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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – St. Petersburg, Russia

23 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – St. Petersburg, Russia”

      1. Give the man some credit and respect. He did cancel the California fund raiser. He was looking forward to a long nap on Air Force 1 and some terrible golf games. He was going to attack the Republicans in front of Barbara Streisand.

    1. They’re implying that Americans are tired of war because of Iraq and WMD, but he has only to look closer to home. He and his administration have made a mess out of the middle east and destabilized the entire region, all because they would look so democratic deposing the strong men who ruled. What we’re looking at is Libya and Egypt–and yes, Benghazi–not a war started almost ten years ago.

  1. Wednesday’s 10-7 vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee supporting an authorization of military attacks on Syria may have been affected by varying levels of financial support the senators got from political action committees representing the defense industry, and from the companies’ employees.

    On average, a ‘yes’-voting senator received 83 per cent more money from defense contractors than one who voted ‘no.’


    The phenomenon crossed party lines. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of three Republicans to vote in the affirmative, collected the largest amount – $176,300 – for his campaigns. The next largest numbers belonged to Democrats, including $127,350 given to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and $101,025 given to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

    1. Thanks, good link. Someone posted yesterday, maybe you, that McCain and Flake are also ‘for’ because Raytheon Tomahawk missiles are made in Tuscon, AZ.

  2. Busy this AM — trying to figure out why there’s a PC from a President while he is out of country. Guess I ‘ll have to wait for analysis since I can ‘t stand to listen to him. When I check in he doesn’t look good – hanging on podium slouched.

  3. I only caught a portion of Obama’s press conference today, but did I hear correctly, he tried to make a comparison with action in Syria with the actions taken by Reagan in Grenada, and G.H.W. Bush in Panama? The first was in response to the direct threat to US citizens in Grenada and the second was in response to Noriega’s threats against US personnel in the Canal, and the death of a US Marine.

    Syria is nothing more than sectarian violence, and should be allowed to run its natural course, despite the use of chemical weapons.

    The involvement of US troops, whether in the air, on the sea, or on the ground should not be allowed. This is not our war, it is Obama wanting to etch his place in history, an etch that will be made with US blood.

    1. Love this from a man that has not one ounce of military bearing. Not an ounce. I shudder every time I see him get off of Air Force One and salute a Marine. I shudder more when I se that Marine have to return that salute to this POS.

  4. This “important” issue that has the President and his minions up in arms will be explained to the general public on Tuesday night. Tuesday is first day open to address the nation on this “important” issue because of all the football games on Sunday, and then of course..Monday Night Football.

    1. Wonder if it will be an Oval Office speech? Preezy’s last Oval Office speech was on the Gulf oil spill in 2010. If I remember correctly, that speech didn’t go too well…

      Tuesday is also the day of a Tea Party rally in DC to exempt America from Obamacare. Cruz, Lee, and Paul are scheduled to speak at the rally.

  5. I missed most of the Q & A but from what I did see, he looked tired and defensive. It almost reminded me of the cringeworthy farewell speech of Nixon – rambling and incoherent at times.

    He is praying for a ‘No’ vote from Congress, and I am praying for a ‘Yes’ vote. He needs to be taught a lesson. He needs to take responsibility for his bad actions. Words have meaning, as he has said on various occasions, and he said something he shouldn’t have said. He is trying to put the onus on Congress for the mess he created all by his lonesome. He is a coward. He has demonstrated the audacity of arrogance and incompetence beyond anything we have seen in any presidenccy. Syria is his Waterloo. He is unfit to serve and should resign poste haste. A liar and a coward should not be tolerated in the Oval Office – not for one more minute.

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