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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4:10 am || Arrives in Stockholm
7:10 am || Greets Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt; The Rosenbad Building, Stockholm, Sweden and begins meetings
8:30 am || Holds a press conference with Reinfeldt
9:30 am || Participates in a celebration of Raoul Wallenberg and delivers a statement; The Great Synagogue and Holocaust Memorial of Stockholm
10:40 am || Tours an Energy Expo event; Royal Institute of Technology-Campus Library, Stockholm
1:05 pm || Takes photo with Nordic leaders and begins an official dinner

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of Obama press conference at 8:30 am

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  1. So, he meets with a foreign leader for 1 hour 20 minutes, holds a 1 hour press conference at which 2 leaders are questioned and then plays tourist for 2 hours. Then he has dinner. Impressive!

  2. Top things Obama said when arriving in Scandinavia

    1. I’ve come to personally pick up my Nobel Peace Prize
    2. Michelle wants me to pick something up at IKEA. What the heck is a SÖDERHAMN?
    3. Someone get me a desk to put my feet up on
    4. Where are the white women at? (My apologies to Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor)
    5. Is Samathana at the Bergman film festival?
    6. I’m coming to the G20 on a G6
    7. My boots are on the ground! Get it?
    8. Tell the 1972 Dolphins I’m over here now.
    9. I used to get high to Ace of Base
    10. is walking on the red carpet synonymous to crossing a red line?

  3. Maybe he can get a refresher course on Stockholm Syndrome.

    Obama in a synagogue erev Rosh Hashanah celebrating Raoul Wallenberg, who by coincidence, share the same birth date. The optics are more than staged and choreographed.

  4. Blue-eyed blondes! No covered heads! No one wearing flowing robes! No asses to kiss here and no bowing to anyone. It is good to be sheikh!

        • Mandy, I think you are right there. The Muslims there and in Stockholm probably wanted him to come to that big new Mosque ( financed by who ??? ) in the middle of Stockholm instead. Have to give Barry and his advisors some credit there, the visit to the Synagogue and the Memorial will be of great symbolic value.

          • Yes Mandy, I have read that too. I believe it´s accurate, I don´t know how many though. It´s a shame, they have lived there for generations, we were all getting along. But, don´t you have many Muslims moving to various cities in the US too ? How do they affect society ?

          • Have you heard of the building of a large mosque in a small city in Tennessee called Murfreesboro? The natives are not happy with it at all. This event has clued many people into the fact that Middle Tennessee is riddled with Muslims, starting with Shelbyville in the south, up through Murfreesboro and on to Nashville in the north.

            Nashville has a high percentage of Arabs, Kurds, Afghans, Somalis and Pakistanis. Shelbyville was rocked with the importation of more than 1,000 Somalis under Cinton’s efforts to move refugees from large cities into small towns. The crime rate shot up, as well as problems with public health.

            Brian Mosely in Shelbyville has covered the issues quite nicely in the “Times-Gazette.”


      • True Sadie, Malmo is hardly a Swedish city anymore. It´s a multi cultural experiment. As a result of the crisis and the wars from the ninetys and on it´s filled with Serbs, Croats, Kosovo-Albans, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalians etc etc. The huge Muslim population is the cause of the antisemitism. I know that there has been a lot of publicity about this but I think it´s true, you can´t walk in some areas of this city as a Jew without being assaulted. But, you can´t walk there as an ethnic Swede either without being robbed or worse.
        I live in a ( “lilywhite” ) coastal city quite close and when we go there we say that now we will go on a trip to Little Baghdad. Apart from the antisemitism, which is tragic, and apart from those “dangerous” areas ,Malmö is also a quite exciting, vibrant place with exciting architecture, new ideas , very unlike many cities in this country. Perhaps more like an American city in that aspect.

        • I listened to the PM this morning sans umm, ahh pauses that Obama inflicted on the listener.

          Back to Malmö…hopefully, the new mayor, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, can sort out the immigrants. I don’t have a very positive outlook. Unlike most immigrants to a new country, they come not to be absorbed, but more to the point, to colonize. Where does Sweden expect to place all the new Syrian immigrants they are welcoming? I am curious Jammeh, is not a Swedish name, is she married to a non-Swede?

        • Or the Adams-Morgan part of DC–or maybe that is vanilla now–I have been away so long. I like the mixing of the cultures–my friend in Ft Lauderdale goes to Little Venezuela to eat all the time.

  5. This trip isn’t necessary. He starts a massive national kerfuffle, scares the heck out of everyone, then goes on vacation.
    There’s something wrong with this guy; a sane man couldn’t be so blase or careless to threaten war and death at some later date when he’s not so busy having fun.

    It’s time for some prominent Dems to take him on a long walk around the WhiteHouse or figure out what to do with him.
    The Repubs manned up when it was time to put RichardNixon on notice, and it’s important for the Dems to show some serious patriotism, too.

  6. Where we all these democrats on Apr.19,1993? Anyone remember Waco/Koresh and 76 men, women and children and USAG Reno’s spirited defense of that event?

  7. 1040pm CDT: A concerned American is really trying to figure out what the H E double hockey sticks our fearless imposter is doing next to destroy our future.

  8. I’m starting to get the feeling that this Syria red-line mess is over now.
    It’s not going to happen, no missiles lobbed over the bow, no nothing.
    MrO threw the mess at Congress and they’re bailing him out in return for ? something?
    SecKerry didn’t get thrown under the bus, he got run over by AF1.

  9. Congress should have it done – whatever it is – and on his desk while he is gone. Of course it will sit there for awhile – discovered only when a photo op of historic furniture abuse is scheduled. By then things should have settled down.

  10. OT Dennis Rodman is in North Korea to visit his pal Kim Jong Un. He said it wasn’t anything political. Why do we allow him back in I do t think
    it’s wise but unwise is the word for this administration.