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Quote of the Day || September 6, 2013

“It’s nice having a full day of work to get away from all this golf.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

9 Responses to Quote of the Day || September 6, 2013

    • “It’s going to require another vacay to recuperate.” – Girly1

      I’m sure he’s got SOMETHING coming up. Wouldn’t want to be around the WH on September 11th, now, would he? Some of those non-existant terrorist might do something to make him look bad again, and he just wouldn’t want to deal with it. I wonder what the “plausible deniabilty” will look like THIS year if – G_d forbid – our Religion of Peace practicioners decide to spread their love around some more?

      • The only way we will be safe is if he resigns and seeks asylum. He is the proverbial man without a country. No one is going to roll out the welcome mat for him – not even Kenya.
        Some nut case in Iran is already talking about doing terrible things – personal things. Sasha’s name was mentioned. He has caused a maelstrom of hatred – everywhere. He needs to go now!