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Obama Lobbying Congress From Sand Trap

President Obama today took time out from what the White House is billing as an intensive Syria resolution lobbying campaign to play golf.

He’s playing with a few of his usual group of junior staffers – Mike Brush, Marvin Nicholson, and Joe Paulsen. But just minutes after the press pool reported Obama is on the golf course, the White House made sure to issue the pooler the following bulletin:

This afternoon, the President received an update from his Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, on the administration’s latest consultations with members of Congress. The President will make additional calls to members of Congress this weekend.

No laziness going on here!

They’re at the Andrews Air Force Base course, where it’s 79 degrees and sunny. It’s Obama’s 32nd time playing this year and the 143rd time of his presidency.

36 thoughts on “Obama Lobbying Congress From Sand Trap”

  1. I thought for sure Obama would have a jammie day today. It’s been quite a week plus jet lag. What d’ya bet they go to church tomorrow? He sure needs some positive swag this weekend.

    1. Denise, I think the MOOCH is AWOL again/still.
      I read an interview she gave not too long ago where she was giggling about how little time she REALLY spends at the WH. She actually said ‘people would be shocked if they knew”,

      Well, no one is shocked. We all know she hates her job and the father of her kids, but how much $$$ is the welfare queen costing us? Everything is so secretive she could be yachting on the Greek Isles for all we know.

      1. I still think they struck a deal before the election she wouldn’t do
        anything she didn’t want to and retired from her struggling efforts
        at FLOTUS. Of course she never did it anyway and was just an
        embarrassment. One half hearted faux garden photo op and then
        the country effectively told her to stuff her ‘Lets Move’ and starve
        the children lunch program she’s resorted to lecturing in her tablecloth wardrobe and sacrificing and struggling. She’s been
        AWOL since day one,

  2. Oh now be kind.
    Air travel can be taxing.
    He just needs to clear his mind while his speech writers prepare to attempt to influence the lemmings on Tuesday yet again.

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  4. Just Amazing!! Does he realize if he just retired he could go live on that 35 million dollar estate (purchased by others) and play golf full time. I guess he gets off hearing “Great Shot Mr President” 115 times each weekend.

  5. “But just minutes after the press pool reported Obama is on the golf course, the White House made sure to issue the pooler the following bulletin:…”

    Does the office which issued this really think anyone is fooled? This is one of the lamest examples of ass-covering I’ve seen in a month of Sundays.

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  8. While he’s “lobbying Congress from the sand trap”, thousands are joining Pope Francis in praying for peace in Syria. Given Preezy’s lack of humility, it is doubtful he’ll be phased by the effort.

    Victor Davis Hanson has a different take on the Syria debacle. He believes it was only a matter of time before Preezy’s hubris caught up with him.

  9. As his minions used to snarkily point out in the early days in their never-ending digs at GW, “This president can multi-task.”

    Of course, we now know the truth…unless it’s golf or fundraising, Barry can barely single-task.

    1. The anointed one must be amused at all times. While golf is his greatest love, he gets his greatest amusement from watching Americans twist in the wind as he imposes extra-constitutional edicts on US. Edicts that would assault the conscience of any god-fearing American, and which rob us all of our liberties. It must be trying for his eunuchs and court jesters to keep covering for this fraud. Then he has the gall to call on Petraus to prostitute for war with Syria, like anybody is going to believe there’s not more in his NSA dossier at the WH. Good try Preezy, but nobody is buying the “experts on war” you’re trotting out to do your bidding. No War for Ego

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  12. Has anyone thought about the fact that on the eve of the 12th Anniversary of 9 11 2001, and the first Anniversary of Benghazi, Barack is going to tell America he wants to bomb the enemies of the people who attacked America?

  13. Keith,

    Thanks for keeping count of how many golf games President Obama has played this year and throughout his presidency. I thought it was appropriate when President Bush *stopped* playing golf because it looked totally inappropriate to be out on the links while our troops were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan; at the moment, they’re only dying in Afghanistan.

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