry confusing the issue whenever he speaks out loud. The man was appointed Sec/State despite having no experience or talent for the job. He is probably no worse than Hillary, but she at least knew when to NOT say anything in most cases.

    • Theoretically, he has the experience from heading up the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for years, and Hillary is now trying to cash in on the Kerry fiasco by getting on the bandwagon, even acting like that was her idea all along.

  13. I was reading Stephanie Cutter’s CNN post on the Syria vote which starts out with the sophomoric “the eyes of the world are on the U.S. Congress” and ends with the observation that there is an eternity between now and the next presidential election. You think we don’t know it?

  14. Well if his highness won’t listen too the American people,he deserves what the rest of the world gives him.(hopefully a death sentence)

  15. The irony of this “option” is that yes, it can be done, but for it to work, there has to be a cease fire. They can hardly do it in the middle of a civil war. Am I thinking clearly here?

    • Now, now. No rational thinking allowed. We’re supposed to believe that Putin is going to ask the rebels for a time-out as he directs some people to check under the furniture or inside garden sheds for the WMDs. If the rebels have control of some WMDs, then they might have a buy-back program put in place.

      If we don’t believe this, then it must be a devilish sham meant to make MrObama look more stupidly foolish than he already seems to be.

    • You’re thinking clearly, but this buys them the time they sorely needed. As Dr. Krauthammer said a little while ago, months and months of “inspecting” and “negotiating” will pass by – and, after a while, Syria will be forgotten.

  16. So why do we have 7 year olds running this country …. I feel like I need look over my shoulder while driving in the station wagon and yell, “if you don’t leave your brother/sister” alone, god help me, I’m going to pull this car over and make you one sorry child !!!!!!!

  17. Think carefully – it’s a win-win for Obama. If the house votes No, Obama can blame the Republicans for tying his hands in the 2014 elections – which the Ds desperately need to win. If the House votes Yes, Obama bombs Syria intensely for 3 days and the Ds idolize him as a strong leader. I can see MSNBC now:” With full Congressional support, President Obama today ordered precise surgical strikes against key targets inside Syria. Early results show the move was a success.” Obama’s base has a tingle in the leg, more innocent people are dead than died in the gas attacks, and the Ds pick up votes.

  18. Brit Hume is beside himself tonight, as many of us are. He mentioned that on one of the community organizer’s six interviews , he said he is the one who broached the idea of ‘the deal’ to Putin at the G-20. Must have been a short conversation, since it was reported he only spent 20 minutes with Putin.

    Just watched part of the Chris Wallace interview – Obama is practically dancing on the ceiling! Guess the speechwriters are going to be up all night turning the ‘why we have to bomb the heck out of Syria’ speech into a ‘well, I just scared the living crap out of these guys – now where are my golf clubs’ speech.

    Is Obama just the luckiest guy on the planet? Or is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes The whole thing is surreal.

    • Behind the scenes: Head-banging, arm-twisting, lies and more promises and all of it – sinister. His Ineptness is finally floating to the surface like a dead fish.

      • Iran, Russia, Syria, China (even N.Korea) have this buffoon exactly where they want him – behind the 8-ball. Obama doesn’t give a hoot about chemical weapons or hundreds of children being gassed – it’s all about his ego and his legacy. He thinks he outsmarted the axis of evil, but they have 3 more years to mess with him. Scary!!!
        He plays Spades while our adversaries are playing Chess.

  19. By tomorrow the story will be building. On the eve of 9/11 Barack Obama has saved us from the precipice of major war and the world from possible extinction. Not wanting to spark such an event he cleverly advocated minimum military action all the while working behind the scenes to come to a peaceful resolution that will remove chemical weapons from Syria. Russia and The United States have reset and are now working to stabilize the situation in Syria.

    It was difficult to be opposed by the Congress and to cause concern among the people. This was a natural reaction due to our country’s experiences with BOOOOSH . But now that the redline has held and The One has ensured peace for the US and the world, we can all return to SNAFU status that has prevailed in America since Barack Obama took office.

  20. Somebody needs to do a parody of “The Real Slim Shady,” called “The Real John Kerry.”

    “Who’s the real John Kerry, yeah, who’s the real Kerry,
    ‘Cause all these fake Kerrys are getting pretty scary
    So will the real John Kerry please stand up?
    Please stand up? Please stand up?”

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