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Kerry Doesn’t Rule Out Boots on Ground; Then He Does

How could they not have seen this one coming?

Testifying before Congress today, Secretary of State John Kerry initially refused to completely rule out sending American troops into Syria, though he emphasized it could only happen under extraordinary circumstances.

Uh, then he walked it right back.

I sure hope they’re planning their military operations a little better than their Hill testimony.

63 thoughts on “Kerry Doesn’t Rule Out Boots on Ground; Then He Does”

  1. I don’t think they’re planning. Period. They’re winging it and doing the Hokey Pokey. If you had any doubts, the following exchange should make it crystal clear.

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey couldn’t answer what exactly the U.S. was seeking in Syria Tuesday during questioning from Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) about a resolution authorizing military action there:

    DEMPSEY: The answer to whether I support additional support for the moderate opposition is yes.

    CORKER: And this authorization will support those activities in addition to responding to the weapons of mass destruction.

    DEMPSEY: I don’t know how the resolution will evolve, but I support –

    CORKER: What you’re seeking. What is it you’re seeking?

    DEMPSEY: I can’t answer that, what we’re seeking.

    1. Stop being ‘silly’ Sadie. Don’t you know we have to go by the superior ‘logic’ of Pelosi. Which is: We have to pass the authorization so that we can rightly know what we are authorizing.

      1. Exactly Tom.
        Kerry was very clear that authorization would clear him from being clear. Are we clear on this? Because ‘clear’ means see-through which means “transparent” (which this administration is always being) and ‘trans’ means “across or beyond” so this means Kerry is going beyond parenting. Clearly that is this administrations intention.

    2. CORKER: What you’re seeking. What is it you’re seeking?

      DEMPSEY: I can’t answer that, what we’re seeking.
      Sadie, thanks. I didn’t hear this. Looks like Dempsey is doing the best he can , but hesitantly.

      1. I’ve seen him on Fox several times last week, and he didn’t seem to think this was a good idea then. Must be some arm twisting going on.

        1. I heard a comment also that Panetta has said that largely due to sequestration the military is weakened and ill equipped to perform outside the Afghan theater. Or something close to that.

          Dempsey is in a tough position. But he’s way ahead of Mullen who was a disgrace. Again, IMO.

  2. So we can safely ‘ass’ume that he would vote for putting boots on the ground before he would vote against putting boots on the ground??

    That is of course if he was still a Senator.

  3. The Left trying to organize a war response belongs on Comedy Central. After all, they have to first check Google maps to make sure there are no baby milk factories in their line of attack.

  4. General do you want to save my bacon on that?

    Not really Mr. Secretary
    Borrowed from commenter on AOS. Sums up perfectly Dempsey declining to back up Kerry after his ridiculous rant on war. It’s not war-war.

    1. hmmm “fake scandals” – “Fake war”

      You know the JCS Chief has now been painted into a corner by his boss, and am betting has been provided no clear direction. State wants this, SecDef says we need more of ??? and BO wants to achieve that… If I were Dempsey, I would say “time to retire”. Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

  5. Obama is bringing us together: I couldn’t believe I would ever agree with Charles Rangel on anything.

    BTW, as to polls, I think Drudge has done the best one. He has a questionnaire up on whether you would support a strike, and he has a sample of over 600,000 people, almost 92% against.

  6. Hours of double-talk testimony from the men that are charged with protecting America and we know nothing. They want to convince us that bombing another country won’t make them angry and want to retaliate, but rather will make them ashamed or contrite about their bad behaviour.
    The constant reference to the safety of Israel is the red herring and not a good enough reason to start WW3.
    It’s all insane foreign policy, and will start a fire that we aren’t strong enough to douse.

    1. The term they were trying to avoid at all costs is “mission creep”. Obama actions, if carried through, will ignite a fuse throughout the ME, as we have all figured out. Russia will bring in more arms to Assad, it will be a recruiting tool of jihadists (as if they needed one), Iran will use Obama’s actions as a propaganda tool, China will send in aid in some form. The US will be seen as the invaders, and the conflagration will spread like a wildfire using Obama’s insane actions as a rallying cry.

    2. Consider the following and add them up. This chapter began in Benghazi….

      The Obama Administration knew of WMD attack…three days before. But notified no one and did nothing. Why?

      Rebels in both Syria and Egypt are AlQaeda, the most violent arm of Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Same rebels took down Egypt and turned Egypt over to Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Egypt began having Christians murdered and crucified under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Morsi deposed, Obama threatens Egyptian military to reinstate Morsi or loose funding from America. Obama hid this threat from Americans. Why?

      Syria with the rebels fighting and now armed by Obama/Brennan….also now has Christians murdered, raped, crucified and massive Chistian refugees.

      Obama’s CIA annex in Benghazi was transferring weapons through Turkey to the AlQaeda rebels in Syria. Reported WMD and Stingers leave Benghazi annex to those rebels in Syria.

      Rebels are in the process of a take down of Assad to turn Syria, like Egypt, over to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring is but a Middle East communist winter.

      Reports, with documentation, have leaked that Obama was paying off Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood with 1.6 billion and 450 million directly to Morsi.
      The terrorist at Benghazi were recorded as saying “Dr. Morsi sent us”…The arms being transferred though Turkey were assisted by Erdogan, another Communist Muslim Brotherhood dog.
      The attack on Benghazi was to kill the eyewitnesses to the illegal treasonous arms transfer to America’s enemies by her treasonous Muslim Communist president with the able assistance of, his Muslim director of the CIA , John Brennan.


      Syria is aligned with Russia and Iran.

      Whether some in this country, in the CIA or the Pentagon think aligning with AlQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood achieves power…. or anything else in America’s interests…against Iran…they are wrong.
      Best consider Obama and his IslamoCommunist’s actions. Those actions have never been in America’s best interest.

      Obama has decimated America’s navy…he then leads that crippled Navy to war against Russia and Iran.


      Obama, as Christians have been murdered, raped, crucified and their 500 churches burned… first in Egypt then in Syria… has not uttered a peep of outrage much less a single word of dissatisfaction. For his constant blather on racism…his silence on the holocaust of Christians is deafening.

      Obama cut the USA’s nuclear arsenal, gave the Russians the Brits codes, broke our military through his insane rules of engagement and is running the most capable patriotic talent of the hierarchy of our military, it’s best Generals and Admirals, out of the military. Obama has cut the Navy’s size back to 1917 levels..crippled the military through assigning the entire sequestration cut backs to the military budgets….demoralised the military, cut out hot meals… sent American steel (the works best steel) off shore through cash for clunkers to China (those same salvage yards were used by FDR to built war ships) ….

      …And now that our world class military has been are crippled…. and Obama has armed our enemies ….he wants to take us into WWIII…stunningly treasonous.

      Obama is shepherding this nation, it’s economy, it’s military, its people…To hell…to defeat ..

      Stop him.

      The sarin came from the rebels..,Why is the question now when we go to war, rather than WHO the WMD came from?

  7. Amateur Hour.

    One can only fear what the administration is setting our armed forces up to do.

    If this blows up, it will be fascinating to watch Obama play the blame game.

  8. There’s talk of a possible resolution re write and vote as soon as tomorrow after intelligence review. How can that be? I thought Congress didn’t recovene in full until the 9th. Anybody know?

  9. What does ‘degrade’ Assad mean? If the GOAL of War with Syria is NOT to completely destroy WMD’s and Assad’s military, then what the h*!! is the reason to attack? jk

    1. Geesh, I thought THIS one was obvious. “Degrade” Assad means call him names and NOT invite him the next time Obama picks up a Nobel Peace Prize.

    2. War = kill people and break things… none of this “degrade” crap (that just puts our forces in danger and makes our national policy look pathetic)

  10. They have no idea what they are doing. Stephanie Street was back at the WH today to assist with some of the planning. Can you imagine?

    And last but certainly not least, they are lying about the “no boots on the ground”. Pandora’s box awaits.

    1. I voted for this old fogey, my apologies to all.

      I don’t think he’s voting “yes” on this, this, whatever it is. He wants an all-out, boots on the ground, big-guns blasting away war for some reason.

      1. No need to apologize, srdem. I held my nose and voted for him in the 2008 presidential election.

        You’re probably correct. No doubt they are enjoying their schadenfreude on us, while the implementation of Obamacare is just a few weeks away…

      2. I think that Kerry and McCain, both of whom failed to win the presidency, are imaging themselves in the roll of Commander-in-Chief.

  11. There is no reason to go into Syria. We sat for over a year when Iran took our Embasy Personnel. Yet, we are gearing to send a few missiles into a zone that we have already given the coordinates to Syria. I guess they are in the process of moving everyone out of that area.

    We are not taking out the leaders. We are not bombing the depots that are holding the chemical weapons because of dispersing the contents. We won’t go after the citizens.

    Why are we here? Because the President drew a line acting like a tough guy. They crossed the line knowing our President to be the wimp everyone knows he is.

    I find it interesting Nancy Pelosi is so concerned about the “CHILDREN”. Yet, if these children were in a Mothers womb during a third trimester she is thinks it would be OK to kill the child.

    I can promise this “Crisis” will continue past 9/11. Taking the heat off Obama for killing 4 Americans due to his inaction in Benghazi. The sad part is Boehner and crew is playing along. At this point, they are just as guilty as Obama for doing nothing. As our next President shrilled, “Does it really matter”?

    I am surprised McCain wasn’t trading Text Messages with al Assad instead of playing Poker. Oh, is Kerry a spokesman for the” Lifestyle Lift” or Botox?

    1. Please don’t say Hillary is our next president! Gives me nightmares! Bill O’Reilly just sided with the prezzy that we need to “punish Assad” Can’t believe he doesn’t see the whole picture as this is a “no win” situation regardless of what we do! Rand Paul asked some good questions today; Kerry was a squirmy mess and got ready heated because he was being called on things he doesn’t have the answers for..and no one does at this point, I think

      1. I wake up screaming in the middle night yelling No Hillary 2016. I saw Senator Rand as well. He makes a great point. If the President is going to do what he deems necessary no matter what Congress votes. Then why have the debate? To take the light off Benghazi’s anniversary.

  12. I saw a clip with the essential people of Obama’s campaign going to the White House — I guess for the usual PR Campaign BS — so essential to anything Obama does, including putting our military in harm’s way to save face.

    Anita Dunn, Steffy the Cutter, David Plouffe, ex chief speechwriter LaFavreaux (sp?), Gibbs.

    All the people who know so much about military campaigns, and believe in American exceptionalism.

    1. Armchair QB.. every one of them. Why the JCS Dempsey is overwhelmed. The military is being bombarded with political hacks calling the plays and probably insisting rules of engagement (ROE) that are impossible to maintain or achieve. Having military planner hamstrung and hands tied gets people killed, on BOTH sides.

  13. There is no planning in their military operations as witnessed in Libya, Egypt and now Syria. It’s real irony watching the Dems discuss the need to bomb and dispose of a dictator. Oh how the tides have turned.

  14. In response to Juan McCain equating Allahu Akbar with the Christian Praise or Thanks be to God, and assigning it to moderate Muslims Debra Burlingame had this to say

    Debra Burlingame ‏@DebraBurlingame 2h

    “Allahu Akbar” is the last human sound on United 93 cockpit voice recorder as it screamed into ground at 580 mph.

    1. Clearly McCain is losing his mind, bit by bit. A decorated war hero whom I used to admire is now just losing it. His immigration stand was deplorable, but this recent statement is inexcuseable.

      1. I am not sure what the state’s laws are on recalling a senator.
        I think that Arizona should recall him and conduct a special election and force McCain to run again.
        Anybody know what the rules are in Arizona ?

  15. Obama: Let me be perfectly clear. We, the federal government, don’t want to do anything except confiscate more of people’s money to waste. We can’t figure out how to support America’s enemies, which we want to do, without coming right out and telling the American people we do. And personally, I don’t want to do anything but play golf and spend as much of the taxpayer’s money as I can on lavish vacations.

  16. Hate to be so cynical but are they trying to take the light off Benghazi’s anniversary, and the up coming implementation of Obamacare? This all makes no sense, it really truly scares me.

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  18. There may be more here than meets the eye !!!!
    Is the Syrian Limited Strike to Cover up the Iraqi WMDs ???
    Congress Needs to be Asking Clapper because Even James Clapper, now the
    Director of National Intelligence and formerly the director of the National
    Geospatial Intelligence Agency, said in 2003 that he believed materials had
    been moved out of Iraq in the months before the war and cited satellite

    Whose Weapons are
    they trying to target in this Limited Strike ???

    If the Bashar
    al-Assad regime falls, and should the securing of the chemical and biological
    stockpiles of Syria be necessary, what would be the effect if some of those
    materials and munitions bear Iraqi markings?

    Saddam’s WMDs and

    Why was Kerry Cozy with Assad before he is now not ?

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