As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama in 2012: No Unilateral Action in Syria

It’s just terrible when principles become inconvenient.

H/T to The Daily Caller.

30 Responses to Obama in 2012: No Unilateral Action in Syria

  1. Did you say principles? What are those? Oh, I know….they are like headmasters in high schools….sort of in there with Marines corpse, right?
    Excuse me, I have to meet my donor buddies at the golf course now…would like to hold my umbrella if it rains?

    • I’ll bet the French will reconsider their earlier language now that there appears to be no coalition. Has our experience in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and Egypt have taught us anything?

    • Wonder what they will contribute? Reminds me of the old joke why
      did the French line the street with trees? So the Germans could
      march in the shade.:-)

  2. So, let’s see if we have the Obama Doctrine right. Obama is the only individual on the planet who had the final say on sending readily available and ready to go military assets to help/rescue the Americans in Benghazi (and who we now know said NO). He is also the only individual on the planet who is willing to use military assets to lob rockets into Syria to do what again? To what end? The Arab League isn’t supporting this. Our Allies aren’t supporting this. The American people are supporting this. Only Obama and Valerie Jarrett support this.

  3. See, the great thing about being Obama is that he can just deny that ever said this, and despite the tape no one in the MSM will ever challenge him. His “principles” are whatever he says they are today, or this morning, and they’ll change when his whim changes later. I cannot stand people like this, born without a spine or any core values. It is a tragedy that we elected him president twice, and you can hear the laughter and disgust around the world. No one stands with us, other than the equally-wimpy French. No one respects this “Nobel Peace Prize Winner.” And yet the MSM sycophants continue to applaud.

  4. “Have I told you lately how REALLY important I am and that I am empowered to do whatever I damn please? Don’t think for one moment you can get ahead of me” Dear Keith, this man has never had any principles. He has been given everything he has in life and so has Mozo. He is still fast talking an indulgent grandmother.

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