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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:45 pm || Delivers remarks at the Let Freedom Ring ceremony commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington; Lincoln Memorial

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Live stream of Obama speech at 2:45 pm

15 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 28, 2013

  1. Major WH announcement today:In today’s culture, 40 is the new 30, 50, the new 40, etc., but under Obamacare, 64 is the new DoA, just before Medicare begins!

  2. reports that MrObama will sit for an interview tomorrwo with PBS news-faces to give them a chance to thank him for all the money that keeps them on the air. If it wasn’t for taxpayer’s funds this PBS show, along with other losers, would have been cancelled long ago.
    The assumption is that the viewership will actually be less on PBS than the interview on CNN MrObama gave a few days ago.

    What a pickle MrObama finds himself in less than 8 months after winning a second term; lamer than a one legged duck, dismissed by foreign leaders, ignored by the general public who are tired of his rhetoric, and now forced to make a lose-lose decision on what to do, if anything, about Syria. Obamacare is in tatters, the government is headed to another budget crisis, and he’s more than likely to lose his Dem majority in the US Senate next year.

    • But he has a strangle hold on the blacks in America and he will fan the face of the race war with Al Sharpton tomorrow. And that is truly an American tragedy.

    • I read an interesting interview with former Congressman Dennis Kucinich ( D ) in National Review this morning.
      He said that the US Air Force is now the Al Qaida Air Force. He thinks the US is rushing into this before any facts are gathered, he doubts the rebels reports on the governments doings.
      But that striking formulation, the Al Qaida Air Force !

    • Not getting this? It’s always been All About Obama. Why would he ever want to be one of many speaking at the mall when he can be the star attraction, have all the cameras and media on him? The man is a raging narcissist, his ego about being the next great savior of the blacks in America is what he wants as his legacy.

      Did you know that Oprah is speaking today? I wonder what purse she will have with her.

      I am hoping that at 1:59pm today, the Syrian Electronic Army will take over all the network TV channels such that no one can see Obama and Oprah yammer about what its like to be black. Ugh.