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The Obama Morning News || September 6, 2013

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      1. I just mis-posted this in the live-stream thread:

        Wednesday’s 10-7 vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee supporting an authorization of military attacks on Syria may have been affected by varying levels of financial support the senators got from political action committees representing the defense industry, and from the companies’ employees.

        On average, a ‘yes’-voting senator received 83 per cent more money from defense contractors than one who voted ‘no.’


        The phenomenon crossed party lines. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of three Republicans to vote in the affirmative, collected the largest amount – $176,300 – for his campaigns. The next largest numbers belonged to Democrats, including $127,350 given to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and $101,025 given to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

  1. Obamacare plans cheaper than expected- says the headline, but the story adds “if the taxpayer subsidies are factored” and if the person doesn’t get sick.

  2. So odd reading the comments section of the WAPO article on Preezy Revenge lobbying congress from Russia. Even the libs are abandoning their precious potentate when it comes to his warmongering. Amazing…he finally succeeded in uniting the right and the left on an issue. America is weary of the perpetual war.

    1. Hah, hah, in a way he never anticipated. If we constituents can hold our representatives’ feet to the fire, there would be no other word for it than ‘revolutionary’.

  3. “Iran plots revenge if U.S. hits Syria . . . Wall Street Journal”

    What, they’ll try to kill us and Israel even MORE than they do already?

    Like the Republicans, we need to stop acting like if we do what people who have, do, and will always hate us say for us to do in the hopes that they’ll hate us less, do what’s RIGHT, and deal with the consequences of additonal actors as they come. Use their threats as an indication of intention and proof of malace if we need a “force” resolution after an Iranin attack. Do NOT change course BECAUSE of what a hostile says MIGHT happen.

    I’m not a fan of any war, let alone having one under this particular anti – military “C in C”, but we’d have to take it as it comes, and confrontation with Iran is long overdue. Prezzy Revenge has put our foot into a situation where it doesn’t belong, and now has to deal with it. If Iran wants to play, I’m sure we can expand the discussion group to include them – but we would need to play to WIN. If he doesn’t have the cojones for this consequence line, he simply has to put his tail between his legs and walk away; otherwise, he MUST commit.

    I wouldn’t worry about damaging American “prestige” and “Credibitly” in the global community. Obama’s already done a magnificent job of THAT. I would worry MORE about the lives of our brave servicepeople that he will be placing in harm’s way, and whether he will be placing them at risk for America’s interest or not, and whether he plans to use enough force to finish the job or not.

    After Benghazi, our military has ample reasons to doubt and mistrust our President’s commitment to them. Soldiers follow leaders, and Obama has been anything but. Unless he can convince THEM he will support them and give them ample material to do the job, DO NOT START IT. And by “support”, I mean that he must be willing to take the international political heat for them – and that includes; not hamstringing them with “the enemy must shoot first” rules of engagement; AND not leaving them at the legal mercy of foreign governments in the occupied countires; AND allowing them to advance the flag with the troops whether that offends the enemy or not; AND not saying it’s their fault if a Muslim shoots them in the back for having pointed a shoe sole at them at some past time; AND actually trying to rescue them if they come under attack, with all the force that can be mustered; AND…

    Ok, it’s a long list. But if Obama can’t fill it, he’s got no business with the title of Commander in Chief and needs to either step aside for someone who CAN, or NEVER involve himself in foreign policy again. Our military is the only stick that makes the rest of the world respect us. If he can’t use them effectively, he can’t use them at all.

    N.B. to Obama – your homeland security troops with their hollow-point bullets won’t impress anyone. And I don’t think the Iranian goverment really cares if you call racist on them the way John Boehner does. You’re WAY out of your leauge here, so step back and be a man for ONCE in your life before you get our sons and daughters killed for your hurt feelings.

  4. Neil Cavuto had an interesting interview with one Elizabeth O’Bagy yesterday. Never heard of her before but turns out she has played a big role in introducting McCain to the Syrian rebels.

    First Neil’s interview with Elizabeth O’Bagy where she dances around whether or not she is being paid by the Syrian Emergency Task Force for her services:

    Then the Dan Greenfield article exposing O’Bagy’s relationship to Mouaz Moustafa, who McCain calls a patriot. Moustafa is not new to the rebel cause. Syria is just his latest stop after involvement with the revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

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