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Obama Arrives at Door With Vacuum Cleaner!

As President Obama today begins seizing the airwaves to promote his bomb-Syria strategy – he’ll do interviews with the leading networks today and a prime time address Tuesday – the White House must reckon with a single sad fact: Obama has never been able to sell the American people anything other than himself.

That is, the man can campaign, but he can’t govern.

Let’s use, as one test of his focus, the number of rounds of golf he plays. Last year, with an election to be won, he played 19 times. This year, with the economy still faltering, a full agenda to get through Congress, and the Middle East in flames, he has already played 32 times.

Guys, I'm totally serious this time. Guys, I’m totally serious this time.
Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama doesn’t really want to put the time into the sometimes grinding mechanics of governing. He not only doesn’t care about building relationships on Capitol Hill, but he has failed to create consistent, reliable messages about his policies that people feel they can grab onto and believe. And you can’t govern by attacking Mitt Romney.

And so we were told that the stimulus of 2009 would bring unemployment down quickly below 8 percent and that we were entering a “summer of recovery.” Instead, unemployment stayed high and the summer simply sucked.

We were told Gitmo would be closed. That Syria’s Bashar Assad, upon whose head we now want to drop bombs, was a reformer. That Obamacare would bring down costs and that you could keep your own doctor and health insurance. That the deficit would be cut in half.

Nope. None of it.

These are not minor verbal errors. They are significant unkept promises and mistakes that suggest the president either was dishonest or extremely sloppy in offering them up in the first place.

Even seeking a vote in Congress on Syria is a reversal.

And so nobody listens. Despite an ongoing White House Obamacare PR campaign and a similar, earlier TV blitz by Obama, his signature health care program remains as unpopular as ever. He spent the summer of 2013 advocating some kind of economic program. Does anyone even remember what he was talking about?

Obama’s TV campaign to bash Bashar won’t change many minds. Unless one means that some inclined to support him will recoil in horror and oppose the attack.

If he’s going to win this, he’ll have to twist arms on Capitol Hill, pleading to skeptical Democrats that his presidency is on the line and to Republicans that Al Qaeda will, if we don’t punish Assad, get the green light to set off chemical weapons up and down the prairie.

Problem is, nobody on Capitol Hill really believes him either.

58 Responses to Obama Arrives at Door With Vacuum Cleaner!

  1. The thing that the uninformed don’t get is the reality of this man’s ideology. Bush was a new world order guy. I didn’t like some of his policies. But this guy is an America hater.

    You want info on that? Ponder the why’s of his actions. It seems rather confusing why he is on the side of the Muslim brotherhood on Egypt, Now in Syria, How about Libya, his great Arab Spring. What’s the end result of those policies? Answer-a region in chaos and who is there to pick up the pieces? well, oh well, if it isn’t radical Islam.

    Do they even know the history of Progressivism? How about collectivism? How about where it has succeeded? How about the first things tyrants do when they want to take over? Do they know any of those things?

    Well, the end result of all of them was tyranny and our DEAR OBAMA POTUS’s ideology falls under the category of these ism’s including Marxism. We have to wake the he@# up and get on the side of right. The Obama’s little blubbering sycophants will be squashed like bugs when he and his ilk come after them and their’s.

    • Nice comment. Many here agree with you about him being a Marxist or communist of some sort. The only thing I disagree with is that no Marxist society has ever support a welfare state like the one Obama is forcing down our throats. In the old Soviet Union 80 year old babushki were sweeping the streets of snow all through the cold night.

      • I’m not sure we can compare the Soviet Union with America, Julie. The people of the Soviet Union never knew liberty like we do, or did. Obama’s goal is to destroy our Republic by destroying capitalism. The regime is using the welfare state to implement their Cloward-Piven strategy. The strategy is to overload the government bureaucracy with impossible demands that push society into crisis and eventually economic collapse. Once our society and economy is in rubble, Preezy plans to move in with his “civilian national security force” to establish a top-down authoritarian regime – a government of, by, and for the government. That is when America’s welfare dependents will learn that nothing in life is free, especially them.

        • Susan: Obama is chapter and verse from Russian history. There are no more Czars, but he has weakened the Office of the President, which IMO is and has been his intention.

          “Nicholas II was the last Czar of Russia. He was not an able ruler due to inconsistency in his decisions and actions. He was under great influence of his wife Czarina Alexandra, and his corrupt ministers. A monk named Rasputin influenced the Czarina and manipulated most of the Czar’s decisions.”

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  2. Putin was right. Obama is a monkey with a hand grenade. We might not be able to get rid of the monkey, yet, we can at least take the hand grenade away from him.

    BTW, John McCaine is shaping up to be the assistant monkey who pulls the pin on the hand grenade. It is unbelievable and profoundly disappointing to listen to McCain denigrate anyone who questions the idiocy of the United States providing military support for the sam Al Quaidai terrorists who attacked the United States on 9-11-01 and then fought our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past decade. About the only explanation that might make this idiotic behavior understandable might be that Al Quaida has smuggled a nuke into New York City and is threatening to nuke New York unless the United States assists the Muslim Brotherhood in it’s decades long struggle to resurrect the Caliphate.

  3. I never thought in a million years the healthcare bill would pass, because so many were against it. Given that it did, due to behind the scenes finagling and promises and bribes, the fact that over 70% are against action against Syria means nothing to me right now. There are enough politicians in politics who can be “persuaded” that I am truly worried.

  4. Al Qaeda is the real problem. And the Muslim Brotherhood. There are and were no good choices between the leaders of Libya and Egypt and now Syria and the above mentioned terrorist groups. Obama has always ended favoring the success of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. (Favored status to Saudi Arabia is part of the pattern because it supports terrorism while acting moderate.) Is that a basic problem in his ‘leadership’? Andrew McCarthy put his finger on the problem by saying that if Obama had drawn any red line in the sand, it should have been for Al Qaeda. Instead, the arrogant Obama insisted that he had terrorism on the run.

  5. Obama’s legacy is firming up and will be a very simple one: how did this guy ever get elected (twice) by the American people?

    When you look closely, all the warning signs were there.

  6. And now DC is denying a permit to the 9/11 Biker Memorial ride?
    Lemme get this straight: Occupy is fine, the million moslem men thingie is fine, but the Bikers aren’t.
    Oh well, never mind a constitutional right to peaceful assembly – what’s another constitutional right down the drain?

  7. Has anyone ever noticed that the more he speaks on a subject that the lower his polls go along with the polls on the subject that he is speaking about? I cannot stand to hear his voice anymore. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. If he was wise, and obviously he is not, he would close his mouth and work behind the scenes to get things done. I pray this Syrian strike is voted down for two reasons. First, I fear this could be the beginning of WWIII. Second, it will make Obama a lame duck and, maybe…just maybe, he will shut up!

  8. Obama trying to sell another war in Syria is like the Monty Python skit where the pet store shopkeeper is trying to sell a dead parrot.
    The customer points out why the parrot is dead, but the shopkeeper keeps insisting the parrot is alive.
    Obama is trying to sell America a dead parrot.

  9. Desperation is setting in… Obama and his admin have no credibility left on anything. His sending Susan Rice to shill before Congress tomorrow is not only an insult, but shows how little he truly has on Syria.

  10. Unfortunately for America, this guy has proven to us and the world what a lazy, undisciplined, immoral man-child he is. Someone who would rather party down with Jay-Z and beyonce and shoot hoops with his man servant than get things done.

    • All of his life, Obama has been patted on the head and told what a good looking smart boy he was. He still is a boy. Then the Democratic party got hold of him and furthered that assertion. He has never matured. He knows nothing. We cannot see any transcripts from anywhere. Affirmative action really works well. The blacks got their man boy.
      A child’s value system and language are instilled by age six. He was living in Indonesia, the world’s 4th most Muslim country. I know that. I lived there. They pray to the East five times a day and the first call to prayer begins a 4:00 AM.

  11. Here’s another Obamacare lie to add to your list. Not only can’t you keep your own doctor, but you can’t keep your own hospital of choice. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in NH determined they didn’t need 26 hospitals in their health care network, so cut the amount nearly in half, to 14. This does not only apply to people with Obamacare insurance – it affects individual policy holders as well! This is only the tip of the iceberg… We have lower wages, part time jobs, higher premiums, loss of care, death panels… and still will have 30 million uninsured!

    • •If you like your health coverage you can keep it. Most people won’t be able to.
      •Health insurance premiums for a family would be $2,500 lower by the end of his first term in office. They were actually about $3,000 higher.
      •The Obama administration was not responsible for proposing the budget sequester idea. Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward challenged this claim and forced the administration to backtrack.
      •Money from the nearly $800 billion stimulus package would be spent on “shovel-ready projects” and unemployment would drop to 5.3 percent by the end of his first term. The president later conceded the projects weren’t as shovel ready as he had hoped and unemployment was 7.9 percent.
      •There was nothing Obama could do about Benghazi. Subsequent revelations and congressional testimony have shown just how disengaged or disinterested the administration was.
      •The Justice Department told a judge that Fox News reporter James Rosen was a “co-conspirator” and a security threat? The DOJ later apologized and tried to make amends with Washington reporters.
      •That Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t know about the Fast and Furious gun-running program? Investigators have found documents confirming that he did have knowledge.

      More lies here:

    • She’s getting some award from the Elton John Foundation, which is probably a warm-up to the Nobel Peace Prize. In the meantime, I am awarding her the “Fickle Finger of Fate” – she’s earned it!

    • I’d like to know how we have already funded the shipments to Syria of body armor, food rations, helmets and uniforms. CBS reported this last week and although the rebels showed they didn’t have much ammo (only about 5 minutes worth), their warehouse was fully stocked with the above mentioned items, courtesy of the US taxpayers.

    • Denise, I’ve thought about the WH tours a lot. I think the sequester was just a convenient way for them to get the little people out of “their” house. Their disdain is apparent and they’ve discarded us like a used cigarette butt in the gutter.

      • I told my Mom that this morning so Michelle wouldn’t have to see
        any peasants. Also they’re free to continue to ruin the priceless
        things in the WH carpets furniture. Have to spend a fortune on art
        restorers after they’ve gone and we’ve taken inventory.

  12. Regardless of how the Syrian vote goes in congress, we need to have a list of all the “yes” votes and keep it handy come elections in 2014.

  13. I’m starting to feel like a worthless piece of shit ,,, Or government only needs a vote . Voting is our only power , so vote everybody out of office . We need to see the fear and smell the shit running on the floor . The republicans and democrats are all to blame for our destruction . The ruling class is just starting to see the whites of our F###### eyes . The promise of keeping our health care … It will be the ( I”M NOT A CROOK ) legacy of Obama !!!! He has destroyed US …..