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Obama Has Got Passive-Aggressive Syria-Policy Personality Disorder

Obama is correct to demand a vote in Congress before attacking Syria.


Who knows? They should be called back yesterday if they’re going to do this. The Washington Post notes today:

Throughout the week, the Syrian army has been relocating troops and hardware from military bases into civilian buildings and neighborhoods, witnesses say. In the major cities of Homs and Damascus, soldiers have been arriving by the busload at university dormitories, and residents said artillery and tanks had been moved into residential areas.

If Obama had been in charge of planning the D-Day landing, we’d have attacked the Germans during the 1970s.

“Operation Slow Motion Pinprick looks likely to have the longest preparatory phase of any limited US military operation in history,” wrote Barry Pavel, a former national security official in the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, according to Politico.

I can only conclude that the part of Obama that is indecisive, that abhors military action, that covets his Nobel Peace Prize, and that doesn’t really want to hit Syria despite the Red Line he drew, has kicked in. He knows that Congress may disapprove of the attack, and then he won’t have to do it. And if he does, he’ll have the comfort of knowing Congress is partially responsible for whatever might go wrong.

Based on a seance I conducted this morning with Dr. Sigmund Freud, I can only conclude, since I don’t think Obama particularly respects the Constitution, that his decision to allow Congress a role is based mostly on a loss of nerve. Now he can delay things and maybe be saved from making a decision if Congress opposes the attack.

That he went golfing right after making the statement Saturday is itself deeply Freudian, Freud noted in our conversation. It’s as if he said, Thank God, this is basically out of my hands now. I’m doing this, but I’m not really doing this. Now let’s go relax.

Freud’s diagnosis of Passive-Aggressive Syria-Policy Personality Disorder is one with which several modern psychologists I consulted with concurred.

He’s leading from behind again. Our enemies understand the lack of resolve. They can see into his subconscious, even if he can’t.

And while Obama’s on the golf course, Bashar Assad is hunkering down and he and his friends are preparing their response.

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  1. Once again, Obama has gamed the system. On the one hand, he’s demonstrated his “spine of steel”. On the other hand, he’s set up Congress (again) to take the blame if they “turn their back” on the people of Syria. And with a stroke of his club, he can show that he’s “laser focused” on producing that hole in one — even if that one isn’t Assad.

    • Isn’t that what he has been doing since day one – gaming the system. I am surprised that he didn’t take the oath of office with his golf bag in tow. If golf carts had names like autos, his would say, “Just playing through”.

    • His tendency to vote “present” when controversial issues are on his plate–from his days in the Illinois legislature to now–is peculiar, to say the least. It’s like his own personal mental bunker, a place he scoots to hide when other adults are trying to work on issues. Even when he replied that he didn’t have an opinion on the question of when human life begins in the womb–he scooted to “that question is above my pay grade.” Why go into politics if you want to avoid the fray? Odd dude, isn’t he?

    • Intriguing point. Setting moral and military aspects aside, perhaps the RINOs should just vote present when the time comes. Might be a way to force liberals to take responsibility for the folly that is their leadership. Meanwhile, we’re still stuck with Boehner…

  2. Rumor has it that the six Navy warships that are cooling their rudders in the eastern Mediterranean are flying a white flag – “Mission Aborted” (due to unforeseen circumstances).

  3. I believe he had every intention of bypassing Congress and attacking Syria. He has been on the side of his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood in every conflict (i.e., Egypt and Libya). The only thing that stopped him here was the British Parliament voting against war. Ironically, the last time a Prime Minister was defeated over an issue of war and peace was in 1782 – the American Revolutionary War. Preezy acted with his usual pompous arrogance after that stunning vote of no-confidence in his leadership. First he threw a hissy fit, then he pointed the finger of blame to someone else (fellow quisling Cameron), then he stomped his feet and threatened to go it on his own, then somebody “took him behind the woodshed”. Only after all that drama did he decide to do the right thing and go to Congress.

    He can’t just push this off on Congress as he continues hopscotching around the globe on his never ending political campaigning and vacationing. He has to make a case for invading a sovereign country that poses no threat to U.S. sovereignty. If he doesn’t present a good enough case, he loses…and America wins.

  4. he really went golfing? I heard this out of the corner of my ear and assumed it was the punchline of a late-nite comic’s joke.

    he really went golfing.

    well, as Krauthammer said: it’s amateur hour.

  5. ” … I don’t think Obama particularly respects the Constitution [and] his decision to allow Congress a role is based mostly on a loss of nerve.”

    No, Keith, Obama is being a community organizer — he follows the rules when they serve his interest and ignore them when they don’t. In this case, the rules serve to dilute responsibility (as you correctly pointed out) and therefore Obama does what the Constitution requires. Next week, when something else comes up, perhaps in which his interest will not be served by a vote of Congress, Obama will act as if no such document exists.

      • Agreed, but his instincts as a community organizer makes him see the system as a foreign set of rules to be used or ignored as they serve him and there is no feeling of love for America in his actions.

  6. This is the best of all possible worlds for Obama. He gets to shake his fist and talk about red lines, but he won’t be able to actually send troops (not that he really wants to) because Congress won’t vote to authorize such a stupid venture. Then he can be in “blame Congress” mode again. What fun for him!

    Fortunately, this will also be the best national policy, achieved despite of rather than because of Obama. Having Obama and that fool Kerry in charge of national security and international policy should strike fear into the heart of every American.

  7. Obama is a impotent leader unable to rally his subjects. He should just slither back under the rocks along with his BFF Eric “the Pit Viper” Holder and await a strike at the nearest rodent, ala John Kerry.

  8. I’ll bet Assad isn’t playing golf, hosting fundraisers or playing card games.
    He’s in his SitRoom preparing for the attack.
    But Assad is not rushing, he’s got a week or more to prepare.

  9. Wonder how Isreal feels continually hung out to dry by this inept little
    man. If we hit Syria well look at the map Isreal will stand a chance of
    getting hit like in the Gulf War. But he doesn’t care as long as there’s
    golf and adoration.

    • I wonder if Israel will sit back this time. Sure, the US and Israel have worked together to install missile-intercepting systems starting–IIRC–with the Patriot batteries during the first Gulf War, and there are about three other systems, but nothing is perfect.

  10. Here is an attempt to pass the buck again. If Congress meets and passes a “sense of the congress” rejection he will order the missile strikes anyway. If they pass a law that he absolutely cannot do it he will ignore it (not sign the bill). Then we have a VERY interesting dilemma.
    Do our Department of Defense/Military have the intestinal fortitude to say “NO”? The oath taken by every civil servant in high office, and every military person in any office is to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic”, In accordance with Military Law (UCMJ) it is illegal for a military person to obey an illegal order. If the Congress says NO, but the President says YES is the order legal?
    I don’t think so. The Congress speaks for ALL the citizens of the US, the President would be speaking only for himself.
    Are we willing to expose our military to a new set of Nuerenbeg Trials to stroke the ego of the president? Some would call it mutiny if the President called a war and no one came. It isn’t. It’s living up to the oath.

    • Well said.
      But with todays pathetic US military leadership; from the top with the JCS, and flag officers who care only about their careers/stars, and all the PC bullsh#t in the officer and enlisted ranks that has weakened the ‘fighting spirit’ of the troops, I sadly doubt anyone in our US military has the guts to stand up and refuse an order from “CINC” Obama (re: the 3 flag officers that were forced out after Benghazi…)

      • I wish the JCS would have a meeting and do whatever they’re allowed to do for a “vote of no confidence” for their CinC. If they’d put their country before politics I’d feel much better.

        Woke up to the news that Obama is historic once again, never have there been so many ships in one small area … like sitting ducks …. a very dangerous situation for them…..with nothing to do. I think the Nimitz battle group got diverted to go there, extending their deployment.

        • Denise,
          I am a US Navy Vet (2 Med cruises from 94-96, 6th Fleet.) and I have to say my beloved US Navy is so screwed up nowadays (dont get me started from uniforms to ships…)
          No one in DC/Pentagon has any clue what is going on with the ships out there

      • You remember what happened to the Admiral and the General that stood up against the ‘stand down’ order used in Benghazi.
        They were removed from their positions.
        Sorry, I can’t remember their names.

  11. The other day I jokingly posted “What are the odds in Vegas hat he plays golf this weekend?”

    I can’t believe he played golf. He has no self control whatsoever. This is a party job for him. Living the high life,because, he is to responsible to anyone since his reelection including his fellow Democrats.

    Now, he will seek Congress’ input on Syria and if the missile attack is seen as Victorious in the World’s view then he will take credit for his leadership in the matter. If it fails then he will blame Congress for their ineptitude.

    Personally, I believe this is a UN matter. Does the UN condone Gas attacks on a Countries own population. I guess we should be careful though. Obama could get the idea to Gas just the Republicans and stay on as Dictator.

    • It gets crazier by the minute. The Boy who would be King was playing Spades with Reggie the night Bin Laden was taken down; he was MIA on the night of Benghazi; and he was consulting with Magic Johnson on the Jobs crisis the night before he passed the Syria buck to Congress.
      Now it looks like he was playing a game of Battleship with SOS Kerry over the week-end.
      Unconfirmed reports are circulating that BHO did try to contact Dennis Rodman for advice over the week-end, but he Is out of the country playing hoops with his BFF in N. Korea.

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