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Obama Joins Biden to Lobby GOP Senators

Updated 9:53 pm ET

President Obama tonight “dropped by” a dinner Vice President Biden was hosting at his residence for Republicans senators to try to convince them to support the Syria bombing resolution.

Obama spent about an hour and twenty minutes with the GOP senators, the list of which so far remains secret.

A visit by the president to the vice president’s pad is very unusual – almost as unusual as Obama sitting in a room of Republican lawmakers.

It took Obama ten minutes to motorcade to the Naval Observatory, where the vice president’s residence is located. The president was back at the White House at 8:41 pm ET.

Update from the White House: Senators attending tonight’s dinner included: Lindsey Graham (R-SC); Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine); Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.); Bob Corker (R-Tenn.); Kelly Ayotte (R-NH); Deb Fischer (R-Neb.)

They ate Italian food served family style.

35 thoughts on “Obama Joins Biden to Lobby GOP Senators”

  1. Dinner music provided by The King and I –
    Getting to know you
    Getting to know all about you
    Getting to like you
    Getting to hope you like me

  2. Joey “JOBS is a three letter word” Biden was chosen to be the “impeachment-proof” VP. Of course the list of those GOP senators remains secret….wouldn’t want to let that little transparency issue get in the way of information that could be used by constituents. My senators, Mikulski & Cardin, are dancing to the tune, “Whatever Zero wants, Zero gets!”

    1. Don’t underestimate Biden. He was chosen as VP for a reason.

      The Patriot Act was drafted before 9/11. It was Joe Biden who drafted the core provisions which were included in that bill … in 1995 and it, of course, followed the first WTC bombing.

      Months before the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Biden introduced another bill called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995 – it was the precursor.

  3. It seems we have reached a constitutional crisis that MrObama is trying desperately to avoid. If he gets his yes votes and does nothing, or he gets his yes votes and starts WW3, or gets no votes but acts anyway, or just slinks back to the Oval Office, he will have given up his position as the Third Branch of our government or invites impeachment.
    The only sensible way out of this horrendous mess is for Congress to suspend voting until some vague “later date”, then forget to bring it up again.

    MrO should seriously consider taking his family and his support team to the Poconos to enjoy the changing of the leaves, then plan a winter retreat somewhere near PalmBeach Florida. Congress has important work to do and will work much better without having to deal with this nimcompoop and his naive team of advisors.

    1. Remember SRDEM, it’s always Williamsburg VA in the Fall for the Dems. And besides, the family is looking forward to the annual Hawaii retreat. FL would be beneath them.

      I agree with you, to save face Congress can just sits on it’s hands and say they are supporting the voters. Unfortunately the start of the work week is going to be filled with BO prodding Congress to act, and maybe return to the bully pulpit.

  4. Ayotte rarely leaves home without her bookends McCain and Graham so it probably didn’t take a dinner to get her on board. Collins I heard was a No because she was unclear as to objectives, etc. However, my guess is all these Republicans will try and rally support for Obama. And never bat an eye.

      1. Kelly Ayotte, to be clear. I wonder if McCain and Graham don’t think they can turn Kelly’s and Susan’s heads by always including them in their little undemocratic gangs of eight.

        1. Ayotte for sure. Squirrelly Susan pretty much is a dem. That said, I seem to recall she was skeptical of this. I am pretty sure the dinner managed to convince her otherwise.

  5. How disgusting!!!!! He, the one who opposed foreign intervention, wants to attack Syria. He who didn’t do anything all this time the rebels and the Assad government were fighting now wants to attack Assad. He, who knows Christians have been killed by radical Islamists, wants to support the rebels.
    So much for this hypocrite and his lapdogs.

    1. None of those names surprise me, except for Deb Fischer. Sarah Palin already called for Ayotte to be primaried after her vote for amnesty for illegal aliens. It would be a real shame if Deb Fischer is another Tea Party turncoat.

      1. 2014 is going to be interesting. A yes vote almost guarantees that every candidate hoping to oust a sitting member of Congress will slam them with the warmonger title.

        (Assuming, of course, that we aren’t involved in WW3)

  6. Does the presidential limo have wide, white-walled tires and side-pipes and does its occupant wear a wide-brimmed hat, over the shoulder coat and flared trousers when he visits his GOP ‘hos?

  7. Wow, this must be getting seriously under Obama’s skin for him to personally try to sway these people. He never even makes phone calls to congressmen, and now he’s taking time out from his busy golf schedule to meet with them? He’s running scared. I hope he forces a vote and it’s a no vote.

    1. He could only dine with them if his official taste tester was there with him. At least that’s the excuse the WH gave last year sometime when the GOP group invited him to meet with them and share a meal.

  8. Obama, in his mind, he better butter up the Republican war-mongers, they’re my only hope. He needs a favor, thats all it is, he’s a destroyer of people, of Republicans, babies, old people (death panels), this is just a phony time out for him with the Repubs, hoping they will save his ass and they might, if they do, I will hate them forever, as Syria and no country that has never bothered the U.S. SHOULD HAVE ITS AIRPORTS, TUNNELS, BRIDGES, BUILDINGS BLOWN UP, LEAVING DEAD BODIES ALL OVER SYRIA. How would Obama like it if they blew up the White House with his family in it? Oh no, he would never think that would happen to him, he thinks he’s above all that, he’s the President of the United States, Isn’t that just our dumb luck that the low IQ’ S VOTED FOR THIS TERRIBLE MAN. Tell me why Obama has gotten rid of every dictator in the Middle East and is replacing them with fanatics and Muslim Brotherhood. Do you think he wants to hurt America? I am beginning to think so, its too much or is he just insane like Hitler was with power?

  9. It amazes me that when the WH wants something from the Republicans they go to Dinner or golf. These fat cats are not starving. The rest of the time the Republicans are the scum of the earth according to the administration. THIS PRESIDENT NEVER TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING. My question to each of these elected officials is why would you want to “Partner up” with the President over your constituents?

    The President continues to just flat out lie. At the G20 press conference, he spoke of several countries supporting action. Yet, his Chief of Staff yesterday can not name one country willing to support the US efforts. Syria will have a month to hide these weapons because of the Administration ineptness. We have stated Assad has no worries of being targeted. What is left ? Take out a runway or two? The fact of the matter is at the end of the day we are still infidels in their minds.

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  11. I assume the dinner was at Biden’s since he is a better schmoozer than the golfer-in-chief.
    Biden is going to Baltimore today to promote some grant for the port. Hillary is making a statement from the White House. Does that say anything about BO’s support for Biden or Clinton in 2016? Or is that just because Hillary is related to the explainer-in-chief?

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