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As Syria Heats Up, White House Nixes Briefings

Even as President Obama prepares to commit an act of war in Syria, the White House has scaled back the public questioning it will tolerate about what the president is doing, holding only one televised briefing in the past seven days to justify the president’s position to the American people.

Has anyone seen this man?
Has anyone seen this man?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has all but disappeared, briefing reporters in any forum – televised or not – only once since holding an off-camera “gaggle” aboard Air Force One August 10. Instead, he’s left the job to Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

But even Earnest has been partially in hiding. The White House Press Secretary – or sometimes his deputy – generally goes before the cameras on weekdays when the president is in Washington. But there was no briefing last Wednesday or Friday, and none is schedule for today. Carney briefed last Tuesday and Earnest appeared at the podium of Thursday.

It’s not clear why the self-proclaimed “openness White House” has shut down regular public briefings. Press secretaries, who are prepped by experts from throughout the government, are supposed to be able to hold forth on sensitive issues. Americans are losing a chance to watch the press try to hold the White House accountable, and the White House is missing an opportunity to explain Obama’s shifting positions on Syria.

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154 thoughts on “As Syria Heats Up, White House Nixes Briefings”

  1. The little people need not be told what we the elites/royals decide to do. We will always have the best interests of the little people in mind. Just ask us and we will confirm that we know what is best for you!

  2. Why should anyone expect the thugs in the White House to be any different. They are so superior to the nation they “rule” America has gone back to the pre-Concord and Lexington times. Rule of the divine ones is more important than the rule of law and the people.
    Where are the Patriots?
    Where are the Americans that will stand at the bridge and say NO MORE!

  3. Why is Obama going to Sweden with all that is happening now?
    He only scheduled that in to fill a gap (for traveling pleasure) after the cancellation of his original meeting with Putin.
    I guess Sweden is friendlier than his own country.

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  5. Jay’s busy looking for Obama’s spine-he needs it now. He seldom uses it and….it’s around here somewhere….say can I get you some food stamps to take your mind off this amateur bumbling??? whatcha say?

  6. We may get an impeachment proceeding and conviction yet. Just hoping that the gallows will be similarly reconstituted for tyrannical actions.

  7. Is there any surprise that the admin is doing this? O talks tough, but in reality is a little chicken shit. Sorry for the language, but this whole thing is making me sick. He tries to talk tough but doesn’t have the balls to hear opposing views to his lunacy. And forget trying to hold the WH accountable…w/ the exception of you Keith, most of the press are just little puppets who do what the admin says and parrots all their talking points. I wish there were more like you. We NEED more like you.

          1. Kathy,
            We are all adults and we have certainly heard, and many have used such language when thoroughly provoked. Most of us are right there with you. No apologizes needed here.

  8. Today the “king” decreed that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone, including the American people. When asked what his next move will be, Ovomit stated “I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ, PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE GLOBALISTS BEHIND THE CURTAIN!”

    1. Seriously – with this topic the only comment you can muster is “Typo?” Is there a another new agency of government to monitor threads for typos? Good news! You will have a lot of work here – especially with all us old fogies who can hardly see to type.

          1. Aileen, you have my support. I spent many years in Tel Aviv with a gas mask and missile threats and missile hits from the “charming” neighbors.

          2. God be with you. I didn’t realize you were ‘on the ground’. I’d like to hear what’s going on there and what you and your countrymen think about this.

          3. I am not a member of our brave military. I am in a “safe” country in the ME. Do not want any misconceptions about who I am and where I am…albeit I am a Christian in a primarily Islam country. However, must add that my acquaintances here are welcoming and friendly…and they know I am Christian. That said – my dentists (teeth issues required 2 dentists) are Syrian. Their families are safe. We agree that we do not always agree with the actions of our governments.
            The countrymen here do not often discuss these ME “issues.” Their country has very wise leadership and it is a peaceful place – and has been an ally of the US.
            (As an aside my eye doctor is Egyptian – he provided me with the best glasses I have ever worn.)
            Figured out where I am NSA?

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  10. The covert nature of the decision-making clearly points to the evil genius behind the Obama/Hillary-Kerry/Brennan triumvariate: John Brennan.

    Brennan has been the power behind the Obama-handlers’ foreign adventures–Egypt, Libya, drones, etc.

    Find Brennan and you’ll find the answers to this mystery.

    Bottom line: Brennan is Obama’s Dzerzhinsky. Totally committed toady who will cross any lines in order to please his master.

    WW3 is but a domestic political operation, planned and led by the evil genius.

  11. For those of you that voted for this man…after his “handling” of this can you now admit you made a mistake? I’m not sure I have seen a situation handled this poorly by a President in a very long time!!! He is the king of not making a decision. Guess what someitmes as President you have to make soem very difficult possibly unpopular decisions…DEAL WITH IT!!

    1. Those that voted for him only pay attention at election time, and only to who is the democrat candidate. Thank them all you want, but they’re not reading…

  12. Hello there American friends, so now you are sending your Celebrity in Chief to our country and I can tell you that the media is in a frenzy. This is the first time a US President is visiting our northern corner of the world and the media makes a lot about that ( I groan, why did it have to be Him ??? ). Well to be honest , the visit was scheduled because the meeting with Putin was hastily cancelled because of the Snowden affair, so it´s really not that “honourable”. ( By the way, W Bush was in Gothenburg 2001 but that was not a state visit, just a big EU meeting, the city was trashed by leftist groups during that visit.)
    I live in the very south and is not much affected by the thing but my daughter works and lives right in the middle of Stockholm and will be greatly affected by the chaos. Stockholm will be a city in a state of siege.
    I believe that the visit will be much about trade agreements and visits to technical innovative centers. Oh, I will keep you informed. Planespotters are thrilled about the Airforce One and carspotters are intrigued by that other toy, The Beast.

    1. Thank you for the close-to-the-scene reporting, swedishlady. That is a lot more information than we usually get from Preezy’s press pool. They are usually more interested in what the pompous potentate is wearing rather than what he is doing. “The Beast” is sure to have 30 to 40 mini-beasts surrounding the paranoid passenger, so the carspotters should be well pleased.

    2. I will be watching for your comments. In the meantime, I have two words of encouragement for you: Henrik Stenson. Poor guy, every Swede should be celebrating him today.

      Do you live in Wallender country?

      1. Julie, Wallander country is in the same region, very close. I live west of it. The great thing with this part of Sweden is that you can go on daytrips to many of the nearby countries, Denmark, Germany, Poland etc .
        Yes, there will be a visit to the Wallenberg memorial. Wallenberg was an outstanding, courageous man who did great things for mankind and tragically met his end in a Soviet prison. I agree with you, Snowden has a lot in common with him, I do hope he will not end like Wallenberg..
        I guess that Obama thinks that the short visit here will be a nice break from the troubles at home and ahead ( Putin !!!!) Our well behaved government will not corner him with any troubling questions but there will be demonstrators out there. I guess the iron ring around him will shelter him from these people. But I do hope that foreign media will be able to report that the people ( politicians excluded ) is not taking the NSA spying lightly.

    3. I read that he will be going to a memorial to Raoul Wallenberg. How ironic–Edward Snowden has more in common with Wallenberg. And the Obama administration is drawing all kinds of comparisons between a teensy weensy Tomahawk attack and WWII, John Kerry calling Syria our “Munich”.

  13. One quick edit – it should be “Principal Deputy Josh Earnest,” not “Principle Deputy.” This administration doesn’t have any principles.

      1. Some people can concentrate on more than one thing…I am also slapping wrists on stupid curse words. Although usually when Drudge gets into this, I stay off the thread.

        1. I suspect most of us can concentrate on numerous topics. When my husband asks, “What are you thinking?” and I begin to tell him the six or eight things I am pondering…well, his eyes glaze over. My point is this…people who come here to belittle the topic or attempt to make it seem insignificant via the use of spelling error notifications are probably from the “dark side.” In my opinion (and yes, I am entitled to an opinion) they need to be sent away…far, far away back to the outer banks of leftism. And take their dictionaries with them.

          1. Agree to disagree? Trolls usually have better material. No–typos and war are not co-equal–but I think (even if I am in the minority) it’s OK to nail typos if you want to. Of course a mistyped letter (and there are plenty in these comments, by the way) is not equal to a war. What I don’t find valid is saying a typo means Keith’s opinions are not valid–if he can’t proofread etc…. That is a fallacy.

          2. Here I thought it was only my husband’s eyes who glazed over! Agree with you, Aileen. It is usually the Faustians who nitpick about minor grammar and spelling mistakes to change the direction of the discussion.

  14. Keith,
    The discussion and bewilderedness about Obama’s reversal of his intended strike on Syria ignores several key factors:
    1) U.S. use of HAARP to engineer earthquakes and hurricanes;
    2) Russia’s equivalent HAARP capabilities;
    3) Snowden’s certain ability to document the Obama’s administration use of HAARP to generate the predicted October surprise [Hurricane Sandy] that decisively influenced the 2012 presidential election;
    4) U.S. shutdown of HAARP in July, 2013 in response to Russia’s threat to disclose/enable Snowden to disclose item 3), clearly an impeachable event;
    5) the nasty personal exchange between Obama and Putin in which on August 10 Obama declared Putin to be acting like a “bored school boy,” a comment that Putin found to be unacceptably disrespectful, negating tacit agreement between Russia and U.S. to keep HAARP operations low key;
    6) Obama’s insistence that he could strike Syria regardless of international or domestic opposition, and disrespectful of Russian and Chinese objection, a moral high ground that Kerry fulminated on Friday, August 30;
    7) A 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Alaska on Friday, August 30 on the same latitude as the U.S. HAARP complex, a weaponized earthquake generated by Russia’s HAARP-like complex, signaling Russia’s willingness to exact consequences of a U.S. attack on Syria. BTW, it’s likely that the U.S. generated a weaponized 6.2 magnitude earthquake on April 5 that struck Far East Russia in the vicinity of North Korea and China to warn those countries about collaboration on nuclear weapons technology, and an 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 16 that struck Iran, with similar intent.

    Given these realities, Obama will not commit U.S. forces against Syria, despite the inevitable loss of face and geopolitical cred: better to lose face than to lose the presidency through impeachment via Snowden.

    1. You forgot the Reynolds Wrap this morning.

      …we’re at an all time low for tropical storms in the Atlantic. Earthquakes happen all the time, and we’re in the middle of a pole swap, so expect more of the same. There have been a dozen earthquakes in the time it took me to write this reply.

      Conspiracies are usually fun, but nothing more. the idea that we have the power to move tectonic plates is silly (on an Al Gore scale).

      1. Having lived in two regions of the US (Northern and Southern) where unexplained underground “explosions” have occurred repeatedly, I am not enitrely discounting your theories.

  15. what is the big deal ??? I’ve been watching these “breifings ” since R. Gibbs {uhmm , uhmm} was slinging the b.s. They are all a bunch of soul-less automotons —- both sides of the podium. I don”t understand how the press corp can sit day in and day out and be lied to and not be outraged. grown men and women sitting and reporting lie after lie and not one person challenging Carney with facts. I just don’t get it.

  16. “…and none is schedule for today.”
    “…appeared at the podium of Thursday.”

    Mister Koffler, if you can’t be bothered to proofread your own copy for bozo mistakes, why in the world should I trust your opinion about affairs of state?

    1. So tell me, Winifred, how do you feel about Obama referring to Navy corpse-men? Did you write him and ask him why you should trust his opinion about affairs of state?

  17. Every time their lips move they’re either lying, contradicting what they said an hour ago or pissing off another one of our former allies revealing or leaking shared intelligence, tactics, strategies and conversations. Amateur hour indeed.

  18. Ok, I changed my mind. Check this out and get back to me. Theroy
    Obama backs Muslim Brotherhood with billions of Dollars in Egypt. Brotherhood comes to power, but since has fallen. Libya, Brotherhood comes to power with Obama’s blessing and help.
    Obama signs Executive order giving himself sole control over United states Chemical Weapons. Fast & Furious (Executive Privilege) gun ( or What Else) goes to Drug Cartels. Cartels tied to Opium in Afghanistan. Brian Terry killed at border. Benghazi( What difference does it make) Stevens killed. (What did he know?) CIA sending weapons to Rebels (What kind of Weapons?) Syria chemical weapons used on public. By who? Where’s the proof? WMD was rumored to be sent from Iraq to Syria. Where’s the Proof?
    Here’s my theory. I think Chemical Weapons was sent to Syria. Route traveled through southern border Terry killed. Fast & Furious with out Mexico’s knowledge. Arrive in Benghazi. Stevens knew what CIA was up to. 1957 CIA kills Frank Olsen head of Chemical Weapons Development. No one knows who supplied chemical weapons. UN inspectors pulls out. Britain, France wants no part of Syria attack. BRICS Alliance, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Then look at a World Map. Muslim Brotherhood in power. Surrounding Israel. Russia finished Iran’s nuke program. China build’s Iran China Rail Road. Syria is Catalyst for war on Israel. How do we fight back. China owns trillion dollars of America’s Debt. America will have to back down. But we do just enough to start it. Scary isn’t it.

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  20. “Americans are losing a chance to watch the press try to hold the White House accountable…”

    Since when has the press tried to hold this petulant demagogue accountable? Other than you and a precious few others, there have been none, Keith. This regime is removing itself from public scrutiny and as it does so, it becomes more and more dangerous to America and her people.

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  22. Listening to Obama he says this will not be another Iraq or Afghanistan?

    What? It is going to be another Egypt! He is trying hard to get another Islamic Republic run by the Muslim Brotherhood established. What is the rush to war for? And it’s by the same people who said the exact opposite before.

    We had Operation Southern Watch and Operation Northern Watch plus Hundreds of thousands troops tied up in Kuwait because Saddam threatened to attack. Iraq fired AA missiles at our planes and shot artillery into Kuwait. Saddam refused, blocked and threatened UN inspectors. Now it’s done, Kuwait didn’t turn into another Germany or South Korea where we permanently stand watch.

    The Egyptians know the deal! They fought back and removed the Muslim Brotherhood out! Now he is trying to set them up for power in Syria.

  23. Obama is running out of sacrificial lambs to send out as spokesliars. We’ve had Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry. Maybe he can find a low-level staffer in the Farm Bureau who will lie for him in front of the cameras in exchange for keeping the NSA and IRS off his or her back.

  24. Who thought this amature would even resemble a president. The man behind the curtain that speaks and operates through this rodeo clown must be exposed and deposed while there is still time to pull the US from the brink of complete destruction he has planned.

  25. Jay Balarny is getting some schooling on how to lie with a straight face and vacant soul from POTUS himself who can no longer distinguish when he is lying and when he is merely stretching the truth. This worm with glasses is also getting some new sneer training from FLOTUS.

  26. More cowardice from this White House.
    They don’t even have the guts to face reporters.
    “The most transparent WH in history” is the most transparently corrupt, incompetent and cowardly.

  27. History is repeating itself. Read Judges 4:8, 4:9 and the song of Deborah in the NIV Bible. Another Barak is about to lose the Honor for defeating Sisera t a woman.

  28. It is absolutely stunning how stupid Obama looks now! Of course everyone is hiding! There is NO recovery for Obama…the world now knows him to be a feckless occupier of the White House…and a man who does not do what he says!!! Unfortunately, thinking American’s have known he is a destructive liar for 5 1/2 years! I hope Congress is smart enough to know that Obama WILL go for a regime change…with no one to replace Assad…and we will have Libya and Egypt (only the most recent US failures) all over again!

  29. When the going gets tough – the tough get going – Obama’s going to Sweden

    The guy is a joke but its on us (not me) for voting him in twice.

  30. “the White House has scaled back the public questioning it will tolerate about what the president is doing”

    So this is what “the most transparent administration – ever” looks like.

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