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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 9, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:45 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

Also note: It’s not on the official schedule, but Obama will be taping interviews with the NBC, ABC and CBS network anchors, as well as with PBS, CNN, and Fox.

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  1. OT but interesting. The conservatives won in Australia . But it seems like the Left was advised by a special team of ex Obama staffers, including Joe Trippi, often appearing in the seat of the FOX News left.
    Apparently ex team Obama did not too well.

    “…. Still, the best summary of Labor’s failed social media strategy came via Twitter itself. Seeking news about Labor’s ex-Obama squad, US Democrat activist Joe Trippi sent a note to Liberal pollster Mark Textor. “How did the team they flew in do?” Trippi asked. “Seriously curious.”

    Textor’s reply fell within Twitter’s 140-character limit and also had the benefit of being accurate. “They were completely hopeless,” he wrote.”

    Now if only someone on FOX would ask Joe about his efforts in Australia. :)

  2. Who the heck is advising the President; the Katzenjammer Kids?
    This is a big mistake. MrObama will not hold up under any kind of negative questioning and will sound like the horse’s arse he is.

    These TV people are not going to throw puffy ball questions and give him 20 minutes to talk around the answer. The lefty, progressive liberal press is almost struck dumb by this new Obama and his willingness to bomb Syria.
    FOX, well, who knows how that will turn out.
    Much better men than he is have cracked under pressure.
    We don’t want to see that.

    • It’s not very charitable of me to say this, but I wish he would crack under pressure. Wouldn’t bother me a bit to see him publicly humiliate himself. Although I’m not counting on the state-run media to go hardball on Preezy…he owns them.

      • I am having a personal blackout on all these interviews. This is pre programmed propaganda at its worst. My gut tells me Wallace will give Obama a near free ride on Fox also.

        This disinformation campaign will be aided by Benghazi Video Queen Susan Rice who will be part of the Syria briefing to Congress during the week of Benghazi. This Liar will also be addressing the Black Caucus. It is unlikely she will address the White Caucus.

        As if we needed anymore evidence of the disdain with which the Administration holds Congress and the American people.

          • Yeppers. In your face America. Let’s see if there is a Congressman worth his salt to tie her Benghazi intel with her Syrian intel.

            And srdem65 as much as I admire your posts and knowledge, I disagree with your assessment of the interviews with Obama. I think they will all be soft, including Fox. WH will not allow anything out that is not approved.

      • @Susan, I know what you mean. He has already shown stress cracks with his “I didn’t draw that red-line” and the sudden need to get approval from Congress.
        He fell apart. The old team of Axelrod, et al, was brought in to salvage what they could, butt they’re just campaign nerds and this can’t be saved with some dopey slogan or vague promises.
        Public opinion went from 0 to 10 on this issue and that shocked every political pundit who thought America wasn’t paying attention. There’s no dialing back those opinions .

        Richard Nixon resigned, not from threats of impeachment, but because he lost the confidence and support of his own party.
        It was a different time, a different event to be sure, but the premise is the same. If MrObama’s own people won’t support him, then he might consider resigning.
        Oh, we don’t want that, either.

      • Obama has never had any integrity or leadership skills (re: never had a real world job/career)
        I would luv to see “president” Barack Hussein Obama crack under pressure just to show what a fraud and scam ‘politician’ he really is.

          • I pray for that…
            Obama ‘losing it’ in public, showing the dangerous fraud & scam his rule has been… followed by his digraceful resignation…

            What a happy thought :-)

          • or BO stand behind the podium and start ranting like Hillary did before Congress. Or the media. I don’t think he would survive a open town hall meeting now, even if the minions who attended were pre-screened. The heard is starting to thin out.

  3. Conrad Black likens America’s situation to the collapse of CCCP in the late 20th century and France’s collapse when the Fuhrer’s army invaded in 1940. There are variants, but one common thread seems to be leadership of each whose reach exceeded, and in this case exceeds, its grasp. The primary difference is the over preening ego of America’s leadership. Le belle France thought the Treaty of Versailles would last forever. CCCP thought it had demonstrated its military superiority, especially after America’s humiliation in Vietnam, with its surreptitious support of the Viet Cong, with China, although its own vulnerability shown quickly enough in Afghanistan; a lesson America failed to learn. These were collective misjudgments; America’s can be placed totally at the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  4. I wouldn’t watch a single interview — can’t stand the sound of his droning (PUN) voice, uh, uh, aaaaaand, aaaaand. A blackout because of his ambitions as a maniacal bomber,

  5. I watched an interview with Obama’s current Chief of Staff interviewed by Chris Wallace yesterday on FOX News. This guy couldn’t answer a single question. He seemed stupefied and I am positive he was glad that interview was over. I would be hard to explain why nothing has been done about Benghazi after one whole year. Cnn and New York Times interviews the lead suspect and the great United States of America can’t seem to lay a hand on him? Indefensible!

    • I missed that (didn’t know it was showing an hour early due to football), but I saw the end of the discussion at the end of the show. When Juan declared that Benghazi only existed in the heads of conservatives – Brit Hume and Chris Wallace could do nothing but laugh.

      I was almost embarrassed for Juan.


  6. In between the networks it’s been heard that Barry will also be on 96Power radio with Lisa Downlow to discuss how rap and bombing Syria are alike, (both feature smackin’ b&*tches as a theme). Then he’ll be stopping by the Jimmy Kimmel show where he’ll play the Preezy of the Steezy in a sketch called ‘Damascus Interuptous’.

  7. “Also note: It’s not on the official schedule, but Obama will be taping interviews with the NBC, ABC and CBS network anchors, as well as with PBS, CNN, and Fox.” Wouldn’t a more apt discription regarding Obama “taping “interviews” today with the media be “slobber fests, bum kissing, cringing servility, shameless fawning, and blasphemous adoration”?