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Obama’s Serial Syria Mistakes

Let’s count the ways in which President Obama has screwed up his Syria policy.

1. He failed to take a stand in a conflict that clearly involves our interests. Bashar Assad is an ally of our enemy, Iran, and a supporter of Iran’s interests and of terrorism throughout the Middle East. He arms people who want to destroy Israel, and Israel is our friend, whose continued existence we safeguard militarily. The chance to eliminate Assad should have been seized early with a robust program of assistance to rebels before Islamists and al Qaeda had fully infiltrated their ranks.

2. Obama drew a red line without thinking. He committed to United States to action without thoroughly understanding the consequences. America must be considered true to its word or it will not be taken seriously, and national security will be severely damaged. This type of irresponsibility is what happens when you elect someone with no relevant experience for the job to be president.

3. Having drawn the red line, he failed to enforce it. The White House Friday acknowledged that Assad has already crossed the red line multiple times, using chemical weapons in limited amounts against his people. Really? Now you tell us? The United States did not even respond by sending light weapons to the opposition, which everyone understood was supposed to happen. It’s no wonder Assad felt free to wage a larger attack.

4. Obama is planning a limited attack on Assad. That is not worth doing. Any attack that fails to take out Assad or destroy his defenses is counterproductive. A limited strike will only rally sympathy for Assad and prove to the world that the United States won’t act forcefully to back up its word and support its interests, and that it lacks commitment to lead.

And a world without U.S. leadership is a very dangerous one indeed. The world won’t go away just because we decide to abandon it. When we ignore our enemies, they eventually come to get us, as they did twelve years ago next month.

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  1. “…the chance to eliminate Assad should have been seized early…”
    I’m believe it was Gen. MacArthur who said that cause of defeat in war’s and it’s battles can be summarized by two words, ” to late “.
    If Dear Leader had spent more time attending to business and not on the golf course or fund raising, chances for success might have been better.

  2. I swear the President is bi-polar.

    He basically wants an isolationist policy, one where America retracts within its borders, and lets the world do as it damned well pleases. YET, he refuses to secure said same borders, thereby allowing the country to be penetrated by those that would want to do us harm.

    The idea that open borders are simply a way to provide the poor, huddled masses of Latin America a chance of refuge in this country is fallacious. Yes, our porous, sieve like borders do allow for those seeking to better themselves and their families the chance to share in the ever shrinking American dream, but these leaky borders also allow those that would and will do us harm to enter unfettered.

    The President, and his progressive cadre, need to decide if America is going to become isolationist, or continue to reach out to others in their times of need and suffering. If we become an isolationist country, then lock the border, roll up that faded, tattered, red carpet that has for so long greeted those coming into the the country, and simply take care of what we have here and now in our country.

    If we continue to be the country we were meant to be, that shinning example of what democracy, compassion, and strength is all about, then we need to follow through with what we say. Assad should have been blown out of office via a hellfire missile a year ago.

    Perhaps someone needs to slip some lithium into the President’s OJ in the morning, and help him to over come, and control his bi-polar policies.

    1. I think that the president suffers from an inability to make decisions due to inexperience.
      He has surrounded himself with a mass of pseudo-intellectuals that have achieved the level they have acquired by nefarious means, and connections within academia among other establishments including the government itself.

      I would imagine that the president has a temper that he has a hard time controlling.
      We have all seen his reactions when things do not go his way.
      The very fact that he does not conduct open pressers tells me that he is reluctant to make a fool of himself in answering pertinent questions by informed reporters.

        1. No, but she was born in Iran, which of course shows the error of example 1 above. Keith has it backwards. In Obama’s world, Iran is our friend while Israel is our enemy.

        1. Agree with all that was said there.
          Valerie makes the decisions and she can not be present when he is interviewed or asked questions in a presser.

      1. “You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school — Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government — you’ve shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you’re plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success. You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the handpickers can put you.”

        Rush Limbaugh, February 7, 1995

          1. Right after this guy was elected, I grabbed Michelle Malkin’s book “Culture of Corruption”.
            Man did she have this administration pegged !
            I had not paid that much attention to politics before, although I started to doubt W’s spending policies.
            Valjar, born in Iran with a communist father, and chief adviser to the president,….whats not to like ?

          2. Not to mention, Star, she was fired by Mayor Daily. That takes a lot of incompetence. And just how, given her non-plussing track record, did she ever afford a home on the Vineyard?

        1. Sadie, It seems Rush Limbaugh was right in 1995,
          and today he is still right! I have been listening to him
          for 20 some odd years, and it is really true, he is right 97%
          of the time.

      2. AF, agree’s with you. He has not one insider that has any previous military experience with the exception of Kerry, and that doesn’t count (over 40 yrs ago and a whole different kind of war). Granted he can lean on the JCOS and DOD to provide him guidance, but BO is an egotist, and his shooting from the hip, non-scripted comments plus allowing his cabinet and special advisors to keep digging his “foxhole” strategy into a bottomless pit, has damaged our reputation that will take years to recover from. These advisors lately have been getting world event situations wrong, and now our country is paying for it. I look at them as armchair QB’s.

        And yes, off camera and away from the public, I bet he has a temper and a half!

        1. Not to make light of what I consider to be a dangerous situation (reaction to Obama’s act of aggression) but Ollie North refers to “shoot from the hip” as “shoot from the lip”.

          That said I fear the US will pay big time for Obama’s feckless egotistical action in Syria.

        2. This is to Otis.
          The reply function isn’t working
          Remember when Reagan was elected and the hostages were immediately released ?
          Presidents DO make a difference.

      3. When questioned about his business experiences during the 2008 run for the gold, he responded, well, I’m running a large campaign than involves thousands of people ! It’s certainly how he’s running our country now. :(

        1. Absolutely !
          No military experience, no business experience, never been a governor, or a mayor.
          Nothing,…nada as far as real experience in even attempting to balance a budget.
          Congress is another subject entirely.
          Why not take a certain percentage of their pensions to pay down the deficit during the time they were in office.
          After all they were the ones that were in control of the money.
          That would be calculated on their tenure.
          I know,…it is a pittance but, it would feel good to US.

    2. The “poor, huddled masses of Latin America” are also a danger to our country — how many citizens do we want to have in the future? will our nation be divided by language or united by a shared language? what is so admirable about entering your neighbor’s house and unlawfully take goods and services even instead of staying at home and improving your own situation? That is what illegal aliens are doing to us, with the added benefit to them of anchor babies opening the door legally for social need programs. Remember, the guy who stole your tv from your living room just wanted a better life, too. He wanted the better life that comes from watching or fencing your television.

  3. I just read this in a comment on AT and could not believe BO actually said “the troops fighting on MY behalf” but there is a link with an article and his speech in which he said those words!

  4. The end result of “leading from behind” continues to expose his [behind]. The old saw, “Get the lead out of your ass” has no impact in the small mind of a community organizer, who has only mustered up the art of slogans. While Obama “evolves” the world revolts. He is the “bulimic president” who bit off more than he can chew. Too bad we’re all choking on his appetite. He should have stuck with the arugula salad.

    1. He doesn’t lead from behind, he hangs back until others take action and then he steps from the shadows where he has been hiding and critcizes the actions in one of his “historic” overviews of the issue.

    2. The reply button is not working for me so I can’t tell you how many of your comments are so on target. I think some of you might appreciate George Wills remark: He has a glutton’s rather than a gourmet’s appetite for his own rhetorical cuisine.

      1. The site is behaving quirky this morning. Have received “the website you’re trying to access is offline” and my fav “you’re posting too fast”. Hope this one goes through :D

  5. This may be the first time that Obama’s naivete and incompetence has put the US at risk…not to mention made us a target of world-wide ridicule.

    And he’s got another 3 1/2 years to further degrade our standing at home and abroad.

      1. As long as Eric Holder is the attorney general, Obama has a bye, given the fact that congress will not hold his feet to the fire.
        Holder and Obama are getting away with anything they can while they can.
        F&F, Benghazi, and who knows what else that we don’t know about ?
        When the congress demands the documents, and they are redacted to the point of unusable, where do you go from there ?

    1. Supposedly, select Senators are being briefed later today…he did not participate in the tele-conference held with House leaders….was said to be at the time with Magic Johnson and ValJar.
      Who knows, he may be on the golf course during today’s briefing.

  6. This particular episode is a wag-the-dog gone terribly wrong. It’s not supposed to happen this way. Americans were meant to rally around the President and forget about their little differences on Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi and even race. Oh, and the NSA spying hasn’t helped us draw our allies closer to us.

  7. Obama did his usual ego act yesterday by stating that “I have instructed MY military to……”
    My cabinet is one thing…My military is another…and even my cabinet is egotistic. The military is ours, not his.

  8. Not buying it at all. SecKerry’s crocodile tears and drama were all to give cover to a rank amateur who’s done his best to reduce the US to a minor, broke player on the world scene.

    What “Syrian policy”, the limited strike one? Taking out the TwinTowers and killing 3,000 innocents civilians was a “limited strike”.
    Throwing cruise missiles at a country that poses no immediate threat to the US, just because MrObama is miffed and embarassed that Assad didn’t listen to him or that the Syrian leader isn’t killing his people in the approved method allowed by the UN is insanity.
    Dead is dead, and MrObama’s favorite killing machine, the stealth drone, has killed an unknown number of innocent cilvilians.

    We’re fast reaching the point where MrObama is really acting like the tin-pot, banana-republic dictator that he secretly wants to be. America doesn’t kill people or attack other countries because their leader humiliated our hapless President.

    1. And it galls me that he is so wimpy-simpy saying oh, this is just a limited little deal–I am not saying it should be a glass-over or anything–but why say we aren’t gonna do much…so …I don’t even know…unmanly maybe? If it won’t stop the slaughter of babies. women, students, scholars, shopkeepers–then just shut up and sit down. It’s too late to arm the other side even if the other side was not horrible, it’s too late not to look like an idiot and make all of us look like we elected idiots, you talked too much, thought too little…just go on a trip or something.

      1. *like*

        It may start with a few US missiles. It won’t end there, I can just about guarantee. Russia and Iran are going to respond. Iran will probably do it by attacking Israel with whatever WMD’s they have. Russia, who knows what they’ll do, but I would not bet against Putin, knowing Obama is a lightweight, responding by doing something directly against the US, and pretty much double-dog-daring Obama to “come at me, bro.”

        This piss-poor excuse of a president is going to get a lot of Americans killed with his cluelessness. And I hate to say this, but I would not be surprised if hundreds, if not thousands, of those American deaths, were right here, at home.

        You guys have no IDEA how fervently I hope to be wrong on that. But I doubt I am.

        1. What we may see, if the US does launch a Cruise Missile strike is the Russians being able to deploy and test anti-missile tech and knock some of them down. If this happens, egg on the face of the military and BO. Am sure China would be in the loop too, getting their hands on pieces of damaged parts (granted they have stolen enough plans for most of our stuff anyway). At 1.45 million a pop for the latest upgraded missiles, this would be a very costly strike.

          Maybe a couple of drones would be more cost effective.

        1. Hamlet, did I hear Hamlet…This one is for you Star.

          The Syria decision: President Obamlet

          On Syria, it seems Obama’s made up his mind about what to do but then again perhaps he’s not made up his mind at all. Maybe it’s all a clever strategic head-fake on Obama’s part. I doubt it, however; his slowness to come to a decision in military matters has become legendary. The whole thing…

      2. A trip to Africa perhaps. I think America would be better off If Mr. Obama spent a lot more time in Africa. Solve their problems. Concentrate on their needs and use all the political and academic capital at your disposal to focus like a laser on Africa. Please, though, stop helping America!

      1. Bingo! For all that he might be the ruthless, vicious dictator or even worse, he stands up for his homeland, his country. He hasn’t apologized to the world for anything, never will.
        And, let’s face it; he’s smarter, more clever, more experienced, more deviously political than MrO ever hoped to be.

        Putin played MrO, toyed with him and set him up for this humiliation. Putin “b*tch-slapped” MrO on the world stage, for sure.

        1. Well said. Sadly, I have more trust in Putin than Obama. And I’m old enough to remember the days of perceived threat from Russia when we had air raid drills and had to hide under our school desks.

    2. Kerry was an embarrassment — reminded me of some faux French aristocrat of old. Or Mozart as portrayed by Tom Hulce in the movie Amadeus.

  9. This war belongs to the Saudis and Turks not the United States. Let the Kingdom finally make a stand against Iran, they’ve been in proxy wars for long enough. If Barry is looking for a fast track infrastructure project to toss money at do it in the form of refineries and build the damn pipeline and stop with this fracking is dangerous nonsense. At that point our reliance on middle east oil will be close to nill. For those still dependent on that oil let them finance the Saudi / Iran struggle.

    And finally make certain that if anyone, anyone screws with the US interests they will feel the wrath of the US power with no warning.

    Of course all this assumes the United States has a leader that can stand on his own two feet and believes in this country and not some 60’s ideology taught to him by a communist father figure.

    1. Ergodan is pushing for far more aggressive action. And since we really don’t know why Obama does what he does this concerns me.

      But I agree this does belong to the Turks and the Saudis. But the backlash will be on Israel and the US worldwide.

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  11. Obama is close to starting Armageddon.

    As you note, there is no military advantage in a limited campaign that does not take out Assad. None. And yet, count the disadvantages. We spend a lot of money to fire missiles, we break a lot of stuff in Syria, we kill innocent people, we hack off all the Arab Islamists, we endanger Israel and we foment a much wider, larger war against all the Muslim Brotherhood nations.

    Just not real clear how that is in any way a good idea. So naturally, Obama is in favor of charging forward without discussing it with Congress.

  12. How is the community organizer extraordinaire going to extricate himself from his own self-inflicted death blow? Is he going to go it alone with his coalition of two (Turkey, France)? He needs to ask himself what George would do! GWB, btw, had a coalition of 30 countries!
    Jed Babbin. former Dep. Defense Sec. in the Bush 41 administration once said: “Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without an accordion. You just leave a lot of useless, noisy baggage behind.”

    Does the little twit even possess the self-awareness to understand what a colossal mess he has made for himself and our once great Nation? Will he have the guts to show up at the G20? It really should be a Pay-For-View event. If he’s lucky, Putin might take pity on him and offer him asylum along side of Edward Snowden.
    The self-ordained ‘citizen of the world’ is soon becoming the ‘man without a country’. Karma!

  13. Put an inexperienced person in the cockpit and you eventually have a plane crash. Obama’s sheepishly drawn red line and his inability to lead is a perfect example.

  14. If one were inclined toward cynicism one might think this is a back door way to rachet up aggression against Israel or at the very least this surely is an unfriendly consequence to be born by an ally.

    I write this as the press waits for the always tardy President.

    I predict Golf tomorrow.

  15. Obama begins his address with “worst chemical weapons attack in 21st century”. I did not listen after that but I did hear the UN official say today tthat it would be some time before they could report the Inspectors’ findings.

    A shot across the bow in response to the worst chemical weapons attack in the 21st century? Is there one complete brain anywhere near the WH?

  16. SYRIA DELAYED. Wait for authorization from Congress.

    Pretty sure those who vote no will be proclaimed traitors and show trials by MSM will commence.

    1. Looks like he’s trying to fade back into the woodwork. May strike Syria today, tomorrow or ‘one month from now’.

    2. Syrian media is pretty much declaring victory even as I type this.

      Instead of calling Congress back to town forthwith, he gives Assad a week and a half to hide everything, while conveniently punting the decision.

      He used the first person entirely too much in his statement, too. Fitting, since this whole debacle started with him flapping his yapper too much to begin with.

      Man might very WELL end up as the last president of the United States. Iran could nuke New York City and this pansy would find some way to have someone else figure out the response, make the decision to execute it, and carry it out…and then he’d do a victory dance and take all the credit if it worked, or blame subordinates if it flopped.


      1. That’s what our media’s job is, expose this poser, his inexperience, his whackadoodle administration, his Czars, his inept political appointments, you know, how they slammed Bush? Clinton? Nixon?

    3. Fall Season: New play waaayyyy off-Broadway review

      Act I: Mr. Dithers gets all huffy after two years of civil war in Syria. Calls up six ships to the neighborhood. Still dithering and reading non-rave reviews, pondering continues.

      Act II: Mr. Dithers announces he’s going to wait a little longer. Congress isn’t due back until September 9th. Someone named Chuck Todd announces via twitter: “Quite extraordinary: after 30 years of presidents strengthening powers of exec branch, POTUS is giving some of that power back to Congress.”
      This Chuck, known in Yiddish as shmuck, has no access to a history book or the internet for facts, but I digress…

      Act III: gracepmc has already covered it.

      Opening: To be announced. Play needs a title. Any suggestions?

        1. I love group participation. Thanks everyone. I am rethinking the idea of an off-Broadway title since all things seem to point to a Seinfeld episode.

    1. BO can not play war, campaign and golf at the same time. Matter of fact he can’t do either one of the 3 separately well.

    2. He’s doing this too on a long holiday weekend so maybe no one will be paying attention to his humiliation that much.

  17. re: the RoseGarden speech
    We have just witnessed the long overdue admission of this rank amateurish President that he is not the master of everyone’s domain, in fact, he is not the master of his own domain. He has reached the invisible “red line” put down by Congress with his reckless talk of attacking another country and has backed away in fear of repercussions of impeachment or worse.

    He talks like he really is interested in Congress’ opinion, but that’s not true. He’s stuck in a mess of his own making and needs a credible out and expects his friends in Congress to come to his rescue with a resounding “no” vote.

    1. “He has reached the invisible ‘red line’ put down by Congress…”

      Excellent analysis, srdem! Being the sniveling little coward that he is, he ran to hide out under the House (of Representatives) – a Body that he chose to bypass completely when he took us into Libya. He fools no one. Why, he even brought old BiteMe out of seclusion to lend moral support. SOS Kerry must be out windsurfing somewhere on Nantucket – scratching his head over the sudden turn of events. Yesterday, a strike was imminent – or so he told us.

      Obama’s impotence or ‘flinching’ in Damascus (as Krauthammer calls it) just gave Iran the green light for their nuclear program. Israel and the Saudis are on their own from this point forward. The USA is leaderless. When does Obama’s breathtaking incompetence reach the level of impeachment? The WH is now closed to the People and visitor logs are going to be sealed for 12 years. We have a despot on the loose.

    2. Consider this,…
      If congress gives him a thumbs down on a Syrian attack, and he does it anyway, that is grounds for impeachment.
      The house would commence impeachment procedures and IMO the senate would be placed in a precarious position if they refused.

  18. He has been humiliated, but I’m not saying much more about that. He’s dangerous when he’s been humiliated, and now I’m just hoping that ‘this too will pass.’

    1. Julie I was just thinking. I don’t think he believes he is humiliated. I think he believes he has been clever and has successfully put this on the shoulders of Congress and no matter what they decide the blame will not be on him and in the end that is all that matters. It obviously is a course of action cooked up by his political advisors and not the military, intelligence or foreign policy people, not that in this Administration they are not one in the same.

      Obama is all politics all the time. And it is always positioned so that the blame is never on him.

      1. I just wonder if it is a delaying tactic that ends in everyone forgetting the incident. Congress and Obama have a huge continuing resolution crisis coming up. Which takes precedent–Syria or the country going broke?

        1. IMO the country comes first. Right now Syria is a civil war and if we were going to do anything that moment has long passed.

          It seems – despite all this denial of regime change – the rhetoric against Assad as a thug and a monster has really ratcheted up – to no small degree an attempt to justify Obama’s fluid red line.

          Any consent to move against Syria now takes it out of the realm of civil war and into the dangerous arena of the real proxy war.

          As we all know real wars can start with the smallest ill thought action.

          Any consent to move against

    2. He’s definitely not playing his inner George Patton anymore at this stage. I think some wiser heads (outside his immediately circle) had a Dutch Uncle talk with him and pounded some sense in his head. Congress will vote NO (I think), and there will be Obama’s escape route. Surely, he must be aware of the poll results on the issue, as well. Nice how he threw his very own staff under the bus publicly: “My team didn’t want me to go to Congress on this”, or words to that effect.

      1. My diabolical mind is hoping Congress will give him the green light. After all, he has been blaming Congress for all of his woes for the past 3 years. They need to call his bluff on this one. He’ll fold like a cheap suit!

        1. Yea, a GO from Congress would sort of force him to light the fuse on the firecracker he’s holding in his hand. He’s so tangled up in his underwear on this one, who knows what he would do? He doesn’t even know. I’m reminded of the lyrics from “Undecided”–Ames Brothers and the great Ella Fitzgerald sang it….
          You say it’s yes, and then it’s no;
          You say you’ll stay, and then you go –
          You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?

          First you say you do, and then you don’t,
          And then you say you will, and then you won’t;
          You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?

          Now you want to play, and then it’s no,
          And when you say you’ll stay, that’s when you go –
          You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?

        1. No doubt the “Once again, the Congress has screwed up what I wanted to do,’ speech has been written and is ready to go. Even the Teleprompter Twins are shaking their screens by this time.

  19. Interesting. Peter King calls BS on Obama. Says he has abdicated his role as CIC — does not need Congress to enforce his own redline. And if he is putting it to Congress they should be called back NOW — not after Obama takes yet another European jaunt.

    Although I suspect King says this because he wants to strike ASAP. He is correct in perhaps unwittingly exposing Obama’s cowardice.

    Steven Hayes — The President of the United States voting present.

    Juan Williams of course says this is smart.

    Krauthammer — Obama abdicating.

    Abdicating — works for me.

      1. Obama should not engage our troops in a war that is centuries old.
        Sarah Palin said it well in stating, “Let Allah sort it out.”
        I agree with her philosophy.
        If they attack US again within our borders, we give them hell.

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  21. Our clever boy-child CIC is as smart as a whip. Of course if Congress votes this down, O walks away from his invisible red line. Amazing. He’s the luckiest S O B if that happens.

  22. Don’t be surprised if the thin skinned mulatto…tracks back…and hits Syria tonight..Then he’ll be the great warrior …the most incredible tactician in our history…

  23. Perhaps Congress could vote yes and defund Obamacare at the same time. Arguing the funds are necessary to implement the CiC “redline” — because right about now anything is possible in the Obama’s Amerika, where we just play at being America.

    1. Krauthammer said he had to work to fill in the blank weakest
      President since……he said Buchanan watching the country dissolve prior to the Civil War.

    2. A few rambling thoughts on voting yes in a dress (see below):

      Obama and Holder have spent the greater part of the past 4 years plus doing “an end run around Congress”. What the hell did they need Congress for when they could manipulate, tweak and give out ACA waivers like candy at Halloween.

      Well..well..well, all of sudden he wants to consult Congress on Syria, how thoughtful. They should feel like a used condom after all this time, having been thrown to the gutter after being screwed dozens of times. Obama is a pimp, who recognizes that Congress is a cheap whore. It will be interesting to see, how much they charge for their “curb service”. The duly elected are not going to do ‘it’ gratis. Stay tuned, I wouldn’t put it past any of them to wear a red dress, fish net stockings and 6″ stilettoes to get what they want.

    1. This is how they act when they don’t care about the optics and believe they will never be held accountable. No one would dare impeach ” The One”. Dictators think this way too and it usually doesn ‘t end well.

    2. That’s why Obama is not taken seriously by the world’s bad guy’s. He’s all ” huff and puff “, then off to the golf course or a fund raiser.

    3. making the hard decision just wore the poor man out and he needed a break.

      When the going gets tough, the tough go GOLFING

  24. The Syrian/Foreign policy of Obama and his cadre of disciples is like a bunch of kids in one of those bumper car concessions at a carnival. They get in the bumper cars and drive around madly, no idea which direction they should be going in, bumping into themselves and anything else in the way. You can hear them whooping and hollering and smashing into each other. When the ride’s over, they say, “Hey, that was fun. Let’s do it again!”

  25. At least Senator Ted Cruz took him to task. Thank God someone is taking on the great pretender, unlike the elected leadership in Congress. Unless he’s lying again, Preezy said every one of those frauds – Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi – agreed with his bombing of Syria. What a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards we have running this government. They’re all afraid to admit that we have a seriously flawed demagogue with a bad case of arrested development in the executive office. A demagogue who seems to be okay with starting WWIII because his ego got bruised.

    “I commend President Obama for listening to bi-partisan calls for him to seek congressional authority before any possible use of force against Syria. Given that the President did not request an emergency session of Congress, that must mean that he agrees there is no imminent threat requiring the Commander in Chief to act without consulting the representatives of the American people.

    I remain concerned that the mission proposed by the President is not in furtherance the vital national security interests of the United States. To date I have heard a great deal from the administration about punishing Bashir al-Assad for violating an “international norm” through the use of chemical weapons, and that this is why we must act against him. Abstract notions about international norms should never displace U.S. sovereignty to act, or refuse to act, for our national security.

    Assad’s murderous actions have claimed the lives of more than a hundred thousand of his own people, which is a humanitarian tragedy. But our chief strategic concern should not be international norms; it should be preventing the chemical weapons from falling into the hands of al Qaeda or other terrorists who might use them against us and our allies.

    It is now incumbent upon President Obama to make his case and persuade Congress that his plan is necessary, and the best course to preserve our security and protect our liberties. Like the President, I welcome this debate and I agree this is an issue of the highest seriousness that transcends partisan politics.”

    1. Thanks for this Susan. I admire Ted Cruz for coming out early, and clearly stating his position. You rarely hear him doing the political explanatory two step.

  26. Not Nabob the Knothead

    Apparently there are now a slew of racists out there today. Even the people who voted for Obama are now questioning his thinking, or lack of. If you disagree with him you are racist correct?

    1. Not Nabob, I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine. I had read through all the comments and then posted without refreshing the browser first.

  27. I don’t recall who, but someone predicted this would happen. Obama is playing golf again today! Obama and Biden are playing at Fort Belvoir, Va. Round #142 since becoming Preezy, #31 this year.

    1. I guessed it would be Andrews with Marvin Nicholson, so I wasn’t COMPLETELY right.

      My prediction that he goes back on the links on Monday stands, but I’m going to call off my picks for course and partners.

    2. Dang, my crystal ball was right ;-) And of course he went golfing, his inner court of highly educated advisors went ballistic when he went against them and looked towards Congress. I bet even MOTUS is pissed at him too!.. So when he returns he will have to sleep with FIDOTUS I & II.

  28. I’m just wondering now, why did Obama and Kerry dump this series of statements on us over a 3-day American holiday weekend celebrating Labor ? Okay, Obama did give his weekly address on Labor/Jobs/Jobs/Jobs too. Still. Nobody’s home, this last weekend, this last hurrah celebrating the end of summer. The timing of these news dumps just gets more curious.

    1. Obama will formally ask Congress to strike Syria. If they have to get back into session on Sept 9, could it be possible that we strike on 9/11. What an ominous thought.

  29. Keith, You would have had time to play golf with Reggie Love today, if you counted the ways he didn’t screw up, when it came to Syria.
    Or. anything else, for that matter.

  30. So many good comments here. Yes, he is clearly looking for an escape, to get away from responsibility. Typical Obama. This president can only handle parties with rap stars and Hollywood people and to read rousing speeches from the Teleprompter. Yes, he tries to slip away but how I wish that others won´t let him. Well, Putin won´t. However, the world has seen what an amateur he is and he has managed to infuriate friends and foes. And now, that poor guy in France, president Hollande, does he have to do it alone ? He too has promised that his debtridden, antiwar country is going into another war. Well, I guess that he will “do an Obama” too.
    I hope the peace demonstrations will have time to gear up now. Peace prize winner Obama will not like that one bit. Not good for his image. But where are these people when they, for once, really should be out in the streets ?

    1. First of all swedishlady, ISN’T THIS SITE GREAT ???
      We get to hear your input from the European point of view.
      Thank You.
      Second, if our congress gives Obama the thumbs down, France is off the hook.
      The Brits have already said a resounding NO !

  31. I am listening to Kerry on Fox News Sunday – he is an arrogant SOB – barreling through Wallace (because Kerry is so on the defensive) .

    Big Kerry talk about Assad — but still no call for regime change — very confusing. Sounds like there is sommething personal going on with Obama.

    I could be way wrong but I suspect this is all about some perceived slight to The One as much as it is not about America’s national security and interests.

    1. Because of time differences, we won’t see the interview for another hour here in the West, but, I will watch.
      I did catch most of an interview on CNN and SecKerry sounds almost hysterical. He knows MrObama threw him under the bus with this delay, and he’s apparently trying to hold on to some credibility from this PR mess.

      1. Yikes. – sorry – perhaps I should have announced a spoiler alert! :))
        That said it appears there is an argument that Congress needs to pass a resolutioñ in order to restore US credibility that the President has destroyed. While I agree about credibility the thought of a broad resolution without definition and a strategic effort handed over to Obama – at this point – is concerning.

        Hope this doesn’t turn into a Sarajevo moment.

        1. No harm done, @gracepmc.
          I just wonder if he’s going to repeat the same talking points on all five network programs.
          SecKerry must feel like SusanRice today. She put herself out there with the Benghazi story and was blindsided by the WhiteHouse, just as MrKerry was yesterday when MrO backed off and acted like it’s no big deal when or “if” we do anything.

          1. That’s exactly what POTUS did to Kerry, the Ted Baxter of our time. Obama also threw his inner circle of advisers under the same bus (or maybe it was the next bus coming along), when he said that “they” didn’t want him to go to Congress on the Syrian issue. The undermessage by Obama being, of course, “But I’m so committed to the US Constitution that I was appalled at their suggestion and took the high road.”

            Obama is the ultimate textbook archetypical Trickster. Carl Jung would have recognized it in a nanosecond. (Were there nanoseconds in Jung’s lifetime? ;+})

          2. If you shut your eyes while Kerry is speaking, you’ll hear it. By the way, check out Kerry’s eyes lately. Little squirrel eyes. What’s up with dat?

      2. And Preezy did throw his SoS under the bus, srdem. After sending him out to ratchet up emotions about our moral obligation to attack Syria, Preezy pulled the rug right out from underneath ol’ Lurch. The National Barack Channel is trying to turn this around for their dear leader with some cockamamie story about changing his mind about going it alone in Syria after ‘taking a walk’. I’m thinking someone above all the yes men who surround this dolt told the petulant potentate to knock it off before the entire country turns against him…

        1. Susan, there is so much circus, comedy, anger, frustration now about the whole thing that many in the White House forget that they have to be tearful, at least look a little sad, when they discuss the “moral obligation” that was the first excuse for the attack.

        2. It looks like “taking a walk” was more like a walk to the political woodshed where the bare facts were presented, and it wasn’t good news.
          It seems that NancyPelosi was the only Dem in Congress willing to go out on the thin ice for MrO, while the rest were researching impeachment procedures.

          We’ve talked about the lame-duck position that MrObama claimed after just six months into his second term, but this new situation puts him somewhere between the who-cares-what-he-thinks category and the how-much-longer-is-he-in-office bucket.

  32. Inhofe read a statement from Dempsey that our military forces are so degraded it would be immoral to commit them more.

    I don’t know the context of the statement but I have been hearing that Demspsey is doing his best- considering the circumstances- for the military.

      1. Yep.That’s why Inhofe’s comment caught my eye. I would expect ultimately – after giving an accurate assessment -the JCS would assure a President his plan is doable. I’ve seen a few appeals to Dempsey around as well as criticism. It would be difficult to get an accurate picture.

        That said, with wars. cuts, purges, policies and political correctness run amuck a de moralized military could be a concern.

        And-imo- Hagel doesn’t even reach up to pathetic.

  33. Drudge is using an official photo of PrezObama with his foot on the desk in the Oval Office.
    I know, yes it’s not an unusual thing for this man to put his feet on the furniture he doesn’t own, but this photo shows that he had to contort himself by raising his leg at least 3 1/2 feet off the floor to put his shoe on the desk.
    It was not a comfort move at all, no one stands like that easily.

    1. It is definitely a staged photo op (they all are) – ol’ Joe looking pensive with his hand on his chin, and Preezy’s hand gesture giving the impression he’s a threat to the person on the other end of the phone line. Ironic that little boys get drummed out of kindergarten by his commissars for using that very same hand gesture…

      1. A disgusting photo, and yes, they are all posed. Notice where his gun/trigger hand is, near the ‘barrel’ of his other gun. It reminds me of when he rubs his face under his eyes when he talks about the Republicans–he uses his middle finger.

    2. Yes, srdem, I saw it. He probably thinks it makes him look tough, decisive. Oh dear. His court will be busy now trying to polish his ruined image. Now we will see propaganda and PR all over the place. Maybe a picture of him clearing brush, riding a horse, fishing salmon without a shirt…well, no….maybe not.

        1. Well Star, without a shirt, that might be to overdo it. There is not much time trying to build that Schwarzenegger, or even Putin, torso. So Barry, keep the shirt on, whatever you do.

  34. Did everyone see the picture of BO on Drudge report with the caption,”finger off the trigger” I wanted to add “and FEET off the desk”! How crude, using the peoples” house furniture like that!

  35. Looking at the picture closely, notice that Barry’s hand is in the shape of a gun held next to his crotch.
    Imaginary gun, imaginary …well you can guess the rest.

    1. All this phony gun hand stuff. If Obama was in elementary school (where it can be argued he belongs) he would be expelled and sent for re education and rehabilitation.

      The disrespectful foot on the historic desk thing–that’s so in your face leftist cool.

  36. Martha Raddatz on This Week:
    “He (Obama) is now working, essentially, Congress to walk the ‘red line’ that he drew”. Bingo!

    Congress walking the plank – what great Sunday morning cartoon.

    1. If that is what he is doing, he is digging himself an even deeper hole. I was hoping he was stalling, trying to find a way to back out, or stalling for a passage of time in which everyone just loses interest.

      1. He’s hoping Congress will vote ‘no’ so that he can save face; however, he will use their ‘no’ vote as a battering ram for the next 3 yrs trying to portray them as heartless monsters who allow children to be gassed to death.

        If Congress calls his bluff and gives him the green light, he will fold like a cheap suit. Christine Ammapour just reported that the UK Parliament will NOT take a second vote under any circumstances. They are sitting this one out. Obama will not go it alone — further destroying whatever credibility he still has left. He is praying for a ‘no’ vote from Congress even though he claims he can still go it alone without their blessing. Keep digging, Barry!

  37. I don’t watch the Sunday talkies, but I read on Drudge that Kerry said there was evidence of Sarin gas being used. What I didn’t read is evidence that Assad used it. Maybe one of you who watched could tell me if Kerry had proof of who actually used it, Assad or a rebel group.

    Hannity had a young guest a few nights ago, a photojournalist who had been held hostage by the rebels for 81 days. He questioned why Assad would use it at this point because Assad has the upper hand right now and has taken back some important areas. And he said, in contradiction to McCain and others, that the ‘moderates’ are no longer in charge of the opposition, that they lost their influence many months ago and either died or went back home.

    1. It is not the job of the UN inspectors to determine who administered the Sarin gas. Obama and Kerry are clueless as to who did the dastardly deed.

      I agree, Julie, why would Assad do it when he was actually making progress. Doesn’t make sense. What makes sense to me is AQ using it on the first anniversary of Obama’s idle ‘red line’ threat.

    2. It is not the job of the UN inspectors to determine who administered the Sarin gas. Obama and Kerry are clueless as to who did the dastardly deed.

      I agree, Julie, why would Assad do it when he was actually making progress. Doesn’t make sense. What makes sense to me is AQ using it on the first anniversary of Obama’s idle ‘red line’ threat.

    3. Julie. I haven’t seen anything definitivd on who did what. But I am suspicious of Kerry’s Intel in the telling. UN inspectors have
      not even completed analysis. Not helpful also that pix used was from Iraq or elsewhere from earlier date . Regrettably I forget the details. Apparently even the photographer was surprised to see it used as evidence in Syria.

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