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Beware Obama’s New Rights Racket

You have your rights. The Founding Fathers gave them to you. But now Obama wants to give you rights too.

Like what he says is the “right” to health care. And other new rights he’s been talking about of late.

What’s Obama up to? Well, only government can secure your “rights.” And so with your new rights will come a whole lot more government. And since it’s the government, and not just the Constitution, that’s giving you these rights, then of course the government is allowed to start taking rights away.

Like, increasingly, your freedoms.

That’s the theme of a piece I have running today in Politico titled, “President Obama’s dangerous “rights” explosion.” Please take a look!



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  1. How about the right to live freely and choose how you spend or save the money you earn ??

    I like the Right to live in a neighborhood you want even if you cant afford it ! That was my favorite one. Isn’t that how it is done in a communist society ?

  2. Excellent article, Keith. You will not be popular with the resident Politico Obots, but I admire your courage. Our rights are inalienable – they come from our Creator and not from some government stooge.

  3. Small point, Keith. The Founders gave me nothing. They simply pointed out that these rights are inherent and inalienable.

    Obama is, in fact, handing out “rights” like candy, you’re correct.

    • I agree. The Founders–Jefferson mainly–said that rights come from God. They were more modest than Mr. Obama (understatement).

      My mother always warned me about accepting candy from a stranger.

  4. Good post, Keith. People are not paying attention because Obama knows the efficacy of ‘squirrels’. Surprised at the number of positive replies you received on a site like Politico.

  5. Every personal conceived “wrong” should be “right-ed” in Obama’s vision of paradise. The self proclaimed visionary is a myopic moron.

    Nicely done, Keith!

    • ;-)
      MrObama’s statement that we have a “right to health insurance” is a con man’s twist of words. He hopes that the audience transposes health-insurance to mean health-care, two entirely different things.
      We may have the right to buy an auto (if we can afford one), butt we don’t have the right to drive it. We must ask permission from the government to sit behind the wheel, and we must promise to buy auto insurance, license plates and obey all traffic laws, or else find our money taken from us or our freedom.

      The government can’t offer the right to healthcare, because they aren’t the ones who will provide it. Individuals who have spent years in training to become healthcare providers are neither slaves, nor government employees.


  6. Keith,
    The article for Politico is excellent! It is difficult to understand how ‘short-sighted’ and how ‘easily mis-led’ so many of our fellow citizens have become with the propaganda from the bho wh. Some of the readers’ comments reflected ‘confusion’ about the role of gov’t.

    Since the Wizard’s curtain has been removed, and we know bho is determined to use his office and the AG – the lawyer who is suppose to be a CHECK for Americans against the questionable and downright ‘unconstitutional’ Exe Branch dictates – to ignore laws that prevent him from achieving the socialists’ agenda, Americans are becoming convinced that they can do nothing to stop bho!

    As you stated, our Constitution guarantees Americans equal rights and opportunities, but it does not guarantee equal outcomes. The outcomes are left to the individuals to freely pursue for themselves.

    Americans haven’t been DENIED healthcare whether they are insured or NOT. College is NOT for everyone. Besides, bho’s policies have almost destroyed the job market, regardless of education, and tens of thousands of new college grads are competing for minimum wage work!

    Millions of our most needful Americans are still ‘trapped in urban wastelands’ after 200 years of Democrat domination/policies that have destroyed neighborhoods once vibrant with family-owned businesses that hired neighbors and their kids for summer work, whose taxes supported the schools and city services.

    Since the bho agenda started, the elderly, the disabled, the young minorities have been hurt the most. As you so clearly implied, if the gov’t is responsible for providing Americans’ rights, then the gov’t can decide to take away Americans’ rights!

    In my opinion, the bho wh, dep’t chairs (HHS, EPA, etc., & SCOTUS & AG) have been making extraordinary progress unimpeded by Americans’ protests and opinions as reflected in polls. Very frustrating and disturbing! jk

  7. Let’s not get sloppy! Our forefathers did not “give us our rights” as you stated. Our forefathers acknowledged that all “rights” come from God and are inalienable by man’s governments. Privileges (entitlements) on the other hand are granted by governments, and can be taken away by government. A distinction that should never be ignored! When government tries to restrict your “rights” it is tyranny.

    • Absolutely true! Without the Judeo-Christian values and principles that guided our Forefathers, America might have failed and returned to power in a king/dictator. With the gov’t attacks on freedoms and the EROSION of the critical moral barometer that has been, for over 200 years, the measurement and the underpinning of the American system of ‘checks & balances’ of power and of our once ‘un-activist agenda driven’ judicial system, the socialist movement under bho is continuing. Educating others, especially our young citizens, about the Constitution has never been more important! How will that happen under the Ed Dep’t/NEA ‘core’ propaganda initiative? jk

  8. Great one, Keith! I wonder who in this administration is in contact with those who are demanding twice the pay for fast food workers in NYC.

    One thing about this drive to make sure everyone has a college degree is the fact that you don’t need a degree to become a plumber, a electrician, a mechanic, et cet. Where would this world be without those professions? How many PhD’s can wire a house? How many social workers can rebuild a motor? How many attorneys can lay pipe?

    • Spot on.
      I am a returning adult to college (being a US Vet I think we Vets should get 100% free tuition… the GI Bill isnt cutting it anymore) and they are WAY TOO many useless kids in college getting usless degrees. 60% of these kids do not need to be in college, they need to be working REAL jobs.

  9. God given inalienable rights as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    These all protected by the 1st & 2nd Amendments.
    Governments don’t give, with some exceptions they only take.
    Most excellent article Keith, keep up the good work.

  10. OT: back to the previous post by MrK
    The majority of comments both here and all over the ‘net is that MrO has lost his mind, is nuts, crazy, insane, delusional, by claiming that he didn’t set the “red line”.
    IMO, this is new and different from the usual complaints seen and written.

  11. OT: Looks like the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just approved the resolution authorizing military force in Syria. Boxer, Cardin, Shaheen, Coons, Durbin, Kaine, Corker, Flake, and McCain voted Yes. Arizona, what a disappointment. Guess McCain is happy the resolution contains “boots on the ground”. These people are indeed insane!

  12. OT and back to Syria. (Sorry, Keith, I don’t like to OT, but I can’t stand the suspense.) The Senate panel passed a resolution 10 to 7, 1 voting present, in favor of a strike, and actually Insane McCain got the wording to be even more hawkish than originally. I can’t find the breakdown of the vote. Does anyone know? Obviously McCain, Graham and Corker were Republicans who voted for it.

    Also, FL Congresswoman Ileana Ros-L (can’t spell) told Kerry that a rumor is going around that the House may not even vote on it at all. That would let the Democrats up for re-election next year off the hook, and Obama will see this as a green light over the red line.

        • The comment section at Huffpo already has more than 1,200 comments. If I gave a damn what the readers have to say, I would have read beyond the first half dozen.

          Julie, I believe they’re all “flakes” no matter how they voted.

        • My US Senator, Jeff Flake voted “yes”.
          I tried to e-mail him with my opinion as I have done in the past, but was directed to some US Senate website.
          They just don’t want to hear what we have to say. (or he doesn’t, maybe yours is more open with the public).

          • srdem, Flake used to be in touch with followers on his Facebook page but now he barely posts anything and isn’t very responsive to comments posted there. He used to hold telephone town halls as a Rep but I’ve heard nothing from him as a Senator. Very disappointing.

            McCain tweeted he’s holding town halls tomorrow in Tucson and Phoenix. I wonder if they’re invitation only again…

          • His by invitation only town halls are only pushing the envelop a little bit. My husband read that before Congress adjourned for August, the RNC gave each lawmaker a packet with talking points which were not to be deviated from. Audience members were to be selected from those agreeing with those talking points.

            They shut us out by their peril though.

        • Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), ranking member Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) voted for the resolution.

          Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), James Risch (R-Idaho), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) voted against the authorization, while Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) voted present.

          The committee also voted 14-5 to table an amendment from Paul that would clarify the president’s constitutional authority to use military force in the event that Congress voted against intervention in Syria. Paul’s amendment would include language in the resolution to specify that if the authorization failed to pass Congress, the president “would be in violation of the Constitution” if he ordered a military strike against the Syrian government anyway.

          In arguing for his amendment, Paul said that his fellow lawmakers should dispense with the Obama administration’s claim that such a action would be short of war. “This will indeed be a war,” he said.

          Rubio, Flake, McCain and Barrasso all voted to table Paul’s amendment.

  13. On the subject of ‘red lines’ – don’t We the People have ‘red lines’ that should never be crossed? To wit: A POTUS who is incapable of truth-telling? Today in Sweden that red line was crossed. We saw the real Barack Hussein Obama – a coward who is willing to throw Congress and the world under the bus to save himself. A coward who is incapable of accepting responsibility for his own actions and words..
    Instead of debating military strikes in Syria, Congress ought to be drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Shockingly, Pelosi and Kerry have ;jumped on the Obama red-line bandwagon. Aiding and abetting a pathological liar should also be a crime.
    This is 1000x worse than Watergate.

  14. Thank goodness, this day is almost over.
    After the President claims he didn’t say something that the world knows he did, he put out the three men who are charged with keeping us safe from harm only to show that they don’t have a clue of what they’re doing or will do in the future.
    SecKerry sounded like that pompous ass he really is, the General looked like he was hoping for a fire drill so that he could leave the room, and the director of all our defense wasn’t sure if he was allowed to say anything important.

    You’d think just by picking and choosing from millions of citizens, the odds would show that MrObama had placed at least one competent person in charge of at least one of the important agencies.
    But no, no winners.

      • Lurch certainly was squirming in his seat….thx for posting, Susan.
        Benghazi is exactly the reason the CIC (Coward-in-Chief) should never be allowed to meddle in matters involving our military. Look what he has done in Afghanistan, for oete’s sake, Everything he touches turns to disaster.

        I thought it was interesting that Kerry said if we don’t intervene in Syria, it will give Assad the green light to keep on gassing his people. What proof does he have that it was Assad? Because those who were gassed were the ‘opposition’? Who’s to say the rebels didn’t plan it that way?
        If we do get involved, it’s all the more reason for those who committed the atrocities to continue the chemical warfare just to make the US look like fools.
        It’s a lose-lose for the US.

  15. reports that MrO will NOT meet with the LGBT crowd in Russia as had been announced. They claim there was a mix-up in meeting times, or something. Considering the laws in Russia against being a LGBT or something, it probably had more to do with the threat of being imprisoned than scheduling.

    He also is cancelling his fundraiser in California next week (or the money guys cancelled him for being a jerk), nor will he attend the AFL-CIO quarterly meet that had been planned (because the union guys are really, really mad at him).
    The MSM claims that he is going to stay in DC and work out the Syria problem with Congress (he’s going to stay home and hide in the movie theatre).
    While at the G-20 meeting, MrO brought up the Syrian problem, spoke for 20 seconds. Nobody looked at him, nobody responded.
    He looked and sounded like a whipped dog.

    How’my doin’ ? Am I getting the MSM spin right here?

  16. What a horse’s rear end! Obama did not join Putin and the world leaders for the photo shoot during their walk to the working dinner mtg. Instead, he waited 30 minutes….and then took the walk all by his lonesome – smiling and waving like a rock star.
    He is a total embarrassment to this country – a first-class jerk!

      • It’s a working dinner – he probably got a bowl of warmed over borscht. Supposedly his tardiness was due to a mtg. he was having with another member of the G20 – CNN is trying to find out which world leader he allegedly was meeting with. Why couldn’t he find a quiet corner at the working dinner to conduct business? And where was the mystery world leader he was meeting with? Why didn’t they walk out together? Sounds like he was just being a petulant brat….as if Putin gives a hoot.

    • He’s waving at no one, it’s for show as if he has supporters waving “I love you” in the background. Really, who would he be waving to in Russia, at a high-profile, heavy security meeting? Maybe the American press?
      As for the photo op, walk to dinner; no one wanted to walk with him and he knows it.

      I look for him to leave early and return home, using the excuse of the Syrian mess that Congress is trying to clean up.

      • “I look for him to leave early and return home, using the excuse of the Syrian mess that Congress is trying to clean up.”

        Maybe some Hizb’Allah-thrown shit will hit the fan, making his departure even more dramatic.

      • Everything he does is strictly for the cameras.

        You’re right, srdem. Everything he does is strictly for the cameras. He figured out how to upstage Putin on his home turf.. Reminds me of the time he left Netanyahu cooling his heels at the downstairs at the WH while he went upstairs for dinner. He also refused to be photographed with Bibi and forced him to leave through the back entrance. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

    • I saw the video of him being welcomed by Putin. It lasted 15 seconds, and the commenters on Breitbart all thought it looked as if Putin squeezed his hand real hard. LOL.

    • nope.. typical BO. He does it for WH meetings, formal functions, briefings, etc. I think he would be late for his own funeral (and this is a j/k btw).

      So he attempted to broach a hot topic and was snubbed. About time.

      • And don’t forget the Europeans and Latin Americans are also upset about the NSA spying. The Stinky Cheese stands all alone, e-i-e-i-o.