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White House Briefing Lawmakers Tonight on Syria

In a sign military action against Syria is getting close, senior Obama aides are briefing members of Congress this evening on the intelligence they have gathered on the Syrian chemical weapons attack, according to reports.

The briefing is being presented in an unclassified conference call.

With U.S. allies wavering on supporting an attack, President Obama is prepared to go it alone if necessary, before the allies make up their minds and without UN backing, according to the New York Times.

There is speculation that an attack could occur as early as Saturday, when UN inspectors are scheduled to depart Syria.

43 Responses to White House Briefing Lawmakers Tonight on Syria

  1. In other words, Obama will not be seeking advice or consent but in the end ignore Congress. That’s too bad. Maybe he will time it so he can skip St. Petersburg altogether because he will be so busy in the Situation Room. He makes me sick, and so does the NYT.

    • Why in the world would Putin even consider making a deal with Obama for a ‘softened strike’ after he and Merkel just announced that they wanted a ‘political’ solution via the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, the Brits have backed out.
      Obama states emphatically that Assad, not the rebels, is responsible for the chemical attacks even though the ‘report was not yet ready’.

      Obama is as relevant as a flea on an elephant’s back. The US is the laughingstock of the world. Is there not someone, anyone, in that administration who has the power to keep the feckless naïf away from the cameras? The ‘interview’ on PBS with Ifill and Woodruff was devastating. The emperor has no clothes. Merkel and Putin are the new kids on the block – who woulda ever thunk it! The US is impotent!

  2. Guess that’s why there was nothing scheduled for today. They were hunkering down, trying to figure out how to sell this load of crap to Congress, and the American people.

    Syria is such a mess of factions, and counter-factions, one doesn’t even know who we would be supporting. I suppose we could just call and say you have 24 hours to get out, and then bomb the area back into the Biblical times.

    • Maybe if the US actively sent CIA and SpecOps into Syria a few years ago (re: Afghanistan 1980s) The US would know who was who in Syria and we wouldnt be in this mess.

  3. Obama willing to go it alone because he will not be mocked.

    If Benghazi was not enough to prove that this man is an incompetent CIC then this dangerous egotistical folly certainly should be.

  4. This whole thing is insanity on the grandest level. Bombing a foreign nation that’s in the midst of a civil war wherein neither party has indicated an attack on the US, is an unprovoked act of war by America.

    The country is already war-torn with most of the prominent cities in rubble, millions have left the country in fear of their lives and the madman in the WhiteHouse wants to talk about dropping bombs.
    There shouldn’t even be a discussion about this madness.

  5. It might be best for Obama to postpose any bombings until after his Labor Day fundraiser(s).

    That way, he won’t give the impression that one is more important than the other.

    What’s most important is that he dispel any notions at home and abroad that he is weak and indecisive by staging a well-coordinated PR event that would go well with the “I killed Bin Laden” story.

  6. Mr. Almighty doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to call Syria’s bluff. He is a fool if he throws our military into a civil war in which both sides are our enemy.

  7. “The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights, then after this looks for victory.”–Sun Tzu

    This is even worse. We’re about to first fight, when we don’t even know what victory IS. So we can’t even LOOK for victory after we first fight. We’re not just destined to defeat, we’re destined to a HUMILIATING defeat.

    All so we can back up Obama’s overactive yapper.

    Who will be the first American to die because Obama can’t keep his pie-hole shut?

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