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Obama to Blitz Airwaves Monday

As the lead-up to his prime time presidential speech on Syria Tuesday, President Obama Monday will conduct interviews with the NBC, ABC and CBS network anchors, as well as with PBS, CNN, and Fox, according to a White House official.

The interviews will air Monday night.

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      1. It is Chris….guess Fox is now recognized as a news network.
        My guess is that Bam knows were the viewers are…I wish it were Bret…he would be tougher.

  1. Oh, this is big. To keep from looking like the boot-lickers they really are, the MSM are going to have to ask some tough questions just in case one of their rivals gets a smashing soundbite from the President.

    We can expect al Jazeera and Univision to post complaints that they’re being ignored, then there’s Letterman, Leno, and all the rest who would love to be included in this, this, uh, whatever it is.

      1. What makes you think the networks care if people think they are bootlickers. Isn’t everyone’s role in this set by now? The blabby talking pointer, the weak questioner, the obsequious talk show host…

  2. There are millions of Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict. I hope just one reporter will ask him if he had given any thought of helping them instead of shooting missiles. Reports are a Tomahawk missile cost $1.5 million. They are also reports 200 of them could be used on the first strike. Would not the $300 million be better spent on helping the refugees?

    1. Old Timer,.

      You forget that the Arab League has promised to pay for any intervention, despite the fact that they oppose intervention! The Arab League has not promised to pay for humanitarian assistance because they do not believe in it.

        1. Obama sees nothing wrong with turning a once proud military into murderous thugs…soon they’ll be running drugs. And be the perfect reflection of our C in C.

    2. Refugee smefugee. The corporatists have to expend some of that million dollar weaponry to keep the crony capitalist gravy train rolling along. The defense industry’s last windfall was Preezy’s illegal Libyan invasion more than 2 years ago. Time to scratch each others back again. Who cares about the lives they destroy in their wag the dog endeavors that could lead to World War III. We’re just cannon fodder for these masterminds.

    3. Interesting, there is only (roughly) 3200 TLAM’s in the govt inventory. And yes, 1.5M is accurate for cost per upgraded TLAM (# unknown). So I guess it’s looking like an inventory clearance sale.

      The original cost was 570K per missile (1999), and their replacement in the near future will be 3 Million a pop.

      If we fire them, I said earlier last week that Russia will be deploying the anti-missile system.. what a perfect test. And more egg on our face if it works.

    4. Good point, Old Timer. Yes, many, many Syrians are fleeing and Europe will of course have a new big big wave of incoming refugees. The poor ones try to cross the borders and those with some money pay their way to Europe. Smuggling people is big, big business, organised by various ethnic groups. We have a city here, Södertälje, that is dominated by Syrians. This conflict is so close, it´s on our “doorsteps”. Many leave because they fear Obamas “humanitarian” attack, I have heard that in interviews with refugees on the radio over here.

  3. Fox? seriously, Obama is going to submit himself to the possibility of being asked a tough question?

    he must really want this Syrian strike. not to be cynical, but I can’t help feeling he’s mostly concerned about his own image. that is, not wanting to look like a wimp by not backing up that unfortunate “red line” comment.

    if Fox does get hold of Obama, I hope they (Bret Baier?) ask him what he was doing September 11, 2012.

  4. I was scanning twitter and saw that Petraeous says we should attack Syria or else …. ? Also Cnn has a graphic video out showing babies dying from being gassed that’s being passed around Congress.

    The perpetual campaign continues.

    1. Petraeus could lose his lucrative pension if he doesn’t cooperate. The promises of pork and the threats of exposure would probably make all our heads spin.

  5. So instead of actually ‘leading’, Obama chooses instead to do interviews where he is isolated from the trappings that executives face. This way, he doesn’t have to share the stage as he talks about his favorite subject – himself.

    Instead of projecting the lead voice of the United States of America, he will be relaying his thoughts and opinions on the current course of events through strictly controlled pre-recorded media events without ever daring to step forth and take the initiative on anything.

    At a time when America desperately needs leadership, we are stuck with someone who has no clue what leadership is. Obama likes ‘being’ President. He just doesn’t like ‘doing’ President.

    1. Thinking this is a no win for old Barry. Giving these interviews
      and it sounds pretty controlled even if it’s person to person it will
      likely turn into ask a question get a 1000 word sentence diatribe
      of I this and my and I again. Pretty much a vanity tour from under
      the Resolute Desk.

  6. Tea Party Patriots is having a rally in Washington, D.C. on September 10th, the same day as Preezy’s big address to the nation. Guess the rally won’t be getting too much press promotion with Preezy hogging the airwaves the day before. Of course, being the lackeys that they are, his media sycophants are more than happy to oblige, but nary a word will be mentioned about the Tea Party rally.

    Hey, maybe one of the crack reporters could ask him his opinion about the Tea Party rally on the same day as his big speech. At least he can’t give the old newspaper lie.

  7. It’s certainly not lost on any of us that this is a HUGE distraction from Benghazi (never waste a (self-made) crisis).
    And while I’m at it, I’d certainly like SOMEONE to remember why September 11th is a National Day of Mourning – what is it now, something cockamamie like “Patriot’s Day”?
    He has been so sympathetic, so compassionate, so obsequious to the Arabs, to the “Arab Spring”? (more like Dog Days)- look where it’s landed us.
    Never mind, look where HE’S landed us: back to zero, arguing about something that isn’t really the point, with a great big foofara which is, as usual, about him.

    1. Teaching a child to read is not Mooch’s forte. She’s much more comfortable telling them how fat they are, rather than showing them the door to great literary adventures. Can’t imagine life without the classics and, my favorite, Nancy Drew mysteries.

      1. to say nothing of showing her booty, which seems to be something the commenters here have never learned to appreciate. WE gotta get better at this.

      2. Oh, Nancy Drew! My grandma bought me those when I was young. I loved them. Remember roadsters? I thought that was such a neat word! The spiral staircase was my favorite.

        1. I taught myself to read for Nancy Drew before starting school, no kindergarten back then in my little town. My older girl friends were talking about her and I had to be in on that.
          I turned into a life-long mystery fan…my favorites are Agatha Christie and PD James….something about the English!
          I am now into Vince Flynn (will miss him), Daniel Silva (just finished The English Girl), and Brad Thor (now reading Hidden Order).
          I too loved the word roadster.

        1. Yes, I read Gulliver’s Travels a long, long time ago. Loved Jack London’s Call of the Wild too. Think I still have a couple of Nancy Drew books up in the attic somewhere. Good project for next Monday’s propaganda blitz – hang out in the attic with some old classics.

  8. Where is Hillary? Is she afraid to support her former CIC? Or is she afraid she might get tangled up with her involvement in the covert CIA/Libyan Jihadists/ heavy weapons-running operation out of the Benghazi Annex to the Syrian rebels. Her orders to keep a low profile because of this covert operation is why four Americans died on 9/11 In Benghazi. They were denied the proper security.

    1. She quietly said–almost whispered–that she supports Obama. This was a one time event and she has now dropped out of sight.

      1. Maybe she’s in Dick Cheney’s old ‘undisclosed location’. I think
        she and her beloved husband of all these years are in a rental in the Hampton’s.

        1. At least can hope they are not here!
          He did speak at his place of business (Clinton Library) earlier in the week in a feeble attempt to promote Obamacare.

      2. Who could have imagined the recent turn of events that would make 80% of America go against anything MrO wants to do?
        He lost support of his Hollyweird friends, the wealthy liberal do-gooders, and all of the lo-info voters in one week.

        The Clintons are probably in a panic trying to find a way to distance themselves from MrObama and his administration.
        No matter which way the vote in Congress goes, no matter if MrO does anything or not, the damage is done and severe.

  9. Since the former CIA Director, General Petraeus has decided to put aside his girlfriend and come out of hiding, perhaps he will be willing to discuss HIS Benghazi. The Benghazi location was not and never has been listed as an Embassy or a Consulate. It was his CIA location in Libya to collect (Buy back) and transfer arms to the Syrian rebels. While Hilary has gotten beat up over it, Petraeus has been untouched but it was all his people that was running the operation.

    It’s no surprise he’s coming out for Obama.

  10. Good article by VDH. Note particularly the para. that starts “Obama cannot attract top talent”.

    I see elsewhere here Petraeus resurfaces — bad move. He certainly has nothing to be proud of regarding Benghazi and supporting military intervention in Syria — whether it be a shot across the bow or all in — no good will come from this.

    I am beginning to warm even more to Cruz’ phrase to the effect — so what now we are AQ Air Force?

  11. Would that Americans declare a national media blackout Monday and Tuesday in opposition to the military intervention in Syria, and in honor of the victims of 9/11/2001 and Benghazi 9/11/2012.

    Talk to the hand Barack.

      1. Once again you nailed it. All the other comments are valid but we have to ask why. What is the strategy and purpose? I’ll be stunned if we have an acceptable answer after Tuesday. Everything this administration does is calculated and obscured from view. Don’t watch the shiny thing…you always have to dig at what they are not telling you. Inspires confidence doesn’t it?

        1. Obama’s machinations are exhausting. His words/actions must be scrutinized every day; otherwise he will remain elusive and unstoppable. .
          His ‘red lines’ humiliation on the world stage will hopefully relegate him to the back bench for the next 3 years. His cowardiceincompetence can no longer be swept under the carpet.
          Nothing matters more than stopping immigration ‘reform’ and keeping Obamacare from going Single Payer.
          When we have an American President again, we can fix healthcare and immigration.
          Better yet, if a team of shrinks could find Obama to be legally insane or unfit to serve, all of his legislation could be declared null and void.

  12. THIS ISN’T LIKE LEBRON JAMES PICKING WHICH TEAM TO JOIN!! These are serious decisions that should have been made a year ago, with a small team, privately. MAN UP!

  13. I can’t find the link, but I remember FCMABBHO saying about two years ago that our problem is that we’re not getting his message, that he had to find a way to craft it so that we could understand.

  14. Can someone please ask him why should we believe him after he has screwed up the Benghazi affair so badly. It has been a year and no one has been arrested. This Commander has no credibility!

    1. BO (not the dog) is getting the misdirection he was looking for. All the “phony scandals” (according to Blarney) have been swept aside as BO now has to tackle the tough issues – Golf or Drones. Some of us however still remember the scandals.

      1. Repost from the chicken thread:

        The good news for President Barack Obama as he considers a military response against Syria for using chemical weapons against rebels is that he probably won’t have to deal with a similar anti-war movement from Hollywood. But that’s not because there isn’t opposition. It’s just not organized, and, as Asner and Farrell – two of the industry’s most vocal progressive activists — told The Hollywood Reporter Friday, perhaps it never will be.


        “What he is talking about in Syria is a potential war crime,” Farrell said. “It will be illegal, and if citizens are killed it certainly could be considered a war crime.”


        Asner said the lack of an organized effort against war in Syria is a matter of timing. Bush took months to make the case for war in Iraq, giving the antiwar left plenty of time to prepare a response.


        Another reason some Hollywood progressives have been reticent to speak out against war in Syria, according to Asner, is fear of being called racist.

        “A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama,” he said.


        “I voted for him, but I’m not proud. He hasn’t thrown himself on the funeral pyre. I wanted him to sacrifice himself. Instead, he has proved himself to be a corporatist, and as long as he’s a corporatist, he’s not my president,” Asner said. “A lot of people have lost hope — with the betrayals, the NSA spying … People aren’t getting active because ‘Who gives a shit?’ is essentially the bottom line.”

        Adds Farrell: “I’m frankly deeply disappointed in the president’s foreign policy, war-making, his reliance on military rather then diplomatic responses, his use of drones, continued allowance of the Guantanamo prison. He’s a disappointment to me and other people I know.”


    1. We could probably write it…

      Right thing to do…who we are…violated international norms…the children…the babies…no boots on the ground…limited…send message….

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    1. Cindy Liu (spell?) you’re funny — I lauged out loud when I read your post – uh, uh, etc. he is so boring and so annoying when he speaks — so slow, I turn him off all the time — can’t stand it. I’d rather hear anyone else talk, anyone else is more exciting. Obama does not speak from the heart, thats why its so awful to listen to him drag it to the ground. And I guess it also because I cannot stand him for what he stands for.

  16. Yeah, now he wants to go on Fox, he tried ot get them off the air, always spreading viscious rumors about Fox and all of a sudden he wants to talk to Fox ’cause he needs a favor and he thinks the Republicans are war-mongers, so he goes on Fox, what a joke. BOMBING A COUNTRY’S AIRPORTS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS, BUILDINGS? BODIES WILL BE LYING ALL OVER SYRIA, HOW WOULD OBAMA LIKE IT IF THEY BOMBED THE WHITE HOUSE WITH HIS FAMILY INSIDE? HE WOULD SING A DIFFERENT TUNE THEN. WHAT’S HIS STORY? OBAMA, HE LIKES TO HURT PEOPLE AND CREATE MISERY AND CHAOS? THATS THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF. SURELY HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ALL THE CHILDREN BEING MURDERED BY THEIR MOTHERS, HE ENCOURAGES THAT, SO NOW HE’S TALKING ABOUT 400 CHILDREN GASSED WHEN MILLIONS OF A NEW GENERATION OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MURDERED SANCTIONED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and late term murder too when the baby is big and ready to be born. God works in mysterious ways, we all get it in the end, Obama will too.

  17. Blitz, you mean Blitzkrieg for Syria, while Obama’s drones kill people every day — murder is murder whether its by chemicals or bombs or guns, its all the same, Obama is no saint, he does the same thing that Syria does, who is he kidding?

  18. Fox should have told Obama, no way — after what he says about Fox all the time causing trouble for Fox. But they wouldn’t say no, either. I wish somebody would stand up against him for real.

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