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As Syria Heats Up, White House Nixes Briefings

Even as President Obama prepares to commit an act of war in Syria, the White House has scaled back the public questioning it will tolerate about what the president is doing, holding only one televised briefing in the past seven days to justify the president’s position to the American people.

Has anyone seen this man?
Has anyone seen this man?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has all but disappeared, briefing reporters in any forum – televised or not – only once since holding an off-camera “gaggle” aboard Air Force One August 10. Instead, he’s left the job to Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

But even Earnest has been partially in hiding. The White House Press Secretary – or sometimes his deputy – generally goes before the cameras on weekdays when the president is in Washington. But there was no briefing last Wednesday or Friday, and none is schedule for today. Carney briefed last Tuesday and Earnest appeared at the podium of Thursday.

It’s not clear why the self-proclaimed “openness White House” has shut down regular public briefings. Press secretaries, who are prepped by experts from throughout the government, are supposed to be able to hold forth on sensitive issues. Americans are losing a chance to watch the press try to hold the White House accountable, and the White House is missing an opportunity to explain Obama’s shifting positions on Syria.

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154 thoughts on “As Syria Heats Up, White House Nixes Briefings”

  1. The poles show that over 90% of the population is against this. Any Congressman that votes for this should be targeted to lose their next reelection bid.

  2. The community organizer just stirs the pot and walks away. No questions allowed little folk. Well let you know what the definition of transparency is.

  3. I am your leader!!!! I WILL be respected!!! Do you hear me?!? I said you WILL respect me!! I need adoration and respect to function as the jerk that I am!!!

  4. Baghdad Bob and Jay Carney must have attended the same school of journalism. Lie down with dogs, Jay, and get up with fleas. Is he worth it?

    These are exciting times. We are watching history in the making. A rogue dictator and his regime are being unceremoniously toppled in grand style before the entire world. The Palace guards have jumped ship. The visitor logs have been sealed. Regular citizens have long been vanquished from WH tours. Michelle Obama is playing the Imelda Marcos role to the hilt. And Barry is a man without a country who will soon be seeking asylum with his BFF’s somewhere in the Brotherhood.

    The U.S. Congress must not intervene! They must allow this tyrant to collapse under his own weight. McCain and Graham need to shut up and let history take its course. Obama needs to walk the plank; not Congress. We’ll deal with the latter in due time – 2014.

      1. Agree. Walking the ‘political’ plank does not have anything to do with God’s ultimate judgement. My fervant wish is to see Obama humiliated on the world stage and then relegated to the dustbin of history. No one deserves it more.

  5. So the stupidest man on the planet has dug himself such a deep hole this time that he can’t even let his professional liar answer softball questions from his lapdog press? SWEEEET!

  6. Barack to the rescue! Just don’t ask too many questions, look too closely, or expect too much, and everything will be just peachy.
    After all, I have “a whole bunch” of creepy Congress Critters who love the sound of their own voices and will go on national television and lie and “stuff” to back me up, just so they can hear the soun dof their own voices
    Oh and, “my bad” if I “F” up. Better luck next time America.

        1. I imbibe too.
          I believe John “has a drinking problem.” I do not believe John is stupid.
          I also believe these people have no idea what they are beginning with an attack on Syria.
          We may all have a drinking problem before this is over…if we live through it.
          That is a small segment of what I believe.

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  8. WH closed to public. WH visitors log inaccessible for 12 years or some such nonsense. Limited WH briefings. Seems to me we now have a lot of “non essential ” WH Comm people who can be let go.

    1. WHCA (WH Comm) are members of the Military assigned to provide secure communications and protection of the football. They will never be reduced. Your thinking of the WH Press Secretary and all the lil minions associated with that department. Yup. why have briefings anymore?? or the Press van?? BO & Blarney can just phone it in.. or video it in. Like they have been doing.

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    I just applied for the trademark, so you can expect t-shirts made in China available at your local Wal-Mart any day now.

  11. Perhaps Mr. Carney can no longer tolerate the “spin” and “b.s.” that he has had to disperse.. or could it be he’s developed a concience? Nah… can’t be.. it’s just gotten too hard for Jay to spin it.. the lies are too numerous to mention, therefore too hard to keep straight.. Like John Kerry.. who was for it before he was against, it, but maybe he was against it before he was for it.. This administration’s group is going to be a hoot dissecting when they leave office.

  12. I listened to a Senate hearing in the last hour. OMG, someone please tell me it’s a skit from an old SNL show and “The Not Ready for Prime Time Players” and not LIVE from Washington, D.C. (District of Cluelessness).

    The Senate should not be “grilling” the officials – they should gather them up and boil them in a big pot!

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