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Miley Cyrus, the Decline of Western Civilization, and the Obamas

As anybody with a cable TV connection or access to the Internet is fully aware, our society continues to plummet down to new realms of debauchery and debasement, foiling on a regular basis the seemingly sensible supposition that things could go no lower.

The execrably lewd performance by teen idol Miley Cyrus on Sunday night’s MTV awards, in which she did unmentionable things with a fake hand and with her real butt, was just the latest attempt to establish a new nadir for future pioneers of smutty televised behavior to someday surpass.

Miley Cyrus in one of her more chaste moments Sunday night
Miley Cyrus in one of her more chaste moments Sunday night

No doubt there will be further innovations by Miley’s peers as the culture declines to a point that would make the average citizen of Gomorrah wince. Surely, the objections that were lodged a few years back to the emergence of one of Janet Jackson’s breasts during the Super Bowl halftime show will soon be seen as the quaint quibbles of hopelessly retro prudishness.

What’s really new these days is that, for the first time, the president of the United States and the first lady are passionately embracing the corruption of our national mentality and the accompanying ruination of our families and our youth.

Even as the bacchanal was proceeding apace on MTV Sunday evening, our president tweeted a shout out to one of its top revelers, Katy Perry, famous for singing hit songs and using her breasts as anchors for whip cream canisters. He was congratulating her for helping promote Obamacare, which BTW guarantees coverage for the tools to ensure that those who engage in rampant sex aren’t “punished with a baby,” as Obama once put it, as well as the medicine to treat the inevitable venereal disease.

Perry is one of Obama’s most important political supporters, singing at his fundraisers, promoting his policies, and acting as pied piper to lead youth who have somehow resisted his charms into the arms of The One.

Key Obama supporter Katy Perry
Key Obama supporter Katy Perry

If Katy Perry is the Princess of Modern Rome, Jay-Z and Beyonce are its King and Queen, and BFFs of the Obamas. Michelle has declared that she would like to actually be Beyonce, who presumably was excluding the first lady when she commanded in a recent video, “Bow Down Bitches.”

Obama consorts regularly with Hollywood moguls who are his biggest financial supporters and the largest purveyors of mainstream smut. Sarah Jessica Parker, whose long running show Sex in the City was about, well, sex in the city, hosted an Obama fundraiser at the home she bought with all the money she got taking off her clothes on HBO.

Lena Dunham, who created and stars in “Girls,” which is essentially Sex in the City 2.0, appeared in an Obama campaign video in which she intoned,

Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. It should be with a guy with beautiful . . . someone who really cares about and understands women.

The list goes on.

I get that for some, this is all a hopelessly square attempt to revive the Mamie Eisenhower era, and that I’m a scold who hates sex and fun of any kind.

But by abandoning all decorum and deleting the mystery from sex, we’ve declined from a time when the slight elevation of a skirt to the knee could elicit a sexual charge in a movie theater to one in which, as Monty Python once put it, Full Frontal Nudity is required. Which era, I ask, had a healthy sexual appetite and which has had their sexuality deadened?

We have reached a moment where the taboos are almost gone. Without taboos, there is no discipline. Without discipline, there are ruined lives.

The Obamas, with their embrace of those at the forefront of our culture’s destruction, are abetting our moral disintegration when they should be standing athwart it. As our dissolution progresses, we’ll all soon need their government handouts.

68 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus, the Decline of Western Civilization, and the Obamas”

  1. While I won’t fault Obama for the decline of morality within the country, he has done nothing to stem the flow of public displays of debauchery.

    Once there was a time, not that long ago, when the most scandalous thing one would find in a teen’s room was a dog eared copy of Playboy stashed under a mattress. Now, teens, and even younger, are being encouraged to “explore” their sexuality, and to embrace all types of sexual ideologies. The gay lifestyle is being promoted in many schools as being normative, and to say otherwise is to be homophobic. Government has taken the role of defining what is “normal” regarding marriage, without the consent of the people.

    The problem with all of this sexual awareness and exploration is that when it does come time for a young man or woman to finally settle down into a long term relationship (if they still exist) there is no mystery left. They have done it all, and seen it all. Sex then just becomes a function of reproduction, something the government seems to eschew.

    The thing that is magical about sex is the bonding it causes between two people. If all of it is reduced to biology, and giving into appetites then the bonding is never there, and the hope for a long term relationship diminishes as fast as an 18 year old boy finishes.

    Can the genie be put back into the bottle? Probably not. Can we slow the degradation of society? Not under this administration. The thing I find most vexing is that for there to be sex, there normally is two people, and with the coarsening of American society and the decline of American values and morality women are more and more being placed in the role of being play things versus being equals. For an administration that alleges to have the concerns of women at the forefront, it is truly troubling that it is relegating 51+% of the population to a submissive/passive role. People need to realize that every time some pop star diva shows her breasts or rear, they are setting the stage for young girls across America to look at themselves as nothing more than toys for boys.

    1. Meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl was thrown into juvie for four days and faces “rape” charges for playing doctor with a 4-year-old. The assumption underlying the charge is probably that every 9-year-old girl must know all about sex and therefore she must have been deliberately performing a lewd act on a minor. Apparently today’s authorities can’t imagine that a 9-year-old girl doesn’t really know all about sex and that her action may have been motivated by a childish curiosity, and that an earnest talk would have been a more appropriate response than arrest and incarceration.

      This is the same culture in which calling Sandra Fluke a sl** is considered a gross outrage, while her demand that the public finance birth control for every (unmarried) college coed is perfectly moral. And on campus, pornography is fine, but a guy telling a female student her dress is nice? Forbidden!

  2. OMG! RE: Katy P. — I was thinking the same thing as you Keith, when I saw the O’s embracing her. Has O or M seen any of Ms. Katy’s twitter posts? Disgusting and laced with blatent sexual innuendo. I have stopped listening to her and Gaga during workouts. Its a shame — like their music, but these gals’ antics make me want to puke!!!!

  3. You’re not square Keith, we all grow up. I do remember watching Hannah Montana with my granddaughters and thoroughly enjoyed her show. Miley did very well taking her character on the road to sell out crowds in the pre-pre-teen market.

    There was none of that in her VMA performance, it was a train wreck and I fear another kid on her way to Disney Star Rehab.

    I’ll let this mom explain the rest:

    The Obama Mom and girls were in NYC Sunday, am very glad they chose Broadway over attending the VMA’s (in nearby Brooklyn at the colliseum Jay-Z built) with their celebrity BFF’s.

  4. “The Obamas, with their embrace of those at the forefront of our culture’s destruction…”

    Some might point to “The Root”, run by Skip (“I did not act stupidly”) Gates and the prism through which they reports the “news”.

    Here are their latest opinions on the Miley Virus:

    “Celebrate Twerking; Don’t Demonize It” saying that “twerking…has been appropriated by white artists who want to use blackness and black bodies as props and tools to express their “edginess” or rebellion or whatever …”

    followed the next day by “Miley Cyrus: Acting a Fool, Not ‘Acting Black'”
    subtitled “The singer’s VMA performance reveals her disturbing views of African Americans.”

    Talk about a two-step…

  5. GIRLS is like SEX AND THE CITY for people who don’t enjoy sex. This new crop seems grimly set on removing all the fun from fun. Like offhand swear words on this list, it’s an eye and ear punch for me, but I can’t quite see the ruination of society. Maybe tackification.

  6. This is a true story. My brother is a dentist here in a suburb of Los Angeles. A few months ago he had a young college girl (new patient) come into his office for a routine dental exam. He said that her blouse was barely attached to her body, and left nothing do the imagination. He immediately called his x-ray tech into the room and asked him to cover her upper torso with the x-ray shield protector. He then asked his receptionist to step into the room for the duration of the exam.
    He took no chances b/c he was actually afraid that this young girl could do something as crazy as accusing him of rape. She was that seductive.

    There are no boundaries…anywhere. Anything goes. Nothing is considered taboo. If my kids were teenagers, I would seriously considering moving to the Amish country!

    1. Your brother was very wise, to get a woman in there as a witness. I have 4 sons and girls are not like we used to be. I was teaching religious classes at church, one of the little boys was in the boys room for a longer time than I though he should be. He was trouble looking for a place to happen anyhow, One of the priests came down the hall and I asked him to check on the kid. Father had to go fetch another young man to go in with him, same as your brother, men have to be real cautious these days. When I watch movies on TV, so many times I tell the guys not to trust some woman when I can plainly see she’s up to no good. But of course the guys in the movies do not listen to me.

    2. Girly1 – I have an 8 year old daughter. I am fraught with anxiety about how to protect her from this culture. Amish country is sounding better and better!!!

  7. I couldn’t even watch the Oscars with my 12 year old in March. If the “classy”, “establishment” entertainment is getting that bad, of course MTV would have to raise the skank bar that much higher. It’s MTV after all.

  8. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a pin-up calendar of Obama! Remember the Obama Girl? Sex played a fairly big role in getting him elected – the young starlets – Scarlett Johannsen et al. Not to mention the swooning young college-aged girls. To this day, he relies on them to keep him afloat.

    I also remember his ritual of removing his jacket at every single campaign event. He could have done it before he took the stage, but he didn’t. It was ever so subtle, but the power of subliminal advertising is an old Madison Ave. trick. And there were the pics of him emerging from the Hawaii surf.

    And last but not least, we have the Beyonce wannabe FLOTUS! Stop the world, I want to get off!

      1. Come to think of it, there was something else. I have a few Lib friends who used to invite me to go along with them to some of the Obama events before the ’08 election.

        I was mesmerized watching him surreptitiously scanning the room for cameras. He could be knee-deep in a serious conversation with someone, and suddenly he would spot a guest with a camera. He would immediately turn his back on that person and turn on that toothy fake smile for the camera – any camera. No one had to ask him if he minded having his picture taken. He practically volunteered! The funniest part was that he held that smile waayyy too long – never took a breath. He is not normal, to say the least.

    1. Their black liberation tribe ain’t too happy with the grifters embracing this hyper-sexuality. That GS-13 DHS arms buyer who is agitating for a race war, called Mr. Eye Candy a “mulatto faggot”. While he admires Mooch as a beautiful black woman, he denigrated her for going out in public half dressed.

  9. Keith, I cannot tell you how fine I think this piece is or how well written. Where and when will this public depravity end? I shudder to think. Linking this in with the Obamas is also brilliant. Thank you.

    Mamie Eisenhower aka Webutante

  10. After my son and I ate dinner with my parents last night and he had gone home to play some zombie game, my dad launched into a tirade about this. After he wound down, I asked him if he’d ever even heard of her before yesterday. He was silent. I then said it sounded as if Cyrus had done exactly what she set out to do: make huge waves all over the media.

  11. So, this is what utopia looks like? Let me off the merry-go-round, I’m starting to get sick to my stomach.

    “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.”
    ~General Douglas MacArthur, Dec 12, 1951

  12. I forget where I saw it this morning, but there’s a photo of Miley’s mother at the MTV show taking video or photos of her performance. Remember too, the steamy photos of Miley and her dad several years ago? They definitely do not possess what I’d call mainstream family values.

      1. Those pictures were uncomfortable, Lizzy. Billy Ray spoke out today in defense of his daughter’s performance. I really hope the kid doesn’t end up like Lindsay Lohan. She’s another example of poor parenting skills.

  13. O’Reilly has made exactly that point numerous times in recent weeks: that “performers” like Jay Z, Beyonce, and Lil Wayne are revered by our youth and seen as role models. And their popularity continues to grow.

    If that’s not bad enough, our first family is proud to “hang” with these folks and be entertained by them while inviting them to the White House. When someone like Jay Z embarrasses himself with a trip to Cuba, Obama ignores that behavior.

    It’s all part of what Obama sees as very important: being seen as “cool” by the young demographic, who enthusiastically support him.

    What a sham.

  14. Oh Keith, this was a wonderul piece and I totally agree. It´s not “square” ( I can guess what that means ) but wonderfully refreshing. I too want more decorum, more mystery, more true romance. I hope that the young ones soon will be tired of it all and start looking for a more old fashioned way of relating to each other. Also, I want that horrible rap “music” banned.

      1. Sorry, link didn’t work. There’s a difference between Gaga and Miley? Not to worry, I’ll never confuse Miley with Annette Funicello. LOL

  15. The rest did you good, Keith. That is an excellent, so-needs-to-be-said piece. From the fourth paragraph on, one of the best indictments of the age of Obama aside from the usual scandals. You don’t see anyone in the MSM taking a stand. How low can we go?

  16. Here’s a trick they play: “Every generation shocks the one before it. There’s nothing new here!” Corollary: every generation must become progressively more degenerate, and there’s never a limit.

    Let’s try that argument another way: “Every administration (or Congress) takes some freedoms away from citizens. There’s nothing new here! It’s natural for the government to keep putting more and more hobbles on us!” Oh, wait — the generation that worships Obama doesn’t seem much bothered by that trajectory (unless it’s abortion).

    Then there are these absurdity: “Great art is always shocking when it’s first seen or heard! If it doesn’t push the boundaries of the acceptable, it isn’t really art!” Those arguments are especially popular with “artists” of dubious or nonexistent talent.

    1. “A rubber band that is stretched never returns to its original size and shape.” (Anon)

      “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” (Oliver Wendall Holmes)

      “You can’t put that genie back into the bottle.” (Barbara Eden?)

  17. When young girls act out their sexuality with the same ‘sensibilities’ as young boys, I don’t equate that with equality. It’s not equality to lower your standards to the same as teen age boys.

    Boys will treat girls like the girls treat themselves.
    Boys will see girls the way they see themselves.

  18. The displays of these young women are not “art” nor or they “talent.” Women who denigrate women are just another indicator that we are reaching the lowest common denominator via our nation’s concentrated and forceful effort to make everything and everybody “equal.”
    This is not harmless behavior.
    When I was young, I behaved in less than flattering and responsible behavior, so I know from whence I speak.
    I am taking a stand. I will not go to that lowest level. I will not lower myself and my standards and ethics and morals so that others will have a “more positive self esteem” and more “freedom of expression.”
    I was raised to make every effort to rise in this world through education, experience and plain hard work. And, in doing so, I and countless other hard working, decent, law-abiding Americans of all races and creeds have made a positive difference in our country and in the world.
    I am taking a stand. I will not go to that lowest level.
    “…and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13b

  19. As presented in the documentary, “The Agenda: Grinding America Down”, encouraging moral depravity has been part of CPUSA’s program for America’s fall like an overly ripe fruit into the bondage of Communism.

    Who cares about liberty, when the sirens of sexual freedom lure our culture into the bondage of lust, sin and death.

    Seems to be working according to plan, while being fostered by our Marxist in Chief.

  20. It could have been much, much worse. Rumor has it that long time racist Obama supporter Oprah wanted to get up there on stage and do her version of “twerking”.

  21. Hmm. So, now we’re to see everyone go nuts as Miley Cyrus goes about life–and performing–with about the same frame of mind as what Madonna did some 30 years ago. Or maybe slightly less.

    I’m pretty disgusted with this, latest, rendition of pop star antics, but in a way, there’s reason for hope: Madonna theoretically should’ve appealed to someone like me when I was a teen, but she didn’t. She thoroughly disgusted me instead.

    Sadly, because lawyers and cultural elites will insist that such antics as this are “free speech” protected by the First Amendment, a large number of kids will fall prey to drug addiction and death. Some will die of drug overdoses, some will suffer through a few abortions. Some of the “more lucky” ones will merely suffer from lifelong STDs.

    But on the brighter side, there’ll still be a bunch of kids who won’t fall for it. Some of them will walk away from this rubbish, or decline to be attracted to it in the first place.
    Hard to tell which bunch will be the majority, but we can hope that more will walk away from this disgusted than will be pulled to it.

  22. As an aside, I can’t help but think:
    Somebody really needs to yank this kid out of this mess before she REALLY screws herself up. It may be that Madonna managed to survive her youthful madness, but we’ve seen too many others who didn’t.

    I keep thinking of how both Elvis Presley AND Michael Jackson wound up dead waaaay too early, arguably because nobody bothered to see a desperately troubled human being, they merely saw a cash cow they could milk.

    I DO hope that Miley won’t suffer the same fate.
    Poor kid.

  23. The irony is that all of these ubersluts are Darwinian failures because they have devoted their lives to fornication rather than procreation. The CIA Fact Book, UN Demographic Yearbook, and Indexmundi document the continuing decline of birth rates and total Fertility Rates globally. Most of the “enlightened societies” who embrace this debauchery are on the fast track to extinction. In my mind, respectable women such as former First Lady Laura Bush and Governor Palin are far hotter because they are female, fecund and fertile (past tense perhaps but still true). I suspect that the commitment to future generations is the defining characteristic of conservatism.

  24. Thank you for writing so well what many of us obviously are sensing and dreading. I am hopeful that this nightmare can turn around at some point – the way down gets ever more slippery as each milestone is passed. Every time I think we can’t go any lower, the standard is broken yet again. Very nervous for the world my children’s children will inherit from us.

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