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Boehner, Cantor, Back Obama on Syria

Belying President Obama’s repeated contentions that Republicans are nothing more than a politicized band of obstructionists intent on ruining him personally, both House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor backed his call to bomb Syria.

“This is something that the United States as a country needs to do,” Boehner said Tuesday after he and other Congressional leaders met this morning with Obama. “I’m going to support the president’s call for action, and I believe my colleagues should support the president’s call for action.”

Cantor released a statement concurring.

“Understanding that there are differing opinions on both sides of the aisle, it is up to President Obama to make the case to Congress and to the American people that this is the right course of action, and I hope he is successful in that endeavor,” Cantor said.

Failure by Obama to pass a congressional resolution okaying an attack on Syria in response to the use by the Syrian regime of chemical weapons would be a disaster for him, painting him as a weak, ineffective leader on the domestic and international stage and hobbling his presidency for the next three years.

It’s a vote he has to win, and now the Republican leaders he has ripped mercilessly are putting politics aside and backing him.

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    • There were about 100 reporters and cameras in that “meeting”, and Obama was in tough guy mode. Between Sarah and Putin, I don’t know who’s taking up more real estate in his head :D

  1. One more thing….

    “Failure by Obama to pass a congressional resolution okaying an attack on Syria in response to the use by the Syrian regime of chemical weapons would be a disaster for him, painting him as a weak, ineffective leader on the domestic and international stage and hobbling his presidency for the next three years.”

    Why is it always about Obama? What about America?

  2. Not buying it. It’s all theatre for us and for the world to see, a unified USA backing their hapless, feckless, clueless President.

    Something happened that we have yet to learn or hear about to make MrO pivot 180* and throw the mess into Congress’ hands.

    • I’ll tell you what happened: he looked at the opinion polls and saw that intervening in Syria would be less popular with Americans than Vietnam EVER was. So he punted.

      Now, the GOP is likely to give him the go-ahead, and this may actually be the most accidentally brilliant political move possible. Don’t forget that it was Bush that got blamed for Iraq, even though he had a bipartisan go-ahead from Congress. So perhaps somebody in the GOP figured out that if Syria disintegrates, that it’s Preezy Peace Prize that takes the fall, and the GOP runs the table in ’14 and ’16.

      I doubt they’re actually that clever–remember, I said this is “accidentally brilliant”–but if it works out that way, I doubt any Republicans will complain all that much.

      • Interesting theory…
        But I have no trust or respect for today’s “Republican leadership”… Boehner, Cantor, RINOS in the cesspool of Congress, and the RNC are just a bunch of (_insert various curse words here_)

  3. Well I hope the Republicans that vote for military action are prepared to be vilified and tossed under the bus again by Obama once this fiasco is over, if ever.
    ” Politics aside “? No such animal.

      • Except that if they do vote for military action, they may be doing some inadvertently clever political jujitsu. If Bush could take the blame for Iraq, after a bipartisan congressional OK, what’s to stop the same from happening to Obama if the situation in Syria blows up in his face?

          • There’s only so much spin they can get away with before it gets absurd to the point of disbelief. If the entire region really does blow up as a result, there is NO WAY they can pin this on the GOP. It was Obama’s red line to begin with, so there is ABSOLUTELY no way–Otis–that they can even REMOTELY pin this on Bush (not to say they aren’t trying, but it will only sell to the most gullible.)

            And when only 37% of the public thinks we need to be in there to begin with (per Rasmussen), if this ends up as Obama’s War, he’s going to regret going in there.

            Frankly, I think the GOP is well set to succeed off of either vote, no matter how badly they play their cards. Either they vote Yes, and effectively give Obama the rope with which to hang himself, or they vote No, and throw him out of office when he defies them.

  4. If the Republicans are going to get all involved in supporting the Commander-in-Chief, my guess is that Benghazi will be dropped. Too embarrassing and undermining to hit Obama with that now. Defunding Obamacare will be dropped. IRS and NSA investigations will be dropped, especially the latter. National security, don’t you know? Maybe this is a good out for the RINOs too as well as the Democrats and Obama.

    In theory only we have a two party system. In reality we have one party.

    • Pretty much I agree. Go along with this and all Republican lose credibility in other arenas.

      Only recourse – phone calls to Boehnner and work your Reps. Sign credible petitions. And primary them if you can.

      Any military action taken without the majority will of the people is doomed to failure. Political and popular will is critical. And when we have military commitment based on political shennanigans the loss of blood and treasure is even more

      At the end of the day this is still about saving Obama because he overstepped. Pretty scrappy reason for military commitment. Now it’s all about the necessary contortions to get this done.

      Boehner is morally vacuous.

      • Thanks for the reminder. I just e-mailed Representative Greg Walden, the only Republican Congressman in Oregon. He may not be a household name but he is up there in the leadership and a friend of John Boehner. I blistered him.

    • Yesterday I stated that Congress should not give into BO’s request unless the WH comes clean on Benghazi. And now I will up the ante by adding the rest of the scandals into the mix. But we all know better.

      It’s going to be interesting who votes what. Party lines or a mixed bag? Meanwhile allot of voters said no to Obamacare and it was passed anyway.

      Your so right Julie, if Congress gives him what he wants (BO), there will be no stopping him for the next 3 years.

  5. Gutless wonders, Boehner and Cantor!
    Do they honestly believe Obama is finally giving them respect? Good Lord, they’re being used as human shields!

    In a perverse way, I do hope Congress will be stupid enough to fall into Obama’s trap. Give him the green light and watch him twist in the wind. The U.S. and it’s coalition of one: France, It will be a career ender for all parties involved. Hurry up and get here, 2014!

    • Nicely said Girly1.
      I see your strategy on hoping congress being stupid enough to fall into Obama’s trap.
      They appear to be devoid of any intelligence.
      Perhaps they are so arrogant as to assume we have no memories.
      2014 is going to be interesting.

        • Obama’s credibility among the leaders across the world has been jeopardized.
          Although I do not agree with their philosophies, I can respect their ability to identify a novice when they see one.
          WWIII will not happen with Obama at the helm.
          Sounds like a strong statement right ?
          Well, no, not really.
          2014 is just over a year away, and I think that Obama sees the writing on the wall.
          This Country, and our troops are tired of war.
          They did not sign up to be injected into a civil war between Muslims, but they are under orders to obey whatever the CIC and their officers tell them to do.
          We were told that there would be no ‘boots on the ground’, so why is an amphibious craft carrying 300 Marines doing there ?

          • AF, it is now SOP for a Marine Expeditionary Strike Group to be assigned to a Carrier Group. It depends on which ship is deployed, but normally there is a Marine MEU or a Maritime Special Purpose Force available to handle urgent situations. A MSPF has members of Force RECON assigned to it.

  6. I am beginning to wonder something about the GOP leadership. I’m probably wrong, to the tune of 100% wrong, but the thought keeps running through my addled brain.

    Consider for a moment that Boehner, Cantor, and McCain have all come out strong in favor of bombing Syria. The same people that have been vilified for five years, and made to look and sound like asses. Now they suddenly put aside politics, and line up behind Obama. What is the possibility that this is nothing more than a huge gamble on their part to totally destroy this administration. They come out in favor of military action, with Congressional approval, and when the vote comes down, approval is not given. Obama, being the egotist that he is, still commits to a unilateral military action in violation of the War Powers Act, thereby giving the House undeniable grounds for impeachment, and the Senate has to convict or lose all credibility with the public. The violation of the War Powers Act could/would constitute “high crimes and misdemeanors”, and failure to act by the Congress would be seen as an abdication of responsibly on the part of our representatives.

    The country is in no mood for any more bullcrap from Washington, and I think even the most liberal troll would realize that things really have gone into the crapper. Perhaps the new chant of the left will be, “Hi! Ho! Obama has to go!” We can only hope.

  7. Here in Southern California, I am more worried about the illegal alien invasion than Syria. Billboards in Spanish (no English) are up from Taco Bell, Burger King and McDonald’s to name a few. I hear way more Spanish than English spoken and often we are the only whites in stores and restaurants. A Sign in all Spanish along the 5 freeway says “Welcome to the new America” . I grew up here and the changes are not for the better. You will call me racist for being alarmed, but its real and its now. Remember Obama has a representative from “La Raza” as an adviser. La Raza has a goal of reconquest of the border states they consider theirs. They are winning.

    • Syria and immigration are not mutually exclusive. Immigration is yet another issue on which we will be taking our eye off the ball, and who knows if they will not slip something in while we are not watching.

      La Raza is a radical group that wants to reclaim California and other states for Mexico. California is the breadbasket of the United States.

      • The Democrats are looking to do in Texas what they’ve done in California. They know that if Texas goes the way of California they will never lose another Presidential election.

        • San Antonio mayor Julian Castro and his twin brother US Congressman Joaquin are born and bred La Raza accolytes. Their mother was a co-founder of LaRaza. Julian is being groomed by the DNC to be their first Hispanic president. If America hasn’t been defeated by Obama before then, Julian is waiting in the wings to finish us off…

        • You’re absolutely spot on, Scottso and Susan. Obama has been working the fertile field of illegals in Texas for years. We can only hope that the millions of CA transplants to Texas are Conservatives who are escaping the Mexican mafia in CA.
          The Castro twins are double trouble. God help us all! .

    • It’s a numbers game, Terry. CA was doomed the minute the a circuit court judge overturned Prop 187 limiting services for illegals and their children back in the late 90’s. Whites are now a minority in CA – it’s downhill from here on out.

      Adding insult to injury, Obama has initiated forced integration via census ‘mapping’ . It forces any township or city with less than a 6% hispanic/2% black population to build affordable housing for said minorities if they have received Federal HUD funds. Crickets chirping from the LSM.

  8. The elephant in the room is being ignored. Anne Bayefsky, who has covered the UN and ME politics for ages is worth the read. Forgive the cut and paste, but the brief article was not linked, but you can read more here:

    Obama Pushes Syria Intervention With Same Argument He Ignores On Iran by Anne Bayefsky, Human Rights Voices

    President Obama has turned to Congress to save him from staggering political isolation on the global stage. It is an isolation that is the inverse of the promise of a passionate and reciprocal multilateral embrace that carried him into office.

    Asking Republicans to rescue him from a foreign policy catastrophe entirely of his own making is not a neat political trick. It dramatically cheapens the office of commander-in-chief. Contrary to the President’s devious portrayal, therefore, the coming vote is so much more than a response to “this attack” or “the massacre” in Syria.

    The President had the audacity to ask Congress about the message “we” will send if he does not go forward with his highly circumscribed attack on the Syrian regime. The real question is, what is the message he has already sent by his deed and his words, his paralysis and his verbal scam?

    First and foremost, the President cast the rationale for an attack on Syria as a “danger to our national security.” And yet, what is the single greatest threat to the national security of the United States – not tomorrow, but today? There is only one incontrovertible answer, and it is Iran. Not once in his rare appeal to Congress and the American people to use force, however, did President Obama use the word “Iran.”

    • Thanks. She is top rate.

      Someone elsewhere suggested Congress should return his resolution unamended with assent that the President has the right to act. His idea. His plan. No one else should be responsible for this.

      If that happened, Obama would whine and whine, but not act. Which works for me. Anything else is just helping him escape his responsibility as CIC. We should not be a partner in this shot from the lip redline violation which calls for a shot across the bow.

      I suspect if Trayvon was still around and in the military he might be thinking a little differently. I say with as much snark as I can muster and all due respect for the dead.

    • Thanks for posting, Sadie.
      Obama showed his true colors and his affiliation with the Iranian regime back in 2009 with his total disregard and distain for the Green Revolution. He was mute, except for his comment that he stood with the Ayatollahs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of young students were slaughtered. Not a peep out of the Muslim-in-Chief.

      He is a coward! Let him twist in the wind over his ‘red lines’ in the sand. It’s not our problem.

  9. It is insanity…we are entering a proxy war with Russia and Iran…Why are we not talking about Who used the sarin,,.rather than When we are entering a war! Boehner and Cantor are willing tools of the globalists, the military industrial complex…Take the speakership away from that stupid drunk!

    Consider the following and add them up. This chapter began in Benghazi….

    The Obama Administration knew of WMD attack…three days before. But notified no one and did nothing. Why?

    Rebels in both Syria and Egypt are AlQaeda, the most violent arm of Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Same rebels took down Egypt and turned Egypt over to Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Egypt began having Christians murdered and crucified under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Morsi deposed, Obama threatens Egyptian military to reinstate Morsi or loose funding from America. Obama hid this threat from Americans. Why?

    Syria with the rebels fighting and now armed by Obama/Brennan….also now has Christians murdered, raped, crucified and massive Chistian refugees.

    Obama’s CIA annex in Benghazi was transferring weapons through Turkey to the AlQaeda rebels in Syria. Reported WMD and Stingers leave Benghazi annex to those rebels in Syria.

    Rebels are in the process of a take down of Assad to turn Syria, like Egypt, over to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring is but a Middle East communist winter.

    Reports, with documentation, have leaked that Obama was paying off Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood with 1.6 billion and 450 million directly to Morsi.
    The terrorist at Benghazi were recorded as saying “Dr. Morsi sent us”…The arms being transferred though Turkey were assisted by Erdogan, another Communist Muslim Brotherhood dog.
    The attack on Benghazi was to kill the eyewitnesses to the illegal treasonous arms transfer to America’s enemies by her treasonous Muslim Communist president with the able assistance of, his Muslim director of the CIA , John Brennan.


    Syria is aligned with Russia and Iran.

    Whether some in this country, in the CIA or the Pentagon think aligning with AlQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood achieves power…. or anything else in America’s interests…against Iran…they are wrong.
    Best consider Obama and his IslamoCommunist’s actions. Those actions have never been in America’s best interest.

    Obama has decimated America’s navy…he then leads that crippled Navy to war against Russia and Iran.


    Obama, as Christians have been murdered, raped, crucified and their 500 churches burned… first in Egypt then in Syria… has not uttered a peep of outrage much less a single word of dissatisfaction. For his constant blather on racism…his silence on the holocaust of Christians is deafening.

    Obama cut the USA’s nuclear arsenal, gave the Russians the Brits codes, broke our military through his insane rules of engagement and is running the most capable patriotic talent of the hierarchy of our military, it’s best Generals and Admirals, out of the military. Obama has cut the Navy’s size back to 1917 levels..crippled the military through assigning the entire sequestration cut backs to the military budgets….demoralised the military, cut out hot meals… sent American steel (the works best steel) off shore through cash for clunkers to China (those same salvage yards were used by FDR to built war ships) ….

    …And now that our world class military has been are crippled…. and Obama has armed our enemies ….he wants to take us into WWIII…stunningly treasonous.

    Obama is shepherding this nation, it’s economy, it’s military, its people…To hell…to defeat ..

    Stop him.

    The sarin came from the rebels..,Why is the question now when we go to war, rather than WHO the WMD came from?

  10. Keith, I understand that the reporters need badges to get into the White House.
    The reporters on this site are far and away better than what we get from the media, and far more diverse, honest and reliable.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to opine.

  11. Ten reasons why Obama delayed action on Syria

    1. Attacking on the holiday weekend means less time for golf.
    2. US Navy personnel weakened from being put on Michelle’s lunch program
    3. ‘The Butler’ did it!
    4. Too busy shopping for the school supplies needed for Sasha and Malia’s first days.
    5. Didn’t have time to consult foreign policy expert JayZ
    6. joe Biden threatened to impeach him if he didnt go to Congress.
    7. he promised Putin more flexibility.
    8. The putting green in the War Room hasn’t been completed.
    9. Needed time to have the 1954 Cleveland Indians visit the White House.
    10. Susan Rice and Samantha Powers were going to the Venice film festival.

  12. OT. Elsewhere John Mccain assures us that Allah Akbar is the same as God is good, God is the greatest and that those who do say Allah Akbar are moderates. Yeah John this makes me feel so much better about your discerning support of the Syrian rebels.

    And I am sure all the victims of the ft.hood workplace violence are comforted by the fact that crazy Hassan who shouted Allah Akbar as he murdered them is a moderate.

    Sorry McCain supporters but this is nuts. And I do believe there are members of the MB on his staff.

  13. Every person who votes for military intervention in Syria should be made to answer the question. And what do you think the Syrian response to that will be — what are the consequences of this action.

    It should be on the record.

  14. Good show Julie. I also include the leadership.

    And on this issue they should be asked what they think the reaction, the consequences to the US will be if they support military intervention.


    • This was in response to Julie “blistering ” her congresscritter.

      And if there are any techies in the crowd — can someone make a tablet that’s worth a d*Mn. (See that M. – tablet nanny)

  15. If the current WSJ photo doesn’t scare you, well nuff said. Obummer, Boehner, Pelosi, Rice and Dorner all discussing Syria. I couldn’t think of a less qualified group of elected officials discussing matters of national security and military operations. Anyone else?

  16. Over the Labor Day weekend, my local PBS station broadcast a special on the life of Sir Winston Churchill. The words of a speech he gave might not have been so relevant last month, but are so much today.
    ” Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone WH embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.
    The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy, but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events “.
    Heed well Congress.

  17. So Kerry and Hagel says oposition has changed from AQ supported to moderate. There is the “leader of the opposition” in England now and ready to come to the US and meet with Congress.

    Really? Really? Really?

        • It sounds like Kerry et al are using the whatever Study of War findings (O’Bagy and others) that in the north there is a cluster of non AQ rebels. I don’t have any serious information, but come on — that’s like what? 5?

          And it seems like Kerry et al is hanging his and our hat on the rebels and opposition and that is dangerous.

          The whole thing is looney. One worse than the other.

          Looks like we stumbled into the audition for replacements for the rodeo clown who was excommunicated for wearing the Obama mask. At the moment, I am voting for Kerry but McCain and Hagel are still in the running.