As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || September 4, 2013

Senate strikes deal on resolution . . . Washington Post
Obama seeks international support . . . The Hill
Obama faces a skeptical public . . . Washington Post
GOP caucus won’t easily follow leaders . . . Politico
Hillary finally backs Obama on Syria . . . Politico
Key GOP group opposes Syria strike . . . Examiner
Cruz: “We’re not Al Qaeda’s air force . . . Politico
Rubio still on the fence; Paul opposes . . . National Journal
Drudge: Why would anyone for GOP? . . . Daily Caller
Obamacare tax on best plans draw ire. . . Fox News

3 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 4, 2013

  1. “Drudge: Why would anyone for GOP?”

    Matt Drudge is just saying out loud what we former GOP members have been saying for a while now. There is no difference between the two parties. Back in 2010, the Tea Party handed the Republicans a chance to show their mettle, but they elected a sleazy go along to get along sot to lead them in the House. His team of backstabbing professional politicians – Cantor, McCarthy, and McMorris-Rodgers – are no better than he is. The Republican leadership in the Senate are just as flaccid as the House. Not a statesman among the whole lot of these so-called congressional leaders…

    Mark Levin’s Article V convention is our only way to dislodge the political class from their perch of power. A constitutional amendment for congressional term limits is as appropriate now as the 22nd Amendment was after FDR abused the norm for presidential terms.

  2. Didn’t Kerry say something about maybe–gosh–some small special unit might have to find the gas caches…then he completely yanked that back. To me, that means we already have boots on the ground. This will develop backwards as always.I guess they think we are stupid–maybe we are–maybe this isn’t what we should be looking at at all!