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Obama to Assad: Don’t Worry, I Won’t Hurt You

The White House made clear today when it bombs Syria, it won’t be targeting its president, Bashar Assad, THE VERY MAN WHO ORDERED THE GAS ATTACKS that killed hundreds and possibly thousands of Syrians.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today:

I want to make clear that the options that we are considering are not about regime change.  They are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons.

Even though . . .

It is our firm belief that Bashar al-Assad has long since forsaken any legitimacy that he might have to lead, and that Syria’s future must be one that is without Assad in power.

But, Carney adds, this must occur peacefully, as in Assad negotiating a transfer of power and his own ticket to a personal appearance before a firing squad. Now that’s not very likely, is it?

So we are about to witness another Obama-style feckless assertion of American power that will worsen the distrust of our allies and reassure our enemies. Obama will lob a few cruise missiles at Syrian infrastructure, kill some of Assads grunts who’d probably rather lay down their arms and go home anyway, and leave Assad himself untouched. Then they’ll rebuild the stuff and all will be forgotten.

You seem like a nice young man.
You seem like a nice young man.

If Assad must go, then Assad must go. I don’t understand what tortured conception of international law prevents us from seizing this opportunity to at least try to blow him out of his bunker.

I get that we don’t know what will follow Assad. At least we, along with our remaining allies in the region, can make some attempt to shape it. I don’t see how it can be worse than what’s ruling Syria now, which supports Hamas and international terrorism and has killed more than 100,000 of its people.

Allowing such murder to go unchecked is a real bad example to set for other tyrants who would consider doing the same thing. We can’t police the world, but at a certain point, our civilized, God-fearing nature demands some kind of action. Not boots on the ground, not any kind of extended intervention, but some kind of fast, strong response that damages Assad and, if it doesn’t kill him, lets him know we’re serious.

What’s more, the use of weapons of mass destruction is a national security threat to the United States, whose interests and homeland will come under such attack if we just allow these things to get thrown around with impunity.

The time is now for a forceful response that hopefully ends a genocidal regime, revives respect for – and fear of – America, and puts our enemies on notice not to step too far out of line. It might even bring Iran to the negotiating table in a serious way once its leaders know we kill people who use WMD.

But, I have little doubt we’ll get another half measure from Obama. It will be a compelling addition to the president’s extensive portfolio of foreign policy pusillanimity.

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  1. Wow, I think this is the first time I have disagreed with you, Keith. It’s too late to save America’s reputation as the leader of the free world. Again I say, not one more American life or cent – leave it to Allah. We just have the work on the USA first!

    • Same here. Even a neocon and hawk like John Bolton thinks we should stay out of it. There is no ‘good’ party here, and these feckless wars or ‘incidents’ are one of the factors bankrupting our country. If Israel, to whom we have pledged our support and friendship, should be targeted, then yes, we have no choice but to become involved. But we should not engage in any ‘preemptive’ nonsense.

      Leave it to Allah.

      • I want to save people. But I’m also of the mindset that it should not be us that do it. Where is Turkey? Where is Saudi Arabia?Where are all these Arab nations that we give weapons too?

        Why are they doing nothing?

        The answer is they don’t care? The answer is they want the Syrians to kill each other?

        So why do we want to go in there and do what? What exactly can we do when no one else will bother?

        Such is the complexities of facing a no win situation

          • If Saudi Arabia supports Assad (which I don’t believe since Assad once was supported by Saddam Hussein and now is supported by Iran…both Saudi Arabia’s enemies), then that’s fine.

            We should allow them to police themselves

  2. Can someone please post that pic of the witch Pelosi & Assad Jr. (who looks like “Beaker” from the Muppets) all over the internet.

  3. they are ALL such CHEERFULL people lol

    That and the fact that OBOZO does NOT have the BALLS to get the job done

    Before the button gets PUSHED . Make sure there is at least 1 scapegoat around ,2 would be better in case one little detail goes WRONG !!!lol

    But leave plenty of room for him to get FULL CREDIT if it should go ALL RIGHT

    • They already have their normal scapegoats lined up. GW and/or those radical right wing elements of congress known as Tea Party Patriots…

      You know all negatives will be blamed on one or the other or both…

    • He’s not dithering, actually. He’s waiting for Valerie Jarrett to decide whether the US should attack Syria or not. She’s been very busy lately. She’ll get to him with her decision real soon, I reckon.

      • Whoever the ditherer in charge is it’s too late now anyway. Barack Obama-Jarrett should have acted a couple years ago, the same with Iran when the people rose up. This administration is beyond hopeless.

        • I remember the uprisings and the signs carried by the students and others. They really thought Obama would help them and come to their rescue in some way. He didn’t. The question is “why?” It is indeed too late now.

  4. This may be the first time I have disagreed with Keith as well. Obama is going to get us involved where we don’t belong, and put us at odds with our allies. Just when I thought he couldn’t make things any worse….

  5. Assad and Obama have too much in common. Assad came into office 11 years ago as a young, hip, ‘reformer’ in designer jeans who frequented trendy restaurants and the theatre with his wife. Assad and Obama are the same age with two children the same age. The wives were both treated to a cover spread in Vogue by mutual friend, Anna Wintour. Mrs. Assad and Michelle Obama both share an interest (cough) in the children of their respective countries.

    Removing Assad from ;power would be like Obama removing himself from power. Some dictators/despots are simply more attracted to each other than others. Saddam Hussein, Qadaffi, Mubarek, Chavez and Castro would never appeal to Obama. Assad, Morsi and Erdogan are ;much more similar in ideology and lifestyle, i.e. Muslim Brotherhood. . Genocide doesn’t bother Obama – he would like to anhilate all of the Republicans.

  6. Disagree with you, Keith. Every world leader already knows he’s an unprincipled liar who can’t be trusted. He doesn’t care how much havoc he wreaks as long as he comes out smelling like a rose and the rabid war mongers like McCain and Biden get the blame. By attacking Syria now, all he’ll be doing is pissing off Russia and China and in all likelihood start World War III. How can we stop these masterminds from destroying America when even Congress won’t object to his bypassing their authority once again?

  7. This is what bothers me. Why would Assad–a mobster and all around rotten guy– do the one thing–gassing children– that would rouse the West to come in and blow up his country? It just doesn’t make sense. We know that Al-Quaida had two Sarin manufacturing facilities right in Baghdad and they were shipping the product to Syria. We know al-Quaida has Sarin at its disposal. The Baghdad facilities were busted last year and shut down. We know that the only group that would “benefit” from an attack by the West on the Assad regime would be al-Quaida and it’s affiliates who are fighting Assad. I smells me a false flag event here.

    • I suspected AQ from the get-go because it happened on the 1st anniversary of Obama’s ‘red line’ gobbledygook. The alleged ‘threats’ from AQ that resulted in the closings of 21 embassies could very well have been a decoy for the chemical gas attack. Also, Assad reportedly was ‘winning’ the battle against the rebels – why would he gum up the works by gassing his own people?
      Everythng Obama is doing is an ill-conceived plan to save face.

      • Agreed. It just doesn’t make sense. Assad (if we are to believe various recent news stories) was on the offensive. He was winning back territory from Al-Qaeda. Now comes this sad event with the gas, and suddenly we want to break his legs. Just a strange story, all the way around.

      • I try to think about the BIG picture when it comes to the Middle East. It seems to keep changing as more information gets released. There are no good choices, no options that point to ending this mess. John Kerry’s speech yesterday only thoroughly scrambled the picture. If you remember, at one point he said “whomever” used the gas, or words close to that. Well, for crying out loud, if they aren’t completely, absolutely convinced that Assad is indeed the villain, what are we doing? It bothers me that Obama is ignoring the Congress (and the UN) on his actions, and that Congress is silent, as well. I know they are back home now, but surely we should be hearing more from them.

    • This is the problem with having an Administration we can’t trust and a media that won’t hold their feet to the fire. Several sites ARE saying that the Syrian rebels got ahold of the sarin, not Assad.

      Could be a mistake to lob bombs willy-nilly because Obama needs to flex his hero muscles for better poll numbers for his other lousy policies. Wag the Dog will then be known as Twerk the Dog :)

  8. Every single person in Syria is our enemy now, or would be our enemy if they had the chance to harm us. The Syrians have chosen to fight each other with lethal weapons and it’s unfortunate that some good or some innocents have died.
    What is happening in Syria isn’t an ethnic cleansing, or an attempt to kill off a certain group of people; they are in a civil war and both sides have killed innocents. Both sides are armed to the teeth and have great powers behind them.

    We should issue a statement of dismay, ask the UN to condemn such actions as releasing lethal gases, and go back to taking care of the US and it’s people. Done, and done.

    • At its core, this whole Syrian thing (and the other ME battles) is yet another chapter in the 14 century old Sunni/Shiite conflict. They will be fighting with each other for the next 14 centuries. And then some. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, and not one drop of American blood is worth spilling because they can’t figure out how to get along.

  9. I too disagree with you.

    As bad as Assad is, the Arab Spring in Tunesia and Egypt has demonstrated that the Al Quaida associated jihadist who would replace Assad would be even worse.

    The evidence for the alleged chemical weapons attack which is a pretext for intervention is dubious at best. The allegations that the rebels launched the attack as a false flag operation to provoke intervention are far more credible than the assertions that Assad would be stupid enough to incite US intervention in a war that he will otherwise win.

    Governor Palin was right. Until we have a President who understands the Middle East, let Alla sort them out.

  10. If Barack Obama was President in WWII, there would be no Europe just the Country of Germany. Plus, Australia and the rest of Asia would be under Japanese control.

    If I recall, he was willing to sit down and use his powers to negotiate with Iran, Syria and those Republicans. The problem is that the President does not know how to compromise. A perfect example is that Congress should extend even more debt in October with no strings attached because he wants it.

    He would have liked Neville Chamberlain………..

    • He’s avoiding Congress thus far. Could it be that this latest adventure into the business of other countries has to be done within “a few days” was timed because members of Congress are back home?

  11. OT: I promised to relate the events at a town hall in Mesa AZ with Sens McCain and Flake.
    The event was “invitation only” and not open to the public.
    Make your own conclusions on that; no fireworks, no shouting. Nothing.

    IMO, they know they’re wrong and most of Arizona is ready to recall both of them for being liars and misleading the public.
    They are not representing Arizona or it’s people.

    • Thanks, srdem. That was me. So, there’s not even a report in the papers? I hope AZ has a means to recall them, but most states do not.

      • We’re pretty feisty here in AZ. We’ve impeached a sitting Governor, put another on trial, recalled a congressman or two, and keep re-electing a sheriff that the big shots hate.

    • srdem: Thanks for the update. It was reported somewhere in cyber space today that the event was by invite only. Shame on both of them. They both can go “flake” themselves!

    • Thanks for the report. I asked also. Invitation only. How strange is that.

      My Congressman, who up until this August was outstanding in every way, was “too busy” for town halls which he has routinely held. I was pretty disturbed about that. Having been in regular phone contact on various issues I did tell his office they no longer had credibility.

  12. We did not target Libya’s leader in 1985. However, we seemed to come pretty close. In fact, we killed his son and a few other relatives. Maybe one of our smart bombs will become more intelligent and stay off course-hitting Assad’s hiding place.

  13. No good can come from us taking sides in this conflict. At one point long ago their were moderate factions who wanted our help. Now those same people hate our guts for not helping them earlier. All sides and actors in this conflict are enemies of the US.

    Do we really want to be the airforce for Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

  14. Syria First off, people need to realize Syria is not our problem. Here we have the Sunni (the Saudi/AlQueda radicals) trying to overthrow Syria thug and Shia Muslinms. This is not our fight. Second, some of the photographs of the dead we are being shown were not taken in Syria but from Iraq in 2003. Third, no objective on-site inspections have occurred to confirm Assad was responsible and it was not by some rebel fraction. The US doesn’t seem to want to even look. Fourth, any action taken should be under UN Authority and not just by Obama. Fifth, Congress needs to declare war instead of just letting the President do whatever he darns well wants to.

    • The enemy is within. No doubt these people also have a hand in writing those military and law enforcement training manuals that describe patriotic Constitution-loving Americans as “extremists”.

  15. This is absolutely, positively, the most laugh-until-you-cry-through-the-pain, ironic moment of Obama’s presidency.

    He rode into the White House by demagoguing an unpopular war that was started on WMD fears. And now he’s about to start another war, one that, according to some polls, would be the most unpopular war in American history, by…playing to WMD fears.

    Let a thousand protests bloom!

  16. Over 100,000 have died in Syria at the hands of Assad’s henchmen as result of bullets or bombs. It seems illogical that we suddenly jump in because these several people died with something other than a bullet. It is just common sense that we not swap the witch for the devil by deposing Assad and letting the minions of Bin Ladan et al. take over. To hear myself counseling to stay the hell out of there sounds strange in my head, but given our current level of favor in the world in general we could really get our aspidistra kicked this time. We would be better to be led by the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow than the Hollow Head which currently passes for our commander in chief.

  17. I’m starting to buy into the view that this is more about Obama than about Assad or Syria.

    Obama desperately wants to rebut his well-earned reputation as an indecisive, weak president (I won’t say leader). What better way than to drop bombs on Syria for a few hours and, no doubt, brag about it at home as a foreign policy triumph? Of course, it will accomplish very little.

    The way this guy conducts foreign policy is, at best, very discouraging.

      • And a big mess will result. No one dead American is acceptable on this little face saving jaunt. With only 9% of the public in favor and everyone except bat sh*t McCain (and to his credit even he says if you go in you go in with an objective, not just a shoot and run), Miss Lindsey and the most slobbering of Obama’s minions back this.

        • Sad thing is, he thinks this will reestablish his creditability, when he has had little or none to begin with…I just hope and pray this “escapade” does get ugly, I’m afraid it will though if he goes through with it.
          Doesn’t he need Congressional approval as well? Well, that never stopped him before…Never mind.

  18. We are going to help one enemy of the United States defeat another enemy of the United States…what am I missing here?
    Are there any more seats open on the Mars Mission?