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Video || You Young ‘uns Voted for Obamacare. Now Pay Up!

Karl Rove’s group, Crossroads GPS, put up a spoof of all the propaganda being disseminated by the White House to drum up the love for Obamacare, particularly among the youthful Obama enthusiasts who often don’t carry health insurance. Thought you might like.

20 Responses to Video || You Young ‘uns Voted for Obamacare. Now Pay Up!

  1. Now we’ll really find out if the Obama administration has a sense of humor. Nothing is funnier than the truth baldly stated.

    ObamaNoCare is a wake up call for young people and a disaster for the rest of us (excluding the well bred elites and the bendover segment, of course).

  2. The majority of those who should see this video – won’t.
    Karl Rove is not “cool.” Even I think he is a smart-ass sell-out.

    Those who do view it won’t understand the message because of the use of big words like “lemmings.” /sarc

  3. why the sarcasm? Why don’t they do something that isn’t so snarky? It just sounds like an anti-program ad and as a result everyone will tune it out.

  4. Another million dollar Rovian production that nobody is going to watch. Please join your boss in retirement, Karl. You do more harm than good to the conservative cause.

    • You are right. Why remind young people that they were stupid? No one wins somebody else over to his cause through sarcasm. We have a better chance of winning the millennials to the conservative movement than we ever would the Latinos, but this doesn’t help. Of course, Karl Rove does not want the conservatives to gain them.

      • “Why remind young people that they were stupid?”

        Being stupid once, can be forgiven, but doing the same thing after you’ve seen four years of failure? That goes beyond stupidity into willful negligence…

        And to be honest, if you are really THAT stupid – I don’t want you to ever vote again because you are too damned dumb to be trusted…

        Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers…

  5. I don’t like Karl Rove either but I think this is just plain funny and especially the Oprah tweet that says “if you can’t afford Obamacare sell one of your Bentleys” I needed a laugh today and I got one-thank you Keith.

  6. I actually like this – and despite what many of you think, there are young people who are aware of this mess. Yes – there is a culture across all ages that simply isn’t informed – not just young people. One my co-workers has 3 sons in their 20’s – all trying to get a start in life. None of them live at home, one has 2 jobs. Their Mom said none of this is going to work – she said her boys know it too. I think the key here is how parents have handled and raised their kids. My co-worker is single and on a tight budget herself. She does not provide health insurance through her employment for her sons, they pay their own bills, rent, etc. So many young people’s parents have enabled their kids so much – make sure they have car insurance, cell phone, car to drive, extravagant weddings, etc. with no contribution from their kids so of course alot of young people don’t have a clue. Unfortunately – it is really the lower income young people who don’t have family coddling their every need that will learn this very quickly. They simply don’t have enough $$$ to pay for everything. Maybe the right people won’t see it – but in this tech savvy generation, more than you think will.

  7. I think the video posted here 2-3 weeks ago of Rand Paul on the late show discussing Obamacare costs was much more effective than this Rove ad will be.