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Quote of the Day || August 29, 2013

“Hi Boehner. Listen, we’ll be attacking Syria in the morning. Consider yourself consulted.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Considering how this clueless CiC of US military might likes to flap his yap, the quote should read:
    “Hi Assad. Listen, we’ll be attacking Syria in the morning. Consider yourself warned.”

    • He also told Assad we’d not target him. Strange, but I don’t remember Roosevelt offering the same assurance to Hitler in the LAST world war. Maybe because we played THAT one to WIN it?

      Put another way;
      “Assad, we believe YOU had chemical weapons deployed against civilians despite our “red line” warning not to. Therefore, it is my solemn duty to kill people OTHER than yourself. Carry on.” – Not a Barry quote, but could be…

      War. Play it to win, or don’t play at all.

  2. Cameron can not convince the Brits, Hollande is backing. I believe that most Europeans are massively against intervention. Will Barry , the Peace Prize Winner, go alone ? Everything about this “humanitarian war ” seems to be shady and full of holes. Who´s pulling the strings ?

    • We have a real problem with Barry, but the saber rattling socialist, Hollande, has been laughable. I guess he too needs multiple distractions from the way his rule is going.

  3. I can’t remember; when was the last time we leaked out our target list before launching a Cruise-missile attack?

    Jeez Almighty, Clausewitz got nothin’ on our genius President.

    We’re so blessed.

  4. I don’t get the entire premise behind this plan to attack. It seems from what I’ve read and heard that Barry is planning to “punish” Assad for killing civilians by……….killing more civilians.

    Not to mention the distinct possibility that the rebels were the ones using the gas.

    • ImNoDhimmi, yes, that´s the crazy logic. Also, there is still no evidence that the government used the gas. The burden of proof for this must rest on the warmongers.

    • A very interesting point. And, true.

      Now I’m thinking that the “shot across the bow” that the Prezzy thinks shows resolve on his part, is a devious way to warn Iran that the cruise missiles are coming its way.
      If MrO plans to shoot over Syria, then the missiles will land in Iran. Clever.

      • A “shot across the bow “, what does that mean ? I am sure that Assad, with a little help from his friends, right now are moving the airplanes and replacing them with junk. He might also fill the government buildings with political prisoners.

    • It DOES make sense when you take into account Obama’s Sunni roots. He’s demonstrably not had any problem killing Muslims…as long as their the “wrong kind” of Muslims, i.e. Shi’ite “heretics” that had a little disagreement about the Prophet’s sucessor. The civilians he’ll kill while shooting AROUND Assad will be Alawite, which is Shia rooted; a few Russian and Chinese “advisors”; and the odd Christian caught in the cross-fire that hasn’t already been killed by all the foregoing. Of these groups, only Russians are of any concern to Obama, and that’s only because our effite Prezzy is intimidated – or maybe intrigued – by Vlad’s testostrinone-laced leadership of the world now that America’s left a vacuum for him.

      Other than that, all cats look the same in the dark. Bomb away, and continue to win that tag for the USAF of being “Al Qaida’s Air Force”.

      If even the normally nut-fudge liberal like the child mayor Denny K can notice this, what do you think the REST of the world thinks?

      It would effectively be correct. The Sunnis would win, then they would rape whatever they didn’t murder; and another radical Islamist state would be born…

      And I mean rape.

      “Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who hails from Jordan but who lived in Damascus for 17 years, sent a message via YouTube: It’s a “legitimate fatwa” for Muslims waging war against Mr. Assad and trying to put in place a Sharia government to “capture and have sex with” Alawites and other non-Sunni, non-Muslim women, Human Events reports. Mr. Assad is part of the Alawites sect.

      In the video, the cleric called non-Muslim women by their Arabic term, “melk al-yamin,” Human Events reports. The term is from the Koran and refers to non-Muslim sex slaves, Human Events says.

      This isn’t the first time Islamists have called for the raping of women.

      A preacher in Saudi Arabi, Muhammad al-Arifi, sent forth a fatwa a few months ago giving jihadi fighters the right to have “intercourse marriage” with Syrian women they caught, and for that act to take enough time “to give each fighter a turn,” Human Events reports.

      Read more:
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      Any mention of THIS “War On Women” from Obama? No? Didn’t think so…

      Or maybe we’ll just have WWIII and be done with it.

      Stay tuned…

  5. IMO Obama will back off and blame the racist obstructionists Republicans in Congress for preventing him from responding in an appropriate and timely manner.

    No matter he will look like the incompetent that he is at the summit. I bet Putin lives in his head along with Rush Limbaugh.

    • Agree, gracepmc. The summit is next week. Certainly not enough time for our puffed up demagogue to re-inflate his bruised ego. No matter that he is taking America’s reputation down along with his insignificant self.

        • I don’t think that’s Putin’s style. He’s probably pretty disgusted by just about everything about our Barry, doesn’t like the United States any more that Barry himself does, and his character is to kick his enemies into a bloody pulp when their down. I believe he’ll take Obama to task like no one since Prime Minister Netanyahu has before, except THIS time it WON’T be someone Obama can walk out on, and Obama’s race card won’t work. Look for Obama to capitulate to any Russian demand and then kick US all the harder because HE was slapped by THEM.

          It’s his nature…

          • The media and the blacks can call racism, racism all they want, but the Russians will not be fazed. Just the other day the Deputy Prime Minister called the West, aka Obama, a monkey with a time bomb.

          • I know, I don’t like it either – but he does have the legal title of President, and he is “our” President for that reason, if none other. I don’t LIKE saying it, but what I LIKE doesn’t really matter.

            It’s like this;

            “[Wallace is brought before the Royal Magistrate accused of treason against “his” King, Longshanks]

            William Wallace: Never, in my whole life, have I ever sworn allegiance to him.

            Royal Magistrate: It matters not. He is your King. ”


            I wish it weren’t so, but it is. Where’s OUR William Wallace?!?

        • Putin is a former KGB thug who has managed to repackage himself while Barry has tried to paint Putin’s body language as that of a bored student at the back of the classroom. Nothing could be further from the truth: Barry is the one who sends the message that he is the bored student at the back of the classroom. It pains me to write that of an American President, but not facing the truth will not better things. What will, I don’t know. We’re stuck with him for another three years.

          • Yes, I believe Barry called Putin a slouching boy in the back of the classroom. Putin returned it with a monkey with a handgrenade. He doesn´t care about Barrys saintly untouchable status in the US. I guess he knows a thing or two about Dear Leader. I love it. Now, how will Barry answer to that ?
            Well, this is the way I think wars should be fought. Next stage should be that they fight it out in a ring.

          • Obama acts like the kid who sits in the front and thinks they have all the answers. You can see the teachers trying to ignore him, but he’s got his hand raised so high and so often that it’s hard to. So they call on him and he’s so proud, but it’s not the right answer. The slouch boy in the back of the class is the one with the correct answers. And then slouch boy kicks his butt on the playground at recess.

  6. I’ve been reading all my go to sites today to get a better grip on the Syrian situation. Depending upon opinion (there are several) Syria is the proxy for Iran. Whether or not we “hit”, how hard and if at all, is a guesstimate.


    ….Obama had found himself jammed in an awkward timeline generated by his foreign travel schedule – he is due to take off next Wednesday, Sept. 4, for Sweden on his way to the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg of Sep. 5-6.
    This left the optimal dates for his decision to go through with the attack as Friday night, early Saturday, Aug. 31 or after Labor Day, which falls on Sept. 2.

    • No need for him to be at the WH.. ValJar will answer the phone and make the call, unless she is with him at G-20 holding his hand. So who would it leave running the WH.. hmmm