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Obama Won’t Rule Out Attack if Congress Votes “No”

President Obama today refused to rule out attacking Syria anyway even if Congress fails to support him, though he will address the nation Tuesday from the White House to try to build support for his decision and put pressure on Congress to approve it.

Obama, who spoke during a press conference at the conclusion of the G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, hinted at a possible justification for acting unilaterally by noting that his decision to put the matter before Congress was not just motivated by a desire for Congressional approval, but to prompt debate about the issue and make sure the American people fully understand why he wants to bomb Syria.

Asserting the critical need to uphold the principle of preventing the use of chemical weapons in the world, Obama said he wanted to make “sure that the American people understand it is important before I take action.”

Obama said Americans need to hash this out because the threat posed by chemical weapons is the type America will be facing in coming years. “I think it’s the right thing to do,” Obama said of the decision to prompt a debate in Congress. “I think it’s good for our democracy.”

But the president also suggested he might be constrained from acting without Congress, noting that part of the reason he sought a vote was that he “could not honestly claim” the situation “was a direct or imminent threat to the United States” that would force him to move quickly without Congress. And in contrast to Libya, where Muammar Qaddafi was about to crush his opposition, the U.S. response to the Syrian chemical weapons attacks could wait a bit.

Obama repeatedly suggested that with polls showing a strike against Syria unpopular, lawmakers might want to consider acting against the will of their constituents. He argued that action to prevent the genocide in Rwanda – the lack of which is widely lamented – would “probably wouldn’t poll very well” if it were at issue today. He even noted that helping the British during the German Blitz was not popular either with the public or Congress.

The president, who has frequently referred to the need for international approval before moving militarily, sought to justify his decision to ignore the United Nations this time by charging that the UN was failing to abide by its own rules by not seeking to enforce the international ban on chemical weapons.

122 thoughts on “Obama Won’t Rule Out Attack if Congress Votes “No””

  1. Congresscritters are getting responses from their constituents hundreds to one against a strike, and there is an election next year. In fact the primaries are only a few months away.

  2. Rwanda probably wouldn’t poll well, we prevented a crash worse than the Great Depression–speculation, can’t prove otherwise, so they are nifty statements. I am so tired of being treated like an idiot. Soooo tired…. If we don’t go in with some half-hearted facesaver, things will dawdle along, more executions, kids mowed down, maybe even gas from someone–but at least i won’t be our special units or whatever boots are there who will be lying there waiting for a bullet to the brain.

      1. Or…”This is who we are.”
        Or (O’Reilly): “We are noble.”

        I think we do as a country hate seeing people hurt and slaughtered, our heart reaches out–but we also take in the whole picture. America is exceptional in many ways–and one way is down to earth common sense–or at least we did have it until Obama came along and some sort of dreaminess took over.

      2. So am I. He goes on and on with his empty rethoric, actually he is a sad sight to see. I think he realizes that he is into it over his head and there is no way out. Will he have a breakdown ? I don´t think that he wants to /dares to go alone. He miscalculated. Oh, he had some fine hours in neutral Stockholm but St Petersburg is a more hostile territory.

        1. I only saw one demonstration of a few hundred people in Stockholm. Mostly they were protesting NSA spying and the treatment of Snowden.

          I am curious about your Prime Minister Reinfeldt and his party. When I Googled his name I came up with him being a member of the ‘liberal conservative Moderate Party’. Accurate? It seems like a conglomeration of ideas.

          1. Julie,
            there were a lot of people protesting Syria intervention. I don´t know how many because even our media wasn´t keen on showing them or interviewing them. Everything was all very polished to keep our VIP American guest happy. I guess some politicians and media people now are blushing afterwards , thinking they got a tad carried away by the sight of that celebrity, that big plane, that great entourage. Someone with that enormous security must be somebody important and say important things. Well, us hillbillies up in the North aren´t so used to smoothtalkers but I think people are sobering up now. What did he really say ? A new war ????NSA is important and OK ??? Oh, no way !
            However, apart from Obama and his politics, I believe our countries found many ways of cooperating in science, technical innovations, environment, trade and so on.
            Yes, Reinfeldts party is a conglomeration of ideas. Some say he won the elections by stealing a lot of the socialist rethoric and ideas but with a conservative twist. He is smart. Sweden is the country of “lagom”. The socialist opposition, in cooperation with the Green Party, have a hard time finding a workable agenda.

          2. LOL. I just can’t think of you Swedes as ‘hillbillies’. Thanks for the new word, lagom. It’s the kind of word that could become a loan word.

    1. Kinda makes you long for the days of Kings and Queens doesn’t it? You know. The part where the King gets on his horse and rides in FIRST.
      History rewards not the cowards who “lead from behind”, let us hope Obama’s fate be the same. (and that we somehow survive the next 3 1/2 years)

        1. Obama could never be a Patton/Braveheart that requires courage. At the risk of bringing down the entire secret service, the point was he rides first INTO battle but then is consumed by that very battle never to bother the peasants again with his reckless rush to war.

  3. He even noted that helping the British during the German Blitz was not popular either with the public or Congress.

    This is a syllogism–Socrates was Greek, Socrates was a philosopher, but not all Greeks are philosophers.

    Just because the above was unpopular, does not mean it will become popular.

  4. “he will address the nation Tuesday from the White House….”

    Drinking game, anyone? The usual shot for every first-person pronoun, with the addition of a double-shot every time he says “my military.”

    1. I drink every time His Greatness deems to instruct us on his importance and why he’s smarter than we are.
      It only requires a pot of tea, a bottle of JackD, and a bag of Cheetos to make it through one of Dear Leader’s speeches.

      1. My favorite is Basil Hayden’s.

        Last summer, I swore to start smoking pot if he were re-elected. But, the penalties here for mere possession are steep.

        Maybe I should move back to Colorado.

          1. I think we’re going need to get a bigger trolley and
            larger Cheetos stat! I just got back from Dr have pain meds I might survive with the help of my
            hospital addiction of Sprite and bendy straws.

      2. New drinking game.

        During an Obama speech, every time he uses a first person personal pronoun you have to take a shot. Requires having a case of favorite adult beverage on hand, and a medic on standby to take you to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

        Must be 21 to play, or be in the US military. All firearms must be kept under lock and key to prevent televisions from being shot while in a drunken stupor. Cheetos or other snacks must not meet Mrs. Obama’s healthy food standards. Void where prohibited by law.

        1. I remember in one of Preezy’s long-winded speeches he used a first-person pronoun 117 times. We’ll all be in a drunken stupor within 5 minutes with those rules, Shofar.

  5. I keep trying to post a comment but get this message from WordPress every time. Anyone else?

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    1. It’s not “you” posting too quickly, it’s that you clicked ‘submit’ the same time as a number of other posters and the site can only handle so many at once.
      When WHD goes national, the comment section just shuts down altogether if the traffic is heavy.

  6. Something for the group to consider:
    What if all this Syrian bluster isn’t about Obama’s “red-line” at all? He’s never been concerned about it before, why now?
    Is this perhaps Rice making sure her African failures aren’t repeated and Power just pushing it through to prove her book theory?
    Throw in Jarrett and you’ve got a tri-fecta of incompetent ideologues pushing America to the brink of war while lil boy bammy leads with his thumb up his behind.

    1. For some reason, I get a very queasy feeling every time I see Susan Rice sitting next to Obama in these important meetings.

      Then I think of Krauthammer’s two words that summarize it all: Amateur Hour.

  7. Trapped by his flappety yap spouting imaginary red lines that he dared Assad to cross, shot down by our friends in England, dismissed or ignored by other countries, and denied by his precious UN, the President thought he would get cover from the Dems in Congress and some moderate hawkish Repubs for his dilemma. He overestimated his influence with the Dems, and the few Repubs who support this attack are now having second thoughts about their positions.
    He’s stuck, hoist by his own petard, hanging there twisting in the wind, whatever.

    The only way he can avoid the humiliation of a no-confidence vote in Congress is to assure his people that he won’t do anything at all. He’s not going to attack Syria on his own, that’s not his style or bent. The public is solidly against any military action that isn’t in our best interests or defense, and he cares about his legacy too much to go against popular opinion.

    1. The phones are ringing off the hook in DC, an NRO writer reports, and if he does make some statement about not doing anything on his own, we the people will have won a great victory and maybe the end of business as usual in Washington. No, it isn’t his style or bent: he wants popularity above all things.

      1. I don’t think it’s popularity that he is looking at any longer. He got re-elected, therefore he thinks he’s popular. I think it’s legacy that he is looking at now. The best way to ensure that your legacy is enshrined in American history is to be a war president. At least that is the common philosophy. However, look at how GW has been pilloried for his approved actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Obama is not the smartest man in the room, and he will follow Jarrett’s thinking to make sure he is forever remembered in the history of this country. Be a war president, fundamentally change the country, reach out and save the world from its self. He is so lost in this job, he can’t even see the desk he is sitting at.

    2. Will he fall on his own sword?? Doubtful. Am wonder what poor minion is going to blamed for all this? Or was it too much Golf? Hangover from vacation? Jetlag?

      It’s been interesting who has been pushing for action – names I hope that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Members of Congress, his NSA council, insider minions who helped get him re-elected that were call in to the WH to help him make his case to not only us but the world (and failed). We have already seen the back peddling of some of the above.

      Will there be fallout?? Oh you betcha. I hope the voters remember this. We shall see. Think of all the players who were involved in trying to ram this through. Thank goodness Rahm is still not the Chief of Staff.

      1. I can’t wait to see his next poll numbers. There aren’t enough African Americans in the US who would say “I’ve gotta support my president”.

        As for falling on his sword, just remember this: It wasn’t he that set the red line. It was everybody else.

      1. I don’t know what to make of Powers–she is so unimpressive opining…and that long hair is so not professional…I dunno. Also, isn’t she married to that death panel Sunstein guy–imagine the pillow talk there. Or don’t if you don’t have a handy tea trolley.

  8. The reality is unilateral action is unacceptable to the US Citizens. It will be very telling how the House And Senate votes and whether they choose to follow how their constituents or how their party demand. If they choose their party or President their will be a lot of members of Congress joining the unemployment line looking for a job over 30 hours a week.

    If the Congress votes against action and the President moves forward anyway then it will put us into a Constitutional crisis. Even though the President is one of the great Constitutional scholars (even though he has never published anything) he has shown through his actions that the Constitution is only good when he needs it and ignores it when it against him.

    He has put himself in a box. The question is who in the electorate will choose to end their career by joining him there. 2014 will be a very interesting election. The sad part is there is no way the Obama’s will yield to the public will so it will be a long 3 years.

    1. “Even though the President is one of the great Constitutional scholars” –

      I think this will be debated for years to come. Maybe to his fanatic followers and himself he is.

  9. This is such an interesting dance. You know he wants to help Al-Qaeda against Assad, but he’s such a wimp he’s looking for Congressional cover, and the ability to blame either the Republicans or (preferably) George Bush, as was suggested yesterday.

    Yet he’s keeping his options open. His tyranical tendencies are strong. I have never heard a president (or really, any politician) use the words “I” and “me” as much as this narcissist. He wants to do what he wants to do, and these concepts like “Constitution,” “body of law” and “public opinion” really seem to chap his hide.

    Is it yet clear how very dangerous this guy is?

      1. The closing of my October 29th, 2008 column about my liberal inlaws love affair with Obama and why I couldn’t sign on:

        “…And finally, I can’t get them to understand that I just don’t trust this guy. He backed out of town hall debates after winning the nomination, he went back on his word to take public financing, He takes unidentified millions through internet “donations”, he refuses to admit his error on the surge in Iraq, he never held a hearing one on Afghanistan, he rants about “bringing us together” and “bipartisanship” while his record is anything but, he says his Illinois state voting record on abortion and gun rights were just “procedural” votes, he states that bringing up his past associations is irrelevant, and on, and on, and on.

        In short Obama is no “new” politician at all. He is in fact the worst of the worst. A ruthless Chicago machine pol who will say anything, promise everything, and step on anyone to achieve political office. No principles, no morals, just pure political posturing.

        If it wasn’t for the media being in love with this guy, he’d have never made it out of the primaries.

        But sadly, he did and even sadder; our sorrow is only beginning.”

        1. I knew he was a Communist and a narcissist right off the bat, that he had a weltanschauung fundamentally different from the Founding Fathers. So, I didn’t pay much attention to his actions during the campaign. The morning after the election, I bawled my eyes out for ages.

          1. In colonial times we had a population of about 4 million people. From that group came James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Paine, etc. Now we have a population of 300+ million and we have Joe Biden, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, etc. The only conclusion we can draw is that Darwin was wrong.

      2. Which is why I am proud to say I voted for McCain–first time ever voting Republican–and I still respect the man even if I don’t agree on an issue. He has earned my respect, not comments about his being a lesbian or insane and things like that. I am disgusted by those.

    1. “You know he wants to help Al-Qaeda against Assad, but he’s such a wimp he’s looking for Congressional cover, and the ability to blame either the Republicans or (preferably) George Bush, as was suggested yesterday.” – DMcG

      Absolutuely, but Obama being Obama, he does NOTHING that is not in Obama’s best interest. In this particular case, he wants;
      1) The ability to blame Republicans,
      2) Give cover to Democrats in an election year,
      3) Opposition to Sunni Islam in Syria gone, and
      4) No personal responsibilty.

      Items 1 and 2 are so he can get a rubber-stamp House like he already has in the Senate, so he can TRULY rule as he sees fit, and then with a thin scum of legal authority. His base is rebelling against war – ANY war – so he sees a chance to kill 2 birds with one stone and protect his apparatchiks while simulaneously using his enemies in a way that will result in their later elimination. What could be sweeter?

      3 is his apparent personal preference. While he professes a Christianity, he’s never been more than lukewarm about it, except maybe for the “G_D D!MN AMERICA!” parts of it that his old pastor bellowed at him while he was a pew for the political convenience of it all. The fact remains, though, that Obama was raised Sunni after being born to a Sunni father by a Sunni stepfather, was educated as a Sunni, and has shown a personal predilection for cuddling and bowing – literally – to Sunni leaders while killing Shia when he feels it’s politically expedient for SOME Muslims to die to advace his personal agenda. The fact that he can be received by Sunni leaders after professing an apostasy against the Prophet’s faith is a fairly clear indication that, while Americans might fall for it, the Ummah know it’s all taqiyya.

      4 has been an Obama hallmark. Examples are too numerous to mention here. It would be FAR harder to find an example of him actually taking responsibility for something. Even his big “success” with Osama was politically timed, and he had Admiral McRaven set up nicely to take the fall if it went South, to wit;

      “the timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands.”

      “The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his consideration,” said the memo.”

      Pretty cool for him that if the SEALS had died, he could have said McRaven was the goat for failiing to update him about “additional risks”!

      The man has NEVER been held accountable in his LIFE. He’s been groomed, prepped, passed, and made into a totally self-centered, arrogant beast that thinks that any failure in his designs MUST be the fault of others. It’s his way.

      And now, we all pay for it.

      And this is the ONLY reason he’s even approaching Congress. Political points. He has no interest in Consitutional government, and will burn it’s remains as soon as he truly dominates the Reichstag – I mean, the Capitol – as he so clearly intends.

    1. I’ve been mulling over your question for close to an hour, but I’m coming up empty. Maybe it’s because he approved of the people who attacked the consulate, and approves of al-Nusra and al-Qaida.

      1. A lot of people seem to be thinking of Benghazi by using the bloody handprints on the column photo and asking “what about these red lines” ? We really never had closure on that, now this?

  10. “I think it’s good for our democracy.”

    Hey Preezy Revenge, thought you might have learned this with all your Ivy League education – America is not a democracy. We are a Republic! Nowhere in our founding documents will the word democracy be found, because our founding fathers knew the dangers of majoritarianism and mob rule.

  11. They keep mentioning the other countries that will back us, yet they have not named them. I’m thinking once we hear that list we will be even more against any action.

  12. Congress will vote it down, Obama will go to war anyway, Congress won’t push back, and the resulting regional war in the Middle East will suddenly end when we find out the hard way that Iran’s nuclear bomb program was further along than we thought.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  13. Oh, and for whatever it may be worth:

    I have seen war. I have seen war on land and sea. I have seen blood running from the wounded. I have seen men coughing out their gassed lungs. I have seen the dead in the mud. I have seen cities destroyed. I have seen 200 limping, exhausted men come out of line — the survivors of a regiment of 1,000 that went forward 48 hours before. I have seen children starving. I have seen the agony of mothers and wives. I hate war.
    –Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I’m quoting FDR without being ironic. The world has turned upside-down, hasn’t it?

  14. And why would anyone be surprised if the post-Constitutional Prezzy assumes dictatorial powers of unilaterally declaring and waging war?

    Declaring and waging war on his own AGAIN, I mean, since he already did so in Libya, and has yet to pay even a political price for it. This probably emboldens him even as the prospect of OUR air force aiding THEM emboldens the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

    And, the man has never been a coalition builder. Someone ELSE build a coalition of people who could agree on the fact that they were well-trained to hate George Bush, and he simply capitalized on it, even as he captializes on all the years of Liberal training of White guilt and Black entitlement that make even questioning his policies impossible.

    Democracy turns on a LEADER being able to build a CONSENSUS among people who may have differing views. If you simply decide you know what’s best and do it whether you can get some common ground or not, that’s not democracy.

    It’s tyranny.

    I’m WITH Obama on ONE thing, though, that he said during the “Arab Spring”.

    “We should stick to the principles of democracy and recognition for the rule of law.” – Barak Obama


    Now, how about you PRACTICE what you PREACH?

    Just puttin’ it out there, Mr. Prezzy…

    1. And, the man has never been a coalition builder. Someone ELSE build a coalition of people who could agree on the fact that they were well-trained to hate George Bush…


      “If he’s got a coalition, he didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

  15. Let’s face it. Obama had no intention of going to Congress until the day after his MLK bash at the WH where he was knee-deep in conversation with his new ‘jobs’ advisor, Magic Johnson.

    Someone, probably Denis McDonough, must have grabbed him by the collar and told him that the world was turning against him on Syria.
    Not one to hold daily briefings on a regular basis, he was caught off-guard. Wasn’t the world still transfixed by his ‘race’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial? Hadn’t SOS Kerry just laid out the Syria plan on national TV? What could possibly go wrong?

    Fast forward to the Rose Garden. In ten short minutes, he managed to throw Kerry under the bus and use the 585 members of Congress as human shields. Mission accomplished. Or so he thought.

    His innocuous, last minute trip to Sweden proved to be his downfall. The Swedish press corps (unlike the WH press corpse) peppered him with questions about his ‘red lines’. His incredulous response will be talked about for years to come.

    The only way for Obama to save face is for Congress to vote ‘No’. It’s a win-win for him – he can continue demonizing them for the next 3 years, and he is off the hook In Syria. He will have to figure out a way to get around the fact that he has said he doesn’t need the approval of Congress for military strikes, but his speech writers have a way with words. In the end, his lies about ‘red lines’ in Syria and You Tube videos in Benghazi will be swept under the carpet by the ever-fawning MSM.

  16. MT for re-redistribution

    OK, apparently O is in a pickle. He promised his Al Queda brothers that he would send the US military to help their cause. Then he gambled that Congress would approve. Now, significant evidence casts doubt on the whole chemical weapons story, and O still wants to do Al Queda’s work. Hopefully more people are opening their eyes to his true allegiance.

      1. The proof is in the foreign press and while Obama dithered a couple of years ago to help the rebels, AQ and other radical islamic factions infiltrated them and took them over. It’s a serious worry. BUT, can we trust the foregin media ? Can we trust the Obama media? We the people are screwed on both counts, so we say no to everything until we gain back trust in our government.

        There was a video going around today of a Syrian American woman confronting John McCain at a townhall and pleading with him not to attack her country. It’s heartbreaking to listen to.

  17. Obama leaves people behind or ignores them once deployed to a theater. His insistence on calling the military “my military ” reflects his superficial knowledge of the costs of war. His use of drones without thought or comment on collateral damage borders on the obscene. His purges of the military and insistence on political correctness weakens an institution where lives are at stake daily. His refusal to extend benefits to victims of the Ft. Hood terror attack which he allows to continue as ‘workplace Violence ‘ reflects his thinking that politics and
    the political win reign supeme. And now he is all bent out of shape because Americans are demanding evidence before they offer their sons and daughters in service.

    He is the worst kind of CiC.
    # # # # # # # # # # #

    use he spoke poorly and Americans are demanding evidenvce that there Ismail cause to offer their sons and daughters

    1. I am still waiting to see Todd Akin walking along down here. Can’t wait to punch him a good one for not putting aside his damn ego and sticking us with six more years of Cacklin Claire!
      (Note to the cops, the “punch” was metaphorical and not a threat of physical violence against the moron er former Congressman.)

      1. Our Tim Kaine is a yes, but I think he wants to run for president and doesn’t want to lose favor with the Virginia Dems which are party before country. Not sure about Mark Warner, and our local CD reps are battling overwhelming NO’s from their constituents v. their Military Industrial Complex mega donors (Norfolk, Va area).

    2. As soon as Mr. ‘I didn’t draw the red line, the world drew the red line’ deplanes in D.C. this evening, the champagne corks will be popping. He would not have gone to Congress unless he knew there wouldn’t be enough votes in the House. Operation ‘CYA’ is over. Alinsky lives!

    1. Sheehan ran for the VP slot on the Peace and Freedom Party last November. Right now, she’s very, very unhappy with FCMABBHO. I give her credit for being consistent.

      I just hope that one day she finds true peace after being used, abused and brainwashed by the stinking Progs.

  18. Obama talking about the “German Blitz” what a joke he is. It’ll be a blitz here thats for sure. Obama makes a dumb statement about the red line and we all have to suffer for it and worry and wonder when the next 9/11 will be? We need Obama and Hillary Clinton llike we need a hole in our heads. I just hope the low IQ’s get some schooling and come to their senses and give us back our wonderful country without the Obamas and the Clintons.

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