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Obama Gives Garo Yepremien Another Chance

Some of you may remember Miami Dolphins Kicker Garo Yepremien’s magical moment during Super Bowl VII in 1973, when he attempted a pass that went exactly nowhere and somehow ended up in the hands of a Redskin, giving Washington its only score of a game they would go on to lose.

You’re probably aware that Obama last week hosted the 1972-1973 Miami Dolphins at the White House to commemorate their undefeated season. In this video, Yepremien once again completes a pass to a non-Dolphin, although this time the recipient is the president and the play doesn’t cost Miami a touchdown.

15 Responses to Obama Gives Garo Yepremien Another Chance

  1. Nice to see Mr. O actually interacting with a moving football, unlike the staged shot of him “throwing” at the Soldier Field ceiling — a photo op where apparently no video cameras were allowed.

    To his credit, he did catch this toss, which he was not only ready for, but had set up ahead of time (that mystery guy with the fancy football? Could that be the same guy who called out the “spontaneous” question about Trayvon Martin?). Fully prepared for another five second photo op. Garo was a good sport about it all, and it’s nice to see action in the White House, even if it’s meaningless.

  2. SuperBowl VII, 1973?
    I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night, much less the plays or outcome of a SuperBowl between teams that didn’t include the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  3. Nice job by our president. As usual, he gets high marks as an entertainer.

    Unfortunately, that’s not one of the primary skills that we expect from our presidents. We have real rockstars for that.

  4. From Garo Yepremien’s Wiki: Yepremian was born in Larnaca, Cyprus to Armenian parents. On the island of Cyprus, his family did not have indoor plumbing and kept warm in winter by burning olive pits.

    Yepremian and his brother Krikor emigrated to the U.S. to set a foundation for their parents’ arrival. At a loss for a viable life plan, Yepremian happened to watch a few minutes of a football game on television. Yepremian told Krikor he knew the key to success in America: He believed he could kick field goals for a living.


    Dang, Garo! You were one of the powerless! Why didn’t you resort to violence and steal from the empathy-challenged rich?