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Live Stream || Obama Martin Luther King Speech

The event has concluded.

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  1. So far, it seems the crowd is sleeping until Obama shows up. A Jewish speaker got some response talking about blacks being disrespected. Dolores Huerta had to coach the audience through how to clap and repeat her chants.

    The tepid response so far (for the most part) sounds like the speakers brought their sixty closest relatives. Maybe the energy is being saved up for “The One”.

  2. So Shep Smith over on FNC will have his liberal panties all bunched up for this event at 3pm.
    Shep will most likely just show this (waste the hour) during his 3pm show…
    Its not like there more IMPORTANT stuff going on that Dear Leader Obama should be working on…. (I know, the words “Obama” and “work” do not belong in the same sentence. my mistake)

  3. Then;

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Rev. MLK.

    “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” said Lowery. “All that he did with the stimulus was genius. Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney.” – Rev, Lowery

    Keep dreaming…

    • Sorry, left out a key word. And added some other stuff…



      “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Rev. MLK.


      “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” said Lowery. “All that he did with the stimulus was genius. Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney.” – Rev, Lowery, associate of Dr. King’s, during the last election.


      “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”-Obama, “Dreams from my Father”

      “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela” – ibid.

      Keep dreaming…

  4. I feel like I’m watching a rerun of last Saturday’s angry speeches. And they’re still angry.

    Oprah up. Everyone has a personal umbrella holder, wonder if Obama will bring a Marine ?

    I have it on mute, got tired of the yellin’ .

  5. The Obamas just arrived, now standing for the National Anthem with a group including Oprah, Bill Clinton, Caroline Kennedy … behind a ginormous bullet proof screen. Seated, now John Lewis speaks, on mute, he wore his angry face, so have heard this speech before.

  6. Please, its bad enough FNC has been showing this all day… now WHD? :-(
    If I want to see/hear ‘hate speech’ & ‘race baiting’ I would turn on MSNBC/NBCNews or CNN or NPR.

    So real/important news today… guess I’ll go catch up on “Ray Donovan” OnDemand.

      • “hijacked by the grim reapers of politics.”
        Well said.
        And if WE say anything against the ‘grim repaers’ or race baiters we are the ‘racists’… Orwell must be smiling

  7. Well never to disappoint Michelle shows up in a black sleeveless dress
    with giant dayglow orange flowers all over it so again it’s not the occassion she’s got to be the star. Could she be anymore vain?

      • I saw one weird go-to-meetin’ hat and I was done.Seriously this is our deal now–ranting, pontificating, blabbing, self-justifying, self-celebrating. It’s tiring.

        • By the way, I don’t esp love the quote with the cloaked n-word on here… Are all black people to be judged by that bigoted remark? Can’t we just be decent?

          • “By the way, I don’t esp love the quote with the cloaked n-word on here… Are all black people to be judged by that bigoted remark? Can’t we just be decent?” – Star

            I’ve maintaned a recommended policy of not responding to you on most things, but since I have the only “cloaked n-word” quote here, I guess that be me you’re talking about.

            I don’t love the quote either, but it IS germane to the topic at hand – and I didn’t make it, Reverend Lowery did. This is important for a few reasons;

            1) It was NOT an atypical attitude in predominanty/historically Black churches, but rather it was characteristic for them to have “get out the vote” drives – and even firey political speeches from the pulpit that would have disqualified White pastors from IRS tax exemptions – so Reverend Lowery was just inelegantly, but accurately, articulating a widely held opinion in the Black community that would appear to be contrary to Reverend King’s dream.

            2) Reverend Lowery is a close associate of Obama’s, even speaking the benediction at his inaguration AND received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama. During THAT occasion, he said a rather curious prayer, to wit;
            “He closed with the following passage: “Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man — and when white will embrace what is right.”

            Read more:

            As well as saying “White people are going to he!!”. Obama has disowned/gainsayed none of these remarks, so we HAVE to assume these are attitudes shared by the President of the United States – which would suggest he’s not a fan of the White citizens he is ALSO supposed to be representing; and

            3) Reverend Lowery formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King, and suceeded him to the leadership of that organization when Dr. King was assasinated.
            Since we have to believe that Rev. Lowery was familar with Dr. King’s views and shared at least SOME of them, it’s very disheartening that this PARTICULAR Black man now says such – openly – racist things.

            I do NOT judge all Black people, or any person, not even Dr. Lowery, by that remark. I am not qualified to judge people, I have a Lord for that. I do, however, see it as emblematic of the cancer pf racism that has metastized within the Black community, fanned by Black “leaders” for their own personal aggrandizement despite its deliberately divisive effects on the nation. Dictators throughout history have picked one group to demonize so they could amass power; Obama has simply picked White people, despite decending from them himself, for his own poilitcal ends The fact that someone SO close to Reverend King could be turned to this same end is a dire warning that we are travelling headlong towards a cliff that can only lead where dicatorships usually lead, which is torture, death, and -ultimately- civil war.

            So no, I did not pick Reverend Lowery out of a hat, nor do I use him as a representative of an entire race of people. He simply represents how wrong the civil rights struggle has gone.

        • Agree. I’m done listening to people yell and shout.

          The speakers are so so angry at someone, everyone for their lot in life, and want someone, everyone to make it better.
          The President is talking about jobs, or the lack of jobs, as if he has nothing to do with that.
          Good grief, he’s yelling at the top of his voice now.

  8. Where did they hide the teleprompter? Obama brought out a book but never looked at it….there is no way he had that memorized.
    Well-hidden, for sure but you know it was there.
    How about that dress Moochelle was wearing?

    • The TelePrompter was apparently out front. Jamie Foxx (thanked as “Jimmy Foxx) said he wasn’t going to use it, before crediting people like Jay-Z and Kanye West with leading the cause.

      Obama was on time today. No choice. He had to sit for most of an hour waiting his turn for what was by far the longest speech. It seems like an echo effect was added at about the 5:28 mark. He did a good job (as usual) of orchestrating the audience response. At the end he got into a cadence of “He/She/They are MARCHING” to which the audience cheered with each new iteration. He made sure to pause and bite his lower lip (which Clinton also did) for dramatic effect. Oddly, he started by waving off near-non existent applause, but finished to a loud ovation.

      He did NOT (to my great surprise) mention Trayvon Martin (unless it was during periodic audio loss). He did, however, take subtle shots at Bush, the GOP, and the rich. Overall, a pretty good speech.

  9. The speech was about as bad as I expected. The two previous speakers both mentioned Trayvon, but Obama didn’t, so I guess there’s that.

    But I did get a tingle when he started talking about people marching and going TO Washington to make change.

    I feel inspired. I’m ON THE MARCH.

    • CNN, after stating that the 1963 crowd was 250,000, merely stated that “thousands and thousands” were in attendance today.

      Apparently, Obama and company couldn’t match King’s crowd (which wasn’t just for King, but was also part of a union-organized gathering as I recall). Does anyone have an accurate crowd count for today? (“Thousands and thousands” sounds like a cover).

      Side note: Obama mentioned MLK’s “soaring oratory”. Just a coincidence that those same words have been repeatedly used to describe Obama’s words?

  10. From all of your comments it doesn’t appear that Obama has been successful in the past five years in addressing division in this country, and from his speech and the speeches of others it doesn’t appear that they have achieved much for the black community themselves.

    • What I found funny in what little of the speech I caught was that it sounded like Obama was not President these past five years. What I found depressing was that the speech sounded like it was designed to enrage the Black community about how they are getting screwed by the Man.

      This of course is designed to whip up the black community to get out the vote in 2014.

      I fully expect another string of vicious black on white asaults in the upcoming weeks as the Democratic party continues their hate fest against Republicans. The level of hatred and vitriol I have heard in the last few weeks is really getting out of hand and its only going to get worse.

      • If you’re familiar with Twitter, the UniteBlue crowd spent the day bashing Republicans with the #LetMyPeopleVote hashtag. Nasty, nasty people on the OFA side of the aisle.

  11. Two additional comments. The crowd is estimated to be c. 20,000, not the 100,000 expected. Also America’s only black Senator was not invited.

  12. I missed his speech on purpose. He’s only reading words off a teleprompter that have been written by someone else. I turned off the radio and TV and went outside for a walk after listening to the warm-up grievance mongers. Nothing at all uplifting about watching a bunch of sell-outs hijacking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and handing it over to this America-hating fraud. Rush was so right…

    “I really think it’s a near crime what is being done here, to take the occasion of this man’s great address and what he stood for and basically hijack it for President Barack Obama. I would think, if I were President Obama, I’d be a little embarrassed I can’t stand on my own. ” – Rush

  13. Sorry, Keith. we appreciate the effort and the thought. Our family is so over this “presidential” mistake, his family, and administration the only speech to which we will ever listen from Obama, et al again is his resignation speech.
    We are quite aware that his resignation has as much chance of happening as his reelection being overturned. Good news is our family will be spared the sound of their voices spewing garbage.

  14. Because this is nothing more than the crass use of MLK to advance the progressive ideology I will not engage. Tim Scott the only black US Senator was not invited. Al Sharpton was. And Clinton used it to further politicize the event with talk of obamacare, voter id and assault weapons.

    • and Bill’s comment on easier to get an assault weapon was incorrect.. you do need a ID and background check to obtain one. Unless you get one of Holders F&F weapons…

  15. I know this sounds ignorant, but all these speeches are blending into one big bowl of word salad for me. Yack-yack, always slightly accusing, bitter, angry, snooty, over simplified…

    • I learned today that Lee Thompson Young committed suicide a week ago at age 29–the young man who played the black detective on Rizzoli & Isles. My daughter and I loved his character–rest in peace. This gave me a pang–not all this speechifying.

    • it;s the best thing they know Star.. stomp, scream, yell, bully, talk down to.. Hillary showed it.. so has BO (not the dog).

      I didn’t listen today. I saw the lineup, knew where it would be heading, and had better things to do.

      However, I know MLK speech, and it is a historical masterpiece.

  16. I’m impressed so many of you had the courage to watch and/or listen to the speeches today. I’m inherently weak, of stomach and of mind, and refused to be subjected to all the trash talk from blacks about whites.

    I did follow Twitter and when I saw the photo of Oprah, with someone holding her umbrella, I sighed. What an uppity princess to need an umbrella. She should have refused it. It speaks volumes for her arrogance that she felt she needed to be protected from the elements. If you look at the old footage of the REAL civil rights leaders, they marched through sleet and snow and rain. It wasn’t about how they looked. It was about the message. For everyone up on the podium today, seemed to me it was all about how they looked and not the message.

  17. Where in the world is Eric “Pit Viper” Holder?
    Oh wait, I think I saw him crawl under Oblamobush’s chair. No, no, that was a worm I think. Still could have been him, don’t know.

    • Haha ..:)
      Walked into the customer waiting area this morning at work to get my coffee and there was some guy yelling on the big screen tv. The customers were just as impressed as I was. Zzzzzzzz

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