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Labor Day Open Thread – September 2, 2013

Good morning. Fire away.

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    • This may be the start of a revolt by other labor unions. Am wondering if this was a planned move or were they hoping that they would be another exempted entity.

      Of course the talking points they provided has been what others have been saying for for the past year. Especially on immigration.

    • James Rosen reporting on Gretawire and PatDollard…that from inside the Obama administration…regardless of what Congress decides…Obama is a go on Syria

      How many times can they erase my posts????. BTW…who are they?
      Read Lamecherry…considers those 5 missing dirty bombs from Benghazi…

      Consider the following and add them up. This chapter began in Benghazi….

      The Obama Administration knew of WMD attack…three days before. But notified no one and did nothing. Why?

      Rebels in both Syria and Egypt are AlQaeda, the most violent arm of Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Same rebels took down Egypt and turned Egypt over to Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Egypt began having Christians murdered and crucified under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Morsi deposed, Obama threatens Egyptian military to reinstate Morsi or loose funding from America. Obama hid this threat from Americans. Why?

      Syria with the rebels fighting and now armed by Obama/Brennan….also now has Christians murdered, raped, crucified and massive Chistian refugees.

      Obama’s CIA annex in Benghazi was transferring weapons through Turkey to the AlQaeda rebels in Syria. Reported WMD and Stingers leave Benghazi annex to those rebels in Syria.

      Rebels are in the process of a take down of Assad to turn Syria, like Egypt, over to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring is but a Middle East communist winter.

      Reports, with documentation, have leaked that Obama was paying off Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood with 1.6 billion and 450 million directly to Morsi.
      The terrorist at Benghazi were recorded as saying “Dr. Morsi sent us”…The arms being transferred though Turkey were assisted by Erdogan, another Communist Muslim Brotherhood dog.
      The attack on Benghazi was to kill the eyewitnesses to the illegal treasonous arms transfer to America’s enemies by her treasonous Muslim Communist president with the able assistance of, his Muslim director of the CIA , John Brennan.


      Syria is aligned with Russia and Iran.

      Whether some in this country, in the CIA or the Pentagon think aligning with AlQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood achieves power…. or anything else in America’s interests…against Iran…they are wrong.
      Best consider Obama and his IslamoCommunist’s actions. Those actions have never been in America’s best interest.

      Obama has decimated America’s navy…he then leads that crippled Navy to war against Russia and Iran.


      Obama, as Christians have been murdered, raped, crucified and their 500 churches burned… first in Egypt then in Syria… has not uttered a peep of outrage much less a single word of dissatisfaction. For his constant blather on racism…his silence on the holocaust of Christians is deafening.

      Obama cut the USA’s nuclear arsenal, gave the Russians the Brits codes, broke our military through his insane rules of engagement and is running the most capable patriotic talent of the hierarchy of our military, it’s best Generals and Admirals, out of the military. Obama has cut the Navy’s size back to 1917 levels..crippled the military through assigning the entire sequestration cut backs to the military budgets….demoralised the military, cut out hot meals… sent American steel (the works best steel) off shore through cash for clunkers to China (those same salvage yards were used by FDR to built war ships) ….

      …And now that our world class military has been are crippled…. and Obama has armed our enemies ….he wants to take us into WWIII…stunningly treasonous.

      Obama is shepherding this nation, it’s economy, it’s military, its people…To hell…to defeat ..

      Stop him.

      The sarin came from the rebels..,Why is the question now when we go to war, rather than WHO the WMD came from?

  1. RobertGibbs, former Obama press secretary and political capo, thinks MrObama should address the public on the importance of , um, lobbing millions of dollars worth of cruise missiles into the Syrian desert to prove something.
    Forgetting that MrO already did address the nation, and that SecKerry did the same, MrGibbs thinks the little people need more talking to by their smarter betters in DC.

    Political pundits and political writers of all creeds are unanimous in one aspect of this unprecented and surprising move by MrO, the agree that he punted the issue to Congress. Political supporters are calling it a smart move, and the opposition sees it as a craven and cowardly sellout.
    Word is that Senate Dems are re-drafting, re-defining the defining draft sent to them by the WhiteHouse, hoping to parse the words in such a manner that even the most staunch dove will agree to some limited war action.
    If the polls are correct, the public does not want our military to hurl bombs onto Syrian soil, or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Congress needs to give him a vote of no confidence and send him to the sidelines for the next 3 years. He will never recoup from his self-inflicted wound. Spectacular incompetence on a scale never before witnessed in modern history.

    • Absolutely. I certainly hope there are “cooler” heads that will prevail in Congress. While it is terrible that some Syrian people were killed in a gas attack by SOMEBODY in Syria, personally I really don’t care. There are more people dying in the US via abortions, gang violence, race violence, whatever, and I certainly don’t want any more of our military people to be killed for people who don’t care about us or just want to kill us. I sincerely hope Congress will overwhelmingly say NO to any kind of military action, no matter now “muscular” yet miniscule it may be. Do not get involved. If these people want to kill each other, let them. They will never like us, they will never be an ally. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan. If there is ‘international outrage’ over this incident, let someone else deal with it.

    • Disturbing to me is that Mike Rogers – Chairman of House Intel Cmte – is out there saying that eventually Congress will vote for miliitary action in Syria. Nothing to do with Obama – all about national security.
      IMO – same old same old. Most politicians in this country are afraid going against Obama will be perceived as personal so they are willing to throw the interests of the country and the will of the people – immigration, healthcare and now national security – overboard to bow down before this man. I can argue myself into a circle but I always end up here.
      One shot across the bow and we will be embroiled in a war — for what? Truly insane.

      • How can it be that we know so much about Syria and so little about Benghazi? Why has Obama let the terrorists of Benghazi roam free but must take action against Syria? How does he determine which war to fight? Is it because he double dog dared Assad and Assad called his bluff?

  2. Columnist Erik Rush hosts Washington DC Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley on FULL CONTACT Radio today, at Noon eastern.

    Topic: The Obama DOJ’s surreptitious, illegal dismissal of all charges, the arrest warrant and NCIC against FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Duke – though her six comrades were convicted and handed lengthy prison sentences in the Resistance Conspiracy Case.

    Duke was involved in several bombings, including Fort McNair and The Capitol. Also wanted in connection with 1981 NY Brinks Heist that left two police officers and a Brinks guard dead.

    NO CAUSE SHOWN for dismissal by Obama Admin.

    Magistrate Judge did not have authority to dismiss and quash.

    Attorney Sibley has been fighting the Courts since May, and being stonewalled.

    Listen Live:

  3. Russia’s foreign minister on Monday dismissed as unconvincing the evidence presented by Secretary of State John Kerry of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government and said the United States had fallen far short of making a case for international cooperation on military strikes against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


    Mr. Lavrov initially had appeared to develop a strong working relationship with Mr. Kerry, a striking contrast with his often acrimonious relationship with the former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. But the relationship has soured swiftly in recent weeks, particularly after Mr. Obama canceled a planned summit in Moscow with President Vladimir V. Putin.

    “What we were shown before and recently by our American partners, as well as by the British and French does not convince us at all,” Mr. Lavrov said, adding, “There are no facts, there is simply talk about ‘what we definitely know.’ But when you ask for more detailed evidence, they say that it is all classified, therefore it cannot be shown to us. This means there are not such facts to encourage international cooperation.”


    • I would hope the UN inspectors release their findings report–in the lab right now undergoing analysis–before the Congress votes. But I suppose that would not mean anything: when a country likes a UN decision or report, the UN is wonderful, but when it doesn’t, thumbs down to the UN. I don’t want the UN to lie, but if they cannot produce evidence of a massive gas attack and which side perpetrated it, it would show that Kerry’s (Obama’s) evidence is skewed.

        • I am not either, but are you going to discredit them if what their findings show is that the ‘rebels’ are the ones who used chemical weapons just to support the Obama administration?

      • SecKerry:
        “Each day that goes by,” Kerry said, “this case is getting stronger. I mean, today I’m at liberty to tell you that we now have samples back from first responders in East Damascus – those samples of hair and blood have been tested, and they have reported positive for signatures of sarin. So, we are now getting a stronger case each day. The credibility of the United States is on the line here and I believe that Congress will do the right thing.”

        “first responders” he calls them. Who are these people who he claims cut hair and took blood samples from victims in Syria and then, somehow, made them available to someone (not named) to test for traces of the gases?

        The American idiom “first responders” applies to the EMTs, police, or firefighters who are called to a scene where emergency treatment or assistance is called for.
        If MrKerry was using that term to indicate that first responders in Syria are the same as in the US, then why were they collecting blood and hair samples and then supposedly placing them in sterile evidence bags and giving them to US interests or something for testing.
        This scenerio doesn’t sound credible.

        Now that the immediate shock of MrO’s announcements and MrKerry’s impassioned speeches has passed, questions arise about the “proof” that Assad gassed his own people.

        • The BBC was already outted for showing a photo from a 2003 Iraq gassing event. I just don’t trust this admin’s sources. Many, many photos and videos are online from all kinds of atrocities in that part of the world. And as dumb as Team O seem to be, nah, don’t trust them at all.

          Also, the White House visitors logbook is no longer public, so they can sneak people in and out of there at their hearts’ content. Transparency, bleaghhh.

      • Julie I seem to recall in the foggiest of ways that the UN can determine if chemical weapons were used – the type etc. – but not who did it. On the other hand some experts are saying that the markings are such that they can be traced. And further there is evidence that despite the horrors of chemical warfare it is not the days of old – these attacks can and do kill – but can be survivable. I admit ignorance on this but I found it odd the lack of protective gear in handling the victims.

        It seems to me it would be possible to determine who the culprits are with some certitude – but not in the amount of time we will allot. In the end it will be as the Administration has determined – true or not.

        IMO – too much time has passed. This is now just an excuse for Obama to save face. Congress will consent and ultimately Americans will suffer and some will die. Unintended consequences of course.

        • Oh, good catch. Protective gear for those handling the corpses that are probably covered in the lethal gas would have been called for, at the least. hmmmm.

          Whatever properties the gas holds might indicate more than a mass grave burial, too. /??

        • This country will not allow Congress to take our degraded military into another war, no matter what phony evidence these elitist frauds manufacture to support their warmongering goals. If Congress votes to take America’s sons and daughters into another pointless and endless war, effectively forcing them to serve as soldiers of Allah, they will feel the wrath of the American people.

          It broke my heart to see the photo of a Marine, whose uniform bore a purple heart, holding a handwritten note in front of his face that said, “I didn’t join the Marine Corps to fight for al Qaeda in a Syrian civil war”.

        • I found it odd that so many top quality minicams just happened to be on hand and also that the victims I saw were all male. In a real life situation I would have expected the genders to be mixed.

  4. They’re in a panic mode. The Cruz Effect: How One Man Destabilized the Government by a nobody twerp named Brian Beutler in Salon. Warning: you will be disgusted beyond what you ever thought possible.

      • I pray that you are right. I suspect you are not. When I heard Mike Rogers say that Congress would most likely support the President and that Juan and Miss Lindsey are meeting with the President today at 2pm I can see the tide turn at the hands of politics.

        I read a comment elsewhere that concluded that this is no Administration to go to war with. I concur. Look at Afghanistan where we have suffered more deaths and casualties than in its entirety. How often does anyone let alone the President address these brave men and women who were left there inadequately forced for self protection and rendered almost defenseless by political correctness, often shot in the back of the head by the national troops they trained. Or Benghazi where the President and his ilk lied — using the evidence of a video tape — and yet to bring the terrorists to justice.

        Nope with Obama, once the political battle is won he moves on. And Congress acts in concert. The will of the people — on Syria, immigration, and healthcare — all in opposition — is not a factor under this Administration and this Congress.

        Act on Syria and we bring the war to us. And Obama and Congress — they will move on.

        • I happen to believe the ruling class is losing this battle, gracepmc. It may not feel like it right now, because of the betrayal by legislators we trusted once upon a time – John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Rogers, Peter King, et al. But they are losing. Deploying our military to defend al Qaeda is a bridge too far for the American people.

          • Listening to a presser with Sens McCain and Grahmn (sic). They want an all-out war it seems. Nothing half-acked, full bore, boots on the ground until Assad is ousted. sigh.

            OT: If only the President would stand and answer like these two Sens are doing right now. They answer every question, no campaign speeches, just what they want and think.

          • I couldn’t hope more that you are right.

            I am disturbed by Mike Rogers’ comment. I am also troubled by this Congress who might feel that although they cannot go along with McCain et al and God forbid they disagree with Obama directly that some resolution will be fashioned that will claim to limit, but will in fact not limit, whatever action should be taken.

            Based on the resolution they will adopt they will be tepidly involved. Obama acts. Things turn to shit. The American people are unhappy. Good men and women die. The Republicans are blamed (nothing new and should not be a factor in the decision making). War breaks out.

            After Princep killed the Archduke there was a month of or so of missions , talking etc. finally ending in an ultimatum which resulted in War. And that was with each side having Allies.

            History is replete with wars starting over the most trivial of things and by the whims and delusions of madmen. It’s kind of ironic that at a time when the Do Nothing Congress should live up to its name it will not.

            So, yes I will pray that you are right.

          • Susan, I feel strongly the rebels in Syria are terrorists, Al Queda, the same people that did a dance when airplanes were driven into our buildings, killing 3,000 Americans.

            How can Congress vote for a new war to help these people? To save face? Because of a few words uttered by an idiotic President, “Red Line”?? How can Congress vote for a new war endangering the lives of millions of people, Israel, United states, Military, etc.? How do these people sleep at night? Why try to save a President guilty of so many crimes against America? This should not be a basis for a new war. All of Congress should be impeached along with the President if these poor soldiers, marines, etc. are told to bomb Syria JUST TO SAVE FACE BECAUSE OF A WORD BLUNDER???

    • It doesn’t disgust me, Julie. It just shows how desperate the statists are now that their utopian dream is turning into a freakin’ nightmare for the country. The guy laments how the “Cruz effect” is disrupting the Wilsonian legislative norm that has been in place for the last century. He’s just upset that the principles and values of the leviathan’s go-along-to-get-along pet RINOs are being challenged. That is exactly what Ted Cruz promised Texans he would do. He promised he would shake up the ruling class, and he’s fulfilling his promise.

      By the way, the petition to defund Obamacare that a handful of conservatives are promoting has over a million signatures today!

    • It’s not just an opinion from an editor or staff writer, but from the entire editorial board!

      The number that should matter to federal officials is this: Roughly 86 percent of students in the voucher program came from schools that were rated D or F. Mr. White called ironic using rules to fight racism to keep students in failing schools; we think it appalling.

      Unfortunately, though, it is not a surprise from an administration that, despite its generally progressive views on school reform, has proven to be hostile — as witnessed by its petty machinations against D.C.’s voucher program — to the school choice afforded by private-school vouchers. Mr. White told us that from Day One, the five-year-old voucher program has been subject to unrelenting scrutiny and questions from federal officials. Louisiana parents are clamoring for the choice afforded by this program; the state is insisting on accountability; poor students are benefiting. The federal government should get out of the way.


      I wonder if the editorial board is getting the feeling that perhaps FCMABBHO wants things to get so bad for African-American students that they will gladly join the coming race war. I doubt it, but I get that feeling.

      • IMO, it has nothing to do with race relations, or a good education or safe schools for the children, but every-little-thing to do with unionized teachers.
        There is no union representing teachers at charter schools, and MrObama’s goal is to protect the unions at every venue, schools or work.
        Non-union charter school teachers have to perform, must be good teachers and have stellar qualifications or they’re out of there. Union teachers can be anything they want, do almost any thing they choose and no matter how few students actually learn anything, their job is protected for life.

    • Sure it could be a wag the dog ploy.
      Recall the insult that MrObama threw publically at MrPutin at the last press conference? MrO thought he was being cute or something, but MrPutin has shown that he doesn’t like “cute” or will tolerate insults. From anyone, much less a pipsqueak like MrO who supports gays and gay marriage.

      No way is the Russian law against homosexuality just a thing they just thought of to keep gay Olympians from being too, um, gay, but more than likely is a jab at MrObama’s pet group, or MrO himself if rumors are true. Same with the gasses supposedly used in Syria; what better way to trap MrO into a humiliating or disastorious position than to use his ill-choses words against him.
      Russians do not like us, and MrPutin is pulling the string in Syria.

        • Neither do Islamic radicals.
          Putin has more experience in his little finger than Obama has accumulated in his entire life.
          I may disagree with his philosophies, however what I said is true.
          Barry has been inserted into a field of individuals that have been there done that for the most part.
          I don’t think that many of them had their position handed to them.
          That is the reason that they look on our POTUS as an amateur.
          They are correct.

          • He would have dismissed him as a fool.
            A child.
            Someone that should never have been elevated to the level he now holds.
            And yet, he escapes all accountability for his ineptitude.
            Go figure.
            Is it due to the MSM,…partially.
            Intelligent people dismiss what they see as obviously just wrong. Common sense comes into play here.
            Ignorant people,…partially.
            Voter fraud, probably more than we know.
            Cheating is a great tool that the left has used for years.
            The Health Care bill was passed by cheating the congressional process, configuring it and passing it behind closed doors while buying off enough members of congress and the senate to get it passed against the will of the majority of the American People.

            So did Nancy Pelosi give the finger to the American People ?
            Was she re-elected ?

            So now,…who is at fault for this debacle ?
            We the People ?

          • Don’t forget the machinations of Soros. And, our educational system was taken over by the forces of international socialism a long time ago.

        • I would describe Russian society as more totalitarian than conservative. True conservatives wouldn’t support a centralized government that dictates societal behavior.

          • Oh dear. Generally speaking the Russians are prejudiced and xenophobic. They are for Russia and Russians. But they have been known to accept the services, vounteered or not, by “outsiders” to act for Russian concerns.

          • I sort of kind of agree. A little. I am Slavic, I am Catholic and while I have some opinions about gay marriage I am not homophobic or judgemental about peoples’ personal lives. I have many good gay friends; lived with a gay man — one of my best friends and a great cook etc.

            That said, I do think that what you said is largely true.

            Now when the Left takes the issue of Sexuality and throws it in your face, claims all kinds of rights around it etc. — that’s a whole ‘nuther kettle.

            I wasn’t going to say this here, but it is a good as time as any.

            Slavs and Russians generally disapprove of gays. Obama disses Putin by not meeting with him. I a get that. And to a certain extent I agree with it. What I don’t get and this is where Obama dissolves into the child that he is. When he goes to Russia he will meet with gay-lesbian group — one could argue that this is making a political statement as well as a democratic, liberal, freedom etc. crap and a nod to the GLBT base here. BUT I would think the “average” Russian would not receive this well. And there are so many other social and historical issues of peace and cooperation where an American President visiting a foreign country could reach out and compliment the people on. Few American Presidents go out of their way to make it personal like this.

            Now , about those gypsies ….. :)

            Doesn’t sit well.

      • With Obama there’s a thin line between hubris and stupidity.
        Flexible well he forgets Putin is KGB could stare at Obama till he
        well you know. Have you seen the looks he gives Obama? If he
        had a brain he’d be worried/scared stiff.

  5. Remember that one time that we had that oil leak at the bottom of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico and engineers everywhere were struggling with a solution, so Obama called Hollywood for ideas on how to stop it.

    That was awesome.

  6. Congratulations to Diana Nyad , 64, for accomplishing the goal set at the age of 28. 110 miles Cuba to Key West. Good show.

    Nyad was a great influence on my training. Along with others, she took swim training from the pool alone on to the flat. I have always admired her determination to meet this goal.

    Great physical and mental victory.

    Oh dear. I am gushing. Can you tell I am a fan? :)

  7. Sure is challenging these days. Listening and watching the political leaders, trying to conclude who is talking trash or who is just talking. Sounds like an NFL game as the the teams line up on scrimmage.

    • I just saw this on Allen West’s FB page … use it for informing your reps !!

      Watched Senators McCain and Graham’s press conference after their meeting with President Obama on the subject of Syria. It seems the tagline to be used is ‘degrade Assad and upgrade the resistance.’ I hate to be the one to ruin the party, but this administration did exactly that in Libya and never considered the unintended consequences. Now in Libya we have a proliferation of Islamist forces who are training terrorist insurgents to head to Syria, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, as well as a consulate attack resulting in the death of four Americans, one being an Ambassador. In Egypt we ‘deposed’ Mubarak and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood and the unintended consequences are a civil war in Egypt and increased persecution of the Coptic Christians. So here we go again with the Obama administration, and useful tools from Congress, embarking America on a nebulous endeavor in the Middle East without consideration of the untended consequences. The opposition in Syria are Islamists supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration has not supported the Free Syrian Army under COL Riad. NO, to any US military action in Syria. The Obama administration has a confused Middle East policy and has shown ineptness in understanding the second and third order effects.

      • Lt. Col. Allen West has a good head on his shoulders.
        Kudos to him for getting the alerts out.
        Graham is up for re-election in 2014.
        If I lived in S.Carolina, I would be banging the drums against his re-election loudly.
        He is not a conservative and we desperately need more conservatives in the congress to begin to reverse the immense debt the the progressives have incurred over the past 30 years.

        • Graham’s being primaried, check out Nancy Mace. The GOP is not happy about her, so they’re throwing in another pit bull GOP candidate to take her votes = Graham wins.

          It’s why I, a former Dem, won’t support the GOP, they’re just as icky.

          • If the GOP isn’t happy with her, that is a good sign.
            Another candidate is not a good sign.
            It is going to be just another ‘muddy the water’ type of election
            The same thing is going on in Kentucky with McConnell.
            There is a Tea Party candidate that they are slamming right and left for being a successful businessman.

          • Sounds similar to what the establishment Republicans tried to do to Ted Cruz last year. There was a really crowded primary in Texas but the grass roots got behind Ted Cruz, which helped him come in second place behind Dewhurst in the primary. Because of the crowded field Dewhurst failed to get 50% of the vote, thank goodness, so he and Ted fought it out in a runoff election. Dewhurst and the RINOs accused Ted of everything from helping a Chinese tire company steal American jobs, to having too little government experience to serve in Congress. The RINOs can really fight dirty when they’re opposing conservatives. Too bad they’re gutless cowards when it comes to standing up to the radical Democrats.

        • I agree on all points.

          Also on The Five Dana Perrino said it is not the Republicans’ responsibility to come up with a plan. That’s so true.

          I think there should be a straight up or down vote on Obama’s Resolution as submitted. It will fail. And we will be done.

          Of course, that won’t happen. Congress can’t help itself.

          Everybody is all — oh wow, Obama with M&G — no Dems in sight. Of course not. If something of a go ahead comes out of Congress and it fails, McCain and Graham and the whole Republican Party will be the reason it failed.

          Obama is forgiven everything and he will make his base believe that he was doing the all encompassing thing. BS.

  8. Fox News just reported that one of the Navy vessels contain a group of Marines on board.
    I thought that we weren’t going to put boots on the ground.

    • Knowing how the admin. contorts the language, they won’t be calling them boots – they’ll find a euphemism like sandals.
      I can’t recall where I read it, but I believe we already have troops in Jordan.

  9. Maj. General Vallely: Obama Backing Wrong Syrian Rebels:

    President Obama is unlikely to take any military action against Syria that will actually make a difference, but his administration is actively backing the radical Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida elements of the rebellion while leaving the Free Syrian Army high and dry, warns retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely.

    Vallely consults with military leaders of the Free Syrian Army and recently returned from a trip to Turkey that also included a heavily guarded trip to the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. He was in the region when the apparent chemical weapons attack took place.

    Vallely believes there should be military action to take down the Bashar Assad regime, but he told WND the “shot-across-the-bow” approach floated by Obama would be pointless.

    “Obama’s really not a very brave person, so I don’t think he’ll take any brave action,” Vallely said. “He is known, even in the Middle East and Syria, for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as he did in Egypt. His trend is toward supporting those elements also in Syria.

    “The Syrian generals who defected, they all know this. They look at America as very weak, very impotent under our leadership right now,” he said.

    As a result of his latest consultations, Vallely reported that the U.S. is actively providing support and logistics for the Muslim Brotherhood and salafist organizations like al-Qaida, but the more democratic-minded Free Syrian Army is essentially ignored. So why are Obama and his advisers siding with the more radical elements?

    “They continue to make international mistakes like they did in Libya and that they did in Egypt. So there’s a pattern of ineptness and a misunderstanding about why this administration would continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Islamists, rather than the Free Syrian Army, which is the true opposition force over there,” said Vallely, who believes Obama has not been hoodwinked by the Muslim Brotherhood but simply embraces its ideology


  10. There’s so much to fire away at. It looks like we are going to War to save face? Yeah, put the military in the line of fire because Obama talked “RED LINE” stupidly. Bomb away innocent men, women and children to save face for the United States of America who has a President that was no where to be found when OUR PEOPLE were being murdered in Benghazi who begged and begged and begged for help and Obama was nowhere to be found and to this day won’t even talk about where he was that night. Now he’s all in a twither about saving the same type of people who drove airplanes into our buildings killing more than THREE THOUSAND of OUR people in New York City.

    If Congress votes for another war, they will reap what they sew.You don’t gamble with peoples’ lives to SAVE FACE.

    • If it wasn’t for that Watergate thing, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger would be held up as examples of the finest statesmen we ever had in the US. The accomplishments of both of them helped even the temperature of the cold war, open trade with China, made great strides in lowering the threats of nuclear wars and really ‘took one for the team’ by just leaving VietNam as they did.
      We lost a lot of young blood and old treasure in VietNam and it wasn’t MrNixon’s war, but he ended it the only way possible.