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Obama Schedule || Friday, August 30, 2013

2:15 pm || Meets with President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia, Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania, and President Andris Bērziņš of Latvia; Cabinet Room

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  1. This simpleton is clearly misplaced. The democrats were so eager to advance their flawed notion that a black or female candidate would demonstrate their exalted self-adoring attitude of equality that they chose their first person who emerged from the slime of self-deception about enfranchisement in the absence of achievement.
    What else could they do? They chose a lackluster democrat from a historically politically corrupt state as a vice-presidential candidate. Thatcher, Reagan counseled us; Santayana and Hegel reminded us!
    The ignorant American voter, wrongly granted the franchise by a government which refuses to contest same, will continue to impel the nation toward Lord Woodhousle’s(aka Alexander Tytler) warning!
    I fear for our three working, tax paying children and our seven grand children, to whom the America my wonderful wife and I knew. The dream is undone by the people America brought here in the most abject conditions, but to whom it extended all benefits, because their reach unqualifiedly extended their grasp.
    Sic America gloria transit!

    • Hello, rawheadrex ,
      you said it, somehow we parallel as your words exactly match my thoughts. Also the Kids and grandkids same. 3 and 7… and a wonderful wife of 33 years. Right on Right on.

  2. If there’s video of the President welcoming each of these leaders by their names, we’d love to watch it.
    Maybe the WhiteHouse staff will provide a map that would allow MrO to point out where these countries are located to prove he actually knows where his esteemed guests come from.

    I’ll get the popcorn ready for that video.

  3. The defeat of the Cameron government yesterday is simply glorious. At last, a victory for common sense, a defeat for propaganda, lies and smoke and mirrors. At last some members of the political establishment understood the public opinion. And thanks to the Internet, this opinion could be formed. No longer are we to lap up state controlled media selected news but can try to look for the truth as we see it. ( We go to places like yours, Keith, for example ). It was so humiliating for Cameron, and humiliation is in store for the other warmonger, Obama, who does not even dare to let the Congress vote about intervention. Cameron is a pompous, self righteous liar. Obama is all that but he is also a coward.
    I think I will bring out a bottle of champagne for tonight. I will celebrate the power of the ordinary people and their common sense.

  4. Keith: LMAO. I guess spellcheck never had a chance with those names.

    The introductions will go something like this:
    Obama: “You can call me by my first name if I don’t have to pronounce your last name.”

  5. Just some interesting trivia about these three Baltic states.

    Estonia is totally energy independent due to its production of shale gas. (Mr. President, PAY ATTENTION TO THAT ONE!)

    Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania is a woman, the first female elected to the Lithuanian presidency. Lithuania currently holds the position of Presidency of the Council of the European Union, until Dec. 2013. Lithuania is also demanding that Russia show that its nuke power plant along the Baltic is going to be safe. Standing up to the Bear?

    Latvia has a policy where investors can come and live there, as a tax haven I guess, and many of Russia’s rich have been taking advantage of the program.

    So, these three little Baltic states, while not the powerhouses of others in the EU, do have some weight to swing around. Plus, they are just a hop, skip, and a jump from St. Petersburg, and I am guessing that Obama is wanting to have some place to seek asylum if/when the G20 Conference goes to hell next month.

    • Yes,these three little Baltic States are since 2004 happy members of the EU and beyond reach of the Russian Bear. The hard Russian years taught the people endurance and stamina and they have shed their poverty in an admirable way. None of the Greek wailing and borrowing there. They just went through the Kartoffel-Kur. There has been som ethnic problems because so many Russians, the former occupants, stayed on and even in the houses Stalin stole from the people sent to the GULAG but I believe that they have handled the problems and the history quite well.

    • Obama is going to need help laundering/concealing his ill-gotten assets from OFA. His future non-profit foundations will make Clinton look like a small time operator.