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The Obama Morning News || August 29, 2013

My apologies! I compiled The Obama Morning News early this morning but neglected to hit the button to publish it. The stories still seem quite relevant so I figured I’d put it now.

US: Assad trying to delay strike . . . Washington Post
Experts: Bombing may be illegal . . . Washington Post
Over 100 lawmakers demand right to approve . . . The Hill
Syria, Iran capable of cyberwar . . . Washington Times
States find ways to thwart Obamacare . . . Washington Post
Obama summons Kings dream . . . New York Times
Blacks lag in Obama economy . . . Washington Times
Courts could hobble Obama agenda . . . The Hill
Did Bill Clinton diss Obama at MLK event? . . . Daily Caller

4 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 29, 2013

  1. Of course, MrClinton’s remarks were aimed at the President. He wants to put as much political real estate as possible between this hapless, clueless man to keep his wife’s promising campaign from being splattered with the stain of incompetence.
    The Clintons might think they can ride out the Benghazi incident by ignoring it or acting confused when asked for details, but it’s going to be a major issue in 2016 unless they can find someone high enough to point their fingers at for being responsible.
    The Repubs have eight years of photos, comments, and incidents to pummel MrsClinton’s quest and there’s no doubt that we’ll see all of them featured in ads.
    (My personal fave is the photo of her doing the dirty boogie with another woman somewhere in SouthAmerica. Priceless).

    • That’s why I can’t understand Clinton being willing to be a spokesman for Obamacare. Although he could sabotage it in little devious ways.

      • Here’s what my tea leaves tell me;
        The Clintons make nice about Obamacare until the election heats up, then the Mrs makes promises that she will “change and improve” all the parts that have failed or that the public hates. They’ll blame the Repubs for not funding this or that section making them the bad guys.
        They can do that. They have the MSM on their side.