As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – August 27, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Why is the flunky press secretary addressing national policy and decisions that will be made on attacking another nation by wrapping his comments with “we”.
    “We” are looking at all the options, “we” will decide what actions to take, “we”, “we”, “we”.
    Is Carney the Magician now part of our national security team, or is he just trying to keep his boss from having to take a direct hit as the person who makes the final decision?

    This putz who calls himself “commander and chief” has been revealed as a wishy-washy coward that would inspire “his” troops to mutiny.
    He talks big, but runs and hides (or plays cards) when important decisions are necessary.

    • We know Obama is unfit to lead our country. He is damn well unfit to be the military’s Commander in Chief. I come from a family of Marines and Navy. They all hate his sick, sorry ass. Obama has shown them no respect so no respect is what he gets.
      Mutiny may be the answer to save us from 3.4 more years.

  2. So, when Obamas ( and Camerons ) little intervention,in order to boost Obamas rapidly sinking international credibility , is over , I am convinced that he will be left with none what so ever. He was cornered, he is tested, and he is found lacking. He is in a lose-lose situation and it´s his own making. Since his Cairo speech his Muslim appeasement politics has led him to a road with no return And what if Assad and his players ( the Russians are learning the PR game ) manages to give the media and the world many emotional pictures of dead civilians ? I don´t understand how the “surgical” strikes are to hit anything without that to happen.

    • I agree. Not only would civilian deaths be a given, butt the possiblity of our cruise missles being shot down by the Russians would be humiliating.

      • So you have some options.
        1. Bomb them back into the stone age,….or
        2. Let Allah work it out and put the red line on the border of Israel.
        3. When they cross the border rain hell fire upon the armies that had the audacity to try to exterminate God’s chosen People.
        4. Sit by and watch the results

      • I honestly think Russia likes America, it’s Obama they can’t stomach. I’d rather Obama be humiliated than another innocent life lost.

        We had at least 2 Generals and an Admiral relieved over disagreeing with Obama’s stand down order over Benghazi, so he’s pretty much neutered our military strength, the Chicago Way.

        • Denise, I am sure that Russia likes the US, we all do. And true, it´s the untrustworthy Obama and his politics many of us can´t stand. It´s Obamas influence we want gone. It will neutralize him. The good old US will always be there.

        • I’d rather Obama was humiliated too, but it ain’t gonna happen. He’ll find a way to squirm out of responsibility. He’ll probably blame the conservatives for this one, whichever way it turns out. After all, he has Graham and McCain on his side. In my opinion, the Benghazi terrorist attack was just an excuse for Preezy to remove the military leaders who have allegiance to America, and replace them with his loyal leftists. Just like his buddy Morsi was doing before the military gave him the boot. Preezy Revenge couldn’t give a flip how his policies affect the individual military man/woman. Townhall had a very apropos cartoon today. It very accurately describes the confidence our military has in this puffed up demagogue…

        • I may raise some hackles, but I think the Russians have a more sensible stance on the Middle East than Obama right now. At least the dictators kept order. The radical Muslims under the guise of a democratic Arab Spring are causing these countries to descend into chaos. We don’t have to do EVERYTHING opposite of the Russians.

  3. Obama? On Syria?
    ” Last night I saw upon the star a little man who wasn’t there,
    he wasn’t there again today,
    oh, how I wish he’d go away.
    Wm. Hughes Mearns
    Obama? He wasn’t there again today.

  4. Once again we either commit our military to win, or don’t commit at all. And we should have done it long ago.

    There is no objective here other than to save Obama’s face from making his stupid, irresponsible red line statement. Nothing to do with America.

    In and out appears to be what he has in mind. Israel will bear the brunt of the reaction.

    Not one American should die in this folly.

    Jay — nothing ever changes.